20 Best Free Fastest Web Browser List For PC and Android

Fastest Web Browser List For PC and Android: We all access the internet every day. Some of us prefer PC to access, and some prefer their portable devices like smartphones and tabs to access the internet services. We are living in an era of high-tech internet services, where we get different sorts of web browsers to access the internet.

There are many web browsers, some of which work efficiently on the PC and some work preciously on the smartphones and tabs. If you have an idea about which web browser works faster on PC and which on portable devices, you can access the internet much faster. Here we are going to present fastest web browser for both PC and Android phones to improve your web accessing experience.

How do you select a web browser?

Do not be part of a mob. It means, don’t use a web browser just because all of your friends are also using that web browser. Selection of a good web browser is an important task, which you should do carefully. There are multiple web browsers, which are suitable for different devices. Use one, which can offer faster web access and better window. You should also check the ratings of web browsers before you use them. Users often rate the web browsers they use and suggest you the best browser available for your device.

If you have never considered important aspects of choosing web browsers before, it may be difficult for you to try something new. Here we are offering you a well-checked list of free web browsers. Check this list of web browsers and choose an appropriate one for your PC or Android device.

Internet fastest web browsers list for PC:

fastest web browsers

This list contains fastest web browser for PC and several other useful PC web browsers. Check the mentioned details and download one of these web browsers to experience faster internet access.

1). Google Chrome: No 1 fastest web browser

As we all know, Google Chrome is the most reliable web browser in the world. People across the whole world use it because it is quite fast, secure and very useful for all sorts of works. You will find it quite handy to use, in fact, you are using this web browser for a long time. It offers many features like a tagging system, bookmarking the websites and many other things that improve your web experience.

Official Website : https://www.google.com/chrome/

2). Mozilla

If you are a working person, and your maximum works depend on online services, Mozilla is probably the best available browser for you. This web browser offers us much information about a website like its Alexa rank, page rank, and so many other things. It is a feature rich web browser that is needed by many software and online promotion industries.

Official Website : https://www.mozilla.org

3). Opera:

Many opera users complain that it shows compatibility issues with many websites, but still it is one of the leading web browsers. Opera offers impressive features and quite faster web browsing that every internet user wants. Maximum people around the world use Opera when they do not find Google or Mozilla adequate for their needs.

Official Website : http://www.opera.com/

4). Internet Explorer:

If you are a Windows PC user, Internet Explorer is the best web browser for you. Not only us, but every web expert agrees to this fact because Internet Explorer offers much faster web browsing on Windows PC. Often windows launch a new version of Internet Explorer to improve your web surfing experience and provide better web browsing.

Official Website : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-in/internet-explorer/download-ie

5). Safari

It is one of its kinds. In other words, you will get an entirely different web browsing experience on Safari, and it will be better than other web browsers. It is renowned for excellent security and attractive launch. The features like page loading speed of Safari are quite better than others. You get two different URL bars to search stuff you are looking for. When it comes to do clean and bland web browsing, Safari is the best web browser.

Official Website : http://www.apple.com/in/safari/

6). Maxthon

Used by thousands of internet users, Maxthon has maintained its reputation preciously. This web browser offers plenty of attractive features and browsing options which all of us want. Also, the developing team of Maxthon frequently launches new versions of this web browser to provide much better and faster web surfing. You must try it at least once if you have never used it before.

Official Website : http://www.maxthon.com/

7). Torch:

Don’t go on the name because Torch has got 8.29 ratings out of 10. People are getting impressed with its unique shape and browsing features. This web browser provides you a share button to make direct posts on social media sites without opening your account again and again. You may need to compromise with the music app, but other features are excellent. The torch comes with a charming logo, and you can download plenty of songs if you want to listen to something new online.

Official Website : http://www.torchbrowser.com/

8). SeaMonkey:

There may be many people around the world, who have never, hear about this web browser and who have never used it, but eventually SeaMonkey is a feature rich web browser. It is a web suite that contains all the required web browsing facilities and offers email and chat features for free. You can probably have a slower web browsing experience on SeaMonkey, but still it is a good choice. Individuals, who want all the web browsing features together in a single browser, they must use SeaMonkey.

Official Website : http://www.seamonkey-project.org/

9). Avant Browser:

Avant is good for you if you are looking for decent web browsing speed and useful internet surfing features. It may not support many modern apps, but sometimes it seems better than windows internet explorer. Maximum Windows PC users consider it as an alternative for Internet Explorer, and that’s what it is actually.

Official Website : http://www.avantbrowser.com/

10). Deepnet Explorer:

Deepnet Explorer provides you with charming web browsing speed and an attractive startup. Navigating for new apps and sites is quite easier on this web browser. Still it has to cover a long path to becoming the best, but it is on the way. It is slightly improving the page loading speed and offering new features to attract new users.

Official Website : http://www.deepnetexplorer.com/

List of fastest web browsers for Android devices:

It was quite difficult to access the internet on portable devices. People had limited choices, and they used to do web surfing on quite slow web browsers. Today the time is changed. Revolution in Smartphone technology has improved our web experience and made web access quite easier for every Smartphone and Tab user. It was Steve Jobs, who had predicted Smartphone revolution in 2007 and today it is fact. You can quickly gain access to the internet and search anything you want online on your portable device. The only thing you need is the fastest web browser for Android to access the internet and get the search results quickly. Here are top 10 free web browsers for Android devices.

1). Opera mini: Free Fastest web browser for Android Smartphone

Opera Mini is the most widely used web browser in portable devices like mobile phones, smartphones, and tabs. People are using this web browser before the introduction of iOS and Android smartphones. Opera has improved its features and developed many new things to provide light and impressive web browsing to the Android device users. Still it is at the top of the list of web browsers for Android devices.


2). Maxthon:

When it comes to using Maxthon Internet browser on the desktop, many users avoid it but things are quite different when it comes to using Maxthon on the Android devices. It is a smart and safe web browser for fast web browsing on Android devices. Here you can change the themes of this browser, use RSS reader and synchronize it with the cloud. You get Maxthon download manager to download many files online in your portable device.


3). Chrome:

Off-course web browsers like Opera and Maxthon are providing users with the best web browsing features, but still Chrome is not an outdated internet browser for android devices. It has left the Beta Sage and now it has become quite faster for portable devices. You can download it quickly and experience the best web browsing facility on your Android smartphone.


4). Dolphin:

Dolphin is a fantastic choice when you want to work and communicate at the same time. It means, Dolphin has features that make it capable of storing searched data when you are using your device to contact others. It is a fast and secure web accessing platform that you should try in your device.


5). Atlas:

Adware and malicious extensions spoil our web browsing experience when we access the internet via a portable device. Atlas is an impressive web browser to prevent your internet search from irritating ads and unwanted sites. You can load two pages together in this web browser and use them at the same time to improve your working efficiency.


6). Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is one of the leading PC internet browsers, but its position is slightly different from the Android top web browsers list. Mozilla has recently introduced its web browsing app for the portable devices, but it is coming with all the impressive features of Firefox. You get a safer atmosphere to surf the web and get your work done on right time. It boosts your work efficiency and aids you by providing much faster access to the internet.


7). UC Browser:

UC browser is renowned as a rapid and easy to handle web browser for Android and iOS devices. People love its impressive density of data, new functions, and new downloading features. Time by time UC browser’s development team introduces its new versions and adds some new features to keep it in the top android web browsers’ list.


8). One Browser:

This web browser is famous among the Android device users and in the world of the internet because it boosts downloading speed up to 47%. This search engine has some inbuilt tools that help it in functioning better than other web browsers. This web browser gets data from the visited website and represents it in a user-friendly form to avoid time taken in loading the web pages in One Browser. The Smartphone and Tab users are using this browser only because of mentioned benefits. You should also try it.


9). Puffin Web Browser:

Puffin claims to be the fastest web browser for handled devices, which you can observe after using it. This browser offers flash download facility and many different cloud features. You will never get ads on any website when accessing the internet via Puffin web browser. It blocks all the ads to provide you a pleasant time on the net. It is a free web browser that you can download from the app store of your device and use for faster internet access.


10). XScope Web Browser:

You will find it like Google Chrome when you use it for the first time, but XScope is a different web browser. Its skin and web page representation is quite similar to Chrome. Also, all the icons and tools are situated at the bottom of the homepage. Anyone can use those buttons with one touch when required. It is new and different from other web browsers. May be it is the reason that a lot of Android device users are trying services of XScope web browser. It is free, fast and loaded with all modern web browsing features.


Finding the best web browser among all above mentioned web browsers is quite straightforward. It does not matter that you are trying to access the internet via your Android phone or on the desktop; you can expect to have faster internet access. The web browsing speed depends on the internet browser you are using. If you select a faster browser, you can complete all your tasks on time and get free soon. We have differentiated all the web browsers according to their features and browsing speeds. The browsers, which are at the top, have better speed and probably the best features. So download anyone of suggested web browsers and experience the unique features it is providing to make your web surfing experience better.

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