145 Questions to Ask Your Crush to Know Them

Questions to Ask Your Crush: Have you ever felt the air in your stomach or your heart starts beating heavily just by seeing someone? Well, if this you feel about someone, that person is not just any ordinary person, it is your crush that you freeze up whenever you see her.

You can’t get any word to her but wants to talk all the time, good questions to ask a crush help you all the time you just need a list of them and you can have a great conversation with her.

Whenever it’s about our crush, you just start blushing that anyone can easily notice. There is a magic in the word crush that everyone loves to hear about because when you talk about the crush you talk about their first feeling that they got the very first time by seeing someone in a different way.

145 Questions To Ask Your Crush

Questions To Ask Your Crush

Here I’m with a lot of great and deep questions to ask your crush that can be great conversation starters, so you come to know what she really thinks of you and of different things.  You can know her opinions that what impresses her, what gets her down and many other things.

1). Have you taken any gym membership to work out on your body?

2). What do you look in a guy?

3). How are you still single?

4). Why are you so attractive and charming?

5). What makes you so good at all these things?

6). What is an ideal date according to you?

7). Why are you so humorous?

8). When did you first see me?

9). What do you think about me?

10). How attractive am I to you?

This is one of those simple questions to ask someone you like while texting.

11). Have you ever been a romantic date?

12). Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity?

13). What are the qualities that attract you to a man?

14). What should be a guy’s first move?

These questions to ask your crush help you so you can take your step.

15). Why are you so sexy looking?

16). Do you have any boyfriend or getting one any soon?

17). Which things make you happy?

18). What do you prefer wearing at bedtime?

This is one of those naughty and flirty questions to ask your crush.

19). What kind of exercise do you do to relax your body?

20). Have you ever visited a nude beach?

21). What do you like about those beaches?

22). Would you allow me to tell you how attractive you are?

23). Do you own any pet? What is the name of our pet?

24). What is that thing that would turn you on while dating?

26). Would you allow me to describe you in just 3 words?

27). Why your scent is so attractive?

28). Can you describe me in 3 words?

29). What do you see in a man first?

30). Which features do you like in a guy?

31). Do you have any private tattoos on your body?

32). Do you feel skinny dipping sexy?

Have you ever done it? Through these questions to ask your crush, you can make her think that you feel for her.

33). Would you prefer skinny dipping with your guy?

34). Can I assume that your parents are so good looking? (Because you are).

35). Have you ever been through any embarrassing situation and with whom?

36). How much do you prefer cuddling by your guy?

37). If you have an option to do just any job, what kind of job would you choose?

38). Are you a pool or a hot tub girl?

39). Can we go along or hot tubbing?

40). What do you think about having sex on the beach?

41). How frequently a couple should have sex?

42). Do you know about any sex positions?

43). Have you ever lied something big to your boyfriend?

44). Have you ever said anything naughty to someone?

45). How was your first date? If not yet, how would you plan for it?

46). When do you feel nervous?

By having questions to ask your crush, you can protect her from those situations where she feels uncomfortable.

47). If you have the option to change anything in your body, what would it be?

48). What do you want to change in your life?

49). What type of lifestyle do you prefer?

50). How is your bedroom? What color do you prefer in your bedroom?

Best Questions To Ask Your Crush

51). What do you think about us? Is it cool if we go out?

52). What has been the best year in your life?

53). Have you ever kissed any stranger in New Year’s’ eve?

54). What do you do when you are alone at your home?

55). What is the thing that you often do on the internet?

56). Which category do you prefer while watching movies?

Have these questions to ask your crush and know her choice of movies, next time you can gift her CD.

57). On which thing you can spend a large amount of money?

58). Is there any incident that changed you forever?

59). How do you judge people often?

60). Which characteristic do you like in your friends?

61). Do you have any person with whom you spend most of the time?

62). Have you ever seen the most beautiful scene in your life?

63). Have you ever experienced something very unique?

64). Do you consider a passionate love where all feelings are very high?

65). Which type of garments do you shop more?

66). What is cloth size if I ever want to gift you something to wear?

67). Have you ever been in any sex toys shop?

68). What has been the best compliment in your life?

These questions to ask your crush help you to complement her next time.

69). What are you special abilities in terms of anything?

70). Are you short tempered? How do you calm yourself in those situations?

71). Are you the member of any group that contains adult contents?

72). What has been a ridiculous thing in your life?

73). What is that thing with which you feel hard while others take it casually?

74). Do you like to visit a peaceful and natural place or heavy music bars?

By these things to ask your crush, you can offer her a dinner at her favorite place.

75). Have you ever been to a body spa? Which services did you take there to relax?

76). How much do you like dancing? Have you ever danced with someone when you two were too close?

77). Have you ever done any craziest and weird thing while dating?

78). If there is a private plane right now, where would you consider going with me?

79). What do you understand by the word “love”?

So you know how important the love is for her by the questions to ask your crush.

80). How can a guy make you feel comfortable?

81). Can you tell me about the situations when you don’t feel any good?

82). Do you like jokes that are non-veg?

83). Do you prefer having an open relationship?

84). How do you consider me in your life? How important am I to you?

85). Have you set any relationship goals in your life?

86). Have you ever referred yourself dating sites? If yes, what preferences did you fill there to search a guy?

87). Have you ever fall in love? What was your age at that time?

88). If we play a love game together, can you consider me as your boyfriend?

List my questions to ask your crush and get to know what she really thinks of you a boyfriend.

89). Has any famous person had a crush on you? How did you handle that situation?

90). Are you looking to date someone right now?

91). In the days of summer, how much clothes you wear when you are under the blanket?

92). What is the best gift you have from the one that you dated?

93). Can you explain yourself to me in one paragraph?

94). Have you fixed the limit line between dating and close friendship?

95). What is your preferred way to get close to someone as the house party, at a peaceful place, or anywhere outside?

96). Have you ever been in a situation where you said some very dirty to someone?

97). How can you prove your true love for someone?

98). How much can you sacrifice yourself for your love?

By these questions to ask your crush you can know how much value she gives to love.

99). Who should take the step first, a guy or a girl?

100). When choosing your partner, what would you like, his looks or his intelligence?

101). What is your favorite pet name? Can I call you with that name?

102). Do you know the three good things about me?

103). Do you consider tattoos and piercing sexy?

104). What are three things that you like about me?

105). Do you think tattoos and piercing are considered sexy?

106). Are you aware of types of kissing?

107). Have you ever kissed someone?

108). What things do you like while kissing someone?

Take care of her choices for kissing by these questions to ask your crush.

109). Why am I so fond of your lips?

110). How would you feel if I say I want to kiss you right now?

111). What makes a relationship stronger and a lifelong?

112). Have you cheated on your loved one?

113). Is there any special way to celebrate the Valentine’s Day with your partner?

114). Are you a shy nature person or comfortable with hanging out?

115). How much would you feel possessive if you see your man hanging out with another woman?

Now, think twice before hanging out in front of her by these questions to ask your crush.

116). How was your last relationship and why did it end?

117). What’s the way do you like to celebrate your anniversary?

118). What’s your next five-year plan?

119). Can you count how many real friends do you have?

120). If you ever organize a party, how many people get an invitation from you?

121). Can you move out from a relationship because of money issues?

122). What is your favorite place to settle down if life gives you a chance?

123). What is that one emotional thing that you want to change in yourself?

124). Do you think that there is any best memory of us in your mind?

125). Do you consider watching romantic TV shows or family shows?

126). Do you ever think of having children? Do you think anything special for them?

127). If you’re in a relationship and someone has a crush on you, how would you handle it?

128). Are you afraid of something or someone? If yes, then why? Take help of this good question to ask your crush to know her fear.

129). How much do you like playing sports?

130). How fast do you forgive a person? Do you believe in holding grudges?

131). What is your favorite romantic quote so far?

132). What is our favorite dancing music?

133). How comfortable are you with making love in public?

So you know if she likes it publicly or doesn’t want to share her private moments just by asking this question to ask your crush.

134). Can you tell me your romantic and wildest fantasy?

135). How secure do you feel when you are with me?

136). Would you stop me making a wrong decision?

137). How do you feel about marriage?

138). Have you been on any matrimonial site?

139). Do you make commitments and complete them when you are in a relationship?

140). How good is your decision making skill?

141). Do you like if someone arranges something special Saturday nights?

142). What would you do if I propose you right now?

143). Who is that person whom you tell everything at very first?

144). Can we hang out today, any movie or dinner?

Among those perfect things to ask your crush to know if she is interested in hanging out with you.

145). What is your favorite place to be kissed?

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There are several other terms connected to the word “crush” as attraction, affection, love, lust and much more. When anyone is your crush you always try to give them a hint that you are interested. But without these things to ask your crush, it’s never easy to do that because things can get weird and you can face circumstances.

The easiest thing that you can do is flirting with that special one. You can choose several sexy questions to ask a crush so that she can get a hint that you find her special. These questions to ask your crush really help you establishing a smooth connection with them.

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