10+ Windows Password Recovery Tool

Windows Password Recovery Tool: Want to do important stuff on your Pc? Login to your windows. But ee hh! What’s this! You forgot your windows log in the password! Now what will you do? You mind goes blank and you feel handicapped in such situation.

But wait, and relax. You can recover your windows password very comfortably with the help of Windows Password Recovery Tool.

Recovery tools provide alternate user and administrative password for your window operating system via which you can quickly log in on your windows.

So let’s focus on some of the best Windows Password Recovery Tool. 

10+ Windows Password Recovery Tool

Windows Password Recovery Tool

This post having all very popular and trusted software which mostly professional used for recovery his windows passwords. bellow I am describing software advantages and disadvantages, why software is good and why is bad.

1). Ophcrack

Website: http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/

Ophcrack updated version v3.6.0 is a freeware software used for cracking window password very efficiently. Ophcrack is speedy and easy to use window password recovery tool. Its working is based on rainbow tables. It works not only for windows operating systems but also for other platforms like Linux, Mac etc.

Download the live CD from another computer and just boot your PC with live CD.

Let’s focus on the pros and cons of Ophcrack 


  • The top crack is best used in live CD form. Passwords are recovered automatically.
  • No software installation is necessary for using this freeware.
  • Ophcrack will unlock passwords for all window upgrades.
  • 98% of all passwords are crackable with the use of Ophcrack live CD.
  • Real-time graphics to explore the passwords.
  • Ability to import SAM file directly.
  • It is Open source software.


  • File size is relatively high about 650 MB
  • Before using, LiveCD ISO image must be added to a disc or USB device.
  • If the password contains more than 14 characters, then it is not possible for ophcrack software to crack the password.
  • Works for all window platforms except windows10

2). Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional

Website: www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com/

Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional is the primary choice of the users who want to recover their lost passwords. It supports Windows 8, 7, XP and Linux platform. Within sec, your lost window password can be easily recovered irrespective of the length of the password.

Let’s focus on some of the pros and cons of this software.


  • 100% Reset All Windows Password
  • Not only recover but windows password recovery tool can also change the users, administrator password or account.
  • Change the Password via USB /DVD/ CD Flash Drive
  • Easy to use and safe to operate
  • Trial version available
  • Broad Compatibility with Hardware and Windows OS
  • File size is less than 50 MB


  • Not supports windows 10 platform
  • It is Paid and costly software, so you have o think twice before purchasing this software.

3). Active@ Password Changer

Website: www.password-changer.com/

Active@ Password Changer is developed for resetting local users and administrators passwords on Windows operating system in case a user’s password is skipped from the mind or lost. You don’t need to reboot or format the windows operating system to log into Windows. By using Active@ Password Changer recovery tool, you can log in as an Administrator or a particular user without password.

Let’s focus on some of the pros and cons of this software.


  • Simple and easy to handle the user
  • Displays/ Detects All Samdatabase
  • Works on multiple hard disks
  • Restrict Force Smart Card Login
  • Ability To cope up with Logon Time
  • You can download the demo version for free.
  • Log in without password.
  • Quick, complete password recovery and easy installation process.
  • All features available in Active@ Password Changer professional.


  • The cost of Active@ Password Changer recovery tool is very high and not affordable
  • Some features could be explained more accurately.

4). iSunshare Windows Password Genius

Website: www.isunshare.com/windows-password/

iSunshare Windows Password Genius, latest version 2.1, is an all-in-one Windows password recovery tool, helps to reset lost Windows user for all Windows operating system, including Windows 7/8/10 /XP/NT/2000/Vista and Windows server 2003/2000/2011/2008/2012

Let’s focus on some of the pros and cons of this software.


  • Create a new user account easily without logon.
  • Access to Windows system within a few minutes.
  • Offer four editions of software including Professional, Standard, Advanced, and Raid.
  • It Supports all Windows platforms and all types of computer and laptops
  • Could Recover password for all administrative and  user accounts
  • Works with all hard disks including flash drive, DVD/CD etc.
  • Support bootable CD/DVD. With just one click you can Burn this password recovery tool to a DVD or CD. 


  • Provides two versions, trial, and full version, the trial version will lack some essential features.
  • Sometimes this software displays errors.

5). Windows Password Unlocker

Website: https://www.passwordunlocker.com/windows-password-recovery.html

Windows Password Unlocker is also one of the best windows password recovery tool. It comes with both trial and buy version. You can download any of its four editions- Standard, Professional, and Windows Password Unlocker Enterprise.

Some of its dark and bright sides are discussed below.


  • Reset Windows Local Password
  • 30-day money back guarantees period in buy version
  • Remove and change Windows local administrator and other user passwords.
  • Creates a new user account to reveal your computer.
  • Work for 32-bit and 64-bit of Windows 7/8Vista/XP/ 2008/2003/2000Windows 8
  • Works with CD/DVD/USB flash drive
  • Create new local domain admin account to access your Windows.
  • It is user-friendly with simple user interface. You can reset your password very comfortably without any difficulty
  • Speedy recovery of passwords. Your password will reset within seconds irrespective of its complexity and length
  • 100% guarantee of resetting all your passwords


  • Not compatible with windows 10 operating system.
  • In the trial version, you will found limited features.
  • Its working is little complicated and tough to understand

6). SmartKeyWindows Password Recovery

Website: http://www.recoverlostpassword.com/products/windowspasswordrecovery.html

Overlooked Windows user or administrative password? Locked out of Windows? Just Chill! SmartKeyWindows Password Recovery can immediately reset Windows password. It helps in removing Windows login password efficiently so that you can easily log into your windows without a password or in other words, with a blank password. This eliminates the need of installing and formatting your computer again.

Let’s focus on its pros and cons.


  • Recover Windows password for administrator and other user accounts
  • You can use four editions: Standard, Professional, and Ultimate.
  • Almost all passwords can be recovered and within seconds. Thus, this software is easy and trustworthy.
  • Multiple options to create USB flash drive or CD/DVD to recover passwords
  • Novel GPU technical up to 10 times faster than other password recovery tools
  • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, etc.
  • Both trial and paid versions are available
  • Download size is less than 50Mb.


  • All features not found in the standard and professional edition of SmartKeyWindows Password Recovery tool.
  • Cost is high

7). Spower Windows Password Reset

Website: http://www.windowspasswordsreset.com/

Spower Windows Password Reset is a product of Spower software. It is an easy-to-use, fast speed, and trustable software. It comes with four downloadable editions- Standard, Professional, Special, and Raid. Just in 2 minutes without losing any data, you can unlock your computer with recovered password. Not only this, you can even create or delete administrative account very easily.

Let’s look at some of its features:


  • Generate Windows password reset CD/DVD  or USB drive
  • 100% success rate
  • Supports all windows operating systems including Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2011, 2012, 2008, 2000, 2003, etc.
  • Reset Windows Administrator and user password instantly
  • Very easy operation. A user with basic computer skills can recover password with the assistance of this software.
  • Works on all type of computer and laptop brand HP, like Dell, IBM, Sony, Acer, Lenovo, ASUS, etc.
  • Money back guarantees after 90 day purchase period


  • Do Not support windows 10 operating system

8).Vodusoft Windows Password Reset

Websites: http://www.vodusoft.com/windows-password-reset.html

Vodusoft Windows Password Reset is a faithful and effective windows password recovery tool via which you can reset your lost password for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, win7, 2008, 2012 and win8 local and administrative users without the need of a current password. You can use this password tool to create a bootable password recovery CD and reset forgotten windows password in a few minutes.


  • Reset elapsed windows password without a present password.
  • Trustworthy and effective software.
  • 100% safe and secure. Your data will remain there.
  • Vodusoft Windows Password Reset tool can also delete or Create Windows user.
  • Support all window versions except win10.
  • Support all kinds of computer brand, including DELL, HP, IBM, ACER, SONY, NEC, TOSHIBA, LENOVO, etc.


  • Do not supports win10.
  • Large file size
  • Not all features available in trial version

9). Proactive System Password Recovery

Website: https://www.elcomsoft.com/pspr.html

Proactive System Password Recovery recuperates most of the passwords rapidly without bothering about password length. Not only this, Proactive System Password Recovery software also exposes hidden information like CD Key and Product ID.


  • Has the ability to  run any program with other user’s credentials
  • Displays the history of  password hashes
  • Directly reads and decrypts password hashes SAM and SYSTEM
  • Keep the Backup of  Registry files and Active Directory database from local computers
  • Decrypts Windows scripts protected with Script Encoder
  • It activates the controls that are deactivated.
  • Decrypts and searches Windows Protected Storage that saves passwords and auto-complete records for Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express
  • Browses ‘LSA Secrets’ records
  • Shows Product ID and CD Key for Windows and Microsoft Office installations
  • It Supports Windows 7


  • Passwords with asterisk mark remain unidentified with this software
  • Software has been designed only for professionals
  • Buying cost is relatively high.
  • Supports only windows 7

10).  Kon-Boot

Website: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/toolsofthetrade/gr/kon-boot.htm

Kon-Boot is a password recovery tool which will bypass windows authentication process based operating systems. Without memorizing your old password.

You can log in to your Windows account without remembering your current password. It’s very simple to use and outstanding for technical repairs, for recovering your data and security audits.

Let’s go through the some of the pros and cons of this software.


  • Easy to use password recovery tool and free of cost
  • ISO image is of smallest size that you will fail to find in any other free software
  • No access to Windows or awareness of old password is needed
  • Works with 32-bit versions of  Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP and some Windows Server OS’s


  • Access to another computer  required to burn ISO image
  • Supports only 32-bit versions of windows
  • Not supports win8 and win10 versions of windows
  • Software doesn’t work from a USB drive

Download site: http://www.piotrbania.com/all/kon-boot/

11). Cain & Abel

Website:  http://www.oxid.it/cain.html

Cain & Abel is a well-designed program that deals with recovering lost users and administrative passwords using the most commanding and tough decryption algorithms.  Cain & Abel tests your network for passwords you ever typed and shows the list of passwords recovered.

You can then use the list to provide assistance in remembering the password you are looking forward to. The application is able to decrypt the majority of applications and websites in order to help you recover your passwords.


  • Cain & Abel is a use recovery password unlocker for window it uses crypt analysis and dictionary attack brute-force as method to decode encrypted user
  • It’s very easy to use requiring basic skills of the computer.
  • It is a freeware and hence affordable.
  • Speedy recovery of passwords
  • Cain & Abel can unlock other passwords in addition to Windows passwords as well.
  • Supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows NT.


  • Rainbow Tables must be downloaded separately  from the internet
  • Installation of programs on the hard drive is a prerequisite of this recovery tool.
  • Must have access to another administrator account on the computer
  • Range of other built-in hacking tools might threaten beginners
  • Doesn’t support   8, 7, Windows 10,  or Vista

12). Trinity Rescue Kit

Website: http://trinityhome.org/

Trinity Rescue Kit or TRK is a freeware live Linux distribution that aims especially at repair and recovery tasks on Windows machines and is likewise usable for Linux recovery problems. Since version 3.4 of Trinity Rescue Kit  it has a simple to use scrollable  menu that allows anyone having perfection in  keyboard and some English to perform maintenance and healing on a computer, ranging from password resetting over disk cleanup to virus scanning


  • easily reset windows passwords with the enhanced win pass tool
  • win clean tool, a utility that cleans all the cache and temporary unwanted file from your computer
  • solves about  thousands of bugs  since version 3.3
  • Complete proxy server support.
  • The simple and easy menu interface.
  • Widespread range of hardware support.
  • Supports not only windows but also Linux.


  • Its working is slow compared to other windows password recovery tool. 

13). Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Website: http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/bootdisk.html

The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor password unlocker is one of the quickest and easiest windows password recovery tool used today. It has command prompt interface. This software is completely free password cracker. Since no installation is required to use this software, most of the users prefer this software over other free password recovery tools.

Let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons:


  • Very speedy password recovery.
  • Offline NT Password & Registry Editor has the functionality to delete any password irrespective of its length immediately and very quickly.
  • Since it is freeware program, so it remains the first preferable choice for window users.
  • Works with all Window versions including Windows10 – support feature you will fail to find in other windows password recovery software.
  • Program’s ISO image is of small size.
  • Since it is offline based password cracker, hence no installation required.


  • Offline NT Password tool works on command prompt method which becomes problematic for users.
  • ISO image must be burned to a flash drive or CD   before resetting any passwords.

14). PC Login Now

Website link: http://www.pcloginnow.com/

The PC Login Now password cracker is a very quick and free windows password recovery tool. PC Login Now instead of displaying all the passwords removes them completely so that you can open your windows without filling your password. PC Login is comparatively easier to use and its working is somewhat similar to the working of The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor.

Let’s through some light on the pros and cons of The PC Login Now password cracker.


  • PC Login Now can erase any password, from most versions of Windows, almost rapidly.
  • Passwords are deleted instead of being displayed, making the working easy for users
  • PC Login Now can convert any regular user account into an administrator account.
  • It is the Fastest Windows password recovery tool examined till date.
  • No Windows access or knowledge of former passwords required
  • Works with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows XP passwords
  • Like the size of ISO image of Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, PC Login Now ISO image is also small in size.


  • Password reset procedure causes Windows to identify a possible hard drive problem
  • Does not support  Windows 8 or Windows 10

15). Hash Suite

Website: http://hashsuite.openwall.net/download

Hash Suite is one of the best password crackers to verify the security of password hashes. It’s extremely powerful and gives high performance, an easy-to-use reports, GUI, and statistics, and include all the features which should be present in any password cracker tool. As the name suggests, it also works on a large number of hashes. You can test a number of password hashes and recover them very easily with the help of this software.


  • It is very fast and offer a program with very high performance.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface with unique and advanced features.
  • Displays Reports with statistics, easy download of worthy wordlists, and fixation of feeble passwords.
  • Complete recovery of passwords
  • There are four editions of Hash Suite:  Free, Droid, Standard, and Pro.
  • Download size is very small and installation process is easy


  • No trial version available
  • Purchase cost is very high

16). Windows Key

Website: http://www.lostpassword.com/windows.htm

Windows Key is a simple tool to gain entry into any Windows /XP/ Vista 2000/2003 system if the login password is forgotten. The software allows you to change the Administrator account password in a matter of seconds. There are 3 editions of the software available, Windows Key Standard Plus, Windows Key Basic and Windows Key Business. It is the commonly used windows password recovery tool.

Windows Key software automatically generates a password reset bootable CD that functions during the booting process.


  • This software offers you free trial period.
  • The success ratio is 100%. Nearly all passwords will be recovered very easily and quickly.
  • Supports all windows operating systems
  • Resets and change local user or  Admin password
  • Recovers Windows Live ID password
  • It is safe and secure to use.
  • Provides many secure booting options.
  • Trial version available
  • 100% Money back guarantee in paid version


  • Windows 2000 and earlier versions of windows are not supported.
  • The demo version contains limited features


Windows password recovery tool is a like blessing in disguise for those who have lost their windows login passwords. Within seconds, your passwords will be recovered with the help of these Windows password recovery tool, Irrespective of any version you are using. Speedy recovery, inessential knowledge of the previous password, all windows version supported feature are the high points of windows password recovery tool.

In my opinion, if we look at the above-mentioned password recovery tools, then Ophcrack windows password recovery tool is found to be most suitable for recovering lost passwords because of its time-saving features like no installation is required to use this tool. Moreover, it is freeware and automatically recovers all passwords, its live CD form is awesome and powerful. Not only this, it also offers real-time graphics to explore passwords

So next time, if you face any windows login password issue, then just go ahead with Windows password recovery tool. 

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