How to Make Your Hairs Soft

Want soft and shiny hairs? Here is how to make your hairs soft and shiny complete guide.

It’s totally normal if guys want it too because no one likes too many curls in hair. There are several hair products that can make your hairs silky but not for much time, so I am going to show you some real ways on how to make your hairs soft for guys.

You can follow these ways to have strong and shiny hairs forever because hairs play an important role when it comes to enhancing your beauty and smartness.

So guys, be ready to look well groomed with soft and healthy hairs by following these steps on how to get shiny hair.

How to Make Your Hairs Really Soft and Get Silky Hair

How to Make Your Hairs Soft

1). Choose Shampoo Carefully

It is the first step that is required for both male and female. So if you are a guy or a girl, remember to choose your shampoo very carefully because the life and health of your hairs depend on your shampoo.

To get them silky and shiny, you first need to remove the dirt and extra particles, and for this, you have to choose a shampoo that is capable of doing it but with care.

Many shampoos have chemicals that don’t suit you, and you face hairs fall, dandruff and other issues. So if you have a dandruff problem, then try getting rid of that first to get shiny hairs.

Dandruff often happens because of the extra dry scalp, so pick a shampoo that nourishes your scalp and does not take away the natural oil from hairs.

A good shampoo also helps you to keep the dirt and bad smell away, so no one closes their nose while sitting next to you.

Choose a gentle shampoo to work effectively on how to make your hairs soft. Go for the shampoos that don’t contain many artificial substances. You can also try using baby shampoos as they are great to keep silky hair.

2). Never Forget Using Conditioner

Using shampoo is not enough if your main aim is keeping the hairs silky. So every time you use shampoo, then use a good quality conditioner.

It is not necessary to condition your hairs only after shampoo, but you can condition your hairs without using any shampoo to make them soft.

Conditioner helps to maintain healthy hairs by making the roots nourished and prevents your scalp from dryness. So your hairs become strengthened, and you can feel reduced hairs fall as well.

Just as you choose shampoo wisely, follow the same steps for choosing a conditioner that suits you. Choosing the wrong conditioner can make a great hair fall.

If you want to keep your hairs volumized, then choose a conditioner that allows a volumized texture after using it, so they don’t get weighed down.

Always use a conditioner separately and try avoiding the pack with two in one shampoo and conditioner because it won’t allow using conditioner separately.

3). Apply Natural Hairs Oil Every Week

You can’t get healthy hairs if you don’t use natural oils on your hair. These oils are essential to make them healthy and shiny eventually because of the minerals and vitamins present.

You can work on how to make your hairs soft properly only if you apply natural oil twice a week. Natural oils work as supplements and provide them the required strength.

You can apply any of these oils like Coconut, Olive, Argan on your scalp at night and rinse our hairs with a good shampoo in the morning and condition them.

After washing your hair, you will surely feel your hairs with more strength and healthier with a silky texture that you want.

4). Minimize Using Styling Products

You are a guy so you can’t say a complete ‘no’ to products like gel, mousse, clay, hairs spray, etc. but surely you can minimize the use of these products.

You want silky hair, but using these products make your hairs spiky, hard and rough, so by using hairs styling products you are not going to work finely on how to make your hairs soft.

When you use products like hairs gel, mousse, and spray, they leave your hairs all gunk up and full of dirt, and you feel your hairs like getting hard and hard each day.

So avoid using styling products if you are into getting silky hairs and use some hairs serum to maintain them and keep them shiny.

Use these hairs styling products only when it’s necessary like you are going to attend a party or a wedding and there you have to look decent and clean.

So for you special goings, you can apply the hairs styling products and then wash them off as I mentioned above by using proper shampoo and conditioner.

These products damage our hairs because they contain alcohol so they can make your hard and in the same texture for hours.

To get healthy hair styling, use waxes and pomades as they remade with using natural material, so they stylize and moisturize.

5). Rinse Your Hairs Daily

Guys can easily be rinsing their hairs daily unlike girls because of their long hair. You need to rinse them daily to make them dirt-free, so you get clean and smooth hairs every morning.

It is the most important thing for how to make your hairs soft because when your hairs get rinsed, all the dirt leaves the scalp with the water and your scalp becomes dirt and smell free.

Always use lukewarm water to clean the hair; you can also use normal water but not too cold as it damages the scalp and the roots of the hair.

This way, you also don’t get the natural oil off your hairs as this oil is essential to be on your scalp and prevent hairs from extra drying, so you won’t face dry flakes.

Just rinse your hairs without using any shampoo because using shampoo daily can get the natural oil out and you make your hairs damaged.

If you face having no time to bath, then make your hairs wet and just comb them from roots to upper tip and you are good to go.

6). Use Shampoo Twice a Week

Using shampoo is a good practice if you are on how to make your hairs soft. But, do not use it too often like 4 times a week. Your hairs don’t get dirty rather quickly, so it is advised to use shampoo only 2 times a week and not more than this.

If you feel that you should use shampoo once a week because your scalp doesn’t collect dirt, then you should use it once a week.

So use shampoo on your scalp 1-2 times a week to prevent them from damaging and keep them clean and healthy.

Take a pea-sized with water so you can form a good lather and now apply it over your scalp everywhere and massage it for 2 minutes from roots to tips. Then rinse your hairs with lukewarm or normal water and towel-dry them.

7). Keep them from Tangling

Always keep your hairs from tangling, tangled hairs means more hairs fall, and you see hairs all over. So combining them is a good habit to prevent them from tangling.

You can also use a detangling brush if your hairs are too rough and use all these remedies on how to make your hairs soft to get silky and clean hair.

If you feel bedhead hairs every morning, then take a comb that is good with your hairs and pass it a few times through your hairs after waking up and then proceed with the other tasks.

Use a little water before combining them as this will ease the process of combing if your hairs are thicker.

8). Get a Haircut When Needed

To work in the right way with how to make your hairs soft, you have to manage the length of your hair.

When you get hit with extra growth, you can face split ends problem and take a good haircut at a proper time keeps the problem way or at least under control.

So if you face split ends problem, then you are not getting the haircut when it is required. Keep them managed by going to a fine hairs salon and feel the silk in your hairs by following these steps.

If you are a fan of ear length hairs, then you should go for some trim so you can get rid of those split ends to prevent them from any possible damage.

9). Stay Away From Hairs Color

Go to the coloring option if the health of your hairs doesn’t matter to you more than the colored hair. If you color your hair, no matter which brand do you use, these all have chemicals in different amounts.

So if you wish to fry and burn them, you then go ahead and color your hair, but if you wish to have healthy hairs that serve your scalp for longer, then stay away from hair coloring products temporary or permanent.

When you color, your natural hairs oil on the scalp find it very difficult to stay there and if it leaves your scalp then hairs also leave and you get the bald look permanently.


You need to follow a proper diet along with all these steps mentioned here. To get permanently healthy hair, consume a healthy diet that contains all the protein and vitamins.

Take Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Iron, and Zinc and also the supplementary if you are facing issues like hairs fall. Also, get yourself dependent on vegetables and fruits like carrots, bananas, dark chocolate, sprouts, and almonds as well.

These are all the sources to provide you healthy hairs because of all the vitamins and essential nutrients.

If you are a fan of red meat, then you can take approx. 100 grams of it as it helps to produce keratin that acts as the main factor to keep the hairs healthy and full of shine.

Home Remedies on How to Make Your Hairs Soft

Here are some necessary home remedies to make your hairs soft and shiny.

1). Apple Cider Vinegar

After talking about essential steps that you need to follow to keep your hairs healthy and shiny, these are some home remedies to get the extra shine in your hair.

Use Take apple cider vinegar to treat your hairs well and for this, take a half tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and pour it into one cup of water.

Now take the solution on your scalp and massage your hairs for about 15minutes and then rinse them off with clean water.

Before using apple cider vinegar, make sure you have cleaned then using your shampoo and then apply the vinegar.

2). Olive Oil and Honey

It is another great remedy that is easily available to everyone. Take honey about one tbsp. and mix it with three tablespoons of olive oil, now take the solution on your plan ad massage your scalp gently.

Leave it on your scalp for an hour and then rinse your hairs using shampoo and nitric an instant shine and softness, so this is the way of working on how to make your hairs soft.

3). Egg Treatment

You can also try egg treatment as it is the expert in making your hairs soft and shiny. Take one egg and mix both of the parts well. Now apply it on your hairs and leave for 20-30 minutes to soak its protein-rich goodness and wash it off with lukewarm water and shampoo.

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A guy also needs silky hairs that is full of healthy and cleanliness. Getting clean hairs that never smells bad is everyone’s dream.  You need almost everything to know how to make your hairs soft, but you all end up with disappointment.

If you are fed up of trying all things and didn’t get the results, then these remedies and steps on how to make your hairs soft are for you to achieve the desired hair.

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