Things to Talk About With Your Crush

Things to Talk About With Your Crush: Many times you feel like question-less, and even one line doesn’t click in your brain to ask him.

This situation, of not having things to talk to your crush about ruins the whole moment and you feel hopeless and embarrassed.

These are the times when you feel like how to talk to your crush when he is in front of you and giving you a sweet smile. In return, you also smile, but you are out of words to say to him.

I can understand how useless you feel when you run out of subjects to talk about with your crush. You think like “how is it possible to not find even one word to spit out in front of him.”

Don’t worry, because I bring you here the latest and trending things to talk about with your crush, so you don’t face the same situation again.

These topics also help you to figure out how the person is and if you should really make your steps forward to him or not.

These topics here are helpful that will save you things to talk about with your crush every time you meet him and keep you both from any boringness.

Things to Talk About With Your Crush

Things to Talk About With Your Crush

1). Ask Things about Him

No one can ignore this topic because everyone loves it when you ask to have a talk about them. So, if you’re using this topic as your conversation starter, then it is going to be a great thing, and you can’t go wrong with this one.

When you ask him to talk about himself, it clearly hints him that you are interested in him and want to learn him more. This topic is always in trend, and he is going to love it when he knows that you enjoy exploring him.

So don’t think much and get your crush either face to face or over the phone because this topic is always perfect when you’re searching for things to talk about with your crush over texting.

You can have any question like “what’s your dream in life” “what is your plan today” or just any question that you want to have about him.

2). Find Mutual Interests

Two people enjoy more often and in a better way when they have the same choices and interest.  You can have an idea of yours and his choices only when you have a talk with him.

The more you spend time with them, the more you get to know about the topics you both enjoy. Once you find it you two can have a great talk, with a great fun because now you know your mutual topics that interest you both.

These interests can be anything such as you both like the same basketball team, same TV shows, same movies, etc.

So, mutual interests will be perfect things to talk about with your crush because you share the common interests and thoughts about the things.

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3). Have a Talk about Current Events

Current events are always great conversation starters, there is always something happening around you so you can always have these things to talk about with your crush.

These are the easiest topics that you can include whenever you both sit side by side. You can ask him about anything going on in town or the city.

You both can have a convo about things happening in the world these days and share our opinion with him and let him know yours.

So current events is always a cool thing to ask when you are with your crush and can’t find anything to say.

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4). Asking About Weather

Just like the current events, having weather things to talk about with your crush is also perfect because weather always changes, so you always have something to share with him.

It is very easy to put those silent lips into uncountable laughs and for this asking about the weather is a perfect thing.

You don’t have to be dumb  by asking questions like “do you know the weather outside” because of course everyone knows about the weather, so you can say some lines like “why it is always hot, I really feel like going to an ice cream parlor” “what is your favorite weather BTW” “can anyone stop this rain”.

So ask questions like these and see how great they help you in front of him. He will surely say interesting things as a reply, or you may get a walk with him to the ice cream parlor.

5). Know His Life’s Experiences

While asking about life things to talk about with your crush, it’s not necessary to ask a serious thing. But you can always ask his most embarrassing moments because these moments can be really hilarious you both end up with loud chuckles.

Just start asking with one embarrassing situation and go deep and deep, the more you go forward, the more belly laughs you both face.

In the same way, you can tell him you’re embarrassing and funny moments that you can forget even after all these years. So when you have these funny topics, he will surely give you a great smile every time you see him.

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6). Compliment Him Often

Everyone loves to receive compliments whether it is for their personalities, traits or clothing.  Your crush is also going to love it when you compliment him for just anything.

It is a great helper when you are looking for things to talk about with your crush. When you admire him, he always remembers you as a special person because you are the one who sees something special in him and have the courage to compliment him.

Compliments always make anyone feel good and positive about them. Compliments are always a reminder that there is something good in a person. Also, they can be a conversation starter, so be ready to compliment him often but avoid overdoing it.

You can always admire him for his clothing sense, his new shirt, a new watch and the pair of new shoes. Other than this, you can admire him for his behavior around others, his helping nature, his way of talking, etc.

Be sure that you do it honestly and when you really see something good in him. Otherwise, there is no need to do a fake compliment as it can make the situation worse.

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7). Add Up Funny Things

Men always like ladies with a good sense of humor or the strength that can make anyone smile in just a blink. So, if you don’t have it, then there is nothing to worry because you can at least try in front of him.

Start throwing with any funny jokes to your friends when he is around or you can do it whenever you both are having a little talk. So have some funny things to talk about with your crush and see how greatly he smiles or laughs.

Everything is right when you are kidding, so just read out any hilarious joke and throw it next time when he is in front of you talking casually.

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8). Have a Talk about Work/School

If, you two are classmates or go to the same school then talking will be very easy. You can start your convo with just by topic like helping with notes, assignments, or with any subject so you two can spend more time together.

If you two are colleagues or work at the same office, then you can share your thoughts about the office enrichment, other colleagues, any projects in that you need his help, etc.

If you two are in the same college then you can have your future talks like “what is your aim to become in life” “how you see yourself in next three years” “are you interested in becoming a professor” “what is your favorite subject” and these types of things to talk about with your crush.

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9). Take His Opinion about One-Night Stand

Now that you two are somewhat close and comfortable to talk, you can get to know what he thinks about one night stand and share your opinions as well.

It will be fun, and you will know how important the one night stand for him or how many times he has done it.

He is going to be purely honest because you are only a friend for him for now so he would not hide anything.

You can have some sex things to talk about with your crush that which type of changes he feels for the person after having sex.

Discussing these things will help you for making your decisions with him, and these things also clarify his nature around women.

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10). Friends Circle

Include friendship things to talk about with your crush because most people love to talk about their friends’ circle. Because friendship is as important as any relationship in their life and friends always have a great impact on everyone’s s life.

Talking on this one will also help you to know which type of people he has in his friends’ circle and which things attract him to make his moves forward for friendship with anyone.

So take this topic slowly and don’t judge him for any of his friends because things can get on the wrong track. So have this talk light and smooth so you both can end up with fun and healthy moments.

11). His Interests in Sports

Most guys are always interested in sports, so having sports things to talk about with your crush is a great tool. It also allows you to share your thoughts for your favorite sport and you listen to his favorite sport’s things.

It is a really time-consuming topic and can give you more and more hours because there are unlimited things to talk about any particular sport.

You can start asking “what’s your favorite sport” “which is your favorite team” “how much trophies do you have” “have you ever thought to become a player in that same team.”

12). Musical Things

By musical things to talk about with your crush, I mean you can ask about his favorite band or if he owns a personal one.

You can know about his interest in music like which type of music he loves as Rock, classic, country, jazz, etc.

You can have questions about the songs he has at this time in his playing list and how he boosts himself by listening to these.

A list of music also clarifies a person’s type and his behavior around several things. So next time when you two are sitting close, don’t forget to ask his favorite artist and band and also share your choice of music and songs with him.

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13). His Choice of Movies

You can easily get someone’s sense of humor by just knowing his type of movies that he loves to watch. Asking about his favorite movie is a great hint to know the person’s way of thinking and his imaginary world.

This type clarifies how they think about the life or how serious they are in their life. You can ask about his favorite category like Romance, thriller, horror, adventure, etc.

These movies things to talk about with your crush are always great if you want to learn about a person and want to establish a long conversation with him.


Many times you can feel like your tongue is tied and not working in front of your special one.  You can’t find any things to talk about with your crush, and your belly is like an empty vessel.

To help you to these types of situations, my list is here including several things to talk about with your crush. I hope it would help you all to eliminate your curiosity and making an interesting talk with your crush.

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