Types of Dance Styles

Want to know about types of dance styles?

Dance means an art in which your body makes moves on music and those moves look attractive to watch. There are various types of dancing in which your body moves differently according to that specific dance form.

Dance is a well-known term worldwide which can be used to express your emotions like joy and sorrow, all through the moves. Also, it is a perfect way to exercise and it is entertaining at the same time for the dancer and the viewers too.

Many people recognize dancing as their profession and some take it as their hobby, so everyone loves different types of dance whether you’re an expert or just a beginner.

Dance is also considered as a therapy that can heal any bad emotions that an individual feels and doctors often advise to perform some dance to their patients.

Here I will describe various types of dances that are famous all over the world and these dance forms take serious dedication.

Types of Dance

Below are the dance styles. So go ahead and learn about different types of dancing.

1). Hip-Hop Dance

Hip Hop Dance

Hip-hop is also known as street dance and in several types of dance, it comes as the widely known. To perform a Hip-hop, there is a different type of music is used so the performers can show their moves that categorize this dance form as Hip-hop.

Hip-hop is a single term but it includes several ranges of moves like braking and this move was invented in 1970 by a famous Hip-hop crew in the US.

You can have a look at some great Hip-hop dance styles in the movies like Breakin’, Beat Street in which the Hip-hop crews are involved to make performances.

Hip-hop is a street dance, but these days it’s widely famous and can be performed in both studios and outdoor spaces. It requires several well-trained Hip-hop dancers to choreograph the moves while performing.

There are some popular moves involved in Hip-hop such as breaking, locking, and popping. These are three main moves that separate Hip-hop from other types of dance or dancing forms.

The music used in this dance style usually derived from the Hip-hop culture and often Hip-hop moves include dance moves close to the ground.

2). Tap Dance

Tap Dance

This dance form is all on the wooden floor and the shoes with metallic sole and toe. The purpose is to produce the sound tapping your shoes on the wooden floor and as the metal is attached on the sole and toe; you get a clear voice like something is being tapped on that wood.

There are two popular ways in Tap dancing, one is Broadway tap and another is Rhythmic tap. Also, there is a Cappella style where the performer performs on the music produced by tapping, and he aims to follow those same tapping moves, a small form of this dance can be seen in Titanic where Leonardo performs at his real party.

The important things in this dance form are that metal sound, wood to enhance the sound and someone who knows at least the basics of Tap dance. Shoes for Tap dance can be found easily as they are available as different category shoes in which the metal plates are attached.

It is a unique dance form where the dancer is considered as a musician also because of producing the tapping sound against that wooden floor. The origin of tap dance is African American region that took place somewhere in the mid-1800s among all other types of dancing.

3). Yangko Dance

Yangko Dance

Yangko Dance holds the Chinese roots as it is a form of a traditional folk dance from Han Chinese. This one among these other dance types came into light from Chinese culture. In this dance form, you need to swing or sway your body in a specified way on certain rhythms.

You need to match your feet with the music to be correct with the beats; this dance is a tradition from China as it has covered over one thousand years in the history of China which is mostly performed during the Lantern Festival.

It is also known as twisting Yangko dance which is very popular in Northern provinces of China. The dance seems easy and you just move with the rhymes using your waist and feet correctly. You can have a look at YouTube videos to get into the rhythm, moves, gestures, and vivid performing style used in this dance.

In various types of dance, Yangko was introduced by the farmers while working in the rice fields as their way to worship the God of the food.

4). Belly Dance

Belly Dance

Belly has also gained much popularity in different types of dance. You all may have seen that Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie in which she performed the belly dancing moves. Its name may be confusing because the entire body is involved in the dancing and especially the hips and waist.

The dance is a West Asian dance form which is also famous as Arabic dance in western countries. Shakira is known as the best belly dancer as you can see her performing in several concerts on the beats of belly dancing.

Belly dance gained its highest peak in 18th and 19th centuries as being a romanticized dance form performed in the Empires of several kings in their Harems for entertaining purposes.

Belly dance can easily be recognized as it involves some sharp and solid movements of abdomen and hips and the dance moves are many according to different regions.

Belly dance mainly has two dance forms: social dance and performance dance. Social as its name is performed in any social or celebration type of situations.

Performance dancers are not considered as the respected persons as the dance includes showing their body parts of the female performers.

5). Ballet Dance

Ballet Dance

Among several styles of dance, Ballet is also a popular dance style in which both men and women can perform. The dance form is all about elegance where the performer looks very classy having clear dance moves.

Ballet requires a special type of dress, shoes, body postures, hairstyle other than moves that are only used during Ballet dancing.

Ballet is all about hard work and dedication where you must follow all the rules and be a disciplined person. A professional ballet dancer owns all these special characteristics and then she goes flawlessly on that stage.

Ballet shows beauty, grace, and discipline in a ballet dancer or in two dancers performing as a couple as anyone can learn the ballet art.

The origin country for the ballet is Italy where it was developed in the fifteenth century; the dance also includes its origin from France and Russia where it was parted into performance dance and concert dance.

Ballet is a complicated dancing so it takes time and patience and that’s why a person should be disciplined enough. There are several schools having professionals to teach ballet dancing in which you throw moves on orchestral music.

6). Bharatnatyam

Bharatnatyam Dance

In all famous types of dance, Bharatanatyam comes at first for being a well-known dance form in India. It is a classical dance and Tamil Nadu is known as the origin place for this dance.

This dance form is performed by women so it is a solo dance based on Hinduism themes. Bharatanatyam first took place in the temples of Tamil Nadu, India and both male and female can be a part of it.

Bharatnatyam is all about classical moves, expressive eyes, and the traditional dress called Sari with all the required ornaments. So it is famous for its gracefulness and expressive poses performed by the beautiful female Bharatnatyam professionals in India.

Other than all the ornaments and Saree, the dancer needs to wear ringing bells known as ‘Ghungroo’ made of copper in the form of anklets. The dancer is supposed to match the ringing sound with the music played in the background, so it’s an art that is difficult to excel.

7). Kathak

Kathak Dance

It is another Indian art among these different types of dance. The dance form Kathak is a combination of several complicated moves.

Nomadic bards or the wanderer poets are known as the inventor of this dance style Kathak. These bards used to rhyme the story of Kathakars that prefer wearing Lehenga Choli, a famous costume of India with the Ghungroos (the copper bells) to produce the ringing sound and vibrations in their dance performances.

Among the eight classical dance styles in India, Kathak is a popular one where the performers play the ritual dances from the history of bhakti movement.

This dance form Kathak is a Sanskrit word which means story and sometimes it can be compared to the ballet moves. This dance form is not any simple and requires a lot of efforts to master those moves.

Each dance contains a purpose that tells a story, if you wish to see this dance form, you can always go to the performances of Madhuri Dixit, a great dancer, and actress of Bollywood.

8). Break Dance

Break Dance

Breakdancing is the next one among these different types of dance. It is a part of Hip-hop, so it seems same like Hip-Hop, but the moves are a big difference in both of these dance forms.

Breakdancing means playing with your physique and making moves that are just impossible according to the laws of physics. It is mostly about the upper body part like your Torso, hands, and head and a combination of these parts used to create patterns of Breakdancing.

It is also known as B-Boying or B-Girling and it is also preferred as street dancing, Michael Jackson is well-considered as the God of Breakdancing as you can see this dance form well in high performance.

There are four major things a Break dance consists top rock, down rock, power moves, and suicides. It features spinning moves using knees, head, hands, elbows and to accrete effects like a windmill.

Smooth floors are used in Breakdancing as it allows dancers to slip off easily on the floor and to take their dance moves easily. Breakdancing requires a good balance in your body to establish complex movies and loose clothes are considered a perfect wear for breakdancing.

9). Salsa

Salsa Dance

Salsa seems the passionate couple dance, it is famous for the involving the hottest moves between a man and a woman. Salsa among all these types of dance forms was originated in New York and is considered an influence of Latin America.

It is the dance of arms used by the lead dancer and the second dancer follows the lead. In Salsa, lower body is an essential part to perform most of the dance moves; these parts include hips, waist, and legs.

There is no major functioning of the upper body as it remains still in most of the moves and salsa includes moving styles using foot patterns, the body turns, rolls, all doing in proper attitude.

Salsa is a very good idea for couples as it requires to people to form a partnership, there are some solo forms too, but couples salsa is a famous one.  There is a separate music in which salsa can be performed, but Latin American music can also be used to match salsa steps.

10). Line Dance

Line Dance

Our last one among these different styles of dance, it is known as Line dance as the group of performers from one or two lines, and the moves are a repeated sequence.

There is no gender issue as anyone can be a part of line dance, in this, all the individuals face the same direction and take same steps on all the beats. The dancers are not required to be physically contacted with each other, so they cm dance individually in lines.

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Here you read about ten types of dance which are famous worldwide from Hip-hop, ballet, kathak to line dance. I am sure you have tried many of these or at least salsa and hip-hop that is always entertaining. I hope you liked reading about these and ready to join classes of your new favorite dance form. So, good luck with that.

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