How to Wink

Want to leanr the art of winking? Here is how to wink.

What does a wink mean? A wink is a way to express your feelings to a person. It can also be used for flirty purposes sometimes to your special one, so you don’t need any words.

Winking is a way to express our body language to response several situations. You just have to use it in the right way and at the right time.

Wink definition can also be explained as a way of seducing anyone; wink always goes right if you use it on the right person such as your partner or girlfriend.

When you use it on your girl, it clearly means flirting and is a way to tell her that you are feeling for her or when you feel seduced.

The winking is a good tool for women as well, to be flirty in her relationship a woman must know how to wink.

There are some simple techniques that you have to learn, and by following them regularly, you can master on how to wink.

Many of you put several efforts to learn how to wink properly without creating an embarrassing situation. Wink is actually very simple to do if you get the ways and practice it regularly.

How to Wink

So let’s learn some basic steps on how to wink and also the situations where you can use it.

how to wink

1). Choose the Eye That Feels Most Comfortable

The first task is to choose the eye that you are most comfortable for winking. Most people find the right eye most comfortable to wink because it is easier with the right eye.

But you can choose left also if you are good with a left eye, so you feel it that which one you should choose.

To determine that which one you should choose, try winking in alone with both eyes one by one.

This way, you will get to know which one is fine with winking. After selecting the right eye, you can go on with “how to wink.”

2). Try Lowering Your Chosen Eyelid

Now, you have to learn to lower your chosen eyelid and at the same time try to make other eye open.

It is the main art of making a link, so if you can lower your chosen eyelid perfectly while making the other eye open, then you are good with making a wink.

For those who are not that comfortable with lowering your eyelid have to practice it more to make it work.

3). Learn Raising Your Cheek Muscle

After learning about lowering your eyelid, it’s time to practice raising the cheek upwards. When you lower your eyelid, your cheek muscles automatically get upwards, and you just need to make it better by practice more and more.

So raise your cheek muscles to make a perfect wink. So the art of lowering your eyelid and raising your cheek muscle helps you make a perfect wink.

4). Don’t Mix Up Squinting

In the process of how to wink, many of you find the stage where you make your face like squinting.

Squirting means putting your face in the awkward situation while winking when you try to wink, but you partially close both eyes then it is known as squinting.

If you want a perfect wink, then it is a must to keep yourself from squinting as it makes you feel embarrassed in the front of that person you are winking for.

Those who are a rookie on this winking thing can feel this situation of squinting, but it’s totally normal to squint in the beginning. After a few tries and controlling your face, you can skip from squinting.

5). Eye Contact Is Mandatory

After knowing the trick on how to wink, you are needed to make an eye contact with the person. Winking is always for communication without words and with eyes. So making an eye contact is a mandatory thing before linking to someone.

Your wink is useless if that one is not able to see your eyes, so be sure to make an eye contact first. Only after that, you can make the winking thing further.

How to Wink For Flirty Purposes

Now that you have the idea of how to wink, you should know the steps that make a wink really effective to that special one you are flirting with. These steps help you, so you won’t ruin your chances of winking and do it rightly.

1). Set Confidence as the Main Factor

It’s time to set you on the field and make that very first wink to your partner. While doing it for the first time, you may get nervous, so chances are you won’t get a right wink or a half one.

It will ruin all your romance and flirt, so all you need is confidence to master that wink. It is the main key that makes everything possible and correct.

If any chance you do it wrong then you may seem like there is dust in your eyes. So take it seriously and add a bit of confidence while winking to make it look amazing and to hint your girl rightly.

2). Practice Is All You Need

Practice is the main thing to master winking. After reading out all the steps to make a wink, you just need to practice it daily to learn how to wink perfectly.

You need to have strong control on your eyelids, cheek muscles so you can have a real wink without getting dumb looking face.

3). Ask Your Friends to Rate Your Wink

It is okay to share your wink progress in your friends’ circle. It can be a bit funny, but you can really get your scores on how good you are at winking.

It not only improves your winking steps but also increases your confidence so next time you can make it with your girl without feeling awkward.

When you ask your friends, you get to know about the flaws you are making or when you are doing wrong. So you clear up all these phases and get a perfect winking skill.

4). Get That Person’s Eyes for You

You can’t do it if that person is far away from you and not looking at you. So throwing winks uselessly is not an option and this only makes the situation worse if anyone sees you that you are winking.

You need to be confident, but it’s important to establish that eye contact first. Make your girl looking at you and make sure that there is no one between you two so your wink won’t get missed.

Once you set up a good eye contact, you are all ready to throw that sexy wink, or you can make it with some smile on your face that is flirty obviously.

This smile and wink really make her hold the eye contact because looking away just after the wink makes the whole thing it rude and uncaring.

So if you’re making a wink then let her know that you are flirting by holding the eye contact. So learning how to wink can really help you with your girlfriend and continue her interest for you.

5). Do It Naturally

Other than the entire thing I have discussed here, you are also required to make this whole process natural.

Don’t overthink it, like what if you would not do it correctly because the more you hesitate, the more chances are there to actually lose a wink.

So when you wink, try to be natural and relaxed and just follow the steps to win her heart with your natural looking wink.

Also, try not to attach fake lashes as it can only help ruining the moment if there would be an accidental detachment of your lashes.

When you wink, try not to hesitate and make your body language also natural and normal. Show her that you have the art of winking and not that you are just a beginner.

6). Make It Seductive and Slow

Of course, your purpose of making a wink is for flirting, so you have to make it with being a bit sensual and seductive.

You are making it to your girlfriend and not any friend, so it has to be slow and seductive with a flirty smile afterward.

When you play it like this, it looks soft and enhances the beauty of that moment, so keeping it at a slower pace is always beneficial.

Also, make it in a perfect environment when there is not much crowd but so much calm so you can catch your girl for a few minutes.

7). Don’t Overdo It

Winking is a great thing for flirting purposes but overdoing it will only make things boring. You know the techniques of how to wink properly, but you don’t have to overdo it.

For example, you are at college, and you’re making winks the entire day with your girl then it would make no romance and only awkwardness.

Some people can also think that you are out of your mind, so keep it less but slow and only when the moment is perfect.

Knowing When to Wink After Learning How to Wink

1). Use It to Make A Great Flirt

You’ll know that wink is widely used for flirting purposes and couples mostly use it on each other. Winking is always great to see your partner or someone you are attracted to with seductive eyes.

2). Greet Your Friend with A Wink

Wink can sometimes a great way to say hello to your friend or to someone you know. But wink is always a casual way so using it in your professional life is strictly related.

When you want to greet your friend rather than by just saying hello, just use a wink and then say ‘Hello.’

For example, if you are already in a conversation with some of your friends and then another friend of yours just stepped in then you can make a wink. It will indicate him as a ‘Hi or ‘Hello’ and you can also continue your talking.

3). Tell Your Friend That You Got the Hint That Others Don’t

For example, if you are in a condition where your friend is making jokes, so you can wink him at that moment. It will indicate that you have got the hint or the meaning behind the joke even though anyone does not.

So wink is always a great thing to use among your buddies to express something naughty or humorous.

4). Bring someone’s Confidence with a Wink

Imagine a situation where your friend is on the stage in front of hundreds of people. Now it’s his first time, and he is getting nervous.

In the meantime, he sees your face, and then you wink. It will hint him that you believe him and want to say that “you can do it, buddy.”

So whenever your friend is in a tough situation and seeing you to get the confidence, then wink always can be a great help.

When Should you not try Winking

If you wink to the opposite sex and if she is not a friend of you, then it may be a sign of flirting and can get things difficult.

So be careful that at what place and with whom you are using wink.  This way you would keep yourself from being misunderstood. So after learning how to wink, it is also necessary to learn when to use wink unless you don’t want a slap or something bad words for you.

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Winking is the easiest body language used for flirting, and both men and women can learn how to wink to express their feelings. Other than flirting, it is always great to use with your friends just for casual things.

I hope the steps mentioned here on how to wink would help you to get a perfect wink and also the knowledge of when to use wink.

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