15 Really Dirty Things to do In Bed for 2022 [New]

Feeling bored with the same routine and same love life with your partner and looking for really dirty things to do in bed in 2022? Here is a list of new things to try in bed that will take your sex life at next level.

These really dirty things to do in bed are going to change things up in your life from now on. After reading things below, you would surely wonder that why did not you came up with them a bit earlier? But as they say, it is never too late. So, do not make it more lately and try them out ASAP.

Really Dirty Things to do In Bed: 2022 Edition

Dirty Things to do In Bed

1). No Touching

Well, this is not something you are thinking it is. By no touching, I mean you cannot touch your partner with hands. But, you have other things to take the opportunity too. Like, come on and don’t tell me you know nothing about it. You have this perfect idea to use your tongue all around the body.

This is like the most really freaky sexual things to do in bed. Don’t utter a word and don’t touch them at all. This would be even sexier if a girl would do it to her guy.

This is like a dream come true for a guy. To add some more fun and dirtiness in this game, you can even restrict the body parts that can be touched.

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2). Handcuffs for Restraint

Handcuffs for Restraint

This is like the tried and tested formula for trying out the really dirty things to do in bed. Can you imagine the burning hot body of your guy when you have handcuffed him and riding on him like a real slut? I mean this is more than an adult movie with a superb rating.

This is like charging a volcano so high with temperature that it can burst out any minute. Your guy is going to be helpless and would be dying to touch you and hold you all over.

The same can be applied to the girls as well. They are no less horny than guys. Handcuff her and touch her all over and she would be twice wild than ever.

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3). Ditch the Bed

sex in car

We are talking about really dirty things to do in bed and you seem to be thinking that why I am asking you to ditch the bed here. Well, this is not the same what you are thinking here. Actually, I am asking you to ditch your regular bed and go for something else.

This can be the couch in your home or a bedroom that has not been used from a really long time. Sticking to the same bed every night can be really frustrating.

The best idea is to hire a hotel in your own city. The ambience would be totally different and you will feel really different out there.

4). Enjoy the Dark

Of course you are going to switch off or dim the lights while doing it. But I am asking you to go a step higher and do something unconventional here. Among all the tips for really freaky things to do in bed, I guess this is the best one.

You are supposed to make your partner blindfold in this experiment. This not only make the whole sex thing a whole adventure but makes each move more powerful too.

Your partner gets no idea that what you are going to next and thus it makes even the normal things a bit of more exciting. I am really sure this is going to add more fun in the regular things.

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5). A Little Turn On

girl in sexy lingerie

This step in really dirty things to do in bed is especially for girls only. There is no denying in this fact that girls can seduce a guy in a way that he becomes uncontrollable. From the clothing to make up to facial expressions, each thing increase the temperature slowly and steadily.

Nothing can calm a man seeing his girl all dressed up in a sexy lingerie. This is what this move is all about.

You are supposed to dress up in your best lingerie, put some red hot lipstick and keep the hairs wet. I don’t think you need anything else to arouse your man. Get ready to have the best and dirtiest night ever after this.

6). Dirty Moves

dirty dancing

Make them dance to your tunes is something which no partner can deny in bedroom. The dim lights, the lesser piece of clothing and dirtiest expressions on is the perfect recipe of a hot and dirty dancing. You don’t need a professional dancing for trying out such freaky sexually things to do in bed.

You guys can even try out the pole dancing too but that can be a bit of tricky too. I would rather suggest you to go for some slow dance numbers.

Keep the fragranced candles lit and lights dim. Keep on saying some dirty things to each other to keep the temperature high enough. After this setting I don’t think you guys would be able to wait a second to pounce on each other.

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7). Words of Wisdom

We are talking about some real deal here and this is not exactly like it sounds. By the words of wisdom we are referring some really dirty phrases here. I don’t think anything more than this can be really dirty things to do in bed.

Now what you need is an excellent timing to strike with these dirty talks.

For guys, start talking about how soft her lips are and how sexy her waist is. And for girls, you can talk about how macho his hands are and how you are longing to rip apart his clothes off his body. To have the best sex, it is important to have the best set up for it.

8). Dare to Explore

Sex Positions

This is the time to do something which you have not done before. Nothing can be dirtier than this among all the really dirty stuff to do in bed. If you guys have not gone for anal sex till now then I guess this is the time to try that out.

Apart from that, you can try out new sex positions too. This is about making the regular things interesting than before.

You guys can also try out some elements of BDSM. They are dirty as hell and some new experiment are going to take your sex life to a whole new level.

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9). Get Hungry for Each Other

dirty things to do in bed

It is the time to celebrate Thanksgiving in a whole new way like never before. We all know thanksgiving is all about eating and eating. And you are supposed to do the same here. Use the eateries to make the sex not only dirty but tastier too.

Get some chocolate sauce and pour it on her belly and now lick it off. You can also use stuffs like vanilla Cream, ice cubes and whatever you want.

This is indeed one of the really dirty things to do in bed. Girls, you can also try out something here. Get a chocolate and go for some chocolate smooch. Keep it long and taste the chocolate like never before.

10). Some Props


Using some props in sex is never a bad idea. Why to keep everything plain and regular when you can have fun with the normal things. Really dirty things to do in bed can be done easily with the help of a creative mind only.

Go for a vibrator and arouse your partner like hell, but make sure that you do not ride on them immediately.

Let this dirty session go on for a while and let them crave for you. You can also use different other props too like hunters, handcuffs etc. All these are going to make things kinkier and sexier than ever between you two.

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11). Make them Beg

let him beg

Now, this is something where nobody cannot do anything. When you tie him badly to the bed and arouse him, he would be begging you to untie him. You can consider this low key BDSM too. All the really dirty things to do in bed are surrounded by this term loosely or tightly.

If you do not want to tie him then there is something else that you can do too. This is about letting the foreplay go on and on for really long.

Usually, people do not focus on foreplay that much. If you really want to try out something dirty then you must let the foreplay go on for long and let him beg to you for sex.

12). Take Control

There is nothing sexier and more confident than taking charges all by herself. You can turn things really dirty if you would take all the control by yourself and ride on him rather than letting him ride on you.

You can also go from behind him and hold his penis from behind only. Slowly tease him and touch him all over and it would be like among really dirty things to do in bed.

Guys really love it when their girl controls them on their fingertips in sex. If you people have not tried it before then it would be like experimenting and I am sure the results are going to be really amazing because of it.

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13). Role Playing

role play ideas

There is nothing more amazing than role playing in sex. If you have heard the term ‘kinky’ but never got what it means then try such really dirty things to do in bed and you will get it all by yourself. Just get to know about it more and more and you will come to know what exactly it is like.

Just go in depth in this thing and I am so sure you are going to try it every single night. And there is nothing like stopping in this thing.

This is going to make things dirtier than ever because it makes more involvement of you in the act. You would have to say each and everything which means twice the fun.

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14). Get Drunk

get drunk

Yes, you heard that right and I am surely talking about getting drunk. I know you are going to remember a little about it but I can also assure you that you are going to have the best sex ever in your life. Drinking booze helps you to lose yourself and do something which you have not done before.

To try out some really dirty things to do in bed, you get perfect confidence after getting super drunk. I would also suggest you that do not get too much of bummed up because it can affect your health a lot.

15). Some Toys Time

Sex Toys

After all the things, finally this one is going to make things super kinky all in just a single time. Sex toys are your way to go if you are so keen on trying out some amazing stuff and really dirty things to do in bed.

There are like hundreds of sex toys to pick from and you can even order them online too.

If you have watched fifty shades of grey then I guess you are not going to have any problem in trying out such things with your partner.

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I know more than anything else, you must have like these dirty things to do in bed with your boyfriend. They are sexy as hell and will make your man go crazy for you from now. Each night is going to that first one and each morning are going to be tired than the last one.

And we have some dirty things to do a girl in bed too, so don’t lose your hopes girl. I am taking care of both of you and I hope you are gonna thank me thousands time for this.

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