The Guys With Glasses: 19 Reasons to Date Them

Have you ever thought about the guys with glasses and dating one of them? If you have, then you should know that girls easily fall in love with the men with glasses.

There are several reasons that girls easily feel for them, these guys are really charming and mysterious as well for girls always.

Girls always fall immediately with the guy fall for mystery and smart looks, and this is what these guys with glasses have.

Other than being smart, they are also full of innocence and mind-blowing qualities that girls can’t say no to them.

A man having a pair of glasses always looks so intelligent, nerdy and very punctual that they don’t make their girls wait over a cup of coffee. So they are always so caring and understanding.

Men who wear glasses are always full of surprises even if you underestimate them.  These guys are always the best in the bed because they are full of mystery and girls love this unexpected chemistry.

Sometimes he might be shy but he still is full of knowledge and is capable of making you happy in every situation, he looks like a boy but he is a great man.

Reasons Behind Looking For Guys with Glasses for Dating Purposes

Here I’m going to give you some reasons why you should think about guys with glasses while searching for a dating partner.

Guys With Classes

1. He Is Always Smart

Guys in glasses always look smart and highly-educated person, and no matter how much they know about a particular topic, they always can impress others just by a few wise sentences.

He wears glasses so he is not just highly educated but also a good example of intelligence and he is always ready to be tested.

So if you want a guy that has smartness and intelligence as his main characteristics then looking for guys who wear glasses is a better option.

These guys always seem like they are really good in reading and debating things, they can easily use their intelligence to defeat almost everyone.

2. Reading Books Is His Thing

He may look a bookworm, and reading is always his favorite thing. He reads a lot, so he has a lot of knowledge of the world and things going on.

He knows the facts better than everyone, and he always tries to enlighten you with the facts and things he knows. He has an understanding of different topics, so he believes in spreading his knowledge whenever required.

He also loves reading romance novels for you and tells you stories every night. So the guy with glasses is not only interested in knowing things, but he is incurably romantic.

You can also see his as a professor but with hot characteristics and you don’t hesitate to flirt with him.

3. He Doesn’t See Your Flaws While Having Sex

You know that he wears glasses because he doesn’t have a strong vision, and when you two go for sex, he has to put off those glasses.

This way, he doesn’t see your flaws and always admire your natural beauty, so you don’t have to think twice to get in the bed with him.

All your insecurities will fade away if you date a guy with glasses because he is not that strong visually.

4. He Always Accepts Himself

He knows very well that he wears glasses and he accepts him in this way. He doesn’t care about other’s opinion and believe in living the life in his own way.

He doesn’t get uncomfortable about his appearances just because he owns glasses to see. Boys with glasses are always confident about their image, and they respect you for choosing them over everyone else.

5. Playing Games Is Not His Thing

He is not like any other man that loves playing games with girls. These Games are not just his thing because he believes in honesty and he is always trustworthy to his girl.

He doesn’t feel like leading the girls, but he wants one partner for the rest of his life and loves his to the fullest.

6. He Knows How to Use His Time

Though he is smart, so he knows the value of time, and he doesn’t believe in wasting time on things that are not worthy.

He has glasses so obviously he is a pro and can also be in some business, so he knows better go to manage time for his personal and professional life. This way, guys with glasses avoid all the shot and focus on the areas that actually get counted.

7. His Looks Is Not Everything to Him

He knows that he is attractive and girls find him charming. Even then he concentrates on increasing his brain’s power and knowledge than just working on his beauty.

He is also well aware of his body and health, so he is a gym member and regularly attends there because he believes in being healthy and not just in making abs.

So when you date this type of guy, he always believes in your inner beauty than just your looks because he feels the same about him.

He teaches you how to appreciate your non-physical aspects and doesn’t hear what others are saying uselessly.

He teaches you to be a highly motivated person because of your qualities not because of your looks.

8. His Perception Is Always Different

If you put a thing to think on, he always provides opinions that are usually different from others and better.

He has the strength to give you the opinions that no one is capable of because he sees things differently and understand them deeply and a result, his perceptions are always different.

Guys with glasses can be seen as talented persons, they always agree to hold your hand in every dispute, and he always impresses you with his wise views.

Before getting to a certain point, he examines things and sees them from every angle then carefully take a decision.

So those girls dating guys with glasses feel secure in their every decision because her guy knows the best.

9. Don’t Worry About Romance

Other than all these factors, these guys do not show any lack of romance.  You can see them as an incurable romantic person; they just love romance as they believe in old-fashioned ways.

He is not full of infatuation, but he loves his girl blindly and unconditionally. He is always good at managing his time so you would find him always by his side whenever in need.

He always knows the ways to be romantic at a deeper level, and if you have dated a guy with glasses already, then you know how good they are for stealing kisses.

10. He Is Always By Your Side

Take it as a fact that no matter what happens when you choose one from guys with glasses; you choose a support that will always be with you and by your side no matter what happens.

These guys are really steady so you can believe them in every situation; you can depend on them fully. They are always capable of fighting for you and get you through every worse.

11. He Always Sees You Beautiful Even In the Morning

As I said, he has a vision problem, so you don’t have to be worried about your looks in the morning just after getting up.

No matter how bad your eyeliner looks, your mascara ruined or you look like a bedhead, he is not able to notice these minor things.

So you always get a good morning kiss. You are a beautiful woman to him, and all he wants is growing old with you.

12. You Are Always Happy To Take Him to Your Parents

These guys with glasses are fully loyal guys, so if you take him to meet your parents, they are going to be more than happy.

These all traits of a guy with glasses are enough to impress them, your guy is the one who is a great dad, and you can dream building your life with him.

He doesn’t just impress your father and mother, but he is always there with you in every success and failure and for him, you and your parents are already his family.

13. You Can Find Him Easily

Suppose if he is the one you are looking on the streets then you can easily tell people about his appearance.

You can easily locate him because he has different looking and features then just any other man because if his glasses and caring personality.

14. He Never Fails To Contact You

It doesn’t matter how busy he is with his meetings and other stuff. You will always get a reply like calls or messages from his side, and he is very good at answering your calls and texts.

The guy never fails to reply you and a reliable partner that never goes off. He is always there to make you feel safe in tough situations.

15. He Is Fashionable

He wears glasses, and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any sense of fashion. The guys with glasses are always good with their fashion sense.

He knows how to maintain his looks and dressing sense. He is a classy man who knows to change his styles according to the environment.

He is more logical than other guys and knows to use his brain wisely when it’s time to use the word “fashion” so all in all, they truly understand fashion sense.

16. He Is Always Thoughtful and Adorable

You may find him a little shy man, but from inside he is a strong man that knows how to treat his girl rightly.

You may agree with their shyness, but it just takes a right woman so he can show his manly side.

He not gets attracted to just any woman, but he examines his woman to make the perfect match that can a lifelong relationship and full of trust.

Once he makes a bond with you, he is always caring and understands you for your every step. These guys with glasses are always more durable than the guys without glasses.

17. He Is Sensitive With Every Feeling

He is a man who prefers wearing glasses so you can imagine that he is not always the hero of the school times.

Eve after being intelligent, he was not as famous as other guys in his time.  He is always sensitive to his feelings, so he actually understands others’ feelings and respects them.

He doesn’t judge you, but he respects your choices and tries to be as supportive as he can. He knows his masculine side, but he also understands a woman better.

18. He Is Passionate About His Things

If you date a nerdy guy or a guy with glasses you can find him attractive for his unique hobbies. He likes things that are totally different from others but also more sensible.

He is a passionate man and tries hard to achieve his things. This entire thing makes you feel respect for him, and you want you two together and forever.

19. He Is Not an Artist but Always Appreciates Art

If you think that a guy can’t just have feelings for art or artistic things then maybe you are taking him wrong.

A man who wears glasses always has a creative side and ability to see things differently, so he can appreciative a piece of art in a better way than any other guy.

Believe it or not, but they always show their love and interest towards arts and cultural things.


Girls always get attracted to the guys with glasses because they have their own style and don’t believe in following others. Glasses are something that enhances the personality of both men and women.

Here I wrote out some reasons that make a guy wearing glasses different and better from others. But you are also required to include your intelligence while choosing the right man for you.

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