How To Play Hard To Get

Before getting to know about how to play hard to get, first know about playing hard. It is a technique to get a man around you all the time.

Though guys may get frustrated with this play hard situation, eventually they all enjoy it as being a challenging phase to get a woman.

If a woman plays hard, a man also enjoys her actions because it all feels like a challenge to him where he takes chances and plays in the way to get the woman as his girlfriend or partner.

A Woman always wants to know how to play hard to get, because this way she can be the most desired thing in a man’s eyes and she just enjoys the attention.

You can feel it anywhere and for example in the movies where it happens several times that a woman plays hard and the actor accepts every challenge to get the woman.

Men always love to fight for something, and they value the things that they achieve after a lot of trouble.

The concept of paying hard works in the same way because women love attention and men love accepting it and impressing women by their acts.

Here are some techniques on how to play hard to get a man around you all the time, just read these out and start your playing a hard game with your alpha male.

How to Play Hard To Get Him and Make Him Fall for You

How to Play Hard To Get

If you already know about the techniques on how to play hard to get him around, then you are lucky enough. But most of you don’t have any ideas or any tactics to get him crazy for you.

Playing hard is a boost up before sorting my relationship, but at the same time, it can also be a big turn off for a man. So there are certain tricks that you need to follow to get him in the right way.

If you are already playing the game of being hard around him then here are the ways by that you can give him signs that you are on the way to feel for him.

A guy may fight for you several times and in several ways but he may lose interest if he feels like throwing his heart in a wrong place.

If you’re facing the same situation then this is the time when you should make short affections in public with him so he can continue the fight for you.

So here you need to follow some steps on how to play hard to get him want you.

Steps to Playing Hard To Get Him and Score High In His Wish List

1). Give Him the Attention He Needs But Not Too Much

To get Ph.D. on how to play hard to get, you have to know how much attention is enough for him because you are not going to give all yourself to him.

You need to give him a small amount of attention that he feels fair while struggling for you. By giving him your attention, you hint him, so he won’t walk away from you and continue trying to get you.

Keep the attention in limit and don’t make it enough for him and make it like he always seeks for your concentration on him. But don’t keep it very low that he feels you don’t care about him because in this case, he can quit.

2). Make It Hard For Him to Get You and Also Put Your Efforts

He will always make an effort to get you, but it’s your responsibility to hint him time by time that you care and notice his actions.

So don’t make him always standing for you, but assure that you are providing an enough amount of effort, so he doesn’t feel exhausted.

Women, who are ready to know the tricks on how to play hard to get him, need to understand that making a little effort by your side will make him continue the process of chasing you.

It doesn’t need to be extreme, but a bit of attention around him can encourage him very much to get you in his life.

For example, you can make eye contact for a few seconds and then put it off; whenever he laughs at any joke, you can also give a smile at him.

3). Act Like You Are Busy In Other Stuff

You don’t need to make yourself always available for him, so you have to act like you are busy with your stuff.

You have to give him some attention but by being in your comfort zone and in a fixed limit because these are some facts that make “how to play hard to get” possible.

So always allow him to our efforts to prove you that he really deserves your time and accordingly set little meetings with him.

For example, if you two are in college and if he is really working hard for you, then you two can stand by a corner and give him a few minutes of your time to make this playing hard session going on.

Also, don’t forget to text him or call him back when you received his voicemails.

4). Show Him That You Are Happy Being Single

To make it natural looking, you have to indulge yourself in your daily stuff and some other activities that you enjoy doing. This step helps you keep going on with how to play hard to get him successfully.

It will hint him that you are happy in your life and it will make you hardly accessible to him. He will surely notice you because people notice when you live your life happily.

You don’t have to be engaged in reading all the time but hanging out with friends is also a better option to show him that you are hard to get.

Do other fun things that excite you and you will feel that “how to play hard to get” comes naturally.

Always try to meet new people, involve you with them when he is around, and take all these activities in your schedule to make yourself busy.

5). Don’t Be Easily Accessible

If he is calling you more and more, then you don’t have to answer him every time. Because your main motive is to make you less available for him so whenever he calls, wait for some missed calls and then attend.

Do same for the messages, if ever he asks you for going out then reply in the way like “I have got stuff to complete, I’ll let you know later.” It will show him that you are not easily accessible and it will enhance your value.

To learn how to play hard to get, all you have to do is not respond immediately but wait for a few minutes or hours.

6). Keep Him in Limits around You

Even if he is your crush and you want him to be around you doesn’t mean that he deserves to cross the limits with you.

You always should take care of your limits and don’t allow anyone to cross them. So stay slow with showing him your all sides and gradually keep up showing all your phases.

If he walks by your home, then open your window and talk to him but don’t allow him to cross that window and enter your room.

Same way set your limits for him for every factor if you want to make it right for how to play hard to get your guy. So when you set limits, the process of getting into a relationship gets so much fun.

7). Have Some Distance So He Can Keep Missing You

Relationships go strong and strong every day when you make the person missing you. It doesn’t mean that you set a permanent distance with him but keep only a few appearances in front of him.

You two want each other desperately but jumping into a relationship immediately is not any fun option. Also, it can take all the fun and excitement away with you can keep alive by maintaining a distance with your crush.

This trick is just perfect to learn “how to play hard to get” effectively because this way the other person feels how important you are for him by missing your presence.

So, if you are always there around him, he is not going to miss you, and he will not realize the importance of being near to you.

8). No Need to Get In A Relationship in A Blink

Continue your tricks of how to play hard to get for a few more times. It will give you the time to be sure if he is the one that you want in your life.

Don’t just throw yourself on him to be in a relationship, patience here is the key to be harder for him and let him make a few last efforts.

In these days, if you find him worthy then you can make your steps forward. Otherwise, it’s up to you to leave the field and don’t fall for him.

When you show him how hard you are to get, he is going to like you even more because for him you are the kind of girl every guy wants.

So it is going to give him an ego boost, and he will try harder to get you in his life.

9). Always Try To Encourage Him

While doing all the steps on how to play hard to get your crush, don’t forget to reward him with small presents. It will hint him that he is not wasting time and he is utilizing it properly.

These short presents mean you my offer him a kiss on cheeks, and eye contact that is really deep or walking streets holding hands.

It will give him a great encouragement to continue the way to you as his destination. You can also use something sweet to say like “I really like you” “it feels nice when you’re with me” or any honey covered lines.

When he drops you home, you can offer him a hug even if he isn’t expecting one from you. It will excite him to make more moves, and he will be ready to invest some more time in you.

10). Sex Can Wait Between You Two

Don’t just jump on that couch and start behaving like freaks. You are human, and you have hormones that make you horny, and you are dying to be naked with your partner.

It is good to have sex with the one you love, but if you are playing it hard to get him, then you should wait before indulging yourself into him.

All you have to do is let that spark grow to want each other in skins and all wrapped in that blanket. So giving some time to sex can be good sometimes if you haven’t waited too long for it.

But if you are really waiting for it for a long time then gradually involve in the sexual activities because waiting for too long can kill your spark and make you feel frustrated.

Also, if you already have sex then for getting right on how to play hard to get him tricks, you should stop doing it regularly. Routine sex can be a big turn off for your guy, and he may get bored and may seek someone else.


Playing hard always works on men because this makes the whole game more exciting and challenging. So when women go with being hard to get, the men show more interest and take it as an opportunity to grab the most eligible woman.

These are all the steps and tricks, and by using them, you can be a pro on how to play hard to get him want you.

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