15 Must have Android Apps : Free Useful Apps which every Smartphone have

Must have Android Apps: Android smartphones and tablets have attracted the customers throughout the world. Android OS has become the need of modern day smartphones. Android has also become the lifeline of modern day phone owners. Various apps have been developed to bring ease of operation for the users on Android device.

Most of these apps add functionality to your Android device and make it really easy for the users to access its exceptional features. But the question here is which app to install on your Android Smart phone. So, we have come up with 15 must have Android apps for Android Smartphone users.

If you are using Android Smartphone, then these must have Android apps should be installed on your smartphone to add number of features without paying any extra amount for most of these apps.

15 Must have Android Apps

These are the universal apps and can be installed by the user from just any country.

Must have android apps

1). WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the must have Android apps on smartphone. WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that lets you to stay connected with mates having WhatsApp on their smartphones. You just need to have a working internet connection to access this application. Let us scroll through the some of the best features of this App:

  • Send Messages Worldwide to People Using WhatsApp: You can send instant messages to your friends, relatives or people you know throughout the world. But, they should also be using WhatsApp on their smartphone.
  • Make Calls for Free: You can make calls to people in your contact list living in any part of the world using WhatsApp. These calls are totally free and have negligible lag.
  • Share Multimedia: You can share photos, videos, audios and other multimedia files on WhatsApp with your contacts and people not in your contact list using WhatsApp unless you are blocked by them.
  • Block Contacts: You can choose who can see your status & profile picture on WhatsApp. The people whom you don’t want to check your WhatsApp profile can be blocked
  • Backup Chat: Your WhatsApp Chat can be backed up on Google Drive with just a single tap. You can even choose to backup your chats automatically.

WhatsApp is one of the must have Android apps that you should definitely install on your smartphone. It can serve your instant messaging needs perfectly. So, enjoy messaging to your loved and dear ones and stay connected with them through this wonderful app.


2). Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is another popular must have Android apps to use on smartphone. It allows you to message and make voice and video calls. It helps in bringing conversations to life with the options of sharing photos, emojis and even the option of making group video calls for free. It allows you to connect with friends, family, and clients across computer systems and Android as well as Apple devices. Some of the most talked about features of this free messaging, video and voice calling app by Google include:

  • Send messages to a friend or start group conversations: Google Hangouts allows you to either have one-on-one conversation with any of your friends or to start group conversations with the people you choose. You may include up to 100 people in a group chat.
  • Make conversations livelier: Bring more life to your conversations with photos, maps, emojis, stickers and GIFs.
  • Make voice and video calls for free: Make voice and video calls for free with just one tap. You can also make a group call with up to 10 people.
  • Sync chats between devices: With Hangouts, keep your chats synced between all your devices so as to keep your conversations going wherever you are. This is what makes it the must have Android app for Smartphone users.
  • Easy switch between message types: Hangouts lets you send and receive both Hangouts and text messages (SMS/MMS), making it easy to switch between message types.

Hangouts by Google is one of the must have Android apps in your phone since it lets you make voice and video calls and send messages to other Hangout users across the world for free.


3). Skype

Skype is an app that lets you stay connected with your family and friends for free across both desktops and mobile devices. From instant messaging to video chats and voice calls to exchanging digital documents, there is lot that can be done over Skype. Millions of people today are on Skype, and you can join the Skype community with your email id to stay in touch with other Skype users from all around the globe. Some of the most promising features of this one of the must have Android apps are as follows:

  • Find people you know instantly: The Skype community is a vast one that includes over some 250 million people. This suggests you are very likely to bump into someone you know.
  • Instant messaging: Even if you are somewhere where you can’t make a call, you can still stay in touch with Skype’s free instant messaging.
  • Call anyone in the world: Skype calls are free across the globe. It lets you talk without worrying about the ISD call charges with free voice and video calls with other Skype users.
  • Make low-cost calls to mobiles and landlines: Other than having free video and voice calls with fellow Skype users, you can also use Skype to keep in touch with people who aren’t on Skype. Skype lets you make low-cost calls and SMS to mobiles and landlines on anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited video messaging: With Skype, you don’t have to worry about email size limits or expensive MMS charges as it offers free and unlimited video messaging.

For Skype calls and video chats, you need a good internet connection. It is suggested that you use an unlimited data plan or Wi-Fi connection to connect over Skype. So install this one of the must have android apps on your smartphone.


4). TrueCaller

TrueCaller is a platform that is transforming today’s phonebook so as to make it more intelligent and useful. It lets you search for any phone number, identify callers by name and photo and to block unwanted calls or hidden numbers. Getting TrueCaller on your phone is the best way to see who is calling even if you don’t have their number saved in your phone’s contact book. Important features of the app that make it one of the must have Android apps on your phone, include:

  • See who’s calling: Truecaller lets you search for numbers and callers beyond your phonebook and thus helps you in identifying unknown incoming calls. You’ll get to see who’s calling even when you don’t have the caller’s number fed in your phone’s contact book.
  • Block unwanted or spam calls: TrueCaller lets you block calls that you don’t want to receive. You can also block unwanted calls from spam callers and telemarketers so as to avoid any disturbance. Download this must have Android app and stay protected from spam calls.
  • Search for any number in the world: With TrueCaller app you can search for any number in the world and see who it belongs to. TrueCaller is capable of notifying you with the number holder’s details.

Make your smartphone smarter with the TrueCaller with this must have Android app that transforms your phonebook to make it more intelligent and useful. Note that TrueCaller never uploads your phonebook to make it public. Also note that you need to be on a 3G or Wi-Fi connection for TrueCaller caller’s ID to work.


5). Chrome

If you are looking for must have Android apps then Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most loved browser of all times. And with the Chrome app, it is one browser to have and use across all devices including your laptops, Android devices, and iOS devices. What makes Chrome most users first choice for searching the web are its amazing features that include:

  • Browse faster on the go: Chrome lets you browse for anything or everything across the web within minutes. Browsing had never been that easy and quick as it is now with Chrome.
  • Instant search: Chrome lets you search and navigate from the same box. As you start typing, you can also choose from results and suggestions that appear including your recent searched words and recently visited websites. This means that you can get what you are looking for in a snap through Chrome’s instant searching.
  • Type less: Chrome saves you from the hassles of typing everything. You can skip all the small-screen typing with Chrome’s Autofill option that lets you complete forms with just one click. Also Chrome’s Autosuggest saves your time when your typing URLs and searches.
  • Pick up where you left off with Chrome sync: Chrome lets you pick up your browsing session from where you left off whenever you switch between devices. Say, when you switch from your laptop to phone, Chrome gives you instant access to all your open tabs, bookmarks and recent searches from any device.

Chrome is one of the must have Android apps for your phone that lets you browse quickly and saves your mobile data as well while you browse.


6). Facebook

Facebook is an irreplaceable app for the millions of users of this most popular social media network in the world. It lets you to always stay connected from anywhere in the world and keeps you updated about what’s happening in your networks and in the world. The features that make Facebook one of the must have Android apps for your phones are:

  • Fast connectivity: Staying connected with friends and family is faster than ever with Facebook’s instant updates, messaging and sharing.
  • Share updates: Facebook lets you share updates about your life’s important events, your day-to-day events, your views on different issues going on in your surroundings, etc. It also allows you to share photos and videos with everyone who’s in your circle. All this together makes it easier to speak up and raise your opinions.
  • See what others are up to: Facebook allows you to see what your friends, family and other people in your network are up to. It lets you be connected to the ones you can’t regularly meet or talk to through likes and comments and posts on each other’s walls. Spy at other’s profile with this must have Android app.
  • Get notified when someone likes or comments on your posts: Facebook notifies you about any activity related to your posts or the posts that you get tagged in. It sends you regular updates about new likes and comments so that you can respond to the ones you feel like responding.

Facebook is only available for users of age 13 and up. So users under 13 years of age cannot have access to this must have android app. Facebook is the best way to get to know about people and topics that interest you.


7). DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is the world’s leading battery saving app for Android devices that lets you get up to 50% more battery life for your Android phone and save you from the hassles of finding a charging point every now and then. Its Pro version is capable of getting you up to 70% more battery life. Being a choice of over 150 million people, this is one of the must have Android apps for your device. Its free version comes with the following features:

  • Phone Cooler: Using too many apps can often heat up your phone, but DU Battery Saver’s Phone Cooler helps in monitoring temperature changes, detecting problem apps and lowering the phone’s temperature with its automatic cooling process.
  • Notification saving: It stops the power consuming apps that reside on notifications.
  • Fast battery saver: It instantly finds and solves any battery issues with its Optimize button.
  • Intelligent battery manager: It is specialized in managing background apps and solving hardware issues easily and safely.

Keep your Android battery protected for an extended battery life with this efficient battery saving app and stay free from the hassles of frequent charging needs. Install this one of the must have Android apps on your smartphone now.


8). Retrica

Retrica is the most popular photo app that lets you recreate your photos with countless features and pre-loaded filters. It is one of the must have Android apps for your phone, especially if you are a keen photos collector since it can help you transform your photos and make them look more interesting.

  • 100+ real-time filters: Retrica allows you to recreate your photos with its over 100 real-time filters and more than 20 layouts.
  • Live filters: You can preview your photos before you snap with Retrica’s countless interesting filters.
  • Vignette: Retrica allows you to add an Analog film look to your photo and make it look more interesting.
  • Create interesting collages: You can turn your Android smartphone into your own personal photo booth and create interesting collages with a friend or two.
  • Go Handsfree and take pictures: Retrica allows you to go handsfree and also frees you from holding selfie sticks with its Timer that lets you just set the time and pose for a picture. No wonder why Retrica is one of the must have Android apps for photo lovers.
  • Social sharing: Retrica also allows you to instantly share your great pictures with the world by uploading them to your favorite social media platforms.

If you are a photo freak, then Retrica is one of the must have Android apps for you. It comes with features like- special filters, live filters, layout, editing and social and secret sharing options.


9). 360 Security

The free to use 360 Security app is a perfect Antivirus solution for your Android devices. It is not only packed with many valuable features but is also easy to use. It is an all-in-one speed booster and antivirus app that optimizes all your background apps, memory space, cache files and battery power and keeps your phone secure from virus and Trojan. It is one of the must have Android apps for your phone with the following features:

  • Strong booster: 360 Security’s boost engine is efficient to boost your crazily slow running phone and speed it up.
  • Junk file cleaning: Its effective cleaner makes space for new photos or new apps and documents by cleaning caches and junk files with one click.
  • Saves battery: 360 Security app also saves your phone’s draining battery by adjusting your battery-draining settings and disabling unnecessary apps.
  • Security from viruses and phishing: 360 Security’s top antivirus solution frees your Android device from malware, vulnerabilities, adware and Trojans and prevents virus attacks and phishing.
  • Privacy and App Lock: 360 Security prevents the data on your phone including apps, messages, photos and other private documents from falling into the wrong hands with its privacy settings and app lock features.

Keep your phone protected with 360 Security against the latest viruses, malware, system vulnerabilities and privacy risks. Install this must have Android app on your smartphone and protect it from malware.


10). Rock Player 2

Rock Player 2 is a popular video player app that allows you to play videos in almost all formats including MP4, AVI, RMVB, MKV, MOV, FLV, FLAC, APE and more. An avid video watcher must download this must have Android app from PlayStore. Some of its major features include:

  • Plays all formats fluently: It is efficient to play all formats fluently including both video and audio files and even subtitle files.
  • Share files with other Rock Player 2 users: Rock Player 2 allows you to share files between several devices over WiFi with other Rock Player 2 users through RockShare.
  • Free seeking progress bar: With its free seeking progress bar that has been specially designed for touch screen, the entire progress bar is draggable, making it easy for you to seek by thumb even if you are holding your device by single hand.
  • Customizable play control bar: It features a Customizable play control bar where you can swipe on the bar to get another five buttons and then long press on any button to choose your own Every video lover should have this must have Android app installed on his/her Smartphone.
  • Gesture control: Control your Rock Player 2 video player through gestures – two fingers, tap pauses playback, one finger, tap right side for volume control, fast forward with one finger, swipe left or right, stop playback with two fingers, pinch and more.

It brings you a different video watching experience with its rich set of features and gestures and an attractive UI. It lets you play almost everything from 720p, 1080p Full HD and even files in 2K/4K UltraHD. Enjoy using this one of the must have Android apps for flawless video streaming on your device.


11). Poweramp

Poweramp is a popular music player app and one of the must have Android apps, especially for all music lovers. It can play all formats including MP3, MP4, OGG, WMA, FLAC, WAV, APE, MPC, AIFF, etc. It makes your music listening time special with its valuable features that include:

  • Equalizer and tone: Poweramp is known for its ten band graphical equalizer, PREAMP control, separate Tone controls and 16 presets. It works for any supported format and for Bluetooth A2DP headset as well. The presets can be assigned to specific outputs including speakers, wired headsets, and Bluetooth headsets or to songs or playlists.
  • Folders and Library: Poweramp lets you play songs from pre-selected folders or from library. It is capable of scanning about 1000 songs in one second and to make them available for playing without delay after card mounting.
  • Widgets: Poweramp comes with 4×1, 2×2, 4×2 and 4×4+ configurable widgets and also have Lock Screen support with many fine tuning options.
  • Themes: It supports four themes that are Default, White Plastic, Aluminum, & Black Neon. You can get more skins from the Google Play Store to get new looks.

Poweramp, the must have Android app to enhance your music playing experience is worth downloading on your Android device with its valuable features.


12). Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular free app to help you get to places easier and faster with its directions. It is the must have Android apps for you phone that let you find great places nearby and provide you all the information to help reach the places where you need to go with its range of map features.

  • Get turn-by-turn navigation: Want to drive to a place you don’t know the way to? Have Google Maps in your phone to see and hear turn-by-turn directions to the place you need to go to using Navigation. Google Maps gives you driving, transit, biking and walking directions to all places.
  • Get faster to places: Google Maps helps you get faster to places with directions, alternate routes or transit routes. It also lets you view traffic on the map and suggest alternate routes for fast reaching.
  • Center the map on your location: It allows you to see your current location on the map so as to get a better idea where you are at the moment.
  • Street level view: You can explore a neighborhood at street level and also share your location with friends and family through Google Maps.
  • Find local places: Search for restaurants, shops, cafes, business and other nearby places through Google Maps.
  • View Maps offline: You can also save maps and take them with you so that you can access them even when you’re not connected to the Internet.

Google Maps is easily accessible over a good Internet connection to all Android users and can also be used on laptops and other devices as well. These features makes it as one of the must have Android apps for users.


13). Android Device Manager

Have you ever lost your phone and were never able to find it back? The Android Device Manager is a Google app that lets you track and locate lost devices remotely and helps you in protecting your phone and its data, even when you have lost your device. It is the must have Android app for every Android, smartphone owner. You can remotely track your devices, make them to ring even when your phone is on silent mode, change your lock screen code and much more.

  • Locate your Android Device: Use Android Device Manager to locate your Android devices that are associated with your Google account. This will help you get your phone back.
  • Reset your device’s screen lock PIN: With Android Device Manager you can rest your device’s screen lock PIN again, even when you have misplaced or lost your phone. This will help you in preventing anyone else from getting into your phone’s data.
  • Erase all data on your phone: Android Device Manager can also be used to erase all the data on your phone, so as to protect your private data including pictures and messages and other documents from coming into the eyes of strangers, when you have misplaced or lost your phone. These features makes it must have Android apps for any Android user.

Android Device Manager is thus one of the must have Android apps for all Android users who are worried about the security of their expensive phones and the privacy of the data in their Android devices.


14). Feedly

Feedly is a popular must have Android app for reading the news. It allows you to stay updated about the latest happenings in the world. Millions of people in the world use Feedly to stay connected to blogs and news sites of their interest.

  • Read all news in one place: Feedly is a one stop solution to all the news that interests you and compels you to think, learn and stay updated.
  • Customizable feeds: Get notified when new stories or videos are published on any of your favorite publications, podcasts, and YouTube channels. You can also keep your favorite stories in collection to view again.
  • Search the web for more sources: Feedly lets you search the web and dig deeper to discover great new sources of news that interest you varying from tech to business sites, design, cooking, fashion and more.
  • Social media integration: Feedly integrates seamlessly with different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, OneNote, Pinterest and LinkedIn to allow you to easily share the stories you read in your Feedly with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Feedly has made its place among the must have Android apps for your phone since it brings you new stories from different YouTube channels, blogs, and news sites, all at one place and helps you stay updated about all topics that are of your interest.


15). Google Fit

The Google Fit app is your own fitness tracking expert that helps you keep a track of your fitness training activities right through your smartphones. It is one of the must have Android apps for your phone, especially in today’s scenario where people are getting more cautious towards their fitness and health. Some of its most valuable features include:

  • Track all your activity: Google Fit allows you to effortlessly track all your activity including the time you walk, run or cycle throughout your day with the help of your phone or Android Wear watch which automatically keeps a log of your activity with Google Fit.
  • Get instant insights: Google Fit allows you to see your real-time stats for your runs, walks, and rides. It also records your speed, pace, route, elevation and more so as to motivate you to stay on track of your fitness schedules.
  • Fitness goals: Reach your fitness goals with Google Fit that lets you set your own customized goals based on steps, time, distance and calories burned. Google Fit also provides you with personalized recommendations and coaching for your activity goals.
  • Measure your fitness: Google Fit lets you track fitness, nutrition, sleep and weight by aggregating information from other health apps and allows you to measure your overall well being at one place.
  • Check in from anywhere: With Google Fit you can check in from anywhere and track your progress from your phone, tablet, the web (google.com) or from your Android Wear watch.

Google Fit is an all-in-one fitness tracking app that keeps all your activity data at one place and provides you recommendations based on your well-being progress. Stay fit by downloading this must have android app.


Final Words

So, these were some of the exceptional must have Android Apps that every Android user should have on his/her smartphone. All these apps are packed with wide range of features and will make sure that your smartphone turns out to be complete gadget box for you. So, install these must have Android apps on your smartphone and make it a fully fledged device to use.

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