Good Night Text for Her (Quotes, Messages, SMS Images for Girlfriend)

Good night text for her: God has created so many relations. Some relations are attached to us from the beginning itself that is our family. Some relations are those which is chosen by us that is friends. But only one relation is there which is unplanned, uncertain is different from all the above that is love.  Every time you look at her your heart starts beating on a speed of Ferrari. Each time you take her name your heart skips a beat.

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She is the one for you and you are the one for her. The days are easy to pass but when the night comes you start missing her presence around you. You just wish to see her once but that is not possible. And all these struggle end up with imagination your life with her. And you just wait for the time when she’ll be by your side every time you want her.

Good Night Text for Her

So here is an amazing idea to make her night as special as her whole day. We are providing you some great good night text for her.

If you wanna keep it simple:

If you are in a hurry or not having much time to talk to her then you can use these good night text for her :-

1). Good night my angel, sleep fast so that I can come in your dreams.

2). Hey love, give all your worries to me and sleep peacefully. Good night

3). Baby this is the time sleep as much as you can, once we’ll be together then I will annoy you this much that you won’t be able to sleep.

4). Good night love, and please cover your face while sleeping otherwise god will be confused to see one of his angels sleeping down there in Earth. This is the best good night text for her.

5). When the cold wind touches my face I feel like your hands on me. Good night darling

6). This time of the night that I would have to spend without you is like a thousand year for me. Waiting for the next time when we’ll be together again. Good night babe

7). Good night sweetheart and don’t smile too much, I don’t want anyone else to fall for you.

8). People may come and people may go but you will stay forever, good night dear.

9). We can’t be with each other now that’s why I want you to dream about me so that we can together there. Good night love

10). I just want each day to end like this. I just hope that no matter how much busy we are in the whole day but at least the night should be ours. Good night my angel.

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