Types of Hugs And Their Meanings

Types of Hugs And Their Meanings: Hugging is the best thing when it’s about to show feelings to your loved ones. Everyone feels good because this happens when you are close to the person you love in any way.

A hug really feels safe and cozy; our all relationships are based on hugs because they define our love, our feelings, and emotions for someone.

A relationship really grows when you show these gestures because feelings are everything that a person needs to stay attached to you.

Do you know there are different types of hugs; there are several ways to hug a person. It depends on the person you are hugging and these hugs tell many things about those two persons and the relationship between them.

These different types of hugs are a way to show your feelings towards a person such as if you feel awkward, you feel passionate, you feel intimacy, and disinterest. So hugs really reveal a relationship.

15 Types of Hugs and Their Significance

Here I’m with almost all hugs that you give to the person in your life, let’s know more about these types of hugs.

The Buddy Types of Hugs

Buddy Types of Hugs

This is the most common types of hugs guys give all the time. This is for friends actually, in this your friend wraps your back and slaps on it from one hand.

This is highly only for friends and if a girl is giving you thing hug, she clears that she is not moving with you from the friend zone to dating zone.

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The Sleepy Shoulder Types of Hugs

Sleepy Shoulder Types of Hugs

This can be also referred as friends hug between a boy and a girl but mostly it is for couples or married ones. In this hug, the girl takes the guy’s shoulder and puts her head to feel relaxed.

As you see in the movies when a couple lies on the bed wrapping around each other and the girl takes rests on her boyfriend’s shoulder and both converse for hours.

One Armed Types of Hugs

One Armed Types of Hugs

This hug is also known as a confused hug, in this situation, a person is totally confused if he wants to hug you or not. This really feels awkward sometimes as you don’t know that you should hug or not in the particular situation.

Instead of wrapping up the person you only arise one shoulder around her back as a cold shoulder hug.

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Catching Types of Hugs

Catching Types of Hugs

This hug is really cool and these types of romantic hugs are for couples. Suppose you haven’t met our girlfriend for months and what if she is just in front of you.

So this hug is for showing the excitement which you can’t handle yourself and you instantly pull the person in your arms with all your strength.

This clearly shows that you missed that person very much and now you after seeing him you can’t just stop from hugging.

This is one of those hugs you always see on television or romance movies.

Twirls Hugs

Twirls Hugs

Girls are known for these twirls hugs, they really like it when they are with their loved ones. While hugging a girl goes totally whimsical and free and just gets in the arms of her man.

She wraps both her hands and leg as well towards him and the hug really puts a big happiness on her face.

The man twirls you around sometimes and makes you feel comfortable because he likes you to the fullest extent.

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The Unanswered One Hug

The Unanswered One

Like its name, there will be no answer received from the other person if you hug him. This is not the hug because hugs give us feelings, but there is no feeling in this at all.

This is really a cold hug instead of being warm when one person hugs you with his own will but you stand like a pole and don’t show any movement towards him, it is called the unanswered one.

No one wants this hug, you can easily tell this hug if someone as your uncle, aunt or some unwanted relatives hug you in the way that your torso barely touch them.

This is an obvious sign that you hate them and don’t like them to be around. This is also known as the London bridge hug.

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Snuggle Types of Hugs

Snuggle Types of Hugs

Snuggling means moving you in a comfortable place or in a position of comfort, this can be someone’s arms.

So, when you snuggle, you get into each other’s arms even while dong any activity as watching something on the TV or just being on the couch but in each other’s arms.

If snuggle hug is still a part of your relationship then be relaxed because you have a perfect loving relationship.

Holding Tight Types of Hugs

Holding Tight Types of Hugs

These are the types of hugs when one person really feels lost or depressed and just want a tight hug from his loved one. If you expect this hug from any person then this person is very special for you and you don’t want to lose him.

These hugs go longer than normal hugs and full of feelings and emotions that can be expressed with words.

A person uses this hug so that he can feel better because that person is someone who makes him feel much better.

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Looking Into Eyes Types of Hugs

Looking Into Eyes hugs

This is all about deep feelings or if anyone is in deep love with you. When a man feels and cares about you very much he hugs you first and the pull you away but without breaking that hug just so he can take a look into your eyes.

From Back Types of Hugs

sneaky hug

These are also known as sneaky hugs as the person wraps you from the back. Only a person that is very close to you as your best friend or your partner can give you these back hugs.

This hug can really shock you for some seconds but leave you feeling happy and surprised. If your partner gives the sneaky huh, it clearly means that he is very passionate for you.

It shows the intimate feelings sometimes, so it’s best for the couples that want their partners to feel loved.

The Straddle Types of Hugs

straddle hugs

If you ever feel that your partner tries to get intimate with you by holding you totally up in his arms. You can tell that this is the straddle type of hug; one person elevates another and hugs or kisses them.

To perform this hug you have to trust another emotionally and should have openness. That’s the reason that coupled does it most and the pole who are physically involved with each other.

The Slow Dance Types of Hugs

Slow Dance Types of Hugs

This is a very intimate and romantic hug, also known as lingering hug. Especially for couples or for those who wants to stay close to each other physically.

When you have this hug, you want to talk to the person but at the same time, you don’t want to stay away from him such as when you do the intimate couple dance.

It’s all about being in the arms of your partner and whispering slowly at the same time.

Squeeze Types of Hugs

Squeeze Types of Hugs

It’s really a sweet hug and is really good for both friends and couples. It seems like a mixture of quick and the hold you tight hug.

It’s about squeezing the person by wrapping around your arms very sweaty and for some seconds with a huge smile.

It is also known as “bear hug” and that’s why boyfriends and lovers can have it if they really know each other and for long times.

The Side-By-Side Hugs

Side By Side Hugs

It is most common couples as walking on the road and takes your hand around their arms to wrap them comfortable. This is a very sweet type of hug with a moving version.

You walk side by side in someone’s arm; guys prefer this hug around their girl when they want to stay close with them and want to show the world that she is mine.

The Warm Hug

Warm Hug

In this hug, it doesn’t matter that you are friends or couples or something else. You give this hug when you really admire someone or you are really happy to see someone, then you give this gentle and warm hug.

It is showing your fondness to that person by wrapping him without any special motive like the girls hug each other when they meet after a long time.


The word hug is a simple thing that simply means wrapping someone around your arms but the feelings you feel while wrapping that person matter a lot.

Hugs are not simple, they have the power to make a person feel special and to make a person feel nothing.

So having knowledge of these types of hugs can save you from several tough situations when you don’t know how to hug someone.

So these are all major 14 types of hugs you use to give to persons in your life, I hope you would really enjoy reading these hugs.

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