10+ Best Weather App for Android Smartphone

Best Weather App for Android: The weather report gets important for sometimes for some people likes some profession require the regular weather report that based they can plan their programs or adventure trip whatever. Since the Android operating system development begins, there is available the collection of best weather app for Android devices like your smartphone and tablets.

As of now, In Android era, you receive your location based live weather report as well as you get the future weather forecast report in advance on your Android smartphone. According to the forthcoming weather, it will easy to prepare and plan your further programs.

10+ Best Weather App for Android Smartphone

I have uncovered the best weather app for Android devices, Carefully go through the details and download the app from play store, which has contained the great features.

1). The Weather Channel

A best weather app for Android is known as The Weather Channel that give you the personalized and real-time weather alert on your smartphone. You are informed with the local weather breaking news updates in details, such as temperatures, humidity, dew points, and more information are available in the weather Android application.

You get the lightning alerts, where happens the lightning strikes nearly to you and you can share your weather experience and report directly to The Weather Channel team will use the data for tracking the weather. Another useful feature is Seasonal Tools help you to know the flu and pollen levels that near you and you can know more details by tapping the health module.

The Key Features Of The Weather Channel:

  • The application informs you about the temperatures, humidity, dew points, sunrise and sunset, wind speed, UV index, visibility and barometric pressure.
  • You get the real time Lightning and Rain & Snow alerts based on your GPS locations.
  • You can know the weather forecast report on hourly, weekend and 15 days ahead.
  • Get the alert notification of your favorite location current temperatures.
  • You can also view the weather updates in High Definition videos.
  • The weather widget is available in different size, so place what demand to you.

You have to go in-app selections and unlock more features that are coming with the application.


2). Transparent Clock & Weather

Updating with the current local time with the weather reports that feature is coming with the Transparent clock & weather, is the best weather app for Android based smartphone and other devices. You get the weather in real time with a time interval or check manually and have come with more option.

The weather application has provided with great customization. You can change the widget background color, opacity, text color, icons, and font, as well as apply the different skin for the weather icon. If you need, you can resize the widget to any size, which is giving convenient looks for your eye.

The Key Features Of Transparent Clock & Weather:

  • The automatic weather reports in 15 min, 30 min, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 hours interval.
  • You get the 30 days moon phase calendar with moon information.
  • Get the seven day future weather forecast, and 24 hourly weather and wind forecast reports.
  • You get the details of Humidity, pressure, the chance of rain, dew point, visibility, UV index and wind conditions.
  • You can view by adding the up to 10 different location weather forecast and other details.
  • You can know the correct time of sunrise and sunset for the current location.
  • As the application is localized more than 40 languages, you can use the weather in your own languages.


3). 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

You keep informed about the current weather reports on your mobile phone that is working in Android. The 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar has included many incredible features that are used to get the latest weather forecast in your present location, and It is possible to aware the future weather forecast via the application.

It support various unit for understand the weather updates, such as Fahrenheit, Celsius for temperature, Miles per hour (mph), Kilometers per hour (km/h), Meters per second (m/s), Knots (kn), Beaufort scale for wind and Inches of Mercury (“), Millibars (mb), Millimeters of Mercury (mm), Atmosphere (atm), Kilopascal (kPa) that are using for pressure.

The maps are available in terrain and satellite view with full-screen mode and zooming support that help you to see in detail. In the notification section, just give the maximum and minimum priority for the getting the alerts, as well as, you can adjust the temperature color. Furthermore, you will find the great features at this weather application.

The Key Features Of 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar:

  • Be informed the weather condition in your present location, as well as additional 12 locations that can choose by you.
  • You know about the current condition of weather information, like Temperature, Wind Speed, Visibility, Humidity, and more.
  • See the upcoming forecast by hourly, from 2 days to 10 days report, additionally, Get the 12 weather forecast that are precision cast by the renowned meteorologist Gary Lezak.
  • You can view the weather forecast in the graph form, by 7 hours with the high temperatures, and the percent chance of precipitation. Similarly, one-week temperatures with high and low percent chance of precipitation.
  • It is possible to create your own custom background and use it.
  • Available in world languages that are English (US), Espanol, Esperanto, Francais, Hrvatski, Italiano, Magyar, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, Portugues and more.


4). AccuWeather

Open the best weather app for Android devices, which is known as AccuWeather. You receive the localized latest weather updates, and you can know the weather forecast anywhere in the world. There are available the weather news in videos with many available languages including English and Spanish. In the status bar on the home screen, you see the current temperatures, as well as more things and features, has included in the application.

The Key Features Of  AccuWeather:

  • You receive the push notification of the weather forecast in the United States.
  • I can forecast the Snow, ice, the wind, probability of thunderstorms, humidity, dew point, visibility, wind speed and more.
  • Get the weather forecast for every 15 minutes for the next 15 days.
  • You can store the unlimited location and get the weather updates as it happens on your mobile phone.
  • You can select the metric or imperial units, 12 or 24 hours time display, portrait or landscape view.
  • Now it is supporting the smartwatches.


5). Daily & Hourly Weather Forecast

Here is another best weather app for Android working devices and the name of the application is Daily & Hourly weather forecast, which require you to install the another app called Amber weather. Afterward, you can place the weather forecast widget on the home screen and then see the current and upcoming weather updates quickly.

The Key Features Of   Daily & Hourly Weather Forecast:

  • You receive the weather forecast for the next7 days, as well as the weather gets updated every 15 and 30 minutes, by 1, 3 and 6 hourly. Finally, you view the entire one day.
  • Which one do you want? Fahrenheit or Celsius, the choice is yours.
  • You know about the following information, such as current temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, visibility, atmospheric pressure and more in detail.
  • You can customize the widget according to your needs.
  • The application has designed and optimized for battery saving, no worry it does not drain your battery backup.
  • The app is supported by the multiple languages.


6). Yahoo Weather

Stay connected and keep informed with the latest weather updates by the Yahoo Weather that is the one of the best weather app for Android running devices like your favorite smartphone or tablets.  You get the detailed weather forecast in hourly, as well as, see the future weather forecast of 5, ten days in advance, which is very helpful you to plan and prepare for your vacation

The Key Features Of Yahoo Weather:

  • You get the all weather information details, such as the wind, pressure, chance of precipitation and more.
  • The interactive maps, where you browse and see the details of show and heat on the radar.
  • It is possible to track and view the weather forecast of your favorite cities and locations.
  • You can add up to 20 cities for getting the current weather condition.


7). Weather & Clock Widget Android

Just see the Weather & Clock Widget Android that is one of the application is used to know the current weather conditions of your current location or desired location, So you can say that this is the best weather app for Android devices. A multipurpose widget shows the weather condition along with your local times. You can find more features in the application.

The Key Features Of  Weather & Clock Widget Android:

  • Get the detailed weather condition information, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, visibility, precipitation, UV Index, dew point wind speed and direction.
  • If you want, you can share the weather report to your friends.
  • You can search the target location by country, city and zip code.
  • You can add up to ten different location.
  • The application supports the Android wear.
  • It can detect your location automatically.
  • Get the weather forecast at hourly, as well as the next 5, ten days in advance.


8). Weather

You are updated with the latest weather condition of your current location and desired location by using the best weather app for Android, and the application is Weather. Yes, Just Weather. You are updated with the latest weather forecast for upcoming days, which may help you for sometimes. Furthermore, more feature is avail with the app, which you can find and use it.

The Key Features Of Weather:

  • The application is designed and optimized for the Android TV.
  • See the weather forecast for hourly and weekly.
  • It is optimized for supporting all screen resolution.
  • You receive the weather notification, as well as if you want you can temporarily disable the notification.
  • You can see the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit that can change according to your needs.


9). Weather+

Weather+ provide you the latest and current or your target location weather forecast, as well as the best weather app for Android, is trusted by the people from all over the world. The app gives you the weather information in visual effect, as well as you can see the background of the app that match with the current weather reports. Furthermore, it has included a wide range of professional features that will help you very well.

The Key Features Of Weather+:

  • The application is compatible with the all Android devices and screen resolutions.
  • You can see the hourly and five days weather forecast in advance.
  • Get the detailed reports, such as humidity, precipitation, pressure and visibility details.
  • The widget shows the clock daily or hourly forecast. You can decide, which one should show on the widget. Sometimes, if you settle with the simple, you select to display the text only.
  • You will get the future weather forecast for unlimited locations as per your demand.


10). ASUS Weather

Are you looking a best weather app for Android working devices?. Remember that the application must give the accurate and detailed weather information then you need the ASUS Weather. It gives the best weather condition forecast with information like the expected precipitation depth, humidity levels, wind strength and more. The clean and simple user interface make you work easily with the application.

The Key Features Of  ASUS Weather:

  • You can add the weather widget on the home screen and customize it for bettering viewing.
  • You get the weather condition forecast for upcoming seven days, current day and hourly.
  • You can easily search and add the target location on the list quickly.
  • The application detects your location automatically and shows the accurate weather condition.


11). BBC Weather

BBC is the popular news source as well as they provide the accurate weather report in the best weather app for Android working smartphone. BBC Weather is the name of the application that provide you the weather forecast for the UK and international, so despite your country, you know what happens in the climate daily. You see more option in the application.

The Key Features Of BBC Weather:

  • You can override the location that detected by the application, and you can choose any location nearby you.
  • You can share the weather forecast via the Facebook, Twitter, email as well as location to your friend.
  • See the highest and low temperature and its range for 6 to 10 days.


12). Weather Timeline – Forecast

Do you want a best weather app for Android? You can use the Weather Timeline – Forecast, which provide you the weather condition details to your Android Smartphone or Tablets without any further delay. The app summarizes the weather forecast for the next hours, to next 48, next week, which allow you to view the weather report at a glance. Furthermore, you get the present weather condition of your chosen location. And, more.

The Key Features Of  Weather Timeline – Forecast:

  • Time machine Weather forecast feature allow you to check the weather condition of the upcoming week, month, even years as well as you go back and check the old weather reports.
  • It supports the Android Wear
  • Multiple language supports
  • Available of the great theme customization
  • User friendly graph and chart of temperatures and weather condition reports, which is understood by the user easily.



The over mentioned collection of the best weather app for Android working devices such as tablets, and smartphone. Each weather Android application is powered with the full, rich option, such as current location weather report, upcoming days forecast, weather widget and more. Whenever, wherever you are able to get the latest local and international based weather report in the weather Android apps.

Even though you have been using already any weather report application on your Android powered smartphone or tablets, you have given a try to the new weather application, which give extensive option and features than your existing weather application. If you start to using it, you will understand and like the application, So choose the best one and get weather alerts regularly.

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