How to Get Over Your First Love

How to Get Over Your First Love: It is not only your first love, but it’s all your feelings that you feel the very first time to someone. So whenever it’s about first love, you get goose bumps because it’s the first relationship you established.

It was the romantic one, so getting over it can be actually tough. Getting over your first love seems difficult but it teaches you a lot, so you won’t repeat those mistakes again.

Talking about the first love is a very sensitive topic, so pardon me if you find any harsh words here and believe me I am not here to hurt anyone’s feelings.

So continue to this topic, this is the time when you get experiences and memories forever, and you start dreaming about your future with him and getting old with him.

Those who get married can be lucky ones, but it doesn’t happen to all of you, and you have to take steps on how to get over someone you love.

You think like why I am struggling this much in forgetting my first love. Struggling is a part of forgetting someone because the more you struggle means the more you have feelings and attachment for that person.

So it’s perfectly normal to feel that heartache because you are not moving from that person, you are moving from that part of your life which you loved more than anyone.

Try to focus on these steps for getting over heartbreak and read out carefully, so you can end it happily or at least taking less pain of your epic love.

Effective Ways on How to Get Over Your First Love

How to Get Over Your First Love

1). Note It That Losing That Person Is Not the End

You are going through that breakup situation that seems worse than anything in the world. In this stage, everyone feels like that their world doesn’t exist anymore, and it is the end for them.

But the truth is not like you think; it is just a bad phase that is meant to end one day. One day you will be strong enough to enter the world of happiness after bearing all this pain, and that day you will realize how it feels when you are in the arms of life.

You don’t have to feel sorry for yourself or anything that you did in the relationship because now it’s over and thinking about the bad phase will only leave you with pain.

Take your thoughts of the past and focus on the future if you want to clear the roads of your present with blossom.

It is going to be the trick on how to get over your first love, so take this as an end of that bad person and not your life.

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2). There Is No Meaning to Get Back Together

If you are on the mission to get him back, then it’s not going to happen. You are wasting your time and energy to that person, and it will not give you anything but disappointment today or tomorrow.

Accept the fact that you are not going to marry that one because he was not worthy of your love. Keep in mind that there is someone else made only for you and with that one, you will spend a perfect married life.

Stop chasing him because if you do so you lose your dignity and get nothing and he would take you as a mean person who is begging him for her happiness.

Try following no contact rule and if he doesn’t come back even after that, then immediately back off to save your respect and yourself for the right one. To learn well how to get over your first love, this is the thing that you need to follow.

3). Don’t Lose Your Time Thinking About Your Ex

It is the one successful idea on how to get over your first love and to initiate the first step of the happy life.

Never force your mind to throw out your previous relationship’s memories, because if you do so, you will face these again and again and each time with more pain and tears.

You need to work on eliminating his thoughts, but this doesn’t mean like forcing you to forget him. You need to take your time as much as you need and then gradually start erasing his memories.

You know that you can’t make up your mind to not remember him and his things. So make a strategy, give yourself sometime when you can think of him and anything related to him.

For example, take 1-2 hours in a day to think about your first love and then prepare your mind to get into other things and not him. This way, you don’t have to run away from his thoughts, and you also give time to your things.

Gradually, try to avoid his thoughts by reducing the time of thinking about him day by day and see how it works.

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4). Learn Enjoying Past Memories

You know that your past is not going to leave you easily, so there are thought that come to your brain each day.

You can’t shut it off, but you can find a way to enjoy these memories so they can bring a smile on your face. You can think about your ex but only those memories that bring happiness and make you able to smile.

Every love life has some sad moments but mostly happy moments and you just need to keep attention on happy memories that you both enjoyed a lot.

This way you think of your ex but in a happy mode, so don’t try to shut a memory and be healthy while working on how to get over your first love.

You can keep remembering these happy memories and those motivating word by your ex until you realize that your relationship is really over and now you should move on.

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5). Don’t Get Caught By Unrealistic Things

People who lose their first love often think like ‘I’m not made to love someone’ ‘I can never keep someone happy’ ‘I don’t deserve anyone’ ‘I’m not going to love ever.’

Don’t put yourself in these thoughts because your first breakup is not something that you take to ban yourself to not love anyone again.

You all meet people, some of them get passed and some stay because they are good enough to stay. In the same way, that person was not good enough to be forever with you, so he passed from your life.

You don’t need to blame yourself for the breakup if that person doesn’t want to live with you anymore because of his personal reasons.

Always say ‘stop’ to these type of thoughts and don’t let them catch you to work effectively with how to get over your first love.

Always remember that you are a good human and you deserve to be happy. Your choice can get wrong once, but it’s going to be okay next time because of the experience you get from your first relationship.

For example, when you get to a store to buy a chair, you test several of them and choose the one that is the most comfortable.

In the same way, you try different persons in your life but choose the perfect one as the love of your life, so it’s not necessary that your first one is the perfect one, it can be that faulty chair that you need to replace with the comfortable one.

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6). Present Is Everything

That one person is not everything of your life, and you need to remember this every day until you get out of all those bad thoughts.

You have to live your life and think about the present and not the past. Your future is going to be your side if you cooperate with your present.

You have several persons and not only that one like your family, friends, best friends, relatives, your favorite cousins, good neighbors and your loving pet also.

You have to get out of the image of a girlfriend and get in the image of a girl who is important to others. Spend a decent time with your favorite buddies and see how the negativity leaves the place for positivity.

Only you can do it because it’s your life so you have to collect the power to get rid of dark shadows and let the light come in and this is the perfect way to work on how to get over your first love.

7). Always Take Care of Yourself

Do keep in mind that you are the most important one, so you need to take care of yourself because no one can look after it better than you.

While working on how to get over your first love, I advise you to care about your inner and outer appearances. Follow a healthy diet, follow some exercises, and get good sleep because it’s all you need after heartbreak.

Always try to stay positive, keep any negative thoughts away and fight with them as much as you can. Treat yourself with your favorite and delicious recipes like chocolates, snacks, beverages or anything that keeps you happy.

But don’t collect fat by eating up all so remember to follow a healthier routine to stay strong. Additionally, keep your outer appearance clean and attractive because it is the main thing to keep the positivity inside you.

8). Reach Out To Your Friends

Friends are the greatest human in your life and when you are with them, you can get rid of any difficult phase. Tell the entire story going on in your life and ask them to help you.

I am sure, they are not going to let you face this alone, but take only trusted friends and not any random person.

Keep distance from loneliness and try to enjoy with your friends, you can call them for a movie or plan a night out at one of your friend’s home, plan a road trip or to your favorite place and keep enjoying life. Ask for their help with how to get over your first love and let them support you.

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9). Accept the Fact That First Love Is Not That Special

You often face difficulties with how to get over your first love because you give importance to the first person you loved more than he deserves.

It is just the first time when you share your feelings, you came closer so it may seem a wonderful experience, but this doesn’t mean that you are not going to feel all this in your second love.

There is romance in every relationship whether it is first second or third, so don’t think about it much and let it go because you deserve better than this.

See the positive facts that you learned from your past relationship and how you can apply these in your next relationship to make it better and successful.

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10). Take Care of Your Other Goals in Life

You want to know how to get over your first love, and then you need to remember all those things that you made as the primary goals in your life.

Love is not everything, and you cannot spend your entire life by just loving someone. There are other factors that you need like making your career or completing your education, so start taking care of these things.

11). Keep a Journal

In the process of how to get over your first love, write your every feeling, good and bad in a journal just like to share your pain with your best friend.

Journal keeps your secrets safe and your emotions unknown to the world and also give the opportunity to share how you feel.


You fall in love with this person the very first time and felt all that romance that you had never thought before. It is the reason you face trouble and search for how to get over your first love.

First love may be the brightest feeling you ever received, but when it is not what you, there’s no meaning to get depressed and shut yourself off. Try these tips on how to get over your first love and end all those depressing feelings.

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