Cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming [PROM]

This post is fully dedicated to those type boys who wants to know cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming or cute way to ask a girl to to prom. Girls are the hardest subject you can ever understand.

You already know, Girls are the hardest subject you can ever understand. Still you want to study them again. So you should be very careful in choosing your pick up lines while dating any girl.

When the closeness increases between you two you guys start getting a urge to meet each other. Suddenly you always want to be with each other. You always keep talking about each other and make everyone know about him or her.

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Cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming

While meeting out somewhere you can not say what you want to or can’t do what you want to. So you start imaginations of being together at a place of your own. It can be anywhere or may be your room too.

When you are so much comfortable with each other then it is the time to find out cute ways to ask your girl to homecoming. So that you can ask her for homecoming.

And make sure your ideas should be unique enough to make her agree for the homecoming at your place. You should be smart enough and have some really cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming. These ways should be clear enough to satisfy her that she’ll be safe with him.

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl to Homecoming or Prom

Here we are providing some really amazing and cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming:

1). Balloons – Best Way to Ask a Girl to Prom

Make sure you fill them with helium so that they can fly around in the room. Put a cardboard and write “would you like a homecoming with me?”

Select various bright colors of balloons for the purpose. And make the decorations of the room very lively. So that it can feel so larger than life to her. It will make her smile very much. No matter what will be the answer but you will surely gonna win over her heart.

2). Roses

Almost every girl like flowers specially roses for its fragrance.  Roses are very much delicate and beautiful and hence they are the most beautiful flowers that a girl likes them so much. Usually they are used for valentines and many other romantic proposes. So why not use them for asking the most daring question to as girl.

All you have to do is arrange lots and lots petals of fresh roses. Arrange them in such a manner so that they can form words for your question to ask her on a homecoming.

Such a romantic gesture from you will surely make her head nodded in a yes.

This is probably one of best cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming.

3). Candles

Candles are so beautiful .they are the best source of such a light which seems amazingly beautiful in a complete dark. And it will be too awesome if you can arrange such candles which emit marvelous fragrance.


Arrange the candles just like the rose petals to ask your question to her. The amazing smell of the enlightened candles will surely blow her mind and will mesmerize her to say yes to all your questions.

It will be pretty great if you can make it a bit surprising for her. As you can ask her to come somewhere in hurry and then you can use this really cute way to ask a girl to homecoming.

4). Innovation and you

Obviously everybody possesses a smart phone now a day. All you have to do is to spend your data pack a bit for her. Download some apps in such a way that they can form this.


Get a screenshot of it and send it to her with some romantic lines like:

You are the only one who can fill this empty room with the light of our love..

She’ll definitely be impressed with such a thoughtful proposal of yours. And this is one of the most innovative and cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming.

5). Fortune cookie

You must have heard of it. if you haven’t then let me tell you it’s a cookie not to eat. It contains a message about your destiny. It’s a fun thing to do in restaurants and hotels.

For your proposal all you have to do is take her out to a lunch or dinner. After getting done with the food the waiter will come with a fortune cookie for your partner. And make sure you already do the arrangements for it. Get the prediction written on it like

“The guy in front of you will ask you for homecoming.”

Now before she turns her eyes towards you bend down on your knees and ask her that would she like to join him on a homecoming?

She would really cherish your idea of asking her this really special question. If you are looking cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming, it can be great choice for you.

6). The yummy way – One of Cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming

Get a really cheesy pizza for her. Or you can ask her to join you on a movie date. Select a really romantic movie. Get the pizza and write in it “I know it is too CHEESY but will you join me on homecoming?”

She’ll surely give you a different look but you just concentrate in the movie and you will automatically get the answer after a while.

It is yummy way for you if you are confused which are cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming.

7). Paradise on beach

If you guys are having some seaside in your city or it can be any place like near the lake or so. Then write it on the sand as

“Homecoming with me?”

She’ll be surprised by this sudden question but give her some time to think. Make the moment really special for her. Am sure it will be a yes from her at the end of the day. This is a simple one but really cute way to ask a girl to homecoming.

8). Sportsmanship spirit

Well, it is really unique way to ask.

Get some balls and write the question on them in fragments in such a way that It reads out like:

“I have finally got the balls to ask you, would you like to join me on a homecoming?”

It will surely make her laugh but she won’t be able to resist herself from saying a yes to you.

9). Die hard love

When every idea takes backseat emotions always works.

Well, this is really funny but if you’’ try this then this can depict your creativity and sense of humor as well. Just follow these steps:

Lie on the floor of your room. Outline the boundary of your body with a chalk and get a photo done like you are dead.

Write down the caption like:

Am dying to ask you on a homecoming. It will be quite funny but innovative too.

10). Banners

Ask your friends to help you out with this. Get some banners prepared for your love. Write down each word in a different banner and ask your each friend to hold this for you.

And here is your exciting way asking her to join you on a homecoming.

It would really turn out to be really cute ways to ask a girl on homecoming.

11). Mix and match

Another Cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming – You can combine your homecoming with a dance date too. Ask her out on dance date in such a way it is at your home. This can probably be a great question:

“Would you like to go on a dance date with me at my home?”

This can be an indirect way of asking her on a homecoming date with you. it can turn out to be the best way to ask a girl on homecoming.

12). Time to be nerdy

Gift her romantic novel and ask her to read it as soon as soon as possible. Highlight each word on a page until it makes the question for you to ask.

It can be like this:

Be the book for me to read on a homecoming.

This is one of classy cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming.

13). Key to heart

it is one of best cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming. Get a great dress for her. Gift it to her along with a antique box. Put the duplicate keys of your home in the box along with a message saying:

Would you like to give me the pleasure to see you dressed in this on a homecoming with me?

It will be too romantic to choose this cute way to ask a girl to homecoming.

14). Treasure hunt – One of best cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming

Form a simple map of your home from her home. Crush the paper so it looks a bit old and realistic. Roll it and put it in an empty champagne bottle and gift it to her. Make your room the treasure in the map and ask her to find this for you.

She’ll be surely amazed with the outcome of this. And when she finds your home get her another box on the doorstep asking her for a homecoming with you.

15). Keep it simple

You can try some songs of the homecoming to ask her for the same. If you guys are sharing a great understanding from a long time then you can keep it simple to ask a girl to homecoming with you.


I have provided you 15 best cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming or Prom. You can use and see the magic of these ways to ask a girl to homecoming. Your girl will impress and love to come at your home.

Keep visiting to get latest cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming or Prom. I will update this list of cute ways to ask a girl to Prom.

if you like my collection of cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming or Prom, don’t forget to share with your friends and siblings, they will thank you for sharing such lovely cute ways to ask a girl to homecoming.

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