Good Truth or Dare Questions Couple/Family

Good Truth or Dare Questions: The game truth or dare is a great way to know someone in a fun way. This game is really a party booster as you can set up with your friends just anywhere like B’day parties, kitty parties, with new friends, old friends and even with your family.

So this is a game that is suitable for every age and for every person because of these fun questions in the truth part and strange acting in the dare part.

Good Truth or Dare Questions Rules

Good Truth or Dare Questions

There are some golden rules while playing these good truth or dare questions you have to choose an option whether it’s truth or dare.

This depends on your choice if you want to tell your truth or want to do dating things. Both are very much exciting and there is also penalty round if you don’t participate like a genuine person, so your group decides disabilities in these good truth or dare questions.

Good Truth or Dare Questions for New Couples

a). Good Truth Questions for New Couple

Here are some good truth or dare questions that you can ask your partner or just anyone can ask to both of you.

1). What are you afraid of in a relationship?

2). Have you ever been to the funniest date?

3). What is your habit that turns off your partner?

4). What is weird about you?

5). When was your first date?

6). Have you decided the names of your kids?

7). How many kids will you have?

8). How did you spend your last Sunday with your partner?

9). What was the most romantic restaurant you have ever visited?

10). Do you get kisses every morning when you wake up?

11). What is the perfect day with your partner so far?

12). Do you have any childhood nickname?

13). Have you ever been to a movie together?

Know if you two remember these types of things by these good truth or dare questions

14). Have you both faced any worst date ever?

15). If there is not enough money in your life, would you still stay with your partner?

16). What is that food that your partner makes so delicious?

17). Which is your favorite color in the dress?

18). Do you want to do any job that is your dream job?

19). How do you feel watching rainbows with me?

20). Who is the most valuable person in your life?

21). Where am I on your scale of 1 to 10?

22). What do you love the most in your home?

23). Is there anything that I should change in our home?

24). Do I know your best talent?

25). What is that dish that you want to cook for me?

26). How should a couple spend a romantic night?

27). How was your first night? Which gift did you receive?

28). How much are you in love with me?

29). What is that thing that inspired you very first about me?

30). How do you want your wedding to be?

Know her wedding plans by my list of good truth or dare questions

31). Have you ever felt guilty in front of your boyfriend?

32). When did you last get a kiss?

33). What is the most pleasing thing you did today?

34). What is your favorite exotic food? Have you ever experienced it?

35). Do you know what my favorite destination of the honeymoon is?

36). What is the one thing in my body that you love the most?

37). Do you want to change anything in your body?

38). How romantic is your partner from 1 to 10?

39). Have you ever dreamed something very sexy about your boyfriend?

40). Which one dress would you prefer from Black, Blue, Gold, and White?

41). How much are you into social media? Do you think it affects marriages?

42). Do you know which season I love the most?

43). How did you feel when I first kissed you?

b). Good Dare Questions for Couple

1). Act like your favorite celebrity

2). Act like the person who annoys you the most

3). Say those words that I say to you romantically.

Get an idea how much she takes care of your words though these good truth or dare questions

4). Type just anything and send to any person while closing your eyes

5). Take a pen and put it on your favorite body part and ask me to kiss there

6). Give a comedy show for 3 minutes

7). Do anyone’s mimic in the best way

8). Drink one spoon of pure lemon with salt in it

9). Have a dance with me until your next turn

10). Make a story about that thing that is on your right side

11). Speak all the alphabets without moving your mouth

12). Act like you are the president for 5 minutes

13). Do something sensual to me

14). Kiss me in the best way with breathing

15). Make me my favorite dish

16). Act like you are yelling at your kids

17). Wear the sexiest dress right now

18). Speak “I love you” in Spanish

19). Imagine you are a gorilla full of rage, now act like one

20). Sing a beautiful song that you want to dedicate to someone

21). Give me a body massage

22). Have a very close dance with me

23). Say the alphabets in opposite order

24). Give me the most romantic type of hug

25). Talk like a Chinese on your phone for next 5 minutes

26). Act like Obama when he is with his wife

27). Act like the tinker bell for the rest of the game

28). Act like you are at a concert, now play the guitar in the best way possible

29). Brush my teeth

30). Show me your best sensual dance moves.

You will get to know her new moves if you haven’t already by these good truth or dare questions

31). Act like you are a werewolf for the next minute

32). Dress like a rapper and show some skills

33). Act like you are Juliet and I’m your Romeo

34). Bring me my favorite beverage

35). Act like you are a foreigner and don’t understand my language

36). Take the letters of my name and give a beautiful meaning to each character

37). Use sign language for 3 minutes

38). Do yoga until the next turn

39). Put your finger on your mustache for next turn

40). Make a sandwich using your two fingers only

Good Truth or Dare Questions for Married Couples

a). Good Truth Questions for Married Couple

1). How was my first impression when we first meet?

2). When did you realize that you’re in love with me?

3). Which thing inspired you the most to marry me?

4). What do you think about in-laws?

5). When would you expect to have any child?

6). Have you ever made a lie to me?

7). Who is your most favorite in-law?

8). Have you ever doubted on this relationship?

9). Have you ever felt attracted to anyone else?

10). What are three good things about me?

11). What is my most annoying habit?

12). Have you ever taken my side in front of anyone?

13). What is your favorite honeymoon moment with me?

14). Which things did you buy especially for your honeymoon?

So you know how excited your partner was by these good truth or dare questions

15). What is your favorite romantic spot in the world?

16). What is the sexiest thing about me that can attract you anywhere?

17). How caring do you find your partner?

18). Do you consider your partner as a good dancer and mood maker?

19). Is your partner more like his mother or father?

20). In this week, how has your perfect night with your partner?

21). What sexual positions do you like the most?

22). How much do you like tickling?

23). What is that best personality characteristic in your partner that you have not found in anyone?

24). How do you feel when your partner is not around you for some days?

25). How you two both would manage a long distance relationship for some time?

26). What is your favorite bikini pair that he loves the most?

27). Do you both watch any sport together sitting on the couch and cuddling each other?

28). What is your partner’s childhood pet name?

You can call your partner by that name, so know that name by these good truth or dare questions

29). What would you buy if he offers you a million dollar?

30). Has your partner ever told a lie and then discussed it later?

31). Have you ever find him like cheating on you?

b). Good Dare Truth Questions for Married Couple

1). Kiss him in front of everyone

2). Show the dirtiest sexual position you have ever tried

3). Act as you do in front of your in-laws

4). Act like your favorite in-law.

know how better he/she can act by good truth or dare questions.

5). Imagine your mother is here and now talk to each other

6). Sing your partner’s favorite song

7). Take a berry and share it with him

8). Say that one sentence that only he will understand

9). Whisper in the way that he feels turning on

10). Act like you are in the bathroom with him; now keep going the romantic session

11). Take his shirt off only with your teeth and lips

12). Look into his eyes for 3 minutes full of intense

13). Do an Eskimo kiss

14). Act like your partner’s best friend

15). Tell him that you are pregnant

16). Pour a bottle of wine on him and then taste it all.

Let her show you the best moves through these good truth or dare questions.

17). Make a new song for him and sing it

18). Give your spouse a foot massage

19). Switch your underwear

20). Give him a hickey

21). Suck her finger in a sexist way, you will have an ultra-sensual feel.

so don’t wait just add these good truth or dare questions in the next game

22). Act like you are 5 wearing his pants off

23). Call your spouse as you call him/her in personal

24). Bite your lower lip in front of him

Good Truth or Dare Questions for Family Game Night

After getting done with couples and spouses, here are some really good truth or dare questions that you will need if you want to spend some time with your family.

Have these questions and you will really remember this night for a long time, these are really best for establishing a memorable family moment.

a). Good Truth Questions for Family

1). What is that most annoying thing that your parents do to you?

2). What is that habit you get scolded for?

3). Do you dad’s socks smell really bad when he put these off?

4). Have you ever shouted on your parents?

5). How your mom did help you with your first menstrual cycle?

6). Have you ever fooled your parents in the name of the school?

7). What is your favorite mom-made dish?

8). How much do you love your siblings?

9). Is there anything that you all siblings did without telling your parents?

10). Do you not any changes in the house’s rules?

11). In which animal’s body can you live, a horse or a cow?

12). What is that cute story that your grandparents have ever told you?

This will fill up you all with very much love by having these good truth or dare questions

13). What is that household task that you feel like a burden?

14). Have you ever made a mess just to see your favorite cartoon?

15). Act like your dad when he is with mom in a romantic mood?

16). Who taught you to swim?

17). Do you consider your home as a perfect home or you need any changes?

18). What is that weirdest habit of any of your brother or sister?

19). Who is your favorite relative that your parents don’t like that much?

20). In how many styles can you tie your shoes’ strings?

21). For how many hours can you take a shower in a day?

Know how much your teens love getting shower by these good truth or dare questions

22). Have you ever worn any panty with the day’s names on it as Sunday, Monday?

b). Good Dare Questions for Family

1). Move your ears without using your fingers.

Know their special abilities and take fun of these good truth or dare questions

2). Take some butter on your nose and lick it

3). Say one loving sentence to your mom

4). Act like your favorite pet

5). Laugh like an evil until the next round

6). Make selfie faces

7). Act like you are holding a newborn

8). Do anything that will make everyone laugh


You can take these questions for truth or dare on many levels as they come from children to couples, so enjoy here my list of good truth or dare questions that are just perfect for family, friends, and couples. I hope you like these all, so enjoy with all your buddies with these good truth or dare questions.

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