Best Friend or Follow Instagram Apps for Android/iPhone

Friend or Follow Instagram Apps: Instagram is one of the most loving and highly followed social networking platform especially for teens and young ones. People love sharing their photographs on this social media, and they love the pampering in the form of likes and comments.

Instagram has totally changed the way people use the social media. It has surpassed the craze for Facebook and now it is emerging as one of the most used social networking site across the globe.

The best part about Instagram is that if your account is renowned then you can even earn from it. And this is why most people create pages and different profiles to increase their followers. In such condition, it is so hard to manage these accounts. So you really need the Friend or follow Instagram applications for them.

What these applications do is, they keep track of every single minute activity of your account. For example, who followed you, who unfollowed you, who likes your pictures most, who are the top followers etc. This management not only keeps your account managed but also increases your followers too.

Best Friend or Follow Instagram Apps for Android/iPhone

Friend or Follow Instagram App

Here are the way from which you can keep a track of your Instagram account by these friend or follow Instagram apps given below. These apps are for Android as well as for iPhone too.

1). InstaFollow for Instagram

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This application is completely dedicated to the Android users only. This application was launched by Innovatty and is one of the leading tool for managing an Instagram account very well.

The USP of this application is its follower’s management. It can tell you that who followed you and who recently unfollowed you. You cannot detect who unfollowed you in the original Instagram app so this management application is a must in your phone.

Not only, the followers and unfollowers come in its radar but this friend or follow Instagram app is more than that. It can analyze amongst even millions of followers of yours that who is the most engaging ones with your post and who never even viewed them once.

This android application is like a mini assistant for your Instagram account. It tells you about your mutual friends and also about the people who are most likely to follow you back. This increases your chance to raise your fan following even more.

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2). InsTrack for Instagram

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If you are thinking that iPhone users would have to get disappointed then you are totally wrong. InsTrack is completely devoted to the iPhones users having an Instagram account. Just like other Friend or follow Instagram apps on Android this also keeps a track of your activities.

This Instagram management app is from the same people who owns the app “InstaFollow for Instagram”. They came up with an option for the iOS users too in form of this application called InsTrack.

This application notify you whenever you gain or loss any of your followers which means it keeps the statistics clear for you always. It manages those account who have followers up to 100k. It creates the visuals of the profile in terms of slideshow which is really interactive and unique.

This app also give attractive shoutouts which means you can increase your following rapidly. It also shows you the number of your fans which means the people who follows every single post of yours. So that you can know that people are actually loving you or not?

3). Crowdfire – Go Big Online

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Crowdfire is another app to be listed in the list of friend or follow Instagram apps here. The cherry on the cake is that this application is available for Android users as well as for iOS users too.

And most importantly, this application not only manages your Instagram account but you can manage your Twitter account through it as well. This is like dual benefit from the same app. This app is mostly used by the brands who wants to get popular on Instagram and increase their market repo.

This is one of the most used friend or follow Instagram app by different companies and celebrities for marketing on the social media. It helps you connect with people who are most likely to follow your brand or profile and those who share the same interest as you.

This is like a revolutionary app which provides features that supports small businesses, artists, sellers, self-employed people and others who want to increase their fan following.

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4). My Followers for Instagram

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Just like the Crowdfire application, this friend or follow Instagram application is also for both the android users as well as iOS users. This application is for the people looking for shoutouts and fame on the social media and wants to increase their public repo.

You can analyze that who are your best followers and who unfollowed you. It also keeps a track of the people who rejected your request when you tried to follow them. This application is like an insight which tells you that what your followers want to see.

This is a great app for the small businesses who are looking to develop and wants shoutouts. Social media presence always improves ones profile and the same can be done by this application very well.

However, this app did not get much response by the users and it has very less download too. Some people have even given negative reviews for this application saying that it shows error while using which makes it inconvenient to use.

5). Follower Insight for Instagram

Download Apps: 

This is another bonus application which works for Instagram for both android and iOS users. This friend or follow Instagram application has all what you want in an app for a high fan following account.

Have you ever heard about the terms, ghost followers, secret admirers or your top fans? Well, this application will tell you everything about it. This is one of those rare friend or follow Instagram apps which even tells you that which users have blocked you or unfollowed you.

This app also suggest you that who are the people who have stopped following you and you should unfollow them too. It also keeps a track of the number of followers gained and lost along with the number of loyal followers too.

The best part about this application is that you can switch more than one account in it. It means now it would be really simple for you to handle more than one Instagram account of yours. It also differentiate between least active users and potential spammers too. This app is just phenomenal in terms of statistics and data.

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6). Followers+ for Instagram

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It seems like people usually design and launch these friend or follow Instagram application in terms of both android and iOS users. Well, it is good for the users as they can get the best of the benefits no matter what operating system they have.

This application claims that it is trusted by more than 500,000 brands worldwide for their marketing purposes and shoutouts. This is really beneficial for the small businesses to grow faster and acquire a good market repo.

Apart from keeping a track of your followers gained and followers lost, it also keeps a track of your account activities too. This is the feature most apps forget to include but this app has done it. It shows the popularity of your post along with the areas of your engagement.

It also tells you the optimized time for the post that you need to update. It means the app is so efficient that it dictates you which time is perfect for your posting and decides its schedule too. Isn’t it like your personal assistance for social media?

7). Followers for Instagram

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Unfortunately this application is only for the iOS users exclusively so Android users would have to take a sigh here. This is a friend or follow Instagram app by “NoApostroph3s” which is designed especially for the iOS users and helping them to manage their Instagram account more accurately.

More than celebrities or people this is an app which is more suitable for small businesses in marketing. This application helps them to understand their customers in a better way and helps them in making their next marketing strategy for it.

Just like most of the friend or follow Instagram apps listed here, this also helps in keeping a track of the loyal followers of yours. It also tells you the number of followers you have gained and the people who have unfollowed you.

Apart from managing your new followers, it also tells you that who are the people you follow but they do not follow you and vice versa too. This helps you in pondering your preference and focus on some special audience so that you can improve your account in a better way.

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8). FollowMeter for Instagram

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This is another one of the most famous friend or follow Instagram application for the people who wish to manage their huge fan following in terms of statistics. This is basically an android application and is not available for the iOS users. You can download it from the Play Store absolutely free.

This is one of the best way to keep a deep insight of your Instagram account and manage it in a more efficient way possible.

Apart from the common facilities that other apps too offer like number of followers gained and lost, number of non-followers etc. it gives you other information too. It tells you that which is the most and least liked picture and videos or yours.

Through this analysis you can understand that what your followers want to see. This app also provides you the feature of multiple account handling which saves your time a lot. There is a premium offer by this app which is not free but through this you can gain more followers easily.

This application has been download by 1 million people and it is quite amazing too.

9). Followers Tool for Instagram

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This is a moderately operated friend or follow Instagram app. Although it has some 5k downloads but the features offered in this application is quite similar to some of the most renowned Instagram managing applications.

This is like the artificial intelligent system for your Instagram account that you have ever wanted in your life. This app helps in determining people who have recently unfollowed you. And this app unfollows them automatically on the behalf of your account. Isn’t it just amazing for you?

Apart from these facilities, you can also unfollow the entire list just in a single click. In its statistics, it keeps a track of the new followers and unfollowers as well the people you have just started following or unfollowing.

This friend or follow Instagram app also shows blocked users and the people who have blocked you in a separate list. This application helps you to stay a step ahead from everyone else. It keeps the trending of your post, comment and likes.

This application is like a full power package for the Instagram users with bulk posting and fan following. This app is not so famous but that does not make it less efficient.

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This must not have clicked in your mind before that you really need a management to be done for your Instagram account. But leave it to the pros as these friend or follow Instagram apps would not disappoint you at all in these terms.

From now onwards it would be really easy for you to manage your account and followers very well. Your every single activity will be tracked and you would not feel confused amongst such large fan following at all. So download these friend or follow Instagram apps and have a happy browsing.

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