How Much Do Nurses Make a Year

Here I am going to talk about nurse salary and how much do nurses make a year or a RN makes.

To get an idea of a RN salary, you have to look through several factors that are the location in which RN works, how much experience she has, how much degrees and certificates she has earned, etc.

It also depends on their job responsibilities, the more responsibly they work, the more they earn.

There are some other terms as nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners, these are all known as advanced practice registered nurses, and they earn somewhat more than a normal RN.

The term how much do nurses make a year, the salary always depends on the nursing skills and their increasing level of knowledge.

If you are a registered nurse, it is not just a designation but there are commitments that you have taken, and now you have to fulfill them using your specialized set of skills.

The career of a RN is not a normal thing that can be performed easily, and that’s the reason behind the high salaries.

You want to know how much do nurses make a year, then you should also know that there is a good salary hike for those who have just entered as the RN.

The more you willing to pursue your dream by earning certification and work experience, the more you are going to be a higher-paid employee.

So let’s know more about how much do nurses make a year and other important factors.

How Much Do Nurses Make a Year

How Much Do Nurses Make a Year

Let me start with no time.  Before we go in depth, let me share types of wages.

Types of wages

Hourly Wages

Hourly wages also depend on location, but normally it can fall anywhere from $30 to $45 hourly. These wages will be calculated using a RN’s education level, her experience in the related work field, her state of operation.

Other factors can be included like if she works overtime, other bonuses, incentives, etc. salary of RN’s also depends on the living state and it can be a huge difference like she earns closer to $54,500 annually, but in the other state, she can earn approx. $80,000 annually.

So there are several factors that you have to include to know exactly how much do nurses make a year.

There are registered nurses who also work as self-employed without attending any hospital work, and there are nurses who attend the hospital work and also the self-employed department. So this way, they earn more than the one who doesn’t work overtime.

It depends on the city because of the population, the more population a city h, the more cases registered nurses face and earn more. For example, New York and Los Angeles provide high wages because of the population and their cases.

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Part-Time Wages

To know how much do nurses make a year, you should also consider the registered nurses that only work part time. They earn less than the nurses who work as a full timer and the nurses who work for both hospital and self-employed.

These are some factors that one should consider while looking for how much do nurses make a year because the more cases they handle, the more money they manage to earn.

Also, there are rules that how much overtime should receive if she crosses working hours more than 40 hours per week as per the Fair Labor Standards.

There are several organizations that also pay some extra benefits like higher wages and medical insurances to the nurses who work full time which part timers don’t get.

Same as the medical insurance, there are other perks that part time nurses don’t receive as compared to full-time registered nurses they don’t work full time for the organization.

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Important Factors For Highest RN Salaries

It happens with every profession, the salary depends on several things. The major influence is the location because your salary depends on the population, so organizations residing in big cities offer more earnings than small organizations because they don’t attend that much patients a day.

Keep in mind, to get to know how much do nurses make a year; you have to focus on these factors. Any registered nurse can make more than his current earnings by relocating to the right place.

Like in the metropolitan areas, opportunities are huge, if you don’t want to work under anyone, then you can also open your personal clinic where you can serve as a RN and make more money.

In the United States, states like California and cities like New York, San Francisco, and San Jose are known for higher paying salaries for the registered nurses.

Here are some factors that meet when it comes to the salary of a RN.

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Salary by Location

The question how much do nurses make a year depends on the factor of location. As I mentioned above, the more people a city has, the more you are going to make because of more hospital cases.

The location is also responsible for living cost, food cost and others, so organizations in the big cities take care of all these expenses and decide accordingly.

So the more expensive a state is, the more salary you earn there to survive better. Areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York are one of the expensive cities, so they pay you more as compared to small cities.

This Thing totally makes sense because a nurse is also required to pay her debts for food, living, insurance, etc.

Some locations have high living costs but pay less than other states or cities as employees get attracted there because of the location. You need to decide if a good salary is important to you or a wonderful location like paradise to live and work.

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Salary by Education

Consider education as the main factor also to your question how much do nurses make a year. Education is the main thing that decides how much a nurse should be paid annually.

The more educated you are or the more certifications you have, the more you get paid. It is an important thing in the nursing field because a well-educated nurse can seriously make the mortality rate less.

When a patient gets care of a doctor who is expert in her field, he gets better quickly, and due to these outcomes, highly educated nurses make more than normally educated nurses.

This thing always motivates other registries to improve their certifications they can serve better and earn better. Your resume seems perfect when you take a break to pursue your education so you can take better care of your patients.

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RN Salary by Experience

It is an obvious thing that the more expert you are in your field, the more you are going to earn today, tomorrow and always. Time is a real factor because as time goes, you learn things and be an expert.

If you have a normal education or don’t have many certificates, but having experience in your field can make your salary higher than the nurses with no experience at all even if they have higher education levels.

Now you know how much do nurses make a year and how it depends on several things as I discussed here.

Experienced nurses also get extra bonuses and facilities that are just unknown to the new joinings even with more certificates.

Types of Career Paths for Registered Nurses (RN) and Their Earnings

It is the cool thing about the registered nursing that they can choose from multiple paths, so they enjoy specializing in their choice of field.

To know how much do nurses make a year, you should know that these multiple paths have different levels in terms of salary. So you can choose the most appealing field to you according to the job responsibilities and the income structure.

Here are some RN career paths, so learn and choose accordingly to know on how much do nurses make a year.

1). Family Nurse Practitioner

These are registered nurses who focus mainly on serving the families just like your family doctors do. They work for families, but under a physician as these RN needs supervision, so they work under their seniors.

These nurses can earn approx. $83,527 per year, to perform your use of FNP, you must have a special certification that makes you eligible for family practice, and normally you need a master degree in this field to serve as an FNP.

These registered nurses offer their services in a doctor’s office, at any clinic, in a hospital, etc. their work does not require attending for several hours, and they function almost same as the doctor.

2). Certified Nurse Midwife

You are eager to know how much do nurses make a year in this category, then let me tell you it seems the greatest choice to anyone who wants to make her career as a RN.

Their specialty is to take care of the patient or the woman during their pregnancy or for the rest of her life same as its name implies.

These CNM normally earn more than FNP as their work is more than the practitioner and includes some serious efforts.

Their work location can be in offices, clinics, or hospitals; they can also be recruited as private nurses for a particular patient.

3). Neonatal Nurse

These nurses work mainly in the field of newborns that are born with some defects like birth defects or with any malfunctioning in their bodies.

This one can be great for you if you have a love for newborn babies and want to take care of them. It is not also a good career option to become a registered nurse but also attracts because of the strong salary packages.

4). Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

As its name, this field can be your favorite one if you love to solve Psychiatric disorders in people or children.

These nurses earn a smaller salary of approx. $89,634 per year and work as a practitioner under supervision. So they learn all about psychiatric nursing before commanding on their own.

You will be required to hold a master’s degree in the field, and you work under your psychiatric physician and observe things that how to take care of patients with these disorders.

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5). Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

As it sounds from its name, the nurse who is specialized in the field of anesthesia known as CRNA. These are the highest paid nurses who work to provide a proper anesthesia to the patient in the operation room. The salary can be $133,000 per year as per the previous reports.

To allow you in this field, you need a proper education and a license from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

6). Gerontological Nurse Practitioner

Let’s get to know how much do nurses make a year in this field. Well, this one deals with the elder patients with diagnosing their illness according to symptoms and then prescribing them.

They also conduct required tests and exams to keep an eye on their improvements. They do this all under supervision because they serve as a practitioner.

If you serve as a Certified Gerontological Nurse Practitioner, you can earn an average of $95,070 a year or more.

7). Nurse Educator

If you don’t want to serve as a care takes to the patients, you can still join the nursing field as a nurse educator. As you can understand with the name, this nurse works and supports other nurses to achieve their goals by educating them for the particular purpose.

If you work in the field, you can earn $69,249 as your yearly salary, and all you have to do is facilitating training programs and help other employees working there, so it’s like retirement but still serving type position.

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Nurses are an essential part of the hospitals as they are needed to take care of the patients after the doctor has done.

There is a continuous demand for the registered nurses because of their expertness in their particular fields. They can be believed, so they are vital to the healthcare industry and because of their education and experiences.

I believe you have a good idea on how much do nurses make a year after reading out all these factors responsible for salary packages.

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