Best Music App for Android [10+ Best Music Apps]

Best Music App for Android and best music player for Android app: Take your Android Smartphone and plug in into your headset and play the song will free you from the stress, depression, tension, sadness, unhappiness and other psychological problems completely and improve the happiness, bringing back to the joy mood. Nobody cannot ignore the importance of the music from our life. When the music gets important, you need a best music app for Android running Smartphone or Tablets.

The default music app is enough to listen to songs but, if you expect more magic and advanced features and improved Quality of the Music, you must install a best music app for Android devices.

Best Music App for Android [10+ Best Music Apps]

You will see the list of the good Android music application and each is carrying great features. According to your requirements, you can choose any one from the following list.


1). Google Play Music

google-play-musicGoogle’s own best music app for Android running smartphone or Tablet is known as Google Play Music app has come with great features, which are liked by the musical fans all around the world. You can find the songs based on artists, album, and genre. Moreover, If you like to choose the songs,  you have to browse to get your favorite one.

Apart from free features, It also comes with paid features that come with YouTube Red Membership, and you can subscribe to access and download songs, furthermore, you can provide to access up to six family members for a small price. And more.

The Key Features Of Google Play Music:

  • You can store up to 50000 songs by uploading of your own musical collection.
  • It uses the smart recommendation to suggest songs for your taste.


2). Amazon Music with Prime Music

amazon-music-with-prime-musicYou are going to know about the finest music app for Android devices is called Amazon Music with Prime Music contains a collection of the songs. You can listen to countless songs collection, and you can download it to play offline on your Android devices.

You can shop over 30 million songs from the PrimeMusic, and you are allowed to import your music collection to the Amazon cloud. As well as, just feel the music with line by line synced lyrics.

The Key Features Of Amazon Music with Prime Music:

  • You can stream your music from the cloud to your Android powered devices.
  • The personalized song and album recommendations bring you to discover new collection.


3). Free Music Player: MixerBox

free-music-playerLooking any best music app for Android mobile and tablet devices of your, and then you need Free Music Player: MixerBox is not a standalone music application, it use the 3rd-party API client to play the music from soundcloud or Mp3 and videos from YouTube.

You will get the musical collection from various source to your smartphone at one music Android application, and more features are having at the music app.

The Key Features Of Free Music Player: MixerBox:

  • The Synchronization feature allows your music player to sync the playlist across of your devices automatically.
  • You can access millions of the music videos from around the world.
  • You can find, play and subscriber of the playlist of your Facebook friends.


4). SoundCloud – Music & Audio

A central place to find out the musical collection of individual like you and popular musical artist from all around the world in the various genre like Hip hop, rock, electronica, classical, house jazz, audiobooks and more are available in the SoundCloud, which is the best music app for Android running devices.

You are allowed to create a playlist of superb music and share it with your followers, as well as you can share the record sounds in social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Also, you can do more thing in the SoundCloud.

The Key Features Of SoundCloud – Music & Audio:

  • You can play, pause and skip the music track from the lock screen of the Android Smartphone.
  • You can use the Facebook or Google Plus to login or register in SoundCloud Application.
  • Record your vocals or musical creation and you share it in the SoundCloud.


5). Shazam

You will feel the rhythm of the music by using the Shazam is one of the best music app for Android installed smartphone or Tablet. You will know about the new discoveries from the artists and able to follow the artists and get updated are streaming in the world of Shazam.

You can see the top artists like Calvin Harris, Pitbull, Meghan Trainor and more are shazaming, and you can share your music discoveries via Facebook and other social networking sites. And more.

The Key Features Of Shazam:

  • You can preview the songs and then add to the Radio and Spotify playlists.
  • You can discover about soundtracks, the cast, special offers and more from the Shazam TV.
  • You will enjoy the YouTube video and the music lyrics.
  • You can see what your friends are shazaming when you connect with Facebook account.


6). ASUS Music

ASUS Music is one of the best music app for Android working smartphone or Tablets where you can manage your favorite music collection from various source and play the songs from the playlists.

The Key Features Of ASUS Music:

  • You can create music playlist at different title
  • You can queue the tracks from the phone storage, Media Server, and Cloud Storage.


7). Sleep Timer (Turn music off)

You need a timer music app for Android powered smartphone or tablet. However, you want to know one thing that is the sleep timer is not a whole musical application but, you like it.

Some people wish to listen to songs into fall asleep, in such circumstance, you can use the Sleep Timer is playing the songs for a predefined duration period, which set by you, once it reach the time it stops automatically.

The Key Features Of Sleep Timer (Turn music off):

  • The Sleep Timer compatible with Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio, Spotify, YouTube and other music Android application.
  • You can extend the duration of the timer by shaking the mobile phone.


8). Saavn Music & Radio

Do you want the immense collection of music from Indian music to International? You need a professional music app for Android working Smartphone or Tablets. You can listen all over regional languages film tracks like English, Urdu, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Japnese, Hindi and other collection are pop, hip-hop, Jazz, remixes, and more.

Creating your own musical playlist and follow your friends or your favorite artists as well as, you will get notification immediately when they updated anything new. Moreover, you can share any kind of music track or playlist with your friends including, you can follow your friend’s playlist and get notify when he add any new music to it.

The Key Features Of Saavn Music & Radio:

  • Saavan Radio is streaming music always to you.
  • Curated Playlists By experts for various songs from Indian and International.
  • You can browse and find your favorite songs from Top Charts, Genre and Based on your Mood.


9). Wynk Music: Hindi & Eng songs

Available in 1.8 million songs from all over the world and languages at your pocket. You will get the endless musical collection from the Wynk Music is the best music app for Android devices. You are allowed to stream and download the songs as well as tune into many radio stations.

The Key Features Of Wynk Music: Hindi & Eng songs:

  • It has powered with Flexible sound quality – HD(320/256 kbps) / High(128 kbps) / Medium(64 kbps) / Regular(32 kbps)
  • You get the songs from Bollywood, English, Indipop, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Bengali, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi & Rajasthani languages.


10). Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music

Do you want to sing your favorite songs when it play on your mobile phone? Yes is the expected answer because we like it. When come to the lyrics of the songs, people struggle to remember the lyrics of the songs for while time, So, you need an end solution is Musixmatch shows the lyrics of your favorite songs in the Music Android application when it play on your Android powered Smartphone or Tablets.

The Key Features Of Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music:

  • The music app loaded with Sleep timers, Equalizers features.
  • The music app is supported for the Android Wear and Android TV
  • FloatingLyrics allow you to synced lyrics when you play the songs with music Android application.


11). Shuttle Music Player

The Shuttle Music Player is one of the best music app for Android smartphone or Tablet of yours. It is a lightweight and powerful musical Android application that contains great musical options allow you to optimize your music as per your wish. And you can do more.

The Key Features Of Shuttle Music Player:

  • Availability of tons of themes options with light and dark mode
  • you can set the sleep timer
  • It has built with the 6-band equalizer with bass boost.


12). n7player Music Player

Power up your musical listening experience better than before by using the best music app for Android working mobile phone or Tablet. You can hear the high quality sounds by the advanced features like 10-band equalizer including many presets brings more quality of sounds.

You get personalized features like sorting your music tracks by artists, albums, and genres, which can broadcast to other external devices like ChromeCast, AirPlay and DLNA. And more feature are coming with the Music application.

The Key Features Of n7player Music Player:

  • It play many type of digital music formats such as .mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, mkv*, flac**, aac**.
  • It is providing full featured 10 band equalizer with audio normalizations, surround effects, SRS, and channel balance.


13). MixZing Music Player

Here is your MixZing Music Player is one of the best music app for Android working smartphone or Tablet where you can play and listen your favorite songs. You can access your media files by inside the phone storage and play it as well as you use the sleep timer feature to stop the music in a time. And more features is there for you.

The Key Features Of MixZing Music Player:

  • The Locked Screen widget is used to manage your songs when the mobile phone is locked.
  • It will display the millions of songs lyrics at your hand Android devices.
  • You will find the advanced options like Graphic equalizer for MP3, AAC/M4A, and OGG format files


14). Rocket Music Player

Play your favorite music with the Rocket Music Player is one of the best music app for Android devices. It has loaded with several options like 5 Band Equalizer, Equalizer Presets, M3U and M3U8 playlist support and more features.

You can choose 30 + themes with Album Art Management, and Reconfigurable interface is giving to customize as per your wish. Furthermore, lucrative features are available in the free version, if you want more advanced features you have to buy premium, otherwise, enjoy the free version.

The Key Features Of Rocket Music Player:

  • The app are supporting wav, .ogg, .mp3, .3gp, .mp4, .m4a format files
  • You can use the Batch Selection allow you to select multiple songs at once.
  • You can play music, podcasts and video
  • You can use the Embedded lyrics


15). DoubleTwist Music Player, Sync

You feel the sounds of the music with the doubleTwist Music play that is the best music app for Android installed the mobile phone or Tablet. It gives you the option to play the music and to give the maximum quality of sounds with great accuracy of vocals.


16). Gaana: Bollywood & Hindi Songs

Exploring the world of the music that you get from the Gaana is the best music app for Android installing smartphone or Tablet devices. You can access any music for free of any regional songs like Tamil, Malayalam, Classical and more genre is available.

You can save your favorite songs as the playlist and hear music from the radio station as well as endless musical tracks are there.

The Key Features Of Gaana: Bollywood & Hindi Songs:

  • You read the lyrics of your favorite songs and sing the songs while it plays.
  • There are more than 10 Million songs available for you
  • Listening to the Nonstop music from 10 Radio Mirchi stations.


17). Hungama Music – Songs & Videos

Hungama Music is one of the best music app for Android powered smartphone or tablet that has millions of songs collection under various genre and categories including your mother languages musical album.

Not only with music also, but you can also see the video of the songs. However, you never miss the high of the music from the app.

Earning rewards by watching videos, playing or sharing the music tracks and you can invite your friends and earn a point. If you want, you can redeem the points and get a good music, Movie tickets, discount vouchers and more.

The Key Features Of Hungama Music – Songs & Videos:

  • You can access over 3 million High Definition Songs and Musical Videos.
  • Just listen to the music Curated Playlists of the famous celebrities like Katrina and others.
  • Your can now browse the Hungama App in your preference languages like Tamil, Telugu, English and more languages option are available.


18). PlayerPro Music Player

Start to play your favorite music on the best music app for Android working smartphone or tablet, where you get the plenty of the features to enjoy a great musical experience. You just shake to next or previous music, and Swipe features are giving more convenient to play the next and previous songs. Set the sleep timer to off the music player that help you to give peace of mind and fall to sleep. And more feature is available with the app.

The Key Features Of PlayerPro Music Player:

  • You can change the user interface of the player by installing SKINS
  • You can customize the layout by choosing the GRID or LIST views
  • See the embedded lyrics which is in the ID3 tags of your music files
  • It is featured with the headset supports that customize the long press and double and triple press actions.


19). Neutron Music Player

Neutron Music player is one of the professional and best music app for Android powered smartphone or tablet which provide tons of features to improve your musical listening experience better than before and stick you with the music only.

It has come with advanced playback control option with Parametric EQ, crossfeed, digital sound effects. As well as, it supports the network devices with SMB/CIFS or UPnP/DLNA. It gives you an amazing musical experience.

The Key Features Of Neutron Music Player:

  • It supports MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG (Vorbis), FLAC, WMA, WMA Lossless (16-bit), AC3, AAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, ALAC, APE and more.
  • You can use FTP server as music source and manage music files via local FTP server.
  • It power with High Quality real time is resampling quality and audiophile.
  • You can set the music for sleep timer and wake timer


20). FlipBeats – Best Music Player

A best music app for Android working smartphone devices is here called FlipBeats has come with power packed option to enrich your musical experience.

You can create your own playlist and use the Multi-band Graphic Equalizer with 14 Equalizer Presets & Custom presets as well as Bass Boost, Surround Sound & Room Size Configurations, and a more musical option is placing for a stunning musical festival from your mobile phone.

It has come with the Unique, and superb Flip gesture enabled the User interface to make you feel easy to use the app.

The Key Features Of FlipBeats – Best Music Player:

  • You can download the lyrics of your favorite songs
  • It has powered with smart energy saving mode
  • To protect your ears from the harmful sounds, it has come with sound health profile.
  • To customize your music as a visual representation, you can use the Audio Visualize and color themes.


21). GoneMAD Music Player (Trial)

The GoneMAD is focusing on the music, YES, which is one of the widely used and music app for Android based devices. You can see many advanced feature are loaded with the app giving a stunning music experience to you.

GoneMAD Music Player allow you to personalize your listening experience by applying 250+ customizable options.Moreover, availability of Flawless gapless playback, high powered 2 to 10 band graphic equalizer along three great quality settings.

You can use and enjoy the features of the app, however, if you want more features, you can purchase the paid version, until you can enjoy the 14 days of trial version.

The Key Features Of GoneMAD Music Player (Trial):

  • You can use over than 1000 themes for the music player
  • It comes with DSP Limiter which is used to prevent distortion.
  • You can rate your songs and bookmark it.
  • You are free to adjust the playback speed
  • If your devices support Multi-windows, then you can use it
  • Lyrics is available


22). Songza

Never miss the chance to hear your favorite music from the best music app for Android installing smartphone or tablets. You can listen to the music that are streaming over the app to your ears from the original playlist that handmade by the music experts. And more great music is awaiting in the app for you.

The Key Features Of Songza:

  • You can access the playlist that is curated under activity, genre, decade and mode.
  • It is easy to save your playlist and share it via social networks like facebook, twitter or email to your friends.


23). Rdio Music

Made for Song playing. No doubt, you are picked one of the best music app for Android running mobile phone or tablet, Just enjoy the endless music collection that are providing over than 35 million songs. Just use the Rdio to discover your favorite music and be enjoy.

The Key Features Of Rdio Music:

  • Chromecast optimized music player to stream music anywhere.
  • You can download music or songs to hear offline mode.
  • You can follow your friends and other musical lovers


24). Fusion Music Player

Rich and advanced feature are packed with the best music app for Android working devices that is Fusion Music Player. You can find several features to play your favorite music at your smartphone with simple application design impress you to stick and work with it without any tired.

You can see the powerful equalizer along 12 presets, and virtual surround sounds that supports for headsets, and more option is available.

The Key Features Of Fusion Music Player:

  • The Fusion Music Play support for Shake and Wake gesture.
  • There are available Song Visualization along with multiple effects.
  • You can use the feature of MP3 Cutter.
  • Internet Radio and YouTube integration


25). Spotify Music

Here is the another best music app for Android devices called Spotify Music is coming with significant function help you for a superb music experience. You can play any type of songs from any artist in shuffle mode, and you can select a ready-made playlist that is suiting for you mood as well as you will get the personalized song recommendation.

If you become a Spotify premium subscriber, you can download music for listening in offline with more sound quality than the free version and more features.


Massive list of the best music app for Android working smartphone or Tablet is here. Each application provides decent features that enhance your music listening experience better than before so, You have to try the over mention musical apps for Android, finally, you can take a decision.

The qualify of the music does not only depend on the hardware parts of the smartphone or tablets, which is also subject to the application side. As nobody want to hear bad music experience, everybody will like to opt any one of the music application to hear the songs. You cannot neglect the power of the music

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