100 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

When you are in love with some girl, there are times when you need Sweet things to say to your girlfriend. This is not necessary that there would be a reason every time, sometimes you just have to say it casually to impress her.

If you want to have a long relationship you have to play some cute things to say to your girlfriend and this can be sometimes if you don’t have anything to say. So I’m here to ease your life with your girlfriend by bringing these sweet words for her.

Now if you have my list, it will be very easy to impress your girl and see a blushing smile on her face. Now you are the man because you have these really sweet words that can impress any girl or women in the world.

So set your mood for a romantic evening and impress her with these sweet and really cute things to say to your girlfriend.

100 Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1). Your love is a magnet to me, I can’t resist being with you.

2). You are like an angel to me, one night I dreamed an angel and the other day I found you.

3). You are everything, my best buddy, and mate in every up and down situation. You are the shoulder on that I can lean my head.

4). You are the only person I can say mine, you’re the love of my life, it seems like we are made for each other.

5). If ever I would have to describe you only in one word, I would say “you are my life”.

6). Only you can fasten my heart beats and can slow them with just your touch.

By these sweet things to say to your girlfriend, she will realize how much her touch is special to you.

7). We are very compatible together; I just checked it on my phone’s app that is for lovers compatibility check.

8). If I have you, I can stand against the world, so it’s me and you against the world. I can do anything to keep us together ever.

9). I try very hard, believe me, but I can’t stop thinking of you.

10). You are my perfect and only partner that shows my best out of worst.

11). My heart began beating that day when I see myself in your eyes.

12). I love it when I see your face and hear your face every morning. I really love your touch more than anything in the world.

You can use above the sweet thing as good morning quotes also with a sexy good morning image. Just send this tomorrow morning and see her reacting 🙂

13). I love how fast and clearly you understand my thoughts.

14). Now when I have found you, it feels like that hole is filled up in my life.

15). Whenever I tell people about you I proud myself to have a mate like you forever.

16). I love it when you wake up next to me.

17). You are the only person that can take my breath away.

18). My life needs nothing if you are with me, it’s fully perfect.

Have these sweet things to say to her and put your heart in front of her and see that big smile on her face.

19). Sometimes I think if I was your bed, I’d feel you all night and every time.

20). Imagine me as a planet and you as a moon; I’d love to spin around you for the rest of my life.

21). I don’t care if this world understands me and you; I can take up hundreds of wars just to be with you.

22). Sometimes I feel like I should eat up your cheeks, they are like tomatoes.

Through these sweet things to say to your girlfriend, you two can have really joyful moments full of laughter and cuddling.

23). You are that one red rose among several of white roses.

24). You make my day just by our voice and your relaxing hug that I can’t find in anything else.

25). I fell in love with you every day and it just grows up for you in my every moment.

26). I wish you will be soul mate in my every new life.

27). I’d be lost by now, thank you for supporting me in every tough situation.

28). When I find that words are not enough to express my love, I just come to you and kiss your forehead.

29). I choose to hold you for my entire life and never let you go.

Describe how important she is for you by these sweet things to say to your girlfriend and just know how important you are in her life.

30). There are only three things necessary to live this life- You, Me and our eternal love.

31). You stay in mind every single second and my heart and in my breaths. But if you want to join me right now, you are always invited to my house.

32). Once I saw a shooting star, I made a wish for true love then I met you. You can do the same and wish for your infinite love.

33). Every minute that is not with you is a waste of my life.

34). Staying away from you is something that I can’t do even after practicing it thousand times.

35). When I miss you, I can’t concentrate on anything I just want you.

36). After all these years, I think that no word is that perfect that can describe my love for you.

This line among all these sweet things to say to your girlfriend will really help just to keep your relationship stronger than ever just like magic.

Really Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1). You’re the only one that I can imagine with me for the rest of my life.

2). I can date you thousands of times in my entire life just to tell you how much I am in love with you.

3). We even don’t need any marriage, I already see you as my wife, but we can have it just for official records.

4). My world is the happiest one if you are in it.

5). I feel like we were born to meet one day and to be a perfect match.

6). You know for how much time I missed you, it’s been 1230 minutes and 2301 seconds.

7). I feel like I’m the luckiest one because you are here with me.

8). You will always be in my heart, safe and pure.

9). They say there are hell and heaven and I say you are my heaven and won’t see any hell if you are with me.

10). You are my better half. You complete me.

11). I can’t even imagine living my life without you, I will fail miserably.

Realize her that how would you feel if she is not in your life though these really cute things to say to your girlfriend.

12). You know why this life is beautiful because I have you in each moment.

13). I want you to know that you are the entire world for me.

14). Life won’t be life without you, you are my breaths.

15). Life has been really fantastic since we are together, thanks to you, sweetheart.

16). I feel like I’m dying without you, we should get together for the eternity.

17). I can wait for you until my death.

This will really add up an emotional moment with your girlfriend so have these cute things to say to your girlfriend and enjoy your romantic eve.

18). I have cooked a new recipe, come home soon and tell me how delicious it is.

19). I think I’m going to be a diabetic, why are you so sweet.

20). When you come closer to me, my breaths stop and my heart beats so fast and my body feels like flowing a thousand watts of power.

21). I can compare your voice to honey as it is so sweet and sexy like a dark chocolate.

22). I’ll be yours for the rest of my life.

23). I want to hold your hands forever and want to be your shield in every trouble.

24). I love the night because you give my good night kisses and hugs.

25). I love it when I cuddle you, I feel like you are my baby.

26). I know I can’t do anything wrong to our relationship since you are with me.

Explain how powerful and positive you feel when she is with you through my list of sweet words for her.

27). I miss you and I want you here by my side right now.

28). I have everything but not you, come home soon.

29). I can take just any risk and no matter how bad love hurts if this risk is with you.

Show her how beautiful love is when you are in love with her by these cheesy and nice things to say to your girlfriend.

30). I can be clown thousand times just to see your one smile.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend after a Fight

1). Your distance makes me insane please come back to me.

2). I can climb just any mountain to be with you again.

3). Only you are the one that can be me speechless just by touching my lips with your finger.

4). It is destiny that wants us together; you can’t go away from me when our hearts are still with each other. Our souls are always connected and still feel that passion for each other.

5). You are only mine and no one can take me away from your heart.

6). My love for you is infinite and uncountable.

7). You are the one beam in my dark night; you are my only hope to live this life. Never break this bond with me if you want me to live.

8). My life is like an unsolved puzzle, only you can give it a way to live, only you can solve it. When you are not here it’s like everything is messed up.

It works like an instant remedy even in big fights so have these cute things to say to your girlfriend and put an end to your fights

9). You are like sunshine in my life, when you go away this dark scares me again.

10). I am dying to hear your voice, to feel your touch and your whispering in my ear.

11). When it’s not perfection then I can say undoubtedly that you are that perfect one.

12). It takes years to find a soul mate like you, so don’t leave me alone here.

13). Come back to me we are meant to stay together.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday

1). Now on your special day, I can’t tell you how happy I m. it is like today is my birthday as you are the happiness of my life. So I wish you Happy Birthday than ever.

2). I just want to simply say that I Love You and I don’t think any word has the power to express my love for you. So Happy Birthday my love.

3). Any gift or surprise can work to show the feeling that I’m having on your Birthday. So I’d say ‘I love you more’ than anything.

4). I wish you utter happiness and prosperity for all the life on your birthday. I wish you live every moment full of fun and enjoy your entire life with no sorrows.

If you want to see those sparkling eyes, say these sweet things to say to your girlfriend.

5). Today on your birthday, I promise you one thing that no matter what happen I’ll never leave you alone and I’ll always love you.

6). I will try in every way to make this day your special one that you won’t ever forget, my love.

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After reading all these and noting down you won’t see any difficulty while having these nice things to say to your girlfriend. Words have the power to make a relationship and to destroy it so my words are like blessings for those who want to make their love never ending.

So you can have these cute words as sweet things to say to your girlfriend on just any special occasion of her like on her birthday, at her graduation party, or on Valentine’s Day.

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