100+ Symbols Status Whatsapp

Symbols Status Whatsapp : Everybody use whatsapp as it provides excessive ease of chatting and it is user friendly too. It has lots and lots of features which are not provided by any other social media application. It can be operated with less usage of data pack and gives you the best experience of chatting with your friends. It provides the facility of free calling to anyone having whatsapp. it is the best app for the android users and a must in every smart phone.

Symbols Status Whatsapp

Over the year it was introduced to people many changes have been occurred in it. it can be its theme or features but each time it comes up with something new and exciting and it is also appreciated by people. With the amazing feature of sharing media like picture and videos it has become the favorite app of many people. But is should be keep on updating from time to time as people are taking it as a reference to know that what people are up to.

The status of whatsapp should be keeps on updating from time to time. And with the changing environment the style of writing status on whatsapp has also been changed. People are preferring emoticons more to form their whatsapp status as it looks more cool and creative at the same time.

But if you are still not aware of this facility then don’t worry we are here to answer all your questions. If you are not able to form any status using the cool emoticons then we have lined up all kind of Symbols Status Whatsapp according to different moods and feelings. It you are willing to put a symbol status then you must check this out.

1). Funny Symbols Status Whatsapp

When you are in a great mood you want everyone around you to be happy too. It is well said that happiness is increased by sharing and sadness is decreased by sharing. So when you are feeling so much funny about something then why not put a smile on other’s face, that too without saying anything. Yes, whatsapp is a place where your status will say everything for you and that too without using any words. You can use the cute funny emoticons provided by the whatsapp to express that you are in a fun mood and you want everyone to join with you. These emoticons are so funny that anyone can understand that you are chilling and having fun.

2). Romantic Symbols Status Whatsapp

Romance warms up even the chilling weather of December. It warm up the heart of the love birds and fill more and more passion in lover’s life. It increases the craziness for each other and helps in melting the ice and let the two people come closer. Romance is the most basic and essential ingredient of love without which love seems to be fading away. Now you can dedicate some romantic status on whatsapp for your love in a code language. This language will not use words but would say everything you want. Yes, now you can use the emoticons to express your romance to your partner. No long lines or dialogues are required anymore. Feel the essence of romance in a new language and let your partner blush while thinking of you.

3). Angry Symbols Status Whatsapp

People are often more angry with those whom they love the most. And this anger gets increased when your loved ones do not even come to know that you are angry with them. You feel like you have been ignored by them. But when you are seriously angry on some kind of things and it is being unnoticed then you should let the person know that yes it is actually your fault and you should correct it. For this you can take the help of whatsapp. You can put a status on whatsapp taking help of the emoticons. By the emoticons it can be depicted that you are not too much angry but want someone’s attention for sure. In such situation emoticons are the best way to express your anger that too in a sweet way.

4). Sad symbol status for whatsapp

By the time you are sad because of some sort of reason, you should never think that it is the end of the world for you. as happiness is not permanent in one’s life sadness is also not permanent. So whenever you feel sad you should move out and talk a lot to your friends. This will surely make up your mood for good. Use the whatsapp emoticons to put Symbols Status Whatsapp. By this you would not have to write any sort of dialogues or any other things. By using emoticons it would look more effective and there will be at least a single friend in your friend list who will stop by to ask that whether everything is alright with you or not.

5). Crazy Symbols Status Whatsapp

When you feel crazy you feel like a different adrenaline rush in your body and it is like jumping high and shouting at the top of your voice. Craziness is like a drug when you feel it for the first time you feel like being in the same feeling forever. You feel like climbing on the top most point and shouting at the top of your voice that you are the happiest and craziest person alive on this planet. And finally your this passion is seen by everyone on social media. And when it is about social media you can not forget whatsapp for sure. And for the crazy statuses one should always go for the Symbols Status Whatsapp. This is the best way to show off your crazy side to the world.

6). Sleepy Symbols Status Whatsapp

When you are feeling lazy or sleepy then you prefer that nobody disturbs you by any sort of texts or call. This usually happens when you are so much tired and do not want anybody’s presence around you. so you prefer to put a status on whatsapp about it so that nobody can disturb you in your relaxing hours and for this Symbols Status Whatsapp are the best way to tell that you are feeling sleepy and in no mood to get disturbed by anyone. Emoticons can be used for this as they say it all without use of any words.

7). Busy Symbols Status Whatsapp

Business meetings, friends get together and family functions are always the kind of things which keeps you busy from morning to evening and you do not want to miss any important text at this time. But you have no option but to miss them. So for this you can inform your friends by the help of whatsapp that you are busy somewhere and can’t take urgent calls or texts. For this you can use the Symbols Status Whatsapp using emoticons so that you do not have to waste time in writing anything. Even a single emoticon will be enough to tell that you are busy somewhere.

8). Exam Symbols Status Whatsapp

Examinations always come hand in hand with lots of other problems. They bring other tragic things too like stress, worry, tension and sometimes headaches too. So you should always be calm and composed while dealing with your examinations. For this keep your smart phone and social media accounts sideways and keep yourself completely focused on your exams only. For this you can use Symbols Status Whatsapp to tell everyone that you are having your examinations and you are having no time to talk to anyone. You should use the emoticons for these purposes which are related to the exams. This will clearly depict that you are hell busy in your exams and have no time for any other things.

9). In love Symbols Status Whatsapp

Love is all about creating small moments of care and emotions between the two people. It is all about keeping someone else’s wishes before you and making them your priority. You start dedicating many other things to them apart from your time. You start caring for them the most even more than yourself. Sometimes this love and its passion increases this much that it starts showing in your status on your social media accounts. Especially on whatsapp, you start updating romantic statuses. For this you can use emoticons as your loving whatsapp status. This will not reveal everything and you can dedicate it too.

10). Story Symbols Status Whatsapp

Sometimes it happens that you want to write a big status on whatsapp but its word limit always controls your thoughts. And you are not able to write the full length of your status. It can be a short story, thoughts or jokes but the word limit does not allow writing it. so for this you can take help of the Symbols Status Whatsapp. You can use the emoticons to form a story and by this you can write your story in fewer characters which is allowed in the word limit of whatsapp status. These emoticons are large in variety and easy to understand and you can form your status easily by taking help of them.