What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like?

Are you pregnant? or planning for same in coming the time? If your answer is yes, then you will surely love to know what does morning sickness feel like?, When does it start? and how to overcome from this? and some other facts about morning sickness.

Let’s get started now with no delay.

What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like?

Morning sickness happens in the duration of the pregnancy, it is a common problem with every single pregnant woman in the world.

Its level of severity depends on person to person, but if you are pregnant, then it is a definite phase that you have to go through.

Some of you can experience an intense morning sickness while some feel it least. Nausea Gravidarum is another name of morning sickness in medical terms.

So you want to know what does morning sickness feel like?

In this situation, you feel like nausea, sometimes with vomiting and sometimes without vomiting. This condition happens to you because if the hormonal imbalance happens during pregnancy.

A Hormonal imbalance goes into your body for several hormones like estrogen imbalance, hypoglycemia, progesterone imbalance or human chorionic gonadotropin.

You call it morning sickness, but it’s not the same as its name because it can happen anytime. It depends on the hormonal reaction in your body, so when they get imbalanced, you feel it.

There is not any risk to the baby because of this condition, but if you are suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum which is a severe form of morning sickness then you can experience dehydration which means electrolyte imbalance, and you may need to see the doctor.

So let’s go to the detailed explanation about what does morning sickness feel like, and its other factors.

When Does It Start?

After clearing out some queries about what does morning sickness feel like, let’s move on to when does this morning sickness starts.

Every woman experiences the Morning sickness that begins from the sixth week or after having 42 days of pregnancy. Some women also feel it tough throughout the pregnancy until the baby is born.

Some of you can also experience it at the first trimester, so there is not any particular timing, you can have it anytime after three weeks of pregnancy.

Prevent Yourself from Morning Sickness

You know what does morning sickness feel like, now you need to know how you can stop happening it.

To keep the morning sickness away or at a low level, you need to take care of it from the beginning. You have to control the situation when it begins to keep yourself from any severe state

If you start early before getting it severe, you can really skip experiencing a heavy morning sickness. The most important factor of saving you from nausea is eating and drinking plenty of food and this way, you will face a way less nausea.

You don’t need to eat all at a time, but take small shots of whatever you like to keep in your belly and this way you will feel better. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water as your body requires this will keep you from dehydration.

You need to consume solids first and then drink some fluids after 20-25 minutes of consumption. Mixing solid and water is not a good idea and can lead to increased nausea by making your stomach fuller.

You should always keep some healthy food near you, so you don’t face her for a long time and have some trail mix, granola or dried fruits can help you a lot, and then you can consume a full meal.

If you don’t feel comfortable eating food that you made, then it’s okay to get one from the market. Sometimes it happens when you don’t want to eat your food, so get your favorite sandwich from the nearby store instead of making it at home.

If you don’t feel fine with eating food, then you can fuel yourself with some liquids if your choice, it will help you with energy.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

I have discussed here what does morning sickness feel like and how to prevent you from any severe condition.

This sickness is all about suffering from nausea and vomiting, and if you have started facing this, then it’s a sign of pregnancy.

You feel disgusted after waking up in the morning and sometimes like running to the bathroom to vomit. It is just a term ‘Morning sickness’ but you can feel it anytime in a day.

Feeling hate for smell is also a sign of morning sickness, and when you are pregnant, you feel this condition that you hate some smells that a normal person doesn’t even notice sometimes. This disliking feeling includes aversion to cigarette smoke, coffee, alcohol, etc.

You can observe your pregnancy early even without checking your positive results. You have to take care of some signs if you know that your chances of pregnancy can happen.

These signs include feeling nausea, feeling like run for vomiting, going to urine, again and again, increased appetite, hating smells, irritation to everything, tender breasts, diarrhea, hot flushes, etc.

These are some signs, and by catching them wisely, you can get to know your early pregnancy and take your steps. Let’s talk about these symptoms in detail.

1). Nausea


To know more about what does morning sickness feel like, let’s take nausea. It is the first thing that you can face as an early sign of pregnancy, if you suffer from nausea, you feel sick most of the times until three months of pregnancy.

It is not bound to three months only because you can experience until the fifth month of pregnancy.

Also, if you don’t feel nauseated and you are pregnant, then it’s totally normal because it happens with some women who don’t experience it at all.

Nausea occurs because there is a huge hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, so these hormones are responsible for all these bad feelings when you are pregnant.

2). Stomach Cramps

Stomach Cramps

The second sign of pregnancy to identify an early pregnancy. If you feel cramps that are pretty similar to period’s cramp, then this can also be a sign of your pregnancy. When you get pregnant, a pressure feels on the walls of the uterus, and hence you feel cramps in your stomach.

Later with the pregnancy going on, you can feel it in your stomach and abdomen as well, it also happens due to hormonal imbalances.

So if you are looking for what does morning sickness feel like, then nausea and cramps are two first things that you notice in morning sickness.

If these stomach cramps feel normal or bearable, then there is no need to get worried. But if you think that this condition is severe and if the pain is unbearable, then it’s better to run to the hospital if the cramp gets too intense.

3). Diarrhea


Diarrhea is also the answer to your query what does morning sickness feel like. It is not compulsory that every woman feels this condition, but some of you can experience diarrhea and run for washroom hundreds of times a day.

The level of diarrhea varies from normal to severe; it all depends on your hormonal imbalance. It is the result of the food you take, so if your diarrhea is a mild one, then you should increase your fluid intakes like water or juices.

So experiencing diarrhea is also a part of your question what does morning sickness feel like which can be moderate to severe.

4). Heartburn


A lot of you can experience heartburn during pregnancy months. If you feel a burning sensation near your heart or the lower throat, then this is also a factor of what does morning sickness feel like.

This situation of heartburn occurs due to the relaxation of the esophagus which connects throat to the stomach. So when this muscle goes in the relax mode, you can feel heartburn.

This Heartburn condition should be normal and shouldn’t annoy you, but if it does, then you can go to natural remedies that are always easily available.

You should avoid taking things that increase this heartburn like don’t chew gum after having food and avoid taking big meals.

How Long You Experience These Symptoms?

It’s time to know about the duration of these symptoms after enlightening yourself to what does morning sickness feel like.

All these symptoms that I discussed here appear at the beginning of pregnancy so you can easily catch if pregnancy is happening or not.

You must take care of the fact that these symptoms are not equal in everyone, so everyone experiences these symptoms differently.

You can only observe these signs at the beginning of your pregnancy phase or in the first month. These signs start fading away after as the pregnancy progresses and signs like nausea, vomiting, and heartburn goes away.

Other sings like easy irritability, aversion to smell don’t exist after second to third trimester. If you think that these symptoms are very normal, then you can consult your doctor to take care of your pregnancy and to avoid any unwanted thing.

Get Relieve From These Morning Sickness Symptoms

After learning about what does morning sickness feel like, it’s time to know about some ways so you can easy the difficulties of your pregnancy.

As I told, your symptoms are not going to be the same like your cousin or neighbor who got pregnant a year before. In The same way, the cure can be different from person to person, so you can try these things mentioned here.

1). Consume Cold Foods Instead Of Liquids

You can take frozen foods like ice chips and Popsicles because these are easy to tolerate than liquids. These are also very useful if you wish to get rid of that metallic taste or at least decrease it.

2). Use Mouthwash


If you’re feeling a really bad mouth, then you can try mouthwash to rinse that saliva out and to feel comfortable.

3). Sniffing Citruscitrus

You may hate some smells, but there are some smells that can make you happy again just like the citrus. So whenever you sniff anything that feels wrong, then go n sniff some citrus, mint, cinnamon to relieve yourself.

4). Prepare Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea

It’s not required to be regular ginger tea, but you need to prepare by grating the ginger into a hot cup of water and drink this as a calming tea after knowing what does morning sickness feel like.

5). Iron-Free Multivitamins

Iron Free Multivitamins

If you are at the beginning stages of your pregnancy, the nausea is a normal thing that you can feel for a few weeks.

Taking up vitamins that contain iron can make your condition worse because of the presence of iron. So try consuming multivitamins that are iron free not to get you nausea.

6). Acupressure Wristbands

Acupressure Wristbands

Pressure bands can be used to treat your feelings about nausea and vomiting. It can treat these symptoms well, so you won’t face going to the bathroom every minute.

7). Bland Foods

Bland Foods

These foods can really make your condition soothe, these food are cooked well, soft, and without any spices, so they have several advantages over your nausea and vomit feelings.

Will Morning Sickness Affect My Baby?

You now know that what does morning sickness feel like, but you may think that these symptoms or morning sickness is going to affect your baby because you always want to vomit and feel sick.

But it’s not going to happen even a bit if you are on a good diet and take your food and fluids regularly.

If you feel any severe condition and get proper treatment, then there is nothing to be worried about your baby.

If you want a successful pregnancy, then take these signs as good factors because these signs ensure that your pregnancy process is working.

Women who experience morning sickness face fewer chances of miscarriage. Eating a balanced diet is a good thing to have healthy a pregnancy, but you don’t have to force your diet and also take care of your choice of foods.


When you are at the first phase of your pregnancy then facing the Morning sickness is a normal thing. Morning sickness brings some things like nausea, heartburn, and vomiting.

This sickness affects every woman differently, and you can get a hint of your early pregnancy easily. I hope you understand that what does morning sickness feel like exactly and ways to feel relaxed.

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