10 Stores like Urban Outfitters

Looking for stores like Urban Outfitters for online shopping in 2022?

Urban Outfitters is hugely popular among the online shoppers, but it is a bit expensive online store. There is no doubt in saying that UO has always managed to take care of all the needs, requirements and tastes of their customers.

They are even popular because of selling the best trending styles worldwide. But I have come to know that many of the online shoppers are searching the similar online stores like Urban.

So, if you are looking for the best stores like Urban Outfitters, then you landed at the right place.

Top 10 Stores like Urban Outfitters

Ever dreamt of looking fashionable with trendy, chic look at an affordable price?


Now, your dream will come true because today, I will talk about the best UO alternatives where you will find the best, chic and trendy styles and much more.


Website: http://www.asos.com


ASOS- As Seen On Screen is one of the world’s major fashion marketplaces and tops the list of best stores like Urban Outfitters because they provide the online shoppers with the best and the hottest trends with free shipping for orders over $40.

They even offer international shipping but have different policies. They have a 28-day free returns policy as well. You definitely can’t miss out checking ASOS if you are a real fashion freak.

It is best known for its collection and deals which runs throughout the day. Not only clothing, but you can even shop for shoes, accessories and much more.

2. ModCloth

Website: https://www.modcloth.com


While talking about the best stores like Urban Outfitters, how I can forget ModCloth. This online shopping website offers new clothes which are designed mimicking the old styles.

In few simple words, I can say that it belongs to the vintage style clothing rather than holding the funky, trendy and chic styles.


They have classy styles at affordable pricing. I believe that ModCloth is one of the best Urban Outfitters alternatives because it falls into the category of accessible online stores and even they runs deals and discounts over new designs with exclusive shipping every day.

Just go ahead and subscribe to their daily emails, so that you won’t miss their eye-catching deals.

3. Wildfox

Website: https://www.wildfox.com


The Urban Outfitters is significantly known for its novelty and experimental clothes, and here we have Wildfox which is one of the best stores like Urban Outfitters. It holds all the categories including clothing, sunglasses, bicycles and much more.

They provide free shipping on orders of $100 or more, and if it costs less than $100, then they incur $9.95 standard shipping fee. The price range of all the items on the Wildfox ranges minimum at $28 to a maximum at $210.

The shipping on international orders costs to $49.95. You can contact the customer service for all inquiries from Monday to Friday. Only the domestic returns are available at Wildfox.

4. TopShop

Website: http://www.topshop.com


TopShop holds the experimental stuff just like Urban Outfitters. They even have a separate beauty section and offer the shoppers with the best intricate designed clothing.

The category which this website holds other than apparel and beauty includes accessories, footwear and much more.

TopShop offers 14-day return/exchange policy and free shipping on orders over $20. They even hold exclusive discounts for students as well. The hold the products with a price range from $4 to $1,800 depending on the designer collection.

5. Ruche

Website: http://www.shopruche.com


Most of the shoppers love Urban Outfitters for their chic, trendy clothing and strikingly unconventional prices. And if you are one of them, then one of the best stores like Urban Outfitters is Ruche.

Sometimes we do doubt about the quality gamble while shopping online, but you can go with Ruche, and you will love it. They have multiple payment methods including PayPal, Discover credit cards, VISA and MasterCard, etc.

The prices on the website are listed in USD, and they provide free shipping on orders of $75 or more. And if your order costs less than $75, then the standard shipping charges are $6.95. All the items listed on Ruche ranges from minimum $9 to maximum $192.

6. Boohoo

Website: http://www.boohoo.com


Boohoo is one of the best shops like Urban Outfitters for those online shopping freaks who look for similar look-alike pieces. This website is to shop for the trendy stuff and sells exclusive fashion items.

They offer different shipping options including free shipping on orders over $50, express shipping at $16 and much more. Also, they pay all the taxes and duties implied and deliver in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Apart from this, Boohoo even holds exclusive discounts for students with 20% off on all orders.

7. Forever21

Website: https://www.forever21.com


Forever21 is a replica of Urban Outfitters but sells at an affordable price as compared to UO. It doesn’t only hold the fashion and trendy clothing for both men and women, but even offers an impressive collection of beauty, decoration items and accessories as well.

It is one of the fastest growing fashion brands which sell products at an affordable price. Also, it only sells the products with their labels at an accessible price point.

They ship the orders within 24 hours of the orders placed. The order processing depends on the orders placed on selected holidays, weekends, out of stock, incomplete or inaccurate information and much more.

Forever21 offers free shipping on orders above $50 or more and charge minimal shipping fee depending on the order amount and delivery method.

8. Reformation

Website: https://www.thereformation.com


Reformation is considered to be the best Urban Outfitters alternative as it offers the best collection of the trendy and sexy look apparels. Apart from this, they even provide the best ‘90s silhouettes and floral patterns.

This store has so much to offer to the online shoppers. It is exclusively for women, and you will find the best and latest designer collection at an affordable price.

They provide free shipping on all orders. Also, the products range from $25 to $499. Doesn’t it seem to be a great and affordable online shopping store?

9. Anthropologie

Website: https://www.anthropologie.com


Anthropologie stands under the best sites like Urban Outfitters, and it is all because it is owned by the same company which holds the latter. Both Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie have a similar design and beauty.

In simple words, I can say that Anthropologie is more sophisticated than other stores on this list. The items listed on the website range from minimum $5 to maximum $7000 with a flat shipping rate of $6.95 (orders up to $50). Also, the shipping rates on the orders increase as you purchase more items from this website.

Isn’t it quite expensive as compared to other stores listed on our list?


But it is one of those online stores like Urban Outfitters which you can’t afford to miss. If money is not your concern, then you are lucky to find Anthropologie as they sell the awesome stuff.

They even have the next day delivery options and sell quality fabrics, items with high price tags. If you want to be a part of the exclusive promotions and savings, then become a member.

10. Nasty Gal

Website: http://www.nastygal.com

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is one of those websites like Urban Outfitters which have a similar clothing style like the latter. And if you are a fan of the bralettes and lingerie on UO, then you would love Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal offers incredible nasty designs including weird printed dresses, pants, crop tops and much more. You can even find the best collection under tomboy florals.

They offer free shipping on orders above $70 and charge a standard shipping fee of $5 on orders below $70. All the items listed on this website range from $10 (minimum) to $1,259 (maximum). Also, they have an option for overnight shipping with a 30-day free return policy.

Hand Picked Stuff For You:


All these websites like Urban Outfitters I have mentioned here sell similar quality but at an affordable price, unlike UO. Though there are some other stores as well, keeping your budget in mind, I have mentioned the best ones here.

So, if you were in search for the best options to shop online other than Urban Outfitters, then all these mentioned online sites above will help you. All the websites I have mentioned here are easy to use. While shopping at these stores, you must go through the return policy as well as the customer reviews.

I am sure that you all will have an awesome shopping experience with these online stores like Urban Outfitters.

Also, don’t forget to share your shopping experience and if you have your favorites like Urban Outfitters then don’t forget to share with all of us.

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