How to Stop Thinking About Someone You Like

How to stop thinking about someone: You like someone very much or have a crush on, but things are not going to happen by your side. In this case, there is only one option to forget him/her.

You feel like being ignored and that he is not interested in you or he is in another relationship already. So all you need is how to stop thinking about someone you like because you and he can’t happen.

There can be several reasons or circumstances, and now you are going through that pain that seems endless.

You feel it because you liked someone and that one rejected you, or things didn’t work out as you thought. It gives you an utter pain, and you don’t have any idea that how to stop loving someone.

Now you miss him badly and want only one thing, and that is how to stop thinking about someone and throwing him from your brain and vanish his face off your eyes.

Well, this is not going to be an easy process because you can’t literally eliminate memories from your brain in just a blink.

But if you follow these steps here, I can guarantee that these will surely help you to get rid of his face and thoughts.

Read out this article and start working on how to forget someone so he won’t mess with your mind anymore and you can live a happy life again.

How to Stop Thinking About Someone

How to Stop Thinking About Someone

1). Make Your Mind to Forget Him

It is the very first step that you need to follow strictly in order to initiate the process of how to stop thinking about someone. So tell your brain that you are over now and there is no way to get back in that same way.

Let your mind know that remembering him only give you pain and nothing else, so prepare to forget him completely.

You have to do it honestly and not by making pressure to avoid thinking about him. If you do, he is going to get in your brain more. So all you need is accepting the fact that it’s time to move on to new points and people in life.

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2). Don’t Act Like Nothing Happened

Forgetting is not about pretending if you want to actually forget him then don’t try to act like you don’t’ miss him or you don’t remember any person with this name.

It is only going to make things harder for you, but if you face your situation and don’t walk away, then you may face easiness with forgetting him.

So stop pretending and take things in front of you to work effectively on how to stop thinking about someone.

3). Don’t Even Try To Contact Him

The successful way to work with how to stop thinking about someone,  you have to control yourself so that you won’t make any phone calls or use any other means to contact him.

You can fantasize happy reunions ever after, but it’s just in your dream, if it was meant to happen you would not bear this pain. So don’t think about getting him back and remove yourself from that path by accepting the reality. You should also check the article about The No Contact Rule.

4). Picture Him as a Bad Person

Forgetting someone gets easier when you picture him as a really bad person or the one who is full of negativity.

So try to fill up your mind with his negative points or the things that are bad about him and get this process of how to stop thinking about someone in a simple way.

Forget all the awesomeness that your brain set up when you were in a relationship with him. Try remembering all his flaws and click them again and again so you can remove his good things.

5). Try Not To Be Depressed

I know it’s the step when you have to get rid of the person whom you loved more than anything in the world. But only by not being depressed, you will be able to find a normal life.

Several times you can feel depressed, and suffer low-esteem, but remember that you don’t need to go with the flow.

You have to reverse the direction that takes you to depression and find some things that interest you or try to laugh.  You can watch your favorite comedy show or engage yourself with some funny YouTube videos and don’t let any bad thing come in your brain.

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6). Let’s Find Someone New

To get your heart completely off that man, you should hang out with a new person. It is the easiest way to do how to stop thinking about someone. This way you would create a distraction for your mind and take your test to that person gradually.

Finding someone else is always the perfect way to accelerate the process of getting him. So if you’ve any friend who is interested in you or if you found someone interesting, then you should give it a chance and see how things go.

If you feel comfortable with this new one, you can start your new relationship and get rid of your old obsession.

7). Always Keep Yourself Busy

There is nothing dangerous in this world than an idle mind. So take this one seriously and always try to keep you engaged with things.

If you keep an empty brain, there are chances that you would connect your brain to his thoughts again, and this will only give you pain, tears and then depression.

It is a fact that when you face any negative situation, you always feel like taking a wrong step like suicide. If you’re feeling the same, it’s my kind advice to shut your devil brain and hold the hand of life to see the beauty that you haven’t visited yet.

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8). Don’t Even Take His Name

Keep yourself in talks with friends and others but don’t take his name and if any of your friends ask you about him, then say your point clearly.

Don’t hide your breakup with your friends and clear out that you want to hear his name and ask them to help you with that.

It’s always easy to forget all the bad moments with friends, so let them help you, but don’t do things like rumoring about him or saying bad things.

Just don’t raise his topic and stay away from saying bad because this takes your standards down while working on how to stop thinking about someone.

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9). Don’t Visit His Social Profiles

I know it’s the easiest way to find his social profile so you can have a glance at his picture. But it is not going to be a wise step by the way if you are on how to stop thinking about someone.

It’s like stalking that you make by visiting his social profiles to see things like what’s going on in his life, is he happy with someone else, etc.

Just because it’s an easy option doesn’t mean it’s a good thing because later it’s going to give you only pain and nothing else. So I advise you to stay away from his way, his life and everything that reminds you of him to get yourself out from this cyclone of pain.

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10). Remember Your Self-Respect

He walked away without thinking about you even once just like you throw away any used material. You have to realize that this man doesn’t deserve any respect or love from your side.

You have to treat him in the same way like he did. It’s the only way to work on how to stop thinking about someone.

If you’re still going for him, you are ruining your self-respect, and it will humiliate you again and again.

So, stop wasting you for someone who doesn’t deserve even one second of your life and put this much effort to love someone who really deserves it.

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11). Learn Your New Hobby

If there is anything that you consider as your favorite hobby, don’t worry if you’re unable to find even one because this is your tough time.

But take your mind off for a minute and think about the things that you really wanted to do but couldn’t due to several reasons.

Get ready because it’s the perfect time to fulfill your schedule only with your hobbies and favorite things.

This way, you not only get on the right path but also learn things like dancing, singing, cooking, swimming, etc.

12). Say No to Romance

You are finding a way to how to stop thinking about someone, so you have to stop thinking about the word romance.

It is not something that you need in this situation, so don’t go for romantic movies, songs or theaters.

You are still fragile, and your emotions are not yet completely gone for that person, and if you watch romance, then you are going to temper all that pain and misery again.

Instead, watch some funny, action, adventure and sci-fi movies to enjoy your time and lose yourself in the script.

Also, don’t prefer reading any love novels or stories that are based on love. Take romance as a plague which can take your life away, and that’s the only way to work perfectly on how to stop thinking about someone.

13). Visit Your Favorite Place That You Always Wanted To

It can be a life changing idea if you take it seriously without his thoughts. Take this one with your friends that are extremely near to your heart and enjoy a vacation or a road trip with them.

All you need is an RV car or any convenience that you find good and take your fields to that trip. This can be your one dream trip that you always wanted to be on.

This fabulous vacation can clear your mind totally and give you a different point of view to see life and people.

So don’t sit, just call your fins, pick your rucksacks and get ready to relax your brain and body and let the new atmosphere soak you completely.

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14). Try To Feel Fun and Let It Come Outside

If you are on your vacation, you are fully free to enjoy every single moment, so you take pounds of memories with you.

It will help you making smile on your face every time you think of your trip and this way every bad thing will eventually leave your little brain.

You all feel screwed up sometimes, but this doesn’t mean that you are meant to be this way. Only you can change it so change it by having fun and keeping positive things in your brain.

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15). Don’t Show That You Are Hurt

It is also a mandatory step when you work on how to stop thinking about someone. Imagine that you are neighbors, so you have to see him at places like a nearby coffee shop, in your college, or just walking on the roads.

Every Time you both are in front of each other, make yourself strong and keep your face happy like you are a really happy person after he is gone.

He will try to notice that how much his absence affect you, but don’t even think about letting him know. He can enjoy that you’re hurt because of him and then you will feel very bad about it, and all those painful feelings will heighten.

So don’t show yourself weak in front of him, you can also take help of your friend to show him like you are in a relationship and you have moved on.

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Almost everyone faces the situation when you need help with how to stop thinking about someone so you can back to your normal life.

You have to realize that this person is not worthy of your love and even your hate. Just stick with these steps here on how to stop thinking about someone, and you will definitely notice improvements.

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