160 Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

Truth or Dare Questions for kids are a real fun because you can just ask anything about anyone and they have to tell you. This fun goes on top when you have an unusual spin to any person; this is a perfect game for family, couples, friends or even kids.

So if you are bored with your casual family games and want to bring a new excitement with a new game then nothing is better than truth or dare for kids, so set all your neighbourhood kids and you have a perfect family night with these nearly unlimited questions to ask and dare to do.

Today, I’m here with some very good truth or dare questions for kids to put some fun with them, you also include your family members but these are best even when you play with your school friends.

How to Play Truth or Dare Game

Well, it’s a popular game that everyone is aware of; the style remains same in almost every truth and dare game, so have a brief look at the rules over here.

In this game, the youngest player starts the game by asking truth questions by spinning the bottle.

If he chooses truth then the player can ask just any question to you and you have to answer that honestly.

If he chooses “dare” then the player comes up with a task of any kind that the player has to do, it can be anything like something silly, tough, very simple or really funny.

But if the player finds that you are not giving the answer honestly or is unsatisfied by your truth, then you may face the consequences as discussed by all your team before starting the game.

These punishments can be anything like holding your breath for some seconds, standing on your head, going in the dark alone or eating something weird, so these truth or dare for kids will really fill you with a massive fun.

You can continue the truth or dare game for any hours because the longer it is the more you enjoy.  So keep spinning until you reach to each player with his choice of truth or dare.

150+ Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

So let’s start the section of truth or dare questions for kids.

Truth Questions for Kids

1). When did you last sweep your room?

2). How much mess do you make under your bed?

3). How much messy is your closet?

4). When did you last wash your clothes?

5). Have you ever stolen a snack and then enjoy it in the night?

6). How many times have you stolen ice cream from the fridge?

Put these truth or dare questions for kids and know how much they love ice cream.

7). Have you ever thrown your dinner but said: “it is finished mom”?

8). Have you ever cheated in an exam and from whom?

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9). Have you already had your first kiss? Who is the girl/boy?

10). Is there any teacher you have a crush on?

11). If you find $200, what would you do with them?

12). Who is your favorite celebrity and where you want to go with him?

13). Have you ever done a fake fever to not go to school?

14). Do you have any children gang in your school?

15). Have you ever bullied anyone for his lunch?

16). If you have the power to be just any celebrity, what would you be?

17). How many hours do you watch cartoons?

18). Have you ever watched any show that you are not allowed to watch?

19). Have you ever done something messy like “home alone”?

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20). When did you issue your lunch cash for something else?

21). What is that gift that you hate to see?

22). Have you ever gone to dark alone? How much are you afraid of it?

23). What are your three secrets that your parents don’t know?

24). Do you have your own journal?

You can know if your kid writes a journal though these truth or dare questions for kids

25). Have you ever peed in your pants?

26). Have you ever seen Easter bunny?

How many gifts did you receive last year on Christmas?

27). Have you ever done skipping from school and roam just anywhere?

28). When did you lie about your age?

29). Have you ever acted like you are a blind?

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30). Whenever you on a skateboard and fell off?

31). How many chocolates did you eat last time?

32). Do you bite your nails?

33). Did you ever take a shower without soap?

34). How would you pick your nose if you have a cold?

35). Have you ever gone to a swimming pool and peed and no one noticed?

36). What is that dirtiest thing that you have done today?

Know your friends dirtiest secret by these truth or dare questions for kids

37). Do you daily brush your teeth? Have you ever flossed your teeth?

38). What’s your favorite food for the dinner, burgers or mom made?

39). Have you ever watched an emotional movie and cried?

40). Have you ever broken the crockery and blamed your siblings?

41). Have you ever impressed someone in the school?

42). Have you ever entered into the girl’s toilet accidentally?

43). Is there anyone in the class who rob your lunch?

44). Have you ever taken off your presents wrapping early?

45). Have you ever swallowed a mosquito?

If yes, then ask about the incident and how did he feel by these truth or dare questions for kids.

46). Have you ever farted and blamed someone else?

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47). When you visit the zoo, what is your favorite animal there? Have you ever offered any food to him?

48). What is your favorite subject in the school?

49). Do you have your own experimenting lab?

50). What do you want in future according to the time?

51). Have you ever sung a song as a punishment?

52). What is your favorite pet? What is his name?

53). Have you ever bought any big pair of shoes?

54). What is your favorite Disney movie?

55). Have you ever caught any glow worms in a bottle?

56). When did you eat the most delicious chicken?

57). Who is your best friend?

58). Is there anyone here that you don’t like even a bit?

59). Have you ever irritated by girls/boys?

60). How do you spend your weekends with your family?

You can ask everything he does on a family weekend and how much fun your friend makes through these truth or dare questions for kids.

61). What is the funniest incident that happened to you and your family?

62). Can you dance like Michael Jackson?

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63). Have you ever dreamed of meeting Justin Bieber?

64). Can you cook something?

65). How many languages can you speak?

66). What is the first that you do after school?

67). What is your favorite sleeping position?

68). Is there any sport that you don’t play because you don’t win?

69). Are you scared of any bugs?

70). Have you ever dreamed monsters?

71). Do you have any friend that is only in our imagination?

72). How many times did you fall off when you first ride a bike?

73). Have you ever stolen any money from your home?

74). Do you know how to use diapers on babies?

75). What is your favorite place in the world?

76). Do you know the capital of the state?

So you know how much general knowledge he has of his state just by truth or dare questions for kids.

77). Have you ever done any hair color when no one was there?

78). Do you ever want to be an animal? What is that animal?

79). Have you ever peed on the bed in your sleep?

Easy and Really Funny Dares for Kids

Here is a list of dare ideas for kids. Some of them are really funny. I hope you will love this collection.

1). Show us some silliest dance moves

2). Act like a 70-year- old man

3). Walk like a lady full of shopping bags

4). Do the silliest dance that you can think of

5). Act like an old lady or an old man

6). Do 20 pushups in three breaths

7). Do 30 sit-ups

8). Count from 1 to 100 in 20 seconds

9). Alphabets from A to Z in 7 seconds

10). Say alphabets from Z to A in 30 seconds

11). Make an eye contact without blinking for 1 minute

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12). Hold your breath as long as you can

13). Pour a mug full of water on you

14). Be a chicken that is ready to die

It is one of really funny dares for kids. Give a try to this for sure and enjoy.

15). Continue jumping until the bottle again spins to you

16). Take off your t-shirt and dance like Shakira

17). Drink 3 glasses of water

18). Act like a beggar until it’s your turn again

19). Say a line to each one here without moving your lips.

Check if he is really able to do it and don’t allow to move his lips by this really funny truth or dare questions for kids

20). Repeat “Itsy Bitsy Spider” standing on one leg

21). Bend your back and stay for 1 minute

22). Act like your favorite Disney character

23). Act like a monkey and take a banana in your hand

24). Make a poem about your friends. check out how good he is to make a poem instantly by

Check out how good he is to make a poem instantly by this good dare for kids.

25). Cross your hands behind and touch your ears

26). Do a handstand for 2 minutes and sing a song

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27). Touch your nose with your tongue

28). Sit in the tub full of water for 5 minutes

29). Eat peanut butter without bread

30). Take your shoes and tie the strings and walk the entire lawn

31). Be a baby of 2 years

32). Act like a cow and then Buffalo

33). Make sounds like a donkey

34). Wear your panty over your pants and act like the Superman

35). Repeat your name for next 5 minutes

36). Stay still like a scenery for 30 seconds

37). Paint your face like a joker – One of funny and easy dares.

38). Make sounds like a cat

39). Take your leg and put it behind your neck

40). Act like a fish and turn your lips into fish face.

Check this situation live where he acts like fish by these truth or dare questions for kids

41). Act like you are on a plane and it is taking off

42). Pretend like a ballerina for 2 minutes

43). Say A to Z in French

44). Sing like a rap singer

45). Touch your elbow to your tongue

46). Out some nail paint on your nails

47). Paint our fingernails with some crayons

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48). Take an egg and crack it on your head this will really a massive fun.

Just see his face after he cracks an egg by using these truth or dare questions for kids.

49). Eat an ice cream with no hands until your next turn

50). Walk like a crab in the room

51). Go blindfolded and walk just anywhere

52). Take two spoons of sugar and swallow it

53). Consume the whole bottle of honey

54). Eat some red pepper

55). Make your face like a Mickey Mouse

56). Suppose you are a lion and you have a lamb, now act like a lion

57). Roar like a lion

58). Dress like a Batman and beg

59). Act like Cinderella’s mother

60). Sing the Christmas song out loud

61). Take an ice cube and put on your nose

62). Do a prank call to someone in your family

63). Act like slipping on a banana skin,

This act will really get you great laughter so have these truth or dare questions for kids

64). Take a spoon and put it between your two lips for as long as possible

65). Unlock the phone using your nose

66). Bring your socks and just inhale then as you enjoy it very much.

This one will be a yucky but will totally add fun, so ask these truth or dare questions for kids now.

67). Take an ice cube and hold in your hands until it turns into water

68). Chew some cloves of ginger

69). Take a cup of milk from your neighbour

If you are looking for good dares for kids, you can count this one in your list of dare ideas.

70). Play this game wearing your shoes in hands

71). Take your underwear and fit it in your head for the rest of the game

I’m sure you will try this amazing idea on your friend after reading this one of easy and funny dare ideas.

72). Do a pop dance like Justin Bieber

73). Chew five marshmallows at one time

74). Take a marker and draw the mustache on your face for the rest of the game

75). Take our short and put it on your family pet

76). Cook something delicious for all of us

77). Don’t move while someone tickles you for 20 seconds

78). Take your shower gel and brush your teeth

79). Take your two fingers and hold our tongue and sing a poem.

Try this truth or dare for kids and check how well he sings after holding his tongue

80). Take a broom and clean a room

81). Be a commentator like in the cricket match for 1 minute

82). Be a robot and act like that

I have reached at the end of article and list of dares for kids ends here. Now, it is your turn, use these truth questions and dare ideas and enjoy the truth or dare game.


Well, this was all about truth or dare questions for kids; I hope your kids will really enjoy these questions. You can allow playing them these questions alone or just have some supervision over them. You can also have these questions and dare ideas with them if you want to spend a quality family time and enjoy your family night.

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