131 Best Instagram Bios for Guys/Girls

Best Instagram Bios: Everyone is a fan of social media and uploading their life online, but when you think about updating the profile bio, it seems a difficult thing because the search engines are full of sites having thousands of profile bios.

To everyone, uploading the best pictures are important and in the same way, updating with a fantastic and engaging Instagram bio.

This section takes much effort because your one profile line reflects your personality and can reveal many things about you. It is the main tool by which you can gain hundreds of followers or just lose them in a day.

So your Insta bio is an important piece that carries your personal behavior around things and persons.

Today, I bring you some really good Instagram bios, so everyone sees you as a great Insta user and may get in the queue to follow you through these best Instagram bios.

131 Best Instagram Bios for Guys/Girls

You just need to take your view through these Instagram bio ideas and be ready to lead the people.

Best Instagram bios

1).Life is like hell, but it’s our responsibility to make it heaven for you.

2). I’m the coolest kid of my parents.

3). I don’t need minutes to sleep, it’s just a magic of seconds.

4). I have a plan…..always, just like my bio.

5). I believe in building the door not waiting for it.

6). There are many types of people in the world; fortunately, I am the most loved type.

7). I am not single; I’m working out to have a nice girlfriend.

8). I think someone hacked my life and governing it since I am born.

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9). My life is all about caffeine and nothing else.

10). I love the idea to get drinks from girls.

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11). I am too hot that even girls are jealous.

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12). I am confused about the ugly ones, but I know the awesome me.

13). If you don’t want to hurt, it’s better to be alone.

14). Just a smile can take away someone’s hands of pains.

15). I am the kind of guy who looks for the rainbow after the thunderstorm.

16). Girls always look me like a huge cupcake with lots of berries.

17). I am the strong guy, but I can’t compromise with napping.

18). I accept the way I am, and I am amazing at it.

19). All I want is getting a couch near the beach for the rest of my life with delicious seafood and no working.

20). I don’t pretend to look smart, I actually am.

21). I spread smile like they are STDs.

22). I am always 101 on the scale of 1 to 100.

23). I know you are fond of my height.

24). I am the master of perfection.

25). I don’t mind the age as long as I look young and charming and you read my bio again and again.

26). I know you are in love with my bio.

27). I am the one intelligent type of guy in the human race.

28). I hope my girlfriend would be a banker; I want to take a loan without paying it.

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29). I am donut addict for centuries.

30). I think I have allergies because of the common schedules and nothing new to do.

31). I don’t get the idea of Insta, but I am here just like that.

32). Sarcasm is always my way to punch people in their face but with words.

33). I am confused about my problems, someone, please do this math.

34). Hot coffee and lot of junk food are my perfect Sunday.

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35). If you call me psycho, I give you another chance to rethink.

36). I don’t need any girl to love; I am in love with my Xbox.

37). I always appear kind until I open my mouth and make a rain of filthy words.

38). Life is going to end one day, so it’s better to travel the world.

39). I love to own a yacht and act like a pirate in the oceans.

40). When you are smart, you are important.

41). I am full of emotions, but not for assholes.

42). The day you show your true colors to me, I’ll show you my rainbow.

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43). I always have bad and good, but the life depends on what I focus.

44). I want to die with memories rather than pain and desires.

45). Believe me, I am too tough to handle, even you have the instructions.

46). I built a handle to manage my life and unfortunately, it’s broke.

47). I don’t believe in winning, but surviving.

48). Be yourself, I’m already taken.

49). My brain is divided into left and right, but I don’t have anything either in both of the diodes.

50). Everyone see my job as a secure one, why the hell I don’t see it that way.

51). If you want to go heaven, then be ready to die.

52). Chocolates are the best thing ever happened on the earth.

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53). Life is going to end, so keep smiling until you have teeth.

54). Learn better for playing the game, and then rule it as no one else has.

55). Time is going to waste eventually, waste it in a fun way.

56). I am not fatty; it’s just the design of my fat.

57). Even I am on Instagram, I am not a social addict.

58). I often ruin things when I act like a fully motivated person.

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59). To me, there is only one day, and that is Sunday, about all other days, I don’t have any idea.

60). I am the greatest mind as I talk about ideas and not people.

61). Don’t worry to walk on a difficult track; it often covers up beautiful destinations.

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62). Every single day is meant to smile.

63). If you see life as tough phase, then I am the toughest, darling.

64). Believe me, you can follow me always.

65). My path is a bit weird, but it leads me to the success.

66). I don’t dream, I plan my life.

67). Always manage to take care of your body; you don’t have any place to live.

68). Be humble because that always works.

69). Don’t judge me by the title, come closer, I’ll tell you the story.

70). If anything makes you smile, you will never regret it.

71). I am bored of WiFi, I really need a LiFi.

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72). My Idea of loving life is getting better, every day I wake up.

73). The only way to know me, record my dance when nobody’s watching.

74). I am the silent from the words not from the mind.

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75). If you want to see the wonderland, you have to fill several times.

76). There are just bad minutes and not the whole day.

77). You and I are the only things that I really wish to be together.

78). The more adventure a love story has, the truer it is.

79). Be with your complete souls or don’t enter. I don’t accept half-done things.

80). I am the greatest miracle ever happened to my parents.

81). You can do the wrong thing in the right way and make it better.

82). The worst moment is when I don’t have anything to do.

83). Your smile is the one thing, I can die for.

Best bio for Instagram that boys can put into their Insta profile bio.

84). I want to have a life that feels like a vacation.

85). Life gives uncountable chances just like the stars in the sky.

86). Choose the happiness inside you and be happy always.

87). You don’t have anything to lose because it was you who gained this and you can do it again and better.

88). Be beautiful in your own eyes and let the world explore it.

89). Don’t think you as a drop but see the ocean as a drop.

90). Guide your own life and stop going in the way of others.

91). The more courageous you are, the more you are going to achieve.

Let this one be your profile bio or you can choose anyone most suitable from these best Instagram bios.

92). Nothing is little if your thoughts are great.

93). Take the money and do your things, because there is nothing like the perfect moment.

94). Until you try, you see everything as impossible.

95). A smile is a perfect ornament that everyone can wear at no cost.

96). If you’re doing what you love, you are inspiring others every day.

97). The more a thing takes times to accomplish, the more beautiful results it gives.

98). Challenges are the only thing that makes a life alive, so make it interesting and overcome your flaws.

99). Always look for a rainbow in a storm and stars in a dark night.

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100). I like the pineapple because of its hard outer surface, wearing that crown but still have the softness and sweetness inside.

101). I was not born to be perfect, I was born to be me, so judgy eyes, stay away.

102). Sometimes I feel like the whole world is chemistry.

103). What else I want when there is the sky above me, and the earth is always with me.

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104). Instagram can’t define me, but it tries well.

105). Always dress well and be groomed whenever the depression clicks.

106). If you have satisfaction, you are the happiest in the universe.

107). If the door is for you, it will get opened.

108). When I see the crowd, I only look for you.

109). We’re all full of weirdness; some hide it better than others.

110). If you feel the negativity, you have the chance to make it positive.

111). Plan your trip today and be lost in the tastes of life.

112). Winners are who have faith and continue their struggles.

113). All I need is sea-shore and a house by it.

114). All you need is finding reasons to stay alive but happily.

115). Every worse thing ends up and takes you to the right entrance.

116). If you believe, only then you could.

117). To be the best human, have a happy life even after all the sorrows.

Share your idea of living a life by picking up this one from these Instagram bio quotes.

118). Be real and don’t worry about perfection.

119). Your first gift for me was that cute smile that made me fall in love with you.

120). I love it when there is sand all over and starfishes as my earrings.

121). Everyone deserves to be treated normally; no one is a born king or queen.

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122). Be the original brand, no one likes the replica.

123). Sometimes, I think life is not enough to love you.

124). The moment I looked at you, everything changed, and after all these years, I felt like falling in love.

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125). If it was unplanned, it’s the real love.

126). Loving you was the incredible thing ever happened.

127). Those who take my advice never come back to me.

128). Life is all about the moments that take your breath away.

129). I am meant to stand out of the crown and not to fit in.

130). Go for the loyal ones even if you have to go for the dogs.

131). We were all strangers at a time, and now we are like iron and magnet.

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It is all about gaining popularity, and so every needs the best Instagram bio ideas, I have provides the best ones here so you can pick up accordingly.

Best Instagram bios always get popular because they have the power to get you more and more followers. Bios are something that gives you some serious hike in the number of people following you.

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