I Hate My Life: What Should I Do?

Have you ever felt like that ” I hate my life ” and what are the things that I should do to get rid of this feeling? Well, you are at the right place because today I’m going to show some really effective way that you should follow to make your thinking better for your life.

When you hate your life you feel really miserable because you feel that there is no meaning of living and there is no one who cares.

You can feel like ” I hate my life ” for just any reason it can be your education, your job or even your love life.

You feel like ” I hate my life ” when you dream of something and can’t establish that thing because of several obstructions and you think that life ends here and there is no way to live it happily.

I want to clear you that it’s very wrong of you because life gives you unlimited chances to be better one and to have better things than what you had in the past.

So these all things can change and put you go through these tough situations but not for long. Here are some techniques and by following them you can achieve a better control of your life and you will really say that why did ” I hate my life “, was I being insane?

Ask Yourself These Questions in the Situation of “ I hate my life ”

1). Which Thing Do You Absolutely Love About Your Life?

You may think “ I hate my life ” and now I should commit suicide or just at last try it once. Don’t even think about it because life is more beautiful that you can never imagine if you don’t live and pout it an end to it.

Whenever you have this dirty thought in your brain, just ask yourself that what are all these things that you love in your life and that are not in anyone’s life.

List those things that people want and you already have, also list all those activities that you are expert in and others just dream about those skills. These skills can be anything like, music, a sport like swimming, cooking any technical application, passion for any great thing.

Just have this question and you will face what you have and why should you live it to the fullest.

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2). What Have You Achieved So Far?

If you really want to deny the situation of “ I hate my life ”, then ignore failures as even Steve Jobs faced them, so enlist all your success and the things you got admiration for.

Name all the things you are really proud of and all that you have achieved so far. Mention all your strengths and now have a look on all of these and ask yourself is it worth to give up on your life?

3). What Would You Do If You Were Brave Enough?

You feel like “ I hate my life ” because there are the things that you want to complete but didn’t because you don’t want to face circumstances. So make a list of all those things that you were afraid of doing.

So these are your wildest dreams that you see on your list, now tell yourself that there is no limit, anyone can do just anything, all he needs a little courage to make that one step forward to your dream.

Also, make a note on how do you want to be one day and list all things such as how successful you want to be, which type of lifestyle would you prefer etc.

Remember one thing you create yourself by the decisions you take, you gain what you sow, so it’s your life and nothing is more important than your happiness, so push your limits and compare all your wild dreams and create the desired world for you.

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4). Who Is Your Favorite Person In The World?

Life is all about great persons that all have, maybe you too have that person in your life. The person advises you in every positive and negative situation and the person who is your most favorite in this entire crowd.

So, if you have the feeling like ” I hate my life ”, go and get that person because he knows all your qualities. And he admires you more than anyone. So talking to that one will really change your thought as he reminds you your passion, strength, and motivates you in the best ways.

Things to Do If You Think “ I hate my life ”

1). Decide Desired Changes That You Want

You will think like ” I hate my life ” until you know what do you want from your life and what are these things that you don’t want to do.

Take your responsibility of neglecting this feeling and by having more positive thought, decide the changes that you want in your daily life. You just need to simply “think better to act better” and if you do this sentence, you will really feel better.

You have to recognize that there is no other enemy of you than yourself. So try to pick up positive things and just stick with these.

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2). Figure Out How to Change Things

You can hate yourself because any reason like you are so much fatty and the throwing out this fat from your life will really inspire you.

Now you just need to put the great efforts to change your imagination into reality and if you do so your tough out of ” I hate my life ” will automatically be removed by you.

Don’t always focus on your flaws because it gives us happiness when you see your positive points and values that you have in some one’s life.

So you don’t have to be trapped in the situation, take wise decisions and get yourself out fantastically.

3). Enhance the Level of Self-Esteem

This is the most important factor in any human’s life, the more self-esteem he has the more he finds confident in every way of life and gets out easily from every obstruction.

It’s clear that you have a lack of self-esteem because you think “ I hate my life ” so you have to build up a better self-esteem. The idea is very simple, just note down or 10 best qualities or whichever number of qualities you have.

For example, what you are good at keeping friendship as you are a very loyal friend, you advise in the best way, you have a lot of friends who care you, you have good dancer qualities, how much your family loves you etc.

So you have to find out these things to enhance your self-esteem level and gradually your confidence increases. You feel yourself more attractive, intelligent and a better person when you know the goods about you.

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4). Be Grateful For Each Good Day You Spend

This is a great tool to fight against the sentence ” I hate my life “. People who notice their positive and good things are always happier than those who don’t. Good things make us happier and life feels less miserable to us.

So throw out all the same negative thoughts and relive with positivity and notice the day. You will really see changes and surprise with the inner peace by just being grateful for the entire day you spend.

You can also challenge yourself to do something new daily, like a new task in sports, a new recipe in cooking or watch a movie with your new friends, wearing a new color etc.

5). Get an Extra Sleep

Doing lack in sleeping habits can make you facing depressions and negativity. Your brain always requires plenty of sleep to work better next day and if you are not getting the sleep you will really face bad things and a heavy brain all time.

You’re going to a hell and feel more miserable if you are ignoring the fact of getting enough sleep. Adults are recommended to get at least eight or nine hours of sleep at night.

So just start taking our sleep and see changes, you will feel a very light brain, no weight on eyes and much better than previous days.

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6). Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy brain depends on a healthy food and if you don’t know this fact then start remembering this for the rest of your life.

If anyone ignores taking a healthy diet, he may face hospitalization in a few weeks. So, if you love you then started having a good food other than any street foods. This will improve your mood and take away all those miserable thoughts like “ I hate my life ”.

7). Go and Get a Gym Membership

Who doesn’t want a perfect body structure? Well, everyone wants to have a perfect body not because they look attractive but because they also feel the good inside. Exercise is a positive effect booster and if you get this regularly you don’t need any medication for the rest of your life.

So just be practical, and start gymming as soon as possible. People who face circumstances and troubles in their life enjoy exercising more than normal people.

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8). Treat Yourself

Can you count on the time from when you haven’t eaten your favorite ice cream or your favorite fast food? You are not my diet, so you can really jump into anything that you love to eat.

Don’t do it too much but at least once a week of your favorite food will not affect you but will boost up your mind and give out happy vibes.

Just grab a bowl full of ice cream and watch your favorite TV shows or movies romantic, action or adventure whichever your type is and get rid of “ I hate my life ”.

9). What About Dancing

You may feel it like a joke as a remedy to the condition “ I hate my life “, but let me clear to all those fellas that when you dance your brain blooms just like spring.

It helps to release happy hormones and since everyone can dance in their own ways like breakdancing or ballerina.

The dance is programmed in every human being, just try it once every day and feel the changes and also your dance moves. Just play your favorite songs and get mad long with the song, forget everything and everyone and just lost in your own fun world.

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10). Do Some Volunteering

You may feel like what is this, volunteering, seriously? This thing will help you break all your thoughts just like “ I hate my life ”   because when you volunteer you help others without getting anything but happiness.

Happiness can never be a waste, it is something that you can’t buy with money but by helping other that are needy. You can join a volunteering organization or any NGO or you can do it to anyone if you meet any person that is in help.

You can also do some charity, money is not needed every time, and it can be anything from your unused clothing, shoes to your old games.

Celebrities do it all the time not because they are rich enough but they also want that inner peace that you find only by caring for someone who is in need.

So take this way of helping others and take yourself out from this word ” I hate my life “. The more you do for other the more and the better you get for you in future. Giving is just a fantastic thing that fills us all with utter comfort and happiness.

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If you are facing the same situation like ” I hate my life “, these tips and techniques will really help you to get out of all the miserable conditions and serve you with a happier life.

There is nothing wrong to face those dark moments sometimes like an empty hole in our life that is not just filling up. We are human beings and we face all bad and good in your life, but don’t allow you to get with the negative flow and force you to get out from all those worthless situations.

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