How to Get Rid Of Water Weight Fast

Want to know how to get rid of water weight fast?

Our body is made up of 70% of water, so basically you are water bodies. How much our body keeps this water inside depends on the food you eat and this weight is known as water weight and not as your fat weight.

If you include salty foods more in your meals then you cells work as cotton or a sponge that soaks a heavy amount of water.

In the same way when you consume more sugar than your insulin levels remain more than normal which retains sodium.

If you take up carbs more than normal, for example, you eat up pasta as it tastes delicious; it also stores an energy known as glycogen which equals to approx. three grams of water in your body.

So today I am going to discuss this water weight causes and remedies on how to get rid of water weight.

Causes of Water Weight

If you want to know how to get rid of water weight, you have to know the reasons that cause the water weight.

Taking Up Too Much Sodium

You may feel a high amount of water in your belly after consuming a great quantity of sodium in your food. It can be any delicious food in any restaurant while having your breakfast meal or dinner. So when you take up more sodium your body stores more water to maintain the healthy levels.

Eating More Carbs as Pasta and Bread

Just like sodium, consuming a big quality of carbs can also feel you have more water in your body and cause water weight. Foods like pasta and bread are high in carbs and taking these regularly can get you results in more water weight.

If you take approx. one gram of carbs then it stores water up to 3-4 grams, so eating more carbs make you store more water.

Dehydration Creates the Problem

This is one the reason if you want to know how to get rid of water weight. If you ignore maintain enough level of water in your body then your body starts saving every single drop of water to keep you from dehydration and this way you feel an unwanted bloat in the belly.

All health doctors suggest taking up minimum 8 cups of water a day to prevent you from water weight. This doesn’t mean drinking water unnecessarily; just take as you feel thirst and not when you are well-hydrated.

You can also watch your urine color, if you see it a light yellow or fairly clear, then you are a well-hydrated person.

Hormones Are the Reason

Women get more bloat as compared to men, as this is in their hormones. Changes in the women hormones make them feel more bloat and these hormones also affect the functioning of kidneys and saving of water levels in your body.

Any woman can easily feel this bloating while having menstrual cycle during the premenstrual week.

Taking Medications

People who take any kind of supplements or medications always feel water weight because their body stores water. For example, if you are suffering from high blood pressure issues, so you intake supplements for this and it results in water weights.

Same for the Bodybuilders as they also take bodybuilding supplements they also can feel water weight. Also, if you take any kind of birth control pills then your hormones influence water weight and you may gain some extra pounds.

Taking Up Juices

You may think that consuming juices instead of a heavy diet can be a solution to drop your weight faster, but this also increases the water weight, so you are not going to lose any weight. You also skip some necessary things like protein when you take these fluids and get your Lymphatic system weak.

Effective Remedies On How to Get Rid Of Water Weight

Take Enough Protein

You all take protein to get our muscles goals while bodybuilding, but skipping these foods can really make you feel having bloat. So if you avoid making protein you automatically push yourself to gain water weight.

Don’t Skip Magnesium

Women face water weight because of their hormones in the stage of the premenstrual cycle. But if you take 200 grams of magnesium a day, you can reduce the problem of having a bloat before your periods.  Magnesium can be found in an excessive amount in the leafy greens and nuts.

Magnesium is known as the best supplement for health and sports performance, it is the form of electrolyte and mineral that play very well with sodium and potassium and help you minimize your water weight.

Potassium Is Always Good

Some electrolytes are always good and work against water weight. Vegetable like tomatoes, avocados, potatoes, and fruits like bananas contain these good electrolytes that don’t work like sodium, in fact, these electrolytes help decreasing sodium levels and increase urine, so now you know how to lose water weight by consuming these foods.

Keep Exercising


Exercise is the best way to drop water weight; it allows losing a high amount of water weight in very short time. You just need to be consistent as doing these bodyworks increase sweating and this way water comes out and you feel less bloat.

If you do exercise for 1 hour on a regular basis, you lose 16–64 oz. of water in that hour, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t drink water, you have to keep yourself hydrated so don’t stop consuming water as well.

Have Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is also an excellent way to those who want to know how to get rid of water weight. It is as important as your diet and exercise. When you sleep, it affects the renal nerves in the kidneys that manage the levels of sodium and water.

In your sleep, your body flushes out all the toxins and getting a good level of sleep keeps you from dehydration and also retains very low water. For adults, it is enough to take a sleep of 7-9 hours per night.

Don’t Go Stressed

Keep yourself away from stress and depression as much as possible, it is normal to feel stressed sometimes, but a Long-term stress can really cause problems and that will be severe for your both mental and physical health.

If you maintain a better brain health or take less stress you keep managing the normal level of ADH and cortisol that do the fluid balancing and hence keep you from water eight.

So stay away from stress and all these situations if you really want to work on how to get rid of water weight.

Dandelion Supplement Also Helps

This is a capsule that is used to treat water weights and perfect if you’re looking for how to get rid of water weight. These days bodybuilders and athletes also use these herb capsules to maintain a better water level in their bodies for different purposes.

These capsules named as Dandelion help you to maintain the water levels by sending signals to your kidney functioning to throw out more urine and electrolytes as sodium.

Consume Anti-Gas Pills

It is similar to the capsule I talked above; this is also a water loss supplement. This anti-gas pill as their name diminishes water weight and helps you to not feel bloat. So how these pills help you?

Well, these pills increase your digestive system by increasing its efficiency, so the gas bubbles in your digestive track get broken and you feel a light belly by releasing the gas from your body. These capsules are really good if you are looking for how to get rid of water weight.

Start Taking Salmon Fish

When you start losing water you may experience some wrinkles and freckles on your eyelashes, nose and chin area. To maintain this water loss and to cover these freckles, start eating salmon in your diet to reduce the water effects.

Salmon always keeps your boy hydrated and also keeps your skin nourished, I hope you get a clear idea on how to get rid of water weight when taking Salmon.

Rose Petal Water

Another Remedy on how to get rid of water weight is rose water; you can have rose water daily in your drink every morning. Pluck some roses, add their petals in a pan with a fair amount of water, now cover the pan and heat these petals for about 15-20 minutes until you see the petals are colorless.

Now pour this water in a container and start consuming it every morning in the empty stomach. This remedy helps drawing out water easily.

Do’s On How to Get Rid of Water Weight

Here are some things that you should follow if you care about how to get rid of water weight from your body.

  • When do you say exercise for the purpose of lose water weight, prefer wearing a thermal or a sweatshirt. Wearing these even in normal days will help you to sweat faster because of the warmness inside and you won’t have to work for long.
  • You can take foods that are high in fibers as they absorb the water from your body quickly and make you weigh less in just some days. Always avoid foods having carbs such as rice, white pasta, or white bread.

The more you remove them from your diet the more chances you less water weight. These are also fast when comes to digestion so when you consume these crabs you get hungry after a few hours.

  • To know how to get rid of water weight, avoid taking caffeine as it is another reason to make you look bloated. They increase the requirement of water intake and hence they store more water in your body. You can easily see the effect by sleeping after getting a caffeinated drink, the next morning you will look bloated.
  • Sally is the main reason if you feel bloated other than carbs and fine, so avoid salty foods and those who are rich in salt. These salt intake results in retaining the water in your body for longer hours. Other than salt also avoid taking an excessive amount of sugar.

Don’ts on How to Get Rid Of Water Weight

If you wish to know about how to get rid of water weight, here are some things that you are not supposed to do if you really want to cut that water weight.

  • Don’t wait eagerly for the results when you are on the mission of trimming down the water weight. So give this process at least two weeks to get the results.
  • You are not supposed to lose water weight more than three percent as it may lead you to severe dehydration and health problems. So don’t do over workout and avoid the situation of dehydration.
  • If you don’t drink any water the whole day or take very less amount of water, seriously you are about to lose it.  Not drinking required amount of wear is only a myth to lose water weight fast. So drink water every time you feel thirsty.
  • People who are on any medication, or having diabetics and want to know how to get rid of water weight then you have to weight to cut down the water weight as this may take time when you suffer from diseases.

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Basically, water weight is an extra amount of weight caused by water which is stored your body. This happened because sometimes you consume all those foods that retain too much amount of water and then you feel this water weight.

So if you want to work on how to get rid of water weight because you feel extra bloated or just want to drop a few pounds, my list of remedies and technique will surely help you to lose water weight easily and comfortably.

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