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Best Camera App for Android: You have owned the latest smartphone powered by Android operating system and the smartphone come with the camera that is equal to the standard Camera, Which is available in the mobile smartphone market. Your smartphone camera features almost identical to the Standard Camera such as High-definition photo, and video recording, High-Resolution, Great Megapixels, Maximum zooming, Flashlight, Smile detection, the Automatic timer for taking pictures and more.

You can find a camera application in your smartphone, Which is installed by default. The Default Camera application is enough for taking pictures for regular users but if you are avid photographic Lover, and you do not make any compromise on the quality of photos. However, you need some advanced best camera app for Android, and the apps should improve your photo taking experience.

Best Camera App for Android [10+ Best Android Camera Apps]

I have found and listed out some of the best camera app for Android smartphone and tablet. Now, you will just install the Camera apps on your Smartphone and give it a try and fix an appropriate application for your camera.


1). Camera MX

camera-mxThis is a complete solution for your Android smartphone or Tablet camera. Where I can find everything from creating to editing girl photo and videos and so many power pack controls are coming with this best camera app for Android.

Back camera MX application is coming with numbers of Effects like HDR, Lomo, mirror, kaleidoscope, auto optimization, overlays, and textures. Further, you can adjust the brightness, of photo & video and its rotation, contrast, color temperature, aspect ratio, and these options are essential for taking quality photos and videos.

This application has excellent media manager that is used to keep track of all your photos videos, and you can Edit, Delete them quickly. You can use the online album for saving, archiving, sharing and viewing all your images

The Android application has included “Shot The Past mode” is using for capturing difficult moving pictures like laughing babies, house pets, lightning.

The key features of Camera MX:

  • Built-in photo and video editing tools
  • 16:9 Recording: Even your smartphone camera not support
  • High-Quality Image
  • Shoot the past for taking fasting moving object
  • Superb Effects for Photo and Video


 2). Wondershare PowerCam

wondershare-powercamIntroducing Wondershare PowerCam is the Best Camera app for Android Smartphone and Tablets. You can find several useful features apart from taking pictures like Video Recording, Capturing Images, Editing and more.

Wondershare PowerCam Android Camera Application has hundred plus Filters and Effects When you record a video or taking photographs you can apply the effect in real time. Something like a preview before you take it actually.

You can take photo consecutively using photo booth layout, and you can take panorama photo in a semicircle. The app comes with an incredibly powerful tool for editing your photographs in Mere seconds.

The key features of Wondershare PowerCam:

1). Anti-shaking: It prevents to take shaking images

2). Smile shot: when you smile It will be captured your photo automatically

3). Recording video and Capturing images in real time effect

4). Incredible photo editing tools

5). The collage template for photo collage


3). Camera360 Ultimate

Do you want to take extremely impressed images using your smartphone camera without any compromise, Camera360 Ultimate Android app, which is the best camera App for Android devices? The Android camera application is consisting a number of options to capture the quality images better than the default Camera app.

You will get more than 100 of Classic Filters including New Filters Management is used to save, delete, and priority as per your personal preference. The Best Android application is supporting for taking the selfie just tap anywhere on the screen to capture quickly. Furthermore, you can take the selfie at night using this Android application for the camera.

You will get powerful photo editing application with Android camera application With 10 professional adjustment functions like you can Crop, rotate, color temperatures, tones, and more function are having in the app.

You can use the advanced adjustment like professional level white balance, Aperture, lightning fast focus, manually adjusts exposure and focal length, Smart scene recognition, real-time blur and vignette and more options.

The Notable Features of Ultimate360

  • Advanced features for taking selfie photography
  • Beautiful classical filters and innovative filters
  • professional editor for photo editing


4). Power Tattoo Camera

power-tattoos-cameraDrawing a tattoo on your body is a painful experience. However, do you want preview before drawing the tattoo on your body. You have a Best camera app for Android smartphone or Tablet for previewing the tattoo.

Sometimes, you do not like to draw a tattoo on your body but an eager, then pick a photo from your gallery or directly shot a picture of you and choose a design and see how it is. Finally, share social network just for fun.

You will get more than hundred tattoo design is available by default with the application.

If you like, you can add your own tattoo design with this application you have to give it to update the application


5). Super Zoom Camera

superzoom-cameraThis is the best camera app for Android for achieving highest zooming capacity that is 18 X zoom level beyond the basic camera zooming without reducing the quality of the image.

There are two different camera zooming mode supported by Android application that are Basic Mode and Super Mode.

The Basic Mode: The smartphone manufacturers determine this type of zoom.

The Super Mode: The algorithm that is used by the Super Zoom Camera Android application

The Super Zoom Camera app is used Basic and Super Mode technology together for achieving maximum zooming and excellent visibility.The features of Super Zoom Camera:

  • Dual zooming control
  • Supporting for the flashlight
  • Working together with the inbuilt camera zooming level


6). Multi Photo camera

The Multi Photo Camera Android application Asia funny photo taking application for your smartphone or Tablet. Just imagine, do you want to create twin photo by using your Android smartphone camera then you need the best camera for Android.

This Multi Photo camera application take two different pictures of yours and Combine the both photo and convert a natural looking twin photo of yours

Not only twin photo of yours, if you want more than that like Triplets Photos, Quadruplet Photos.

Now, you wish to take the photo of yours as twin and share it with your social network, sure. All like it and ask you how you did.


7). Animation camera animated GIF

This is the best camera app for Android devices which is used for creating GIS animated serious by using your photo from image gallery OR taking pictures from smartphone camera OR tablet

Animation camera animated GIF of Android application support front and back camera of your Android device. Moreover, you can use a number of pictures for creating animation, Adjust the speed of your GIF with live preview, including the camera supports Superposition mode.

Furthermore, Animation Camera Android application consists Portrait and Landscape orientation support for taking the better image. As well as, this is the small size app that is 0.4M only. So, you do not worry about space.


8). Google Camera

It is hard to start without saying about the Google camera Android application the application has several options for taking quality images with standard camera options and the manual controls.

Google camera apps designed for ease of use and responsive design. The Google camera app uses your smartphone camera features along with the following functions, like Lens Blur, HDR+, Wide Angle, Photo Sphere and Panorama for taking a stunning image.

Key features of Google Camera:

1). You can capture video and take snapshot at the same time.

2). Lens Blur is used for focusing the object in the foreground, and the background becomes the blur.

3). You can use HDR+ (High Dynamic Range + Low Light) setting For capturing in low light and backlit sense

4). Photo stitching is used for creating 360° Photo Sphere, panoramas, wide angle and fisheye images. The photo stitching Technologies the developed for Google Maps by Google developers

5). You can use this app on Android Wear device for taking pictures by the just tap on it for capturing from a distance just like a remote control.


9). Camera 2

This is the one of the best camera App for Android Smartphone or Tablet, which is using to capture the photo and video of yours in creative ways. You can make your Smart Phone or Tablet camera in old times from the 20s to 80s period, comic & sketch effects, Black and white, and more.

You can capture any picture with high resolution after applying the effects as well as you can apply the effects in the existing images. Likewise, you can record the video with effects. Moreover, you will get several high-quality effects If you need you can tweak the effects for getting a unique output that was expected by you.

The key features of camera 2:

  • More than 40 High-Quality Effects
  • You can apply the effects on Video and Photo
  • Stand camera features: Auto-focus, timer, flash modes, and more.


10). Camera FV-5

This is a professional and the best Camera app for Android application for using your smartphone and tablets with excellent photograph manual controls like DSLR camera. If you are a hobbyist or professional photographers, and you get like DSLR standard camera options.

The Major Features of Camera FV-5

  • Adjustable photographic parameters like Exposure compensation, ISO, Light Metering Mode, Focus Mode, White Balance and Program Mode
  • Viewfinder Display: Similar to DSLR, You can see the Exposure time, aperture and stop display along EV and bracketing settings are available in real-time
  • Manual Shutter Speed between 1/80000 to 2 or the available range of your devices.
  • Digital Zooming by multi-touch pinch gesture with 35 mm equivalent focal length.
  • Long exposure is using for taking pictures in nights along light trails with long exposure up to 30 seconds


11). YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

Before you take the selfie, you feel some touch up on your face but, you have not kept any makeup kit. Then you need the Best Camera App for Android for touch up on your face by using the YouCam Perfect Android application.

You can apply the beautifying effects in real time and retain the nature beauty of your face and you can modify your body appearance and give a smart and slim look, like shrink your waist size, increase or decrease your height, and more.

The Features of YouCam Perfect – Selfie Cam

  • You can create Video selfie for 4 to 8 seconds clips.
  • Multi-face detection makes to cover every face in your group.
  • You can change the body appearance by adjusting the full body, like reducing your waist size and look slim
  • You can create each & every pic a selfie treat with tons of features like picture editor & photo booth to make look better.
  • All top of these you can explore & discover the beauty circle of social community Facebook, Instagram & other favorite social networks, shop & review products, follow expert, beautyist & beauty circlers whose posts or photos inspire you.
  • A unique intelligent tool for object removal that you cannot find in other beauty apps.
  • Retouch of the photo, erase pimples, easily remove wrinkles edit tired eyes reshape your face look thinner with just a few touches.
  • Face Reshaper just got easier without any plastic surgery, Picture editor with hundreds of frames, collages, stickers and fun scenes.

Even more, features are available in the Best Camera App for Android devices. You can do for a perfect pictures.


12). FilterGrid – Cam&Photo Editor

You get the Best Camera app for Android and powerful Photo Editor tools under one Android camera application. It has loaded with stunning features, like 23 splicing templates uses for diving the photo into different grids, 21 Shape templates that can use inside the photo divide and more function are having for creating amazing and pictures

The Major Features of FilterGrid – Cam & Photo Editor

  • One of the best camera & photo editor app to combine multiple filters into one photo for creating astounding effects.
  • Preset of 44 Kinds of templates with different types of combinations and style, along with that you can use 65 kinds of filter combinations to make user own filter effects.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature, the sharpness of any particular grid with element within a template.
  • Sharing your creations in social media of Facebook, Instagram using #filtergrid when sharing on Instagram to get more promotional opportunities
  • Post on Instagram without cutting photos with different ratios, also it has five predefined ratios 1:1 3:4 4:3 16:9 9:16.


13). Ucam-Best Selfie Camera

UCam Camera is an Auto Intelligent Best Camera app for Android that understands what kind of scenery you are focusing via the camera and you may not press and configure anything in most of the time.

You can use the Monster Camera mode to replace your buddy face with a monster, or you can take pictures to have twin like that, and more.

The UCam Camera Android Apps has built-in powerful Photo Editor with strong edit features like, Whiten or Soften the skin, face trimming, eye enlarge, hundreds of frames, texting, bubble, label, decors, textures and more. As well as, it has Photo Collage Camera that combines a photo with funny stickers, fonts and creates a superb photo.

The Features of the Ucam-best youcam selfie camera

  • Over 100,000,000 users and 15 language with multiple point & shoot camera ranges like panorama camera, scenery camera, monster camera, magic beauty camera
  • Photo editing with 300 + fancy stickers, frame, magazine cover also with effects of popular filter like Instagram, Candy camera, mix, pomelo.
  • Supports more than 30 software/hardware camera parameters for making a high-quality picture as well as video, the feature of auto enhance which you see at pictures with incredible quality.
  • Capturing picture using this app for selfie a magic beauty of retaining the natural look of your skin.
  • Social tools for support.


14). YouCam Makeup – Makeover Studio

You use the YouCam Makeup app to preview before you do the makeup, Once you get a satisfactory result, then apply it in really, or you can do the virtual makeup in real-time and capture your photo or makeup on your photo by browsing from gallery. Furthermore, it has feature with Hairstyle Studio use to do the hair style.

However. You do the digital makeover with hundreds of effects, such as lipstick, eye makeup, blush and more. As well as, you have a completed style kit for Eyes, for your Teeth, Hair Style & Hair Coloring that you use before cutting your hair at salon.

The Major Features of YouCam Makeup – Makeover Studio

  • Make things more beauty with your own wish to touch up the pics which you are going to capture in your camera with makeovers in real time with updated one.
  • Real-time skin beautifier gives you a flawless skin by enhancing your facial features.
  • Eyebrow Editor is used to do the Style for your Eye that matching to your face
  • You can use Glamorous make with Flawless skin using Face Editor
  • Update with latest makeup tips from Beautyists and other members.

You get a complete virtual makeup kit that can use to know about your look without do the makeup really or do the virtual cutting or makeup before you do it in real, Sometimes, It save from bad makeup and hair cut or coloring or style. Whatever.


15). InstaBeauty – Selfie Camera

Are you taking selfie often and looking any Best Camera app for Android Smartphone or Tablet? Which improve the quality of your selfie pics. Needless to say, as you are willing to capture a stylish image of yours, then, the InstaBeauty Selfie Camera is a necessary Android app for you that come with excellent features.

In the InstaBeauty has four main features that are Beauty Camera, Beauty Collage, Beauty Video and QuickSnap for various user intent purpose. Let’s see in detail.

a). Beauty Camera: This selfie option has provide bundle of features. You can use over a dozen of beauty presets and filters, such as different levels of smoothing, toning, removing pimples and blemishes through the Selfie Camera app, Moreover, you can decide that the appearance of your face looks and skins with just one tap.

Improving your look by applying more features like slim face, Big Eyes, and more. As well as, you can use 10+ artistic and unique filters for capturing better selfie.

b). Beauty Collage: You can pick more than 200 collage design and use to create amazing collage images like Magazine style and more. It has selfie, square, landscape and stripes mode suits for your college needs. In every week, new collage design will be added.

c). Beauty Video: Nowadays, It is getting popular to upload video in social networks site and that is noticed and liked by people too. However, you can record any video by using Beauty Video features, and the footage enhance automatically.

d). Quicksnap: Just use the Quicksnap feature to capture a lot of selfie with different pose and style, then, you review the each and every photo and keeping it.


This is the time to explore different, interesting best camera app for Android that can make you a mobile photographer, I have suggested you few awesome Camera app to transfer from normal device into an exciting responsive photography device. Never miss your memory because of low-Quality visibility and less features. And say bye to the bored default Android camera app.

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