Best video downloader for Youtube

We all love watching free movies and videos online. In fact, many choose to watch this way simply because it’s free; and, compared to the monthly costs of having cable or satellite TV, free is always a wonderful alternative. However, with this comes the cost of potential viruses, or not knowing which downloaders are safe to use. Below is a list of the top three YouTube downloaders that are not only safe to use, but are user-friendly as well.

iTube Studio YouTube Downloader

This particular option is perfect if you are tired of looking at ads and having your movie watching interrupted with commercials. By choosing this downloader you are not only free of advertisements, but you are able to watch your favorite videos over and over again, free of charge. This option also boasts one-click download capabilities for any YouTube HD, 4K UHD videos, and YouTube VEVO videos, along with over ten thousand other video sharing sites.

Freemake YouTube Downloader

Since watching movies, YouTube videos and TV shows have become a favorite pastime for many, there has been a growing desire to download favorites for free. And since YouTube has become one of the leading video streaming website available, it’s no wonder that most would prefer to have a way to download videos directly from this site. Because not only does YouTube boast videos, but one can also stream music, TV shows, movies, news, and a whole host of other incredible things. Here’s the downside to YouTube, the need for internet or cellular data access. Due to this many are looking for ways to download their favorites ahead of time and store them on their mobile devices, all you need to do is check out Freemake’s website and you’ll be off and be downloading all of the best YouTube has to offer for FREE.

Fastest YouTube Downloader

Last on the list is one of the “best” downloaders in terms of speed. However, many are upset with this option as it is not offered for free, unlike the two listed above. Now, you may think, “why be upset? Even Netflix costs a little something”. Very true, and you can also download via their site – to a point. However, with Fastest YouTube Downloader, it’s users only gain access to the “fastest” part when they subscribe to a monthly fee. Because of this, some may find that it is just not worth it as there are others that can offer downloading free of charge. The upside to this, of course, will always be its speed. Let’s say you are running out the door for a doctors appointment, and you know the wait will be long; you will be able to download something in half the time it would take with any other site. So instead of needing to remember days before the appointment, you could forget until almost the last moment and still have entertainment at your fingertips. It should also be noted that this site also offers the chance to convert your videos, but if you choose to go this route it may take a few hours to complete.

Now that we’ve discussed a few of the top options for YouTube downloading, you will have the best of the best in choices when you want to take that favorite movie, TV Show, or favorites tunes on the go.