How to Lose Cheek Fat

Do you have chubby cheeks? Want to know how to lose cheek fat? If your answer is yes, then you are going to love this guide.

Let’s get started without any delay.

How to Lose Cheek Fat

Here are best ways to reduce the fat from the face. Losing cheek fat is not easy, but you can do with right remedies and proven methods. Once you use these strategies and methods, you will become more confident and get the slim face.You can get rid of facial fat with the help of Sugar-Free Chewing gum, Facial massage, and Face mask and Face exercise.

Let’s give you the secret of every remedy so you can choose your way to lose cheek fat.


Yoga For Cheek

Yoga is the best way to get rid of chubby cheeks.  Yoga has incredible power to make you calm and beautiful. In this special yoga, you need to blow air into your mouth and need to rotate left to right and right to left in your mouth. You can do this yoga whenever your day but morning is the best to do it.  You just need to do for the 2 minutes, and it will help you to reduce the cheek fat.

2).Face Mask

Mask of Egg Whites

The face mask does not only help you to lose cheek weight, but it also helps you to enhance your beauty.  There are several advantages of the face mask that’s why I will suggest you to use the face mask of the right brand. These benefits are tightening your muscle, massage and increase the blood flow. There are several kinds of the face mask available in the market, but organic clay mask is best.

3).Sugar-Free Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum

Do you love Chewing gum? Many people like to eat chewing gum, but they don’t know that it is one kind of exercise too.  Our face is one part of the body which needs better shape like other body parts. It is a muscle, and it gets shaped by doing an exercise. Chewing gum is one of the best ways to do an exercise. Even it helps you to look more young and beautiful.



Many doctors recommend facial massage if you ask them how to lose cheek fat. Getting a massage give the relief of your face muscles. There are several clinics available in the market because the professionals can only do it. Even it helps you to get rid of the black marks. Start working and make yourself more appealing.

5). Eat for the Good Face.

balanced diet

Gaining a quality diet can help you to lose weight and to look healthy. Start eating healthy. Protein is essential to get a youthful face. Make sure you eat grains and leafy greens to make your face beautiful. Always avoid Junk Food. Junk food has the lot of damaging carbohydrate which increases fat in your face.

6). Drink More Water

drink water

Drink as much water as you can. Staying hydrated is one of the best ways to reduce fat from your cheeks. Drinking water removes the toxic sales from your body. It improves your health and makes your body hydrated.


Doing an exercise can help you to lose the weight of the body. According to American College of sports medicine, if you do 250 minutes exercise in one week then it can ridiculously affect your face muscle.

Doing cardio is the easiest way to lose your calories and get the change that you need in your life. If you have little bit fat on your body then you can lose your cheek fat with overall weight. Start push ups and pull ups and you will start noticing the changes in your puffy cheeks.

If you are fit in case of body weight and fat, only cheek fat is the major concern for you then I will recommended doing facial exercises.

let’s move to the next section of how to lose cheek fat.

How to Reduce Cheek Fat with the Help of Facial Exercise?

There are several other things which can help you reduce your face fate. Facial Exercises are one of them. Once you start doing these facial exercise regularly, you will never ask how to lose cheek fat. These exercises are as follow.

1). Smiling Fish Face

fish face

Do you love to take selfies? Doing a fish face while capturing the selfie can be an exercise. Fish face exercise is almost similar to taking selfie picture. It is one of the most useful face exercises which you can try anytime during the day.

It helps in toning and speeding cheek muscles.  Just suck your cheeks and get back to normal position. You just need to hold at least five seconds to do an exercise.

2). Blow Balloon

blowing baloon

Do you remember your childhood days? When were you blowing Balloons with your friends?

You need to blow balloons again. It not only helps you to lose cheeks fat but it also helps you to lose neck fat. It is one of the widely use exercise to get rid of the cheek fat. Blowing balloon will stretch your muscle and increase the flow of the oxygen. In just a week you will start getting the results.

3).Closing Eyes

Closing Eyes

It is quite easy and better exercise to lose the cheek fat. Close your eyes. Use your cheeks to do that. While doing the exercise try to focus on your forehead and make sure you feel muscles.  The best way to do this exercise is holding for 10 seconds and then relaxing it. To get the best result out of exercise, you must do for at least ten times in a day.

4). Rotating Your Tongue

Rotating Tongue

Let’s rock and roll! It is one of the useful exercises to lose weight from the puffy cheeks. All you need to do is rotate tongue without opening your mouth.  If you want to get the best results, you must do it for the 20 minutes in a day.

5). Jaw Release

Jaw Release

Want to get rid of double chin? It is one of the best tips on how to lose cheek fat to get sexier jawline and become more beautiful. It shows best results if you do it in a right way. Even it helps your muscles in stretching and dealing the muscle around your lips, jaws, and puffy cheeks. You can start with sitting straight in the chair and moving your jaw.

When you start doing it, then you start getting the results out of it. Breathing in and out also helps you to get proper postures. The one more way you can jaw release is  Open your mouth when your tongue pressed within your bottom teeth. Repeat at least 10 times in a day to make it work faster.

6) Chin Raise to Lose Fat Cheeks

Chin Lifting

Chin raise exercise help you in several ways. It removes the fat from the cheeks, neck and the below of your chin.  It is one of the popular exercises to lose the double chin. In this exercise, all you need to hold your neck straight then raise neck upward. Next, try to kiss the ceilings and keep watching it for 5 to 10 seconds. You can do as many as you want in the day.

6). Pull Your Lips

Pull Your Lips

Do you know how to get rid of chubby cheeks?  Pulling your lips is one of the yoga exercises that we talk before. It is to practice and easy to change your face muscles. It is also used to look younger. It starts with sitting in the normal position.  Next, you need to lift your lower lips and need to push the lower jaw out. While doing the exercise, you will see the changes in your muscle.

It is easy to do exercise, and it gives better results if you do ten times in a day.

7). Stretch Your Face

Stretch face

It is also one of the finest exercises that you can.  You need to stretch your face with your hands. Hold it for the few minutes and then relax it. The position of your body and face place crucial role to get the best result.

Have anyone pulled your cheeks in your childhood? Remember how cute you were in your childhood. It’s time to become cuter now.

8). Tongue Teaser Exercise

Tongue Teaser Exercise

It is one of the useful exercises to get rid of face fat. It stretches your muscle, and you can relax it with the help of the flow of blood and oxygen. In this exercise, you have to wide and pull your tongue as much as you can. It is to hold, but you need to keep for only 20 seconds and repeat as much time as you can do.

9). Keep Smiling


You must keep smiling in your life. Start your day with the smiling face and changing your behaviour. It trims your cheek fat, and it is one of the famous exercises that you can do to get rid of cheek fat.

It is natural exercise and it is proven that smiling can change your ignorance towards the world. The more you stay healthy, the better you become.

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So That’s how to lose cheek fat. Is it not easy?

It seems easy but it is not. To reduce cheek fat, you need to do above exercises regularly. You don’t need to do all; you can choose them which you can do easily. But be regular if you seriously don’t want to ask again how to lose cheek fat.

I have shared comprehensive resource on how to lose cheek fat with best ways and useful facial exercises. Now, it’s your turn to start facial exercise, drinking more water and eating healthy food etc. to get rid of chubby cheeks.

Every tip you can use anytime and anywhere in the day.  It’s better if you do exercise more than once in a day. Every exercise is easy and effective. In just a week, you will start noticing the changes in your face.

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