Cute Nerdy Guys: 23 Reasons You Should Date A Nerdy Guy

Cute nerdy guys are getting hotter and hotter day by day; they are like the new trend for dating. Girls find them much more attractive to date than other guys.

They don’t just look nerdy, but they can attract just any girl in a blink. When girls talk about nerdy guys, they talk about their hotness, their looks, and their mind-blowing skills.

So if you’re getting confused why you should go with nerdy guys or if you are searching for a nerdy guy to date, here you can find all necessary facts that attract you to cute nerdy guys.

These are not the one who stays in shadows, but these guys stay on light always and impress everyone passes by.

23 Reasons You Should Date Cute Nerdy Guys

So let’s go ahead and read out these 20+ special things that make these cute nerdy guys a perfect date.

Cute Nerdy Guys

1). He Is Cute All the Time

Believe me, if you date a nerdy guy, you can’t stop cuddling him like ever. You better know this if you are dating him right now. All you get is affection whenever you see him; he is also the one who cuddles you more than anyone.

2). He Hugs You Like He Is Hugging His World

I know you want that feeling when this nerdy one hugs you because when he hugs you, he puts his every single effort and thought to make you feel better by just his one hug.

These cute nerdy guys are really experts in hugging their girls. He can be a bit slow sometimes in expressing his feelings, but to fulfill this lack, he hugs to realize you that you are his world.

3). Nerdy Guys Means Super Sexy

When you date a nerdy guy, you can expect him as a clean one like no hairs on the body at all. It is not a compulsory thing with all the nerdy guys there, but in most cases nerdy guys are hairless. It makes these cute nerdy guys super-hot and sexy for any girl

4). Everyone Loves the Way He Is Passionate For His Things

You are going to fall for him by the way he falls for his things and how passionate is he about his dreams. His passion can make you want him like crazy because, in the same way, he is passionate about his girl.

The passion can be about anything like his favorite video game, his hobby of collecting things, his music albums, etc.

5). He Has a Wonderful Sense of Humor

He is nerdy doesn’t mean he can’t enter the world of humor. He can be more humorous than any other guy, and he can continue kidding and throw jokes for hours.

When it’s about making you smile, he can go on and on like his humor has no ends. Your one smile can take using his humor skills like you never imagined because he is the creative one in everything he does.

6). They Don’t Stop At Getting Hotter

It is a natural thing to them, they don’t get faded with time, but they manage themselves get hotter as days pass. If he dates a nerdy one, he is going to be better in his looks and this relationship with you. It is like the best gift they receive from nature.

7). They Do Things Like They Are the Experts

You Can expect a nerdy guy to be an intelligent one when they do things they do these like experts. These cute nerdy guys can be a master in the relationship, and they rock it when it comes to sharing your bed.

They can be the amazing kisser and can give you the wonderful orgasm ever. They can be great on going down and they do it better every time.

8). You Matter To Him A Lot

When he is in the relationship with you, you are the one that matters to him a lot. Your everything and saying matters to him and they are the best to remember important stuff of a relationship like your birth date, the first day you two met, anniversary and all.

He has all these traits so he can be your one wonderful guy ever who has awesome listening skills and can make them in his head.

9). He Accepts the Way He Is and They Way Others Are

He has no problem by himself, his looks and he accept his everything gladly. In the same way, he accepts others the way they are. Now you are in his life, so he accepts you and respects you for your choices and desires.

He is not a judgmental one or the one who crack jokes at others. He respects the humanity and especially the good ones.

10). He Knows His Limits and Never Cross Them

Unlike other guys, who don’t know anything about limits and space, he totally cares for your limits.

You don’t even have to say it, and he understands that every person has their limits and he is not going to cross them. It all makes these cute nerdy guys wanted for every woman.

11). He Is an Expert to Win His Girl’s Heart

He may be slow in the beginning, but he will try every possible way to win your heart. He does this by being himself and not by acting others.

Surely he is a nerdy one doesn’t mean he is a slow one, but he is capable of doing things for you like no one. He will try his hard to make your mind and give your heart to him.

12). You Are Perfect For Him

In short words, he is a great fan of yours. He loves you for your qualities, your flaws,you’re your beauty even after you get up from that bed each morning.

They are nerdy, so they are not going to judge you for your looks or any minor flaws in your beauty because of their respecting behavior for everything in this universe.

13). They Don’t Believe In Showoff

You should go for these cute nerdy guys because they don’t believe in show off or can put on a few pounds or wear sweatpants all day.

In the same way, they expect you to feel the same for him. So there is no need to be sexy the entire day if you are dating a nerdy guy. It means the best life ever because you can be natural.

14). They’re More Sensitive

He is way more sensitive than average guys; he understands the sentiments and never hurts anyone. Due to high ultra-sensitive side, he can get hurt easily by his loved ones, so you just need to take care of the words you throw. As a benefit, he is never going to say any bad words because he knows how it feels to be hurt.

15). They Don’t Try To Impress but People Get Impressed

A nerdy guy always knows that he looks cool and intelligent in those spectacles and people get impressed very quickly and sometimes even without knowing his name.

He knows it very well, but he doesn’t do the impressing thing on purpose ever. It is the natural him, and he has the capability that people feel special about him.

16). His Talking Are Way Better And Like Real Conversations

He is not the guy who takes things for granted. He is not going to talk ridiculous things that make no sense. It doesn’t mean that he is unknown to the hot things like sex, but he searches for a perfect chance and only with his girl.

So you are getting a very reliable life partner if he is the nerdy guy. So every time like you have something to tell, then he is the best one who listens to you and puts his ideas to solve your troubles.

17). He Is Capable Of Living A Stable Life With You

These cute nerdy guys can be shy to their college days, but they never lose the power to achieve this better than anyone.

He believes in himself, and this thing makes him way more independent and responsible. Even if he was not that famous among girls and some of them took him as a joke, but now you know how successful he is and can be in the future.

He can surprise you when he decides to do things seriously in his life, and he can prove him that he can give you all the stability in life.

18). Relationship Is a Serious Thing for Him

A relationship does not matter much for guys but for cute nerdy guys, it can be their entire world. He only wants to be your man once you both agree to be in a relationship.

They take these relationship things more seriously, and they’re determined to do anything to prove their love and care to their girl.

These are the things that women appreciate in them, even if he hasn’t dated any woman in earlier days because he could be busy with his creativity, but when he does, he does with all his interest.

19). He Can Be a Shy One And All He Need Is time

Every human takes some time to be open to others, these cute nerdy guys can take more time to remove the hesitation.

They don’t put themselves social situations often, and that’s why they take it slowly but strongly. They can be slow, but they are the most depressed ones.

So this self-consciousness takes some time to get off their heads, and then they prove themselves as the most lovable guys.

Flirting is not his thing, but he observes you for everything that is important to establish a relationship with you, and then he comes up with his great sides.

20). He Is Your Loyal Guy

If you are going to have a relationship with a nerdy guy, then you don’t have to doubt him even once.

He is not into girly things like getting touched and chatting for hours with ladies in a bar, so he doesn’t believe in these things.

It makes him the most reliable person in a relationship, and he is not going to do but you either as he believes you the most.

Loyalty is the thing that matters to him, and you can always see that he has a few friends, but all these are loyal and humble.

21). He knows how to take care of you

These cute nerdy guys are the most lovable because of their loving and caring nature for others. They are most sensible, thoughtful and sensitivity of guys, so they are awesome at taking care of their girlfriend.

He will care for you in the sweetest way and for every tiny thing that makes a relationship strong. Many times, he will do things that you want without even hearing it from you.

22). They Are the Geeky Ones So They Are Better Than Others

These are the geeky ones, and that means they have better capabilities to do things. They see the things differently and then implement their ideas as no one does.

They are technology expert; the IT guys types who have a keen interest in knowing things and keeping them in mind.

It is the reason they are called nerd because they are the wise guys and best friend of technology. So don’t worry if your laptop isn’t working your guy is by your side to fix it in less than 5 minutes.

23). They Are Not Born With Egos

You love the idea of dating a nerdy guy because these dudes are very down to earth and they don’t believe in the thing ‘ego.’

They have their personality to impress just anyone, and this thing is sought for them that make them the person with a great attitude.

He blushes when you adore him for hiss looks and don’t reply like a dick ‘I know it.’ their minds are full of creativity and sensible things, so they don’t have space for any crap like ego.


Cute nerdy guys are eye catching because of their outer looks and intelligence on their face. Also, their caring, loving and humble nature makes them wanted among girls.

So you can’t go wrong with these cute nerdy guys because they are the real gentleman and treat you like their princess.

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