Best Podcast App for Android [10+ Podcast Apps]

Best Podcast App for Android: The podcast is a different digital media platform, where you can access the collection of Audio, Video, PDFs and other format files as a series of episodes. Sometimes, You can access Audio and Video Only Podcast from the web server to your devices. This is called the Podcasts.

Now, you can find the series of Podcast episodes for various subjects like English, Yoga, and other genres are streaming by the expert to your devices.

Current Days, you can access all of the podcast in your Android powered smartphone or Tablet, However, you need a best podcast app for Android.

Best Podcast App for Android [10+ Podcast Apps]

I have searched and selected some of the great podcast Android application for your smartphone, You have to install your desired podcast app on your mobile phone and listen to it.  Let’s see the list of the podcast app.

Best Podcast App for Android

1). Podcast & Radio Addict

podcast-radio-adictA best podcast app for Android devices, which has the records of 4M downloads, 150K reviews from across the world including the average rating of 4.6/5 says the strength of the application. The Podcast can manage all type of podcasts like Audio & Video, Audio Books, Radio on Demand, Live streaming radio, YouTube Channels and RSS Feeds.

If you want you can subscribe to your favorite podcast services like CNN, Carolla Digital, ESPN, FrogPants, LibriVox and more services are available. Furthermore, import your podcast subscription from iTunes or OPML format file or embedded search engine that is used to browse more than 200K podcast. And you can enjoy the much features that come with the app.

The Key Features Of   Podcast & Radio Addict:

  • The podcast network available in five languages is English, French, German, Italian and Chinese.
  • The Audio and Video player are functioned with Resume, Shuffle, and Loop.
  • The Sleep timer can be used at night time.
  • You can browse the podcast by category.
  • It supports RSS feed, Atom Feeds.
  • You will get the best podcast recommendation
  • It supports to the Nova Launcher TeslaUnread plugins.
  • You can change the full screen reading mode for RSS News Feed.
  • You can view the Trending podcast, Top 250 podcast.
  • It supports the Android Auto, Chromecast, and Android Wear notification.
  • You can find the podcasts from iTunes 250K podcast database


2). Podcast Republic

podcast-republicDo you want the best podcast app for Android working smartphone or Tablet? Here is the Podcast Republic will manage all of your podcast in your Android devices. The application has the full and high customization and you can access the podcast from all over the world into your hand devices.

The Podcast Republic support the multiple word languages and you can export and import the Podcast subscription using the OPML format files. Furthermore, you get the great built-in media player, well download management, great customization in this podcast application. You can use the sleeper feature stop the podcast after you sleep and great playlist support. And much more feature are available with the podcast republic Android application.

The Key Features Of Podcast Republic:

  • Once, you enable the Automatic download, It will download all the new episode into your Android devices when it available.
  • It supports the Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
  • You can synchronize between your devices.
  • It supports the Android Wear and Chromecast devices.
  • It supports the Bluetooth.
  • It automatically fetches feed, download, delete and synchronize.
  • Two level Settings that are Global settings and Individual Podcast settings.
  • There are available with sixteen color schemes.


3). Pocket Casts

pocket-castPocket Casts is made for the podcast lovers, who want to hear the latest podcasts with multiple features are coming with the best app for Android running smartphone and tablet. It has come with great Audio Effects, Auto Download, Filters, Variable Speed and more customizable option are available in this Android application.

You can discover the many new curated and featured podcast content, now trending podcast and much more. You can import or explore your OPML file and start to hear the podcast immediately. Furthermore, you can set the sleeper time will stop playing the podcast after prescribed time and you change the theme according to your mood and wishes.  It has designed much user friendly UX so you can easily navigate and there are available several options.

The Key Features Of Pocket Casts:

  • You can apply the great audio effects like softly, dynamically speed up, boost the volume and do more thing.
  • You can select a podcast and put in the auto download, It will download the podcast automatically.
  • You can use the Chromecast to broadcast the podcast on your Television.
  • It supports the Android Wear smartwatches.
  • Just switch over between the Audio or Video podcast as per your wishes.
  • You can save all of your podcast feed data into the cloud.


4). Spreaker Podcast Radio

This best podcast app for Android provide you the great collection of curated lists, many of channels, and you can create your own personalized playlists. Furthermore, you can keep all of your most favorite all preferred podcast in favorite section. You can get unlimited features with the podcast application. Just you find it.

The Key Features Of  Spreaker Podcast Radio:

  • You can sign up via the popular social network account are Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
  • You can do the chat with author when they are live
  • You can download the episodes and hear the podcast in offline too.
  • You can browse the curated channels and list that by topics.
  • You can easily search and find the several podcast.


5). BeyondPod Podcast Manager

BeyondPod Podcast Manager is the best podcast app for Android that is nearly 3 million download from across the worldwide. It gives you the rich full options and control to find million of audio and video podcast episodes. You can also get the podcast from the popular networks like CNN, ESPN, BBC, CBC and more publisher.

You can enjoy the full features of the podcast Android app for seven days after you satisfied you can buy the full version.

The Key Features Of BeyondPod Podcast Manager:

  • You can import the music, audio, books, lecture and more than play in offline
  • You can adjust the playback speed with volume boost feature.
  • You can set the sleeper will off the podcast after a fixed time period.
  • You can cast the podcast to your T.V via the Chromecast.
  • Set to download the podcast when you use WiFi, Battery in Charging or at a specific time.


6). Player FM: Podcast offline

Playing the podcast programs when you are not connected with the online is a great way to save your internet data, that is the main concept of the best podcast app for Android installed smartphone or Tablet. The player FM Podcast Offline syncs across the devices give you the portability.

Furthermore, It supports the Android wear, Chromecast devices as well as you can set sleeper time turn off the podcast after an interval that configured by you. Moreover, you get the personal podcast recommendations with interactive notification, Flexible settings, and more features.

The Key Features Of Player FM: Podcast offline:

  • You get the podcast recommendations based on your interested topics.
  • You can resume the video where the video left off.
  • You can mark and browse your podcast history.
  • There are available of more than 50+ languages podcast.
  • You get the 500+ curated topics like Business, Education, Science, Learning English and more topics.
  • So many popular podcast networks like BBC, NPR, ABC, NBC and more are available.


7). Stitcher Radio for Podcasts

Just enjoy and listen several podcast from all over the world’s popular podcast networks. Furthermore, you see the hundreds of the podcast categories, so you are free to choose the podcast and listen on your Android working smartphone or Tablet. You can discover your interesting podcast from this best podcast app for Android.

The Key Features Of  Stitcher Radio for Podcasts:

  • Discover, explore and listen interesting from over 40000 shows.
  • You get the personalized podcast recommendations based on your previous listening.
  • You can download the podcast episodes for offline listening when you are free.
  • If you want to share your favorite shows to your friends, you can share via social networking platform.
  • You get the latest updates about the recent podcast and your favorite shows.
  • If you want to share your favorite shows to your friends, you can share via social networking platform.


8). AntennaPod

AntennaPod helps you to explore and discover your favorite podcast shows from popular podcast networks like CNN, BBC. NPR and more. If you want you can use the OPML format files, RSS feed with the app. And, you can find great feature with the best podcast app for Android devices like Smartphone and Tablet.

It has powered with the adjustable playback speed, it resume the streaming where you left off, Advanced sleeper timing and more features are available with the app.

The Key Features Of AntennaPod:

  • The powerful automation is used to control the downloading of podcast episodes such as WiFi, Specific time, and intervals.
  • The AntennaPod supports the following languages are EN, DE, CS, NL, NB, JA, PT, ES, SV, CA, UK, FR, KO, TR, ZH.
  • You can take backup the subscription with the and OPML Export.


9). DoggCatcher Podcast Player

DoggCatcher is one of the best podcast app for Android running devices like mobile phone and Tablets, where you can manage your podcast feeds simply and easily. It update your podcast according to your schedule, download the new media files from the server and It removes the media files and that thing is happened automatically, which has configured by you.

The Key Features Of DoggCatcher Podcast Player:

  • Availability of Top 100 DoggCatcher podcast, So, you have the freedom to choose what you want.
  • Well, supports for the Android Wear and Chromecast devices.
  • It is well optimized for all size Android devices.
  • It is supported for the authenticate podcast feed, Which you have to enter the username and password.


10). Podkicker Podcast Player

Are you searching a best podcast app for Android mobile phone or Tablet of yours? You search may end here, because of the Podkicker Podcast Player is the one of the good podcast Android application contains lucrative features. You can find your favorite podcast from the good podcast network provider. And, you can find various categories and flatter integration, as well as more features is coming with the app.

The Key Features Of Podkicker Podcast Player:

  • You can search over the 260000+ podcast.
  • You can set sleep timer will turn off the podcast according to the predefined time.
  • You can transfer the downloaded podcast to the dropbox and similar services.
  • According to your current subscription plan you get the podcast recommendations.
  • You get the Chromecast supports.


11). LearnEnglish Podcasts

If you are not the nativity of the English speaking countries, you need a platform that should help you to learn English and It should improve the listening skill of the English. So, you need the best podcast app for Android working devices, which has the collection of the English relating podcast to improve your listening skill in English.

This app provides you 40 episodes with over 20 hours of free listening in the wide range of topics and the podcast conversation are recorded by the native British English speakers.

The Key Features Of LearnEnglish Podcasts:

  • You can listen to the audio podcast along with the scrolling Audioscript will help to understand the podcast and keep you focus on listening.
  • After the podcast, coming with the question based on your podcast, You have to answer it will help you to understand the English listening.
  • When the podcast is playing, the mobile screen goes off, So, you have to concentrate the listening.
  • You can download the podcast and listen in offline.


12). Spreaker Podcast Radio

Keep looking a good and the best podcast app for Android working smartphone or Tablet, then, Here is the Spreaker Podcast Radio is the place, where you can find the collection of the podcast. You can find the variety of channels, curated list by the experts will give you an immense experience.

The Key Features Of Spreaker Podcast Radio:

  • You can place your favorite podcast in your favorite section.
  • You can download the podcast and hear the podcast in offline.
  • You can do the chat with the host as they go live.
  • You can fast forward or rewind the episodes and you can use the slider to get the correct location of the podcast.


13). Podplay (Podcast Player)

Do you hear the podcast promptly? If your answer is YES then you need the best podcast app for Android devices may be your favorite smartphone or tablets. The Podplay is a podcast player play the very recent episodes with the 99 Podcast and you get the new podcast always.

The Key Features Of Podplay (podcast player):

  • You can listen to the podcast continuously like a Radio, Once, you turn on the app.
  • You can turn on the Bluetooth in your car and listen to the podcast.
  • If you do not have time to choose the podcast, It will choose the best podcast for you.
  • You can listen to the podcast of various countries that help to learn new languages and more.


14). PodStore – Podcast Player

PodStore Podcast Player is a best podcast app for Android working smartphone or Tablet, which brings the collection of the podcast and give you a great experience. You can hear the all popular and the best podcast from all over the world on your smartphone without missing it. Just start to listen to the podcast.

The Key Features Of PodStore – Podcast Player:

  • You can download the podcast and listen to it in offline.
  • You can able to import the iTunes podcast.
  • If you like any podcast, you can share the podcast to your friends via the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • You discover the popular podcast like TED Radio Hour, Android Central, Stuff You Should Know, This American Life and more.


15). Podbean: Podcasts on the Go

Do you want a better way to discover your favorite and popular podcast from all over the world into your smartphone? Then you need the best podcast app for Android working devices may your tablet or phone. Here is Podbean is one of the good and best podcast Android application give you an enhanced experience of podcasting.

The Key Features Of Podbean: Podcasts on the Go:

  • You will get the based podcast recommendations based on your history podcast browsing.
  • You can find the many podcast category from across the world, You can pick and start to hear it.
  • If you want to hear the podcast without the internet connection you can down your favorite podcast and hear it in offline.


16). EnglishPodcast for Learners

If you want to become a perfect speaker in English you should live with English for some time. However, the majority of the people can read, write and Even speak English but they are not perfect listening in English. Listening to the English is an important thing. Here the best podcast app for Android running devices, where you can listen to numbers of English podcast will improve your English language skill better than before.  Here is the EnglishPodcast for Learners Android application is giving more space for listening English.

You can discover many categories like News, Business,  English and more. And, you will find more features coming with the app.

The Key Features Of EnglishPodcast for Learners:

  • The podcast content helps you to learn to listen, speaking in English.
  • You can adjust the playback speed so you can play fast or slower and listen to the English conversation.
  • You can download your favorite podcast and listen in offline.
  • The popular podcast network like ESL, BBC, VOA and more.


17). Let’s Master English Podcast

Is English your Second language? You have to listen to a lot of English conversation, Audio to improve your English listening. So, you want the best podcast app for Android working mobile or Tablet. Moreover, you download and install the Let’s Master English Podcast Android application on your smartphone and listen to it.

In this Android application, you get the English tips, different genre podcast that keep you interested and easy your listening experience. More features are available with the application.

The Key Features Of Let’s Master English Podcast:

  • You can join the Master English Community on Google Plus and you see the full transception.
  • You can find the Q&A section, Vocabulary, Pronunciation for improving English listening skills.


18). DoublePod Podcasts for Android

Looking a totally free podcast then, you need the best podcast app for Android. Here is the DoublePod Podcasts for Android application is podcasting from all over the world and you can give the new podcast episodes. You can set the target country and listen the country specified podcast.  Furthermore, you see much more features with the podcast application.

The Key Features Of DoublePod Podcasts for Android:

  • You can discover and enjoy over than 250000 free podcasts from your smartphone.
  • Download the podcast on your phone and play it after you viewed you can delete the download files.
  • when the podcast update you will get the notification and enjoy the new podcast.


The is the complete list of the best podcast app for Android running smartphone or Tablets. And, the over mentioned podcast Android application come much expected features and It will really enhance your podcast experience. The each podcast Android app carry with significant feature will give more flexibility and power up to use the application. Furthermore, the podcast will help the professionals and beginners to explore the extreme level knowledge of the subject with high efficient reference notes. Once, you start to use the Podcast in your Android smartphone you will realize the power of it and you like to use it always.

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