What to Talk About With a Guy

The article is about what to talk about with a guy because talking is a difficult thing when it is about your crush or the man you feel affection about.

You feel close to a man and want to talk the whole night and day but don’t know where to start. Whenever you find him around your mouth acts like ice cubes, and you are all frozen.

There are situations when your heart really feels like talking to your man about the whole universe but you are just unable to find a topic of his interest, and you are so unsure about how to talk to a guy.

Or maybe you have no words, and the whole creation thing is fading out because all you can do is just looking at him and zero things to talk about with a guy of your choice.

Here I am to help you to find some meaningful conversation that will help you from every awkward situation because these topics are all interesting and engaging, so you won’t feel silly in front of him.

So get your attention off from just dressing well and use these topics on how to start a conversation with your guy that can go on and on without getting him bored.

Keep reading these trendy and interesting topics below so you can use them whenever you set up a conversation with your crush.

What to Talk About With a Guy

What to Talk About With a Guy

1). Start With Basic Things

The conversation may feel hard in the beginning because you don’t know anything about that person, because you are not unsure about the things to talk.

Well, to get things easier you may start with any common topic so you both can set up a comfortable zone of friendship from the zone of strangers.

You can give it a startup by just any simple questions like “how is your day going” “how often do you play video games and which one is your favorite” “do you watch any fantasy TV shows” or just hey, what’s up.

Questions like these will simple your task of getting into a good conversation and solve your troubles with what to talk about with a guy.

2). Talk About Cars

Guys are always a fan of cars, bikes and other machinery, so you can ask him about his favorite car whenever you get a chance.

Automobiles is always a trending topic among guys so you can always have questions related to top 10 cars, top 10 bikes of the year and why they are famous to this extent.

You can ask him about his dream car or if he is planning to own one soon. This topic has its advantages because you get to spend some time with your guy and also some knowledge about automobiles.

So being an expert is not necessary every time because you can clear all your doubts sitting beside him. It will also be a meaningful conversation if you are looking for what to talk about with a guy to keep the conversation going.

3). Know About His Sports Interest

Most guys consider this topic as an interesting one, and it keeps them engaging whether with friends or anyone. So when you talk about sports things, he is going to enjoy it to a great extent.

Ask questions about his favorite sports like his favorite football team if he is a great fan of football and what accomplishments has he done so far in his forte sports.

This topic will really keep him hooked with you, and you both get to know about each other’s sports things.

If you don’t understand the sport he plays, you can also ask him for an explanation or videos to enlighten. This way he explains the game to you and you two share thoughts and get to know each other.

If you both like the same sport, then you can have a wonderful debate, and you two can enjoy it even more because men like ladies who are expressive and can out their opinions. This way, the topic is going to be a perfect one on what to talk about with a guy.

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4). Find Mutual Choices

You can get his friendship easily and easily start your conversations by finding your mutual choices do several things like:

  • What is your favorite movie category and what is that particular movie that you love to watch?
  • How much do you enjoy watching horror TV shows or movies?
  • Who is your favorite actor/actress? It is a perfect topic on what to talk about with a guy, also ask why he considers them as his favorite actor.
  • How often do you read any book and which one’s your favorite?
  • Which is your favorite superhero like Spiderman or Edward Cullen?
  • Which place in the world do you consider the most beautiful?

By all these questions, you two can find your mutual interests and can talk on these topics often.

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5). Admire Him for His Efforts

Guys like and respect women who admire them for their efforts. So start complimenting him or admiring him for the things he does whether it’s his office or college.

Whenever he does anything in his workspace or anywhere to help others, then your praise can really increase his confident and makes you a different person in his eyes.

You can often have a talk about his work environment, his boss’s behavior or his colleagues as this way you both can share your problems and you both can provide fair solutions.

This way, you succeed quickly on what to talk about with a guy and can keep your guy in the talk for a long time.

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6). Talk Him about Other Women

It is something that you need to know that what he thinks of other women and how much he really respects women.

This topic on what to talk about with a guy can help you understand how much he really cares for a woman. Also, talk him about his past relationship and how he ended it.

You need to take it lightly and don’t ask any harsh question because that can ruin the entire conversation.

You can have questions like “how was his first date” “what he really likes on a date” and things that impress him and makes him feel down.

So this way you are reading his mind for women and this also helps to get you a rough idea of his way of thinking.

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7). Take His Opinions on Sex

Guys just love this discussion, and it doesn’t matter that you are a woman and going to discuss it with a man. You can openly discuss things related to sex, and he would discuss it openly as well because you both feel comfortable with each other.

So don’t forget to take his onions about sex and his past sex life, also enquire if sex is the reason behind his past breakups.

So, don’t think about it as a disgusting topic, take it as the most trending topic when it is about what to talk about with a guy.

8). Get To Know His Favorite Movies

You can ask your guy about his favorite genre of movies, and this can also fix your next meeting in a theater if the talk goes well.

You can have a talk about the interesting movies he has watched so far. Also, get to know if he has ever watched something like horror or action and if he hasn’t then don’t be shocked because it is not necessary that man always likes movies genre of horror or action.

Talk about some romantic movies and his favorite actress and his characteristics that attract him the most. Perhaps you get a chance to plan a movie meeting at any Cineplex, so this one is perfect on what to talk about with a guy.

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9). Know His Favorite Bands

Talk about his favorite bands and music type because it is surely an interesting topic so you can get to know about his favorite music group or band. You can share yours as well and let the conversation going on.

Easier Things on What to Talk About With a Guy

After getting don with these topics, here are some interesting one line comments that you can use to start a conversation very easily.

1). You can comment on the weather like what a beautiful day, or if it is raining, then you can ask if he wants to share the umbrella.

2). If he has a pet, you can ask him to pamper it for a few minutes, or you can also compliment his pet like “how adorable he is.” if you want to know what to talk about with a guy when you see him with his pet.

3). You can admire him for his dressing sense because guys love it when girls compliment them.

4). If you see him in any pub or bar, then you can start talking about music playing there. So here you can have any small talk, just remember to be positive.

5). You both can have a talk about your mutual friend if you don’t find any suitable topic.

6). If you two stumble at any street, you can ask for any street’s address even if you know about it. Meanwhile, you can ask for his contact number.

7). If he has tattoos anywhere that are visible, you can ask him about the reason and compliment his tattoo. Because people love to hear about their tattoos and they just love it when anyone compliments it.

8). You can also order a drink for him, it would hint him that you are into him and chances are he can have a quality conversation with you. So if you really want to know what to talk about with a guy then just order a drink and see the magic.

Some Quick Questions on What to Talk About With a Guy

These one line questions will help you while looking for what to talk about with a guy.

1). What is that thing you consider the bravest in your life?

2). When did you feel most embarrassed, want to share it?

3). How was your first date, how many relationships have you gone through?

4). What was the best prank you’ve ever done?

5). Does money make you happy or the persons in your life?

6). How much do you consider yourself as a pet lover, do you have any pet as your favorite?

7). Can you tell me the best present you have ever received and by whom?

8). Have you ever done any charity?

9). Which thing do you consider while making best friends?

10). What is your signature word that you repeat in every minute?

11). Do you have any pet name by that your parents still call you?

12). What is your biggest achievement so far?

13). Do you have any nickname by that you want to call me?

14). Who is your favorite teacher in our school?

15). Are you afraid of any creatures or any person?

16). Can you tell me the best thing that you have ever done to others?

17). How did you picture me in your brain when you first saw me?

18). What is your favorite place in the world where you want to build up your home?

19). How much would you rate me on the scale of friendship?

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The main issue is finding the topics so that you can keep your guy excited and energized with you and not bored. For this, you have to escape from any boring topic or an old-fashioned and should start something fresh.

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