165 Would You Rather Questions for Guys

Would You Rather Questions for Guys [2022 Updated]: To let the relationship and friendship stay warm and fine, it is important to keep each other involved in it. The moment one will feel bored of it, it will be the moment it can be acquired with the clouds of separation.

would you rather questions for guy

To not let these things happen with you, I am here to create some moments of craziness which will let you people connected to each other again.

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100+ Would You Rather Questions for Guys: 2022 Edition

Here are 100+ best would you rather questions to ask a guy. These amazing questions will keep him entertained and will keep you amazed with his replies.

1). Would you rather kick someone and get kicked back or lick someone and licked back?

2). Would you rather caught getting hooked or watch someone special getting hooked with someone else?

This can be a bit weird to ask. But such questions for would you rather game are totally insane. If you guys are totally comfortable with each other then there is no need to think twice while asking this.

3). Would you rather kiss a shark or being kissed by a walrus?

4). Would you rather be a sofa which is used by everyone or be a television used for watching only porn?

5). Would you rather have a sex change operation or become a gay?

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6). Would you rather be lived only by true love or only by sex?

7). Would you rather save your mother or yourself while trapped in a tragedy?

8). Would you rather kill your friends for your love or kill your love for your friends?

9). Would you rather live with one person or never find true love ever?

10). Would you let your crush date with your dearest friend or with your ex?

11). Would you rather go directly for the sex or have a dinner before it on a date?

12). Would you rather go for different sex positions and not get satisfied or stick by one to get satisfied always?

13). Would you rather say yes to gay marriage or to lesbian marriage?

14). Would you rather choose your friends for an exotic trip or your partner?

Now this can be pretty interesting to ask such would you rather questions for guys). If he would be wise enough then he would not want to create a mess between you two. But you should respect his decision while he is choosing his friends.

15). Would you rather choose Emma Watson or Angelina Jolie to get a date with?

16). Would you rather let your daughter be a lesbian or your son be a gay?

17). Would you rather find out you are suffering from AIDS or your partner suffering from AIDS you had sex with?

18). Would you rather get hit by your partner or being cheated on?

19). Would you rather have money but no control or control but no money?

20). Would you rather have sex without protection or kill your mood if you have no protection?

21). Would you rather be killed by someone in a conspiracy and get famous or die in your sleep?

22). Would you rather have a bad odor or a bad mouth smell?

23). Would you rather go for bungee jumping or paragliding with your partner?

24). Would you rather get died before your family or after them?

25). Would you rather date someone elder and richer than you or poor but younger than you?

26). Would you rather hurry for the sex or wait to know her well in a relationship?

27). Would you rather go for making out love or have harsh sex?

28). Would you rather date a shy girl or a girl so much loud?

Such would you rather questions for guys are totally worth asking. You can get to know his choices about the girls. And then you can decide that whether you guys can end up being together or not?

29). Would you rather go for a bottle of beer or a shot of vodka in a party?

30). Would you rather date a girl with big boobs or a girl with big butt?

31). Would you rather be a dinosaur or a whale?

32). Would you rather date a girl shorter than you or taller than you?

33). Would you rather go for a quickie in washroom or would wait until you find a right place?

34). Would you rather be a horse that can fly or a fish that can walk?

35). Would you rather be an animal or an insect?

36). Would you rather eat raw meat or drink animal blood?

These are a bit of gross would you rather questions for guys. They are like totally a mess and dirty. But it is fun to get a reply on these types of questions.

37). Would you rather insult someone you hate or let it be?

38). Would you rather date a hippopotamus or a seal?

39). Would you rather live on North Pole or in a desert?

40). Would you rather kill someone in self defense or would wait for the police to take right action?

41). Would you rather be a lawyer who ever defeated or a doctor who never failed in an operation?

42). Would you rather let your daughter be a gangster or let your son be a belle dancer?

43). Would you rather kill you out of frustration or would hurt someone else?

44). Would you rather stay virgin until your marriage or would enjoy the sex before it?

45). Would you rather accept your mom to be a lesbian or your father to be a gay?

46). Would you rather date a punk girl or a pretty chick?

47). Would you rather insult your family member in front of your friends or your friend in front of your family members?

Such are a bit of tricky would you rather questions for guys. He will be pretty confused that what to answer. But his answer will surely create some moment of craziness for you.

48). Would you rather wear different shoes in both legs or would exchange left shoe from right?

49). Would you rather be fat for the lifetime or cannot have sex for the life time?

50). Would you rather be caught farting in front of your in laws or in front of your boss?

51). Would you rather let your nose grow every time you lie or your ears?

52). Would you rather own a bungalow on an island or a tiny apartment in the coolest neighborhood?

53). Would you rather be cool but poor or rich but psycho?

54). Would you rather eat a plate full of cheese or a plate full of nutella?

55). Would you rather be energetic but alone or boredom but full of people around you?

56). Would you rather date Megan Fox with bald looks or Katy Perry with no makeup?

These are totally crazy kind would you rather questions for guys. He would think twice before answering you on such questions. Well, whichever way he goes he’ll be totally trapped.

57). Would you rather be a great sportsperson or a great actor?

58). Would you rather earn more money by wrong things or less money by right things?

59). Would you rather let your children go to jail for something wrong or would hide their mistake?

60). Would you rather leave your wife for cheating or give her another chance?

61). Would you rather live by no nails on your fingers or no teeth in your mouth?

62). Would you rather live without hand fingers or toe fingers?

63). Would you rather have ten kids or no kids at all?

64). Would you rather live underwater or in the air?

65). Would you rather keep a unicorn as captive or a sea mermaid?

66). Would you rather date a Disney princess or Disney vamps?

67). Would you rather replace your life with best friend’s life or with your partner’s life?

68). Would you rather die with no recognition or get famous for something bad?

Such would you rather questions for guys are totally crazy). It can also be a way to know his intentions about getting well known in the world.

69). Would you rather live in a junkyard or in a garbage bin?

70). Would you rather be the fastest on earth or the smartest on earth?

71). Would you rather win a gold medal in wrestling or in chess?

72). Would you rather be clever and alone or dumb and surrounded by people?

73). Would you rather go blind by one eye or deaf by one ear?

74). Would you rather have good looks but bad physique or good physique but bad looks?

75). Would you rather go for grey hairs but perfect body or perfect face but lean body?

Such would you rather questions for guys are the eye opener. It can let you know that how much the outer appearance matters for him. it would be much better if you keep it as a joke only.

76). Would you rather earn less by the job you love or earn more by the job you hate?

77). Would you rather be a boss with worst employees or an employee with the best boss?

78). Would you rather risk your life for one million dollars or would e satisfied with thousand dollars?

79). Would you rather constantly rub your back or constantly picking your nose?

80). Would you rather be possessed by some evil spirit or want to become one?

81). Would you rather eat raw green chilly or raw garlic?

82). Would you rather live forever in water or in glaciers?

83). Would you rather answer all the questions for the lifetime or would only ask questions for the lifetime?

These are the fun kind of would you rather questions for guys. His answer would surely change many things for him. And you can take advantage for either of the answer.

84). Would you rather be captive for million dollar ransom or would be willing to be murdered to save the money?

85). Would you rather know all the art forms a bit or would master a single art form?

86). Would you rather share a room with an aggressive criminal or with a pig?

87). Would you rather be murdered by an explosive or by a gun shot?

88). Would you rather see Jesus and never feel his presence then or would feel his presence always but never see him?

89). Would you rather be hijacked in a plane or would be a victim of a plane crash?

90). Would you rather be killed by a tornado or by a Tsunami?

91). Would you rather bear a constant pain in your hands or constant pain in your legs?

92). Would you rather lose the sense of smell or would smell everything bad?

93). Would you rather be color blind or unable to see at night?

94). Would you rather pick free internet for the lifetime or free calling for the lifetime?

95). Would you rather be dyslexic or autistic?

Such would you rather questions for guys can be the one to know his mindset. It would reveal his choice of difficulties in his life). It is also the eye opener to cop up with such problems too.

96). Would you rather play a single tone for the lifetime or cannot play any music ever?

97). Would you rather choose a beach among mountains or a mountain among some beaches?

98). Would you rather save your friend who is the culprit or the random person who is totally innocent?

99). Would you rather break your friendship for love or would break up from love for your friendship?

100). Would you rather live with only gadgets forever or with only humans forever?

101). Would you rather be an orphan or an adopted child with bad parents?

102). Would you rather die after your love or before them?

These are bit of romantic would you rather questions for guys). His answer can change many things for you.

103). Would you rather live in a room for a year or would live in a jail for 6 months?

104). Would you rather go without drinking for whole day or without eating for whole day?

105). Would you rather slap someone you love or being slapped by someone you hate?

106). Would you rather be a submissive or a dominant?

107). Would you rather have only your mother with you or only your father with you?

108). Would you rather betray some random person for money or would divide it in half?

109). Would you rather bath with hot shower in summer or cold shower in winter?

110). Would you rather smell someone’s armpit or smell its fart?

111). Would you rather have hiccups forever or burps forever?

112). Would you rather eat meat being a vegetarian or would drink being a non alcoholic?

113). Would you rather be a mind reader or a heart reader?

114). Would you rather ride a car to travel or a bike?

115). Would you rather go for underwater diving or mountaineering for adventure?

Such would you rather questions for guys are just the propensity of knowing his habits. He should be adventurous enough to rock the life and not a boring lad.

116). Would you rather kill someone for money or being killed by someone for money?

117). Would you rather learn multiple languages or would learn multiple art forms?

118). Would you rather wear pajamas on funeral or suit on a pajama party?

119). Would you rather only survive on spinach juice or on raw meat?

120). Would you rather only move forward or only move backward in your life?

121). Would you rather live for eternity without your partner or would die early with her?

122). Would you rather be without bones or without muscles?

123). Would you rather have headphones on your ears 24 hours or goggle on your eyes 24 hours?

124). Would you rather have a constant headache or constant back pain?

125). Would you rather live a long life with no money or short life with lots of money?

This is yet another type of deep would you rather questions for guys. These are meant to know the way he thinks.

126). Would you rather say your heart out or never get to speak ever again?

127). Would you rather be able to only read not write but only write not read?

128). Would you rather be lost in mountains or stuck in office forever?

129). Would you rather time travel in past or stuck in future forever?

130). Would you rather drink for the whole day without peeing or eat without going to loo?

131). Would you rather have sex only once in your lifetime or have sex on a daily basis?

132). Would you rather have sex on your roof top or in a desert?

133). Would you rather have great sense of humor or great looks but no sense of humor?

134). Would you rather be bald with facial hair or can never have facial hairs ever again?

135). Would you rather wear a push-up bra or 7 inch heels for a whole day?

136). Would you rather drink a bottle of bitter guard juice or a bottle of spoilt milk?

137). Would you rather never have kids or never have sex?

138). Would you rather be lonely or around animals forever?

139). Would you rather have a sex change operation or would become a gay?

140). Would you rather send an embarrassing email or would send an embarrassing letter to your lover?

141). Would you rather be a king with no throne or a commoner with so much respect?

142). Would you rather laugh without any teeth or cry without any tears?

143). Would you rather be kissing a frog or licking a rhino?

These types of funny would you rather questions are totally just for sharing a laugh.

144). Would you rather give up internet connection or would give up smart phone for a day?

145). Would you rather win an iPhone or would win a trip to somewhere?

146). Would you rather be looking scary but lovable or looking terrific but ignored?

147). Would you rather have cookies for lifetime or French fries for lifetime?

148). Would you rather have strong knuckles or strong elbows?

149). Would you rather give up your Instagram account or your WhatsApp?

150). Would you rather be loved by a celebrity or hated by a person you love?

151). Would you rather do hard work to get rich and live a good lifestyle or do only 9 – 6 job and live a normal life?

152). Would you rather take a risk to become entrepreneur and full fill your dreams or do job in a company?

153). Would you rather travel to different countries or spend whole life in single country?

154). Would you rather live a poor girl who loves you or a rich girl who don’t love you?

155). Would you rather spend your weekend with your family or friends?

156). Would you rather watch porn movie with a girlfriend or a movie with family?

157). Would you rather travel solo or wait your friends to come with you?

158). Would you rather write a book or sing a song?

159). Would you rather save yourself or your love if you have got in trouble and you can save yourself or your love?

160). Would you rather go to past or future if you got chance?

161). Would you rather full fill you wish or help others if you get hell lot of money without doing nothing?

162). Would you rather save someone life or let die?

163). Would you rather make out with your girl or sex with a stranger?

164). Would you rather spend your day reading book or travelling to another city?

165). Would you rather be a part of game show or dating show?

165). Would you rather try new places to have sex or bed only?


These amazing would you rather questions will leave you shocked with his choices. This is the best way to know him in a better way. Such questions are the mirror of his actual reflection. If you are not able to make out that what kind of person he is then you should surely go for them.

Such would you rather questions for guys are totally worth giving a try. Now it is your turn to keep calm and wait for his weird replies.

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