How Long Do Mosquito Bites Last

Did Mosquito bite you? And now you want to know how long do mosquito bites last? If your answer is yes, then you will surely love this write up.

Mosquito bites are very common, each day you all get caught by those filthy and tiny things and get bitten. It is as normal as you do all other daily activities, but sometimes these bites can get very serious.

Each person reacts differently to different things, so to your question, how long does it take for mosquito bites to go away. Let me tell you that mosquito bites react differently to each person. Some of you take it normally as nothing happened and some of you feel utter pain.

When mosquitoes bite, they get the sting inside, draw out blood but insert their saliva, and that causes several diseases.

This saliva affects your immune system, and your system fights with the substances present in the saliva. The system releases histamine, a compound of your body stem so the whole blood cells can get to the affected area and this process gives you itchiness, inflammation, and swelling.

If you are bitten by a mosquito and looking to know how long do mosquito bites last, read these details out here and also the perfect solutions.

How Long Do Mosquito Bites Last?

How Long Do Mosquito Bites Last

Let me tell you what type of mosquitoes bite you before jumping to how long do mosquito bites itch. If you think that mosquitoes are all the same and they all harm human through their bites, then you are getting it wrong.

A male mosquito never harms humans, but the female mosquito does. It is crazy, but it’s true, also the female mosquito lives for approx. 50 days and the male mosquito only for 10 days.

Now you know why you feel bitten all the time because these are females who live on this planet to bite humans.

So for the query how long do mosquito bites last, it depends on person to person. It depends on how much sensitive skin you have and how strong your immune system is.

These are some factors that decide the spot of a mosquito bite. In some of you, it breathes only for 1 day and some face it for 2-3 days or more.

According to several reports, people who are more sensitive feel the itchiness and the symptoms for more time and with extra swellings. There are some people who can experience one mosquito bites like a severe illness.

When a person faces the severe condition of a mosquito bite, he experiences difficulties like swollen throat, very less breathing, itchy red bumps on the entire area. This way, a mosquito bite can make a person’s immune stronger to the saliva or that person gets more sensitive.

How to Find That This Is a Mosquito Bite?

When mosquito bites, you can immediately notice a reddish bump where the mosquito bit. The bump can be pinkish sometimes; this state or the bump is known as ‘wheel.’

You can notice a white spot in the middle and reddish on the corners, and this feels very itchy like your hand never go off from scratching that skin.

To find how long do mosquito bites last, you need to notice the seriousness of a bite that whether you have only 1 bite or several times in the same area.

If you notice it after several bites, you can get the bite for some days, but if you notice it instantly and get that filthy creature away, then this one bite can go easily in 24 hours.

If you ever wonder that from where you get the red bump, then look for these symptoms if this is a mosquito bite:

  • After a few minutes, you can notice a puffy bump white in the center with a red circle Swollen skin.
  • A reddish bump that is hard with a lot of itchiness
  • Tiny blisters is also a sign of mosquito bite

When the situation gets serious, you can experience:

  • Hives
  • Low fever
  • Swollen area with bigger redness
  • Redness
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Soreness

These symptoms can easily take place in children than adults because of their sensitive skin and soft immune system. If a mosquito leaves any viruses, then the illness can get severe and diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and Yellow Fever can occur.

Things to Try To Get Rid Of Itching

After knowing how long do mosquito bites last, you can try a few things I mentioned here to get some relief from the itchiness caused due to the mosquito bite.

1). Scratching Is Not the Answer


Stop scratching even you feel it like heaven. If you continue scratching, this will only make it worse and won’t give you any comfort. Moreover, it can infect the area more, and a serious irritation can occur.

Whenever you feel like scratching, then take your infected area under the running water and wash it with a mild soap or hand wash to feel relaxed.

2). Take Benefits of Calamine Lotion

The consistency is light pink that attracts anyone and the smell also. The calamine lotion contains zinc oxide and iron oxide, so the lotion works a soother and cools the affected skin.

Calamine can help you very much in treating itches, if you have the Caladryl lotion, then go for it as it cools the area and relieves the sting.

3). Treat It Using Antihistamine

To get that how long do mosquito bites last, antihistamine medicines like Benadryl can help you better. It works with the blood vessels and put them to the normal state, so you don’t feel swelling and itching.

If you are more concerned about mosquito bites, then taking a little quantity before going out also helps to minimize any future allergy.

4). Use Hydrocortisone to Reduce the Swelling

You can use an over the counter medicine with corticosteroids as this material helps you with the effects of histamines and reduce the swelling to give you instant relief. You can also go for an anti-inflammatory to get help with the swelling, so try ibuprofen to reduce the effect.

5). Corticosteroid Cream

Even doctors recommend using corticosteroid creams to get relief from itching and skin irritation. These creams have anti-inflammatory properties that help you with itching but do not use it on open wounds.

6). Use Creams with Lidocaine or Benzocaine

These agents also help you with skin irritations, and they are like over the counter medicines. They are just for temporary relief, and they provide instant relief from itchiness and pain. If you are looking for a cooling sensation, then it’s better to pick up cream that contains menthol or peppermint.

Try These Ways to Not Get Any Mosquito Bites

You can keep yourself from getting bitten and that’ the best way to not get any mosquito bites. But how is this possible and how can anyone look after these mosquitoes all the time? You can follow these steps here and save you from asking how long do mosquito bites last.

  • Avoid sitting near the places filled with water like ponds, rivers or lakes, so you won’t get in the reach of mosquitoes.
  • If you have a garden in your home, then avoid sitting there in the evening or if you really want to, then use mosquito spray or cream all over your body.
  • If there is any stored water, then immediately empty the area because diseases like malaria and dengue born in the stored water.
  • Keep your room out of mosquitoes reach by closing all the entrances like windows and using electric mosquitoes repellent.
  • When you enter the area where you see mosquitoes, then go out all packed up using full sleeves clothing.
  • Keep garlic in the area where you face more mosquitoes as it naturally repels them, you can use it daily as the odor keeps them away.

Natural Remedies to Get Relief

Try these natural agents to repeal those horrible effects caused by the bites and get your answer on how long do mosquito bites last.

1). Use a Cold Compress

Cold Compress

Whenever you feel it like a mosquito bite, trying using a cold compress or an ice packet. Press it on the affected area for a few minutes, it will reduce the blood in that area, so you feel less swelling and itching. Cold compress is the best to reduce the blood around the bitten area.

2). Try Something Homeopathic

There is no advantage of grabbing a bite, but you can rub the bite using the banana peel from the inside or try covering the affected area with toothpaste.

These are some basic steps, but if you feel something serious or conditions like flu, headache, nausea, the immediately run to your doctor to avoid anything unwanted.

3). Use Alcohol on the Affected Skin

Another solution, you can rub the affected area using alcohol if available. If you notice the bite immediately, then rubbing it using alcohol can get you instant relief. When you rub alcohol, you feel a cooling effect on that skin, and you feel relieved from itching.

4). Apply Honey


It is a soft remedy, and it’s not going to irritate skin. You just need to tailor a pea sized amount and apply it on that swollen area. Honey enriched with the antibacterial ingredients, so it helps to heal the wounds.

It is an effective remedy to reduce the itching, and its natural goodness keeps you from any possible infection.

5). Add Oatmeal to Your Bath

If you want to get rid quickly on how long do mosquito bites last, then take an oatmeal bath and see an instant effect. Oatmeal helps you quickly to soothe the skin and prevents you from any allergic reactions; it also helps in chicken pox.

Apply it as an oatmeal mask or add it to your water bucket and take a bath. If you are applying paste, then keep it there for 15 minutes and then wash it off using lukewarm water.

6). Use Green or Black Tea Bag

green tea bags

Tea has some anti-inflammatory properties and also the anti-swelling effects, so tea bags are always useful to treat you with swelling. You need to apply a cold bag of any of these teas on the swollen forbidden area after putting the bag in the fridge to cool down.

7). Get Basil to Rub On the Skin

You can use basil also if hid is something that is available at the time. Basil has properties that are useful in treating itchy skin. You can try the basil directly or take basil oil and apply it on the skin where you want comfort.

Take basil leaves and starts rubbing them on your skin and see the positive effects immediately with a cooling sensation, basil leaves also help with how long does a mosquito bite last and how to end it instantly.

8). Aloe Vera

aloe vera plants

Aloe Vera helps with all types of skin issues, it is also easily available. You can use the Aloe Vera leaf or the Aloe Vera gel directly from the medicine counter.

Get your answer on how long do mosquito bites last by using Aloe Vera because it heals quickly due to the anti-inflammatory things present in it. This also provides a cooling effect on the affected skin, so you feel very less itching or not at all.

9). Use Garlic to Heal

You can also find some creams that contain garlic as their ingredients because of its wise healing and anti-viral qualities.  You should avoid using garlic directly on the skin, so prevent yourself from rubbing it.

Raw garlic can increase skin irritation and inflammation. Instead, take a garlic clove and chop it properly, now add a few drops coconut oil and apply this mixture to the affected area and keep it that way for a few minutes.

Things That You Should Not Use In Mosquito Bites

Here are some things that you should not use after getting a bug bite or mosquito bite as these can increase the irritation and all the bad things like burning sensation.

  • Baking soda
  • Lemon drops
  • Vinegar

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


Every human feels that pain and irritation caused due to a mosquito bite. Some notice it early and some later, but you will find it allergic, and annoying and this makes you asking how to heal mosquito bites.

I hope these details here about how long do mosquito bites last would help you and don’t forget trying out these remedies to get instant relief from a mosquito bite.

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