144 Cute Instagram Bios & Bio Ideas for Girls and Boys

Cute Instagram Bios: Everyone from every age is getting the fever of social media and the Instagram to share their photos and bios to get more and more followers.

To those who want to update their bios with some cute bios for Instagram, this article is perfect for them.

If you are the one who gets bored of Facebook and planning to move to Instagram, then you will find a great help through these Instagram bios.

Instagram has millions of users, and everyone wants a different type of bio from different categories, this article here is about Instagram cute bios where you will also be able to find cute Instagram bios for couples.

144 Cute Instagram bios & Bio Ideas

Cute Instagram Bios

So read out my article and get these cute Instagram bios to attract hundreds of followers to join you.  These bios are always eye-catching because these are all new Instagram bio quotes that sound cute.

1). I need you to pick me up today, tomorrow and every day.

2). When you are with me, it feels better.

3). Every morning is bright when you are beside me.

4). I am the happiest person when my crush is my girlfriend.

5). It’s you that makes me feel better.

6). You and I together mean a wonderful day ahead.

7). I have just noticed that I am getting better and better and it’s you.

8). I can’t stop thinking about you.

9). This life seems heaven with you.

10). You make me feel smile every moment

11). Things get better from worse.

12). Keep looking my profile, I know you miss me.

13). Get some dinner and wine and let the love arise.

14). You are my moon and stars.

15). The night is amazing as I have you.

16). Cheers to fall in love with you.

17). I am celebrating my days since you are with me.

18). Let’s take our love forward to next year.

19). You need to make a wish on this birthday, I already have mine.

20). When we are together, it’s like cupcake and frosting.

21). I love to have as my distraction.

22). We were to be in love.

23). I love it when I’m the reason of you mile.

24). I fall in love with you again and again, and I don’t know how to stop doing that.

25). Every time my phone vibrates, I think of you.

26). When you are not with me, I feel like I have a lack of vitamins.

27). If there is not “us” it’s only fabulo.

28). Every Time I have a look at my Insta pictures, I fell in love with my beauty.

29). Sometimes I feel like I am a stranger to me and I Don’t talk to strangers.

Pick up your favorite one from these cute bio ideas.

30). I don’t have a life now, but I have Instagram.

31). I am so cute because I was born younger.

32). It’s not the attitude, it’s my cuteness.

33). I do yoga for hours just to look cute.

34). I am so lucky to be this much cute.

35). When I wear my specs, I look damn cute.

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36). Men don’t need to mention my weight, I measure it every second week.

37). If you think that I am chubby, you are wrong because I am cute.

38). When it comes to creativity, just look at me.

39). I always smile like I always breathe.

40). It is the fact that I am always right.

41). According to the science, I was born to be cute.

42). My every photo with a Hashtag is always cute.

43). Anyone can be handsome but not cute every time.

44). I love three things in my life: eating breakfast, eating lunch, and eating dinner.

The cute Instagram bio ideas are ready for you to be on your Insta profile.

45). I am cute and take it as my last bio ever.

46). When you lost your happiness, don’t go that place again.

47). Don’t get angry when someone talks behind your back, but be happy that you are in the front for them.

48). Time is for wasting, either by sleeping or looking cute

49). Patience is not everything, sometimes you need cuteness.

50). Only cute ladies, please.

51). I really wish there would be an option of Ctrl+Z in my life.

52). I don’t get angry because I am busy on improving me.

53). You can’t be loved by any women in the world; it’s me who is enduring you like a baby.

54). I can’t resist being cute.

In my list of cute bios for Instagram, there are several so make then your choice today.

55). Sometimes I go shopping and feel like everything is way more expensive or I am getting poor.

56). When life is going wrong, take the right turn.

57). Beauty is everywhere, just take this blindfold away.

58). If you are for an updated bio, here it is.

59). I love summers because it brings rain.

60). My choice is getting better since when I left my ex.

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61). Hey, I know Karate, so think twice before messing with me.

62). Instead of spying on me, do something useful to you.

63). I don’t buy a wardrobe because I don’t have a place for it.

64). I am not boring because I’m not like the rest.

65). Losing weight is my only aim.

If you want some cute quotes for bios, the list is a collection about all of them.

66). We are all going to die one day, but I want to die slimmer.

67). When I don’t want to pay for my drinks, I talk cutely, and they think I am a baby.

68). I wear glasses, and that makes me cute.

69). You should live all 365 days and dreams.

70). Due to this intense fog everywhere, my brain is malfunctioning.

Pick up these cute Instagram bios and let make new followers.

71). Hey, are you looking for my cute photographs, then just click the follow button.

72). People are dealing with important issues like studies, exams, global warming and I can’t figure out how to wake up before 11 am.

73). I am cute because I am silent.

74). I have not seen any cute person like me before.

75). This day is like the most wonderful ever.

76). To check the destination, you only need to take the first step.

77). You dislike something, avoid caring about it.

78). There is no one on this planet who can get bored of my cuteness.

79). Cherish your moments with me, and you will remember those even after being a ghost.

80). Money is just numbers, but these numbers own the happiness.

Share your idea of being cute though these cute Instagram bios.

81). Checking if you are eligible to follow or not……….congrats you can follow me.

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82). All I need is a bag full of cash and my best friends.

83). Stop judging everyone and live a happier life.

84). Nowadays people are only for their values in others’ eyes, but I have no one because of my specs.

85). If I am your friend, there is no chance you can feel boredom.

86). I am not a rabbit, I am not a puppy, I am just cute, and that is the word you need to say to me.

87). Be humble and stay cute. If you are cute, you really want these cute Instagram bios.

88). Only extraordinary people like me can see the things differently.

89). All that matters in the end, is how your presence makes others feel?

90). God made angels, and he made them cute like me.

91). If you are searching for a cute person, you can’t find anyone cuter than me to follow.

92). You make my life better, so I don’t want to sleep and dream.

93). The most adorable person on the planet is you are viewing right now.

Say it that you are cute by selecting your fav from these cute Instagram bios.

94). Follow me and let’s be friends, befriend and explore more in this world.

95). Only fortunate ones can follow me here.

96). You should really follow this cute person.

97). I am just bored of listening how marvelous, tremendous, and fabulous you are, let’s focus on style cute.

98). When people are cute, they can cut any difficulty only by their adoring looks.

99). If you feel lost, then don’t worry, follow me and let me follow you.

100). I always respond, so when you follow me, take it in return.

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101). The happiest moment when someone like you follow me.

102). You want to keep smiling, then following me is the best way to do it.

103). If the waiting is for you, I’ll be more than happy to wait for you.

104). Being cute means your heart is sweet and that’s why I am feeling diabetic.

These cute Instagram bios are for cute persons like you.

105). When you are pretty with a smart brain, you are eligible to be cute.

106). I will end up this Insta journey on the day of my being ghost process.

107). I love it when you are about to follow me.

108). I don’t lie, and I really want you to follow me.

109). Don’t get jealous of me, I’m cute, so let’s be friends.

110). Keep me in your following list and share the cuteness together.

111). You feel like we should be connected, then there is a follow button.

Motivate others to be your followers just by picking up these cute things to put in your Instagram bio.

112). I don’t practice being cute, I am born cute.

113). No bio to read until you follow me.

114). It’s too hot out there, but it can’t ruin my cuteness.

115). There is no bio, but I am cute enough to make you follow me.

116). I have nothing to fill the space.

117). I don’t feel normal to write an Insta profile.

118). You can follow me happily and get benefits of viewing my photos.

119). I am available to be followed only by this night.

120). I am not just cute but sweet enough, so you can follow me.

Take this cute short bio for Instagram and let others know your cuteness.

121). I love pizza and pizza love me.

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122). I always try being myself.

123). I look childish in selfies, but I am serious for you.

124). I don’t know who you are, but you can still follow me.

125). Be on Instagram and follow me.

126). I need you so when I fail you give me a hand not to pick me up but to get down with me.

127). I am a truthful person because I believe in truth and the truth is I am very much cute that even bunnies are jealous of me.

128). I love shopping every day but with my own money.

Share your love for shopping and add more followers by this cute bio for Instagram.

129). You want to excel something then learn to enjoy it in every way.

130). If you want to climb, then no heights can stop you.

131). I don’t want a princess’s crown but wings to fly and see this world.

132). You are a person until you watch my profile, but you are the nice one the moment you follow me.

133). This girl is too cute among all the Insta profiles.

Let you get more followers by these Instagram bio quotes.

134). By focusing on your mistakes, you automatically set the path to victory.

135). For my good looks, my hairs are enough, I don’t need heels really.

136). I love my Smokey eyes and that cuteness that is always there with me.

137). I am addicted to shopping sites; sometimes I think like hack all these.

138). I have the power to turn my can’t into the can.

139). I am cute doesn’t mean I am easy to get.

140). I am colorful in this black and white world.

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141). I live in forgetfulness because I know how much it comforts me.

Show yourself as a nice person through these cute short Instagram bios.

142). I wear great combinations every day, but it still makes me cute.

143). If you wear white and there is rain, it’s better to not show your love for the rain.

It is a perfect one in the rainy days among all best quotes for Insta bio.

144). When I have shirts to wear, I feel awesome.


Everyone wants Instagram bios for different purposes and if your purpose is cute then this edition of cute Instagram bios is just for you.

Here are loads of Instagram quotes and bio ideas, choose which one you like mist for your profile bios and set at your Insta profile like all the Instagram users having fantastic bios.

keep visiting CrazyAsk to get latest cute Instagram bios and don’t forget to share with your followers and fans.

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