How to Get Sick Overnight For Real

Many of us think about how to get sick overnight to get off for some days from our schools and this busy life. Especially in our childhood, you all think that there should be a magic stick so that you can get a solution for how to fake sick fast that looks real.

You don’t have to think about it anymore because I have brought you some fascinating ways on how to fake sick for real so that your sickness seems real even to your parents. You want your parents to believe that you are sick in real so that you can get some rest and feel relaxed.

Here I’ll discuss how to get sick by showing some common fever symptom like a cough, sweating, headache and other factors that make your parents believe that you need to take rest from your school life.

These ideas are ideal even for professional employees who want to take some rest from their corporate life by showing your boss that you are suffering from fever symptoms so you can get your leaves easily.

How to Get a High Temperature

High Temperature

Before you know how to fake sick, you need to increase your body temperature so that anyone can tell just by touching you that you have a fever and you won’t get caught.

1). Get some hard exercises for a day like playing football for hours until you feel like burning up.

2). Try to consume less water and drink hot beverages as much as you can, to the way your body temperature rises and it gets warmer.

3). To get a high temperature instantly, wear a sweatshirt or a sweater. Remember that no one sees you doing this.

4). If you’re not hot after one minute, repeat your method until you start to feel hot and sweaty.

5). Increase your clothes layering, the more clothes you wear at a time, the more your body gets warm. So increase the layers of clothing and sleep for some time.

6). You can take a bath using water that is not totally cold.

7). Keep yourself from AC or any old thing as much as you can.

8). Watch TV for late nights to get the temperature higher.

9). When you sleep take 2-3 blankets so your parents touch you and can tell instantly that you have a heavy fewer.

Finally, repeat these steps until you seriously feel like you should move forward to how to get sick.

How to Act Like You Are Sick

Now your body is hot from the inside, so it’s time to carry on this act by using different methods as mentioned here on how to get sick.

Try To Have a Fake Cough

To get a perfect solution to how to get sick, you have to act like you have a deep cough. Try this trick in front of your parents if you are school going kid, and if you’re an employee then try this in front of your boss.

At last, he will ask you that is everything alright? Then just answer him in a low voice that you are not feeling well from some days. This way you can a

sk for one or two leaves.

A person who is a smoker can do this trick well on how to fake sick. For this, you just need to smoke 3-4 cigarettes more than you usually do and this will make a real cough in your throat that you can enhance in front of your boss.

Always remember that smoking will be a harmful way to take some days off from your office but if you find it comfortable then go with this one.

If smoking is a bad idea for you because you are a kid or a college student, then you can consume cold beverages or drink as much as possible until you feel symptoms like a sore throat or hoarseness.

Act like You Are Having a Migraine or a Headache

migraine headaches

It is the second best option on how to get sick so you can take some relief. By faking a migraine or a headache, you will be able to fool anyone because no one’s going to judge you that you are faking it or not.

I mean this is inside your brain, and no one is going to check you there. Also, it is easy to fake a headache if you are searching an effective way on how to get sick.

To do this more efficiently, just try to warm up your body a little bit by using the above-mentioned trick and then fake it.

You can easily fool everyone just by putting your head down on the office desk in front of your boss or on the school table in front of your teacher or at home in front of your parents.

Also, you can include some factors of having a migraine. For this, you have to act like you are having troubles by seeing all these big lights of desktops, smartphones or just home lights while faking it. Always try to get someone’s attention so he can notice it and then ask you about your condition.

Avoid Doing the Things You Love

The most important key on how to get sick and to fool your parents is to don’t respond to those things that you love. It can be anything like our favorite food, your favorite TV shows or movies of superheroes or your favorite Xbox game.

Because your parents make every sacrifice so you like things even in this suffering state and you need to avoid these things that you love to confirm it more.

If they ask you to sit your friend, don’t get excited and say yes. Instead, make your face and pretend that you are not interested in visiting them because literally, you are playing the tricks of how to get sick.

Left Your Food at the Dinner Table

It’s obvious that if you want to learn the tricks of how to get sick and want to pretend it, then you don’t have to finish your meals and your diners.

Even if your mom makes up your favorite dishes you have to ignore it, don’t ever try to eat it all. Otherwise, they would get a sign that you are faking it. So control your taste buds and eat half of it or less.

Remember to have something to eat on your room because you’re not sick but only pretending, so if you don’t keep your food, you are young to starve.

To get the trick of how to get sick rightly, say sentences like “my stomach hurts when I try to eat”, “I don’t think that eating it all is a good idea”, or “I don’t want to finish it as I feel like I should lie on the bed”.

Loss of Appetite

The word means when you lose your hunger or no more want to eat anything. When you fake loss of appetite you can also fake symptoms like having a cold, fever or a headache because these all can go with it when you learn a trick on how to get sick.

When you are faking this symptom, make sure you won’t eat anything not even a bite in front of your parents. Of course, you can have it after they are gone and fill your stomach.

So all you have to do is show a lack of interest in any food, but you don’t need to withstand hunger, and you can take some food in alone.

Act like You Are Feeling Sleepy

Feeling Sleepy


In the tricks of how to get sick, this will hint your parents that you’re facing troubles and not feeling good. So you have to pretend like you’re are going to sleep and it should be very early than usual if you want them to notice.

They will get an alert that why are you going so soon to your bed and they will understand that something is not right with you. So when you are with your parent at night, go slowly to your bedroom to catch their attention.

If this won’t work then try not to brush your teeth in the morning and hey will come to your room asking what is wrong with you and then you need to fake it all like it is happening.

Have a Fake Temperature on the Thermometer

It’s time to trick your thermometer and then show it to your parents. Just measure your body’s temperature and all you need to do is bring that screen with a higher temperature than normal

Your parent will notice that you are suffering from fever because of the elevated temperature. For this, you have to rub your finger over the thermometer to make it warm. The more you rub, the more temperature it shows.

When you see the desired degree of temperature, then take it to your parents and let them see it. So now you know how it is an effective trick on how to get sick. You can also put your thermometer near any bulb or heating source if you want an instant temperature.

Sometimes while trying the idea of how to get sick, you forget that the thermometer has mercury inside. In this case, you need to put it inside the hot water for a few minutes or seconds then take it off.

The water doesn’t need to be at 100 degrees, just soak it in warm water, and you will see the thermometer with a high temperature.

Do Random Wake Ups in the Night

It will give them a red signal that you are suffering from a high fever. So do random wake ups in the night and tell your parents that there is something wrong because you’re not feeling normal.

Tell them that you feel like burning inside, or having a stomach pain or feel like vomiting. Do some fake vomits by running from the room to our bathroom and shot like you are throwing it.

You can force yourself to have some tears so that they believe you and it helps you to make it a realistic fever while performing these tricks on how to get sick. You can also have a fake throat pain, so try to cough or speak unclearly to hint them that you have the symptoms of flu.

Tips To Follow When You Learn How to Get Sick

  • You just need to try this but don’t overdo it because this way your parents would take it seriously and can take you to the doctor. After that, you know what would happen.
  • Pretending is the key while faking an illness, so don’t show them like you are getting any serious symptoms or issues.
  • When your parents come into your room, have some talk in a little voice and ask for a glass of water considering this among the tricks of how to get sick.
  • When you parents try to touch you, then tell them to put an extra blanket and show like you’re feeling cold.
  • Just concentrate on your performance, don’t speak it.
  • Don’t play it in the way that hints your parents that you are lying to not go to school.
  • By trying out temperature rising tricks, make your forehead hot and body warm.
  • If any trick is not working, then don’t be normal immediately but take time and show them as you are improving else try for another trick.

These tricks can be repeated 3-4 times a year because if you overdo it like in weeks, then no one is going to believe you even when you will seriously suffer from fever.

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If you are following these tricks and tips and acting like it is happening naturally, then you are going to have a leave for tomorrow. Just keep it natural and slow to skip your school or tests. Play these tricks of how to get sick in the way that everyone believes it whether you are a kid or a professional employee.+

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