Third Date Ideas – Take Your Relationship on Next Step

Third Date Ideas: Your first and seconds dates are over and now it’s about the third date. You’re going to organize the third one because probably you are finding your date a perfect person.

In your previous dates, you are done with the common things like movie booking, dinner, and all the similar stuff. So I bring you here some good third date ideas that are dissimilar to the first and second dates.

If your search is about some new and fun third date ideas, then you have got the right place. The third date is such a great opportunity that defines that you two are really into each other and want to indulge in each other a little more.

You are continuing the dating because now you feel affection for each other and want to carry the chemistry ahead.

Third Date Ideas That Are Extremely Interesting

So after getting done with the fit date that is all about personality and impressions and the second date that was about knowing each other a little more, it’s time to read out these third date ideas so you can do some other enjoyable activities.

1). Plan a Movie Night In

I know you have already done the idea of watching a movie with our date. But you can spice up things here. For this, you have to plan a movie at your pace and not in any Cineplex.

It is an innovative and interesting idea to take your date at your home, so you can have your favorite romantic movie sitting on that couch side by side or in each other’s laps.

So this home move plan will be your first meeting including cuddle just like regular couples do and move forward in your relationship.

This plan of a home movie can get you several memorable moments that you can remember later and show that mysterious smile to your friends.

To make it more enjoyable and fun, you can order your partner’s choice of beverages and snacks like popcorn, chocolates, drink, etc. so just choose this one from third date ideas and start enjoying your first cuddle.

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2). Have Several Foods Tastes

You can also call this activity as food crawl because you are going to visit all your favorite, old and new restaurants and just fill up your taste buds with your choice of foods.

It is a crazy but very enjoyable idea, you have just to take two to three bites of every food you love and in the same order visit all the nearest restaurants or cafes.

This way you explore your date’s favorite food and also spend a great time with lots of pictures and selfies.

You can fill up your food crawl with several foods like your favorite meal, Appetizers, cocktails, dessert, etc.

So this is an exciting idea for all food lovers and if you want to do some experimental things then pick this one from these third date ideas and pick your chance to try a wide variety of foods.

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3). Get Quality Time While Volunteering

This volunteering thing among third date ideas is good in two ways, you get to spend a day or some days with your date regularly and this way you explore his/her interests around volunteering and other factors.

So when it is about volunteering, it’s about having lots of fun activities together, and you are also doing well for others.  The more loving volunteering you can do is for pets like dogs that are most adorable creatures.

So you enjoy things with pets, help them, and experience a caring environment. Also, you get to observe your partner that how caring he/she is around pets.

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4). Play a Question Game

If you think that you should know a lot in a less time, playing a game having your choices of questions help you to know your date better.

So just select this idea from all these third date ideas and set up your date at any coffee shop, pub, or restaurant with your list of questions of any type.

This way, you can know about his past, present and what he plans for future. These quests can be from any category like funny, interesting, seductive, or deep questions.

So have this list of questions in front of your date and know your answers about his choices. These questions will el you to establish an excellent conversation for a long time.

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5). Plan Your Visit to Museum

If you’re looking to plan a great picnic program, then you can set up the plan of visiting museums in our town.

If you don’t feel that there are good museums around you, then plan ride to another town or cities if you don’t mind traveling.

This activity is such a laziness breaker that also gives you a chance wandering around holding your partner’s hand with tons of talk.

By adding this in your third date ideas, you not only explore the museum, but you also share your opinions and thoughts about that place. After getting over with the visiting, plan a small picnic to any nearby park with some food like sandwiches, fruit, and champagne with two flutes.

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6). Amusement Parks Are Great

You all know about amusement parks, they have a real fun as they offer totally different world full of fun and excitement with several activities that all from family to single one enjoy.

So if you are not afraid of those scary rides and roller coasters ten you can plan a date to the amusement park where you both can build up your chemistry while experiencing recreational things.

Amusement parks are not all about scary rides, but they also offer you peaceful and long walk to blend the romance on your date.

You can spend the entire day there with your date because no one can get bored at the places like amusement parks and that’s why it is one of the best third date ideas.

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7). Set Up an Outdoor Date

If you both are outdoor lovers and want to enjoy some outdoor activities along taking your date forward then go ahead and enjoy some natural place.

You can on your trip to any zoo or animal sanctuary so you can enjoy the nature and all creatures from small to big ones like the bees, birds, lions, giraffe, ostrich and also the flowers.

You both will really enjoy this outdoor idea with all other third date ideas because nature is always welcoming and offer you a pleasant environment that you can’t experience anywhere.

To take your date forward, pack up some things like a blanket, your favorite food, and snacks, a Frisbee or something else that you both can enjoy.

You don’t have to overthink as this is your third date, so be natural and enjoy the greenery with your partner. This all natural visiting will surely increase your adrenalin rush and fill you both with great happiness and a relaxed atmosphere.

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8). Try Some Dancing Skills

Don’t forget to add this one in your third date ideas if you want to make your third date a total fun. You can set up your fireplace with some barbecue and have your dance together with the live music.

It is also an outdoor activity that you can plan at your choice of place, so the whole night you too can talk and explore the place while showing one another dancing skills you have.

Couples dance with seductive moves can also be great if you want to take it to the level of intimacy. Also cuddling will be very effective and this way your partner will feel more comfortable around you.

So don’t wait, just plan a slow dance in the arms of your partner and make your steps of romance gradually.

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9). Experience Cycling Together

It is the fun activity that you can plan in any season and any time but the evening is the best for cycling. So you can arrange cycling trip from your place to any lace of your choice with your date.

It is exciting to feel that cool breeze on your body and the nature you see around, so have a cycling trip through the woods or nature and enjoy this biking tour.

Always pick up a destination that has several stoppages so that you can stop at these locations and enjoy some snacks and take some rest while enjoying the scenery.

You can make your top at any cafe to fuel your bodies and then tied it again until you reach the detention like any tourist spot or similar place.

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10). Have Your Fire and Stargazing

You can plan to have your fire and to spend all night with your date. It will be a romantic one with a crackling fire, nature, and stars.

You can also manage the stargazing if you have nearby beaches in your town or any spot where you can enjoy being near water for a skinny dipping in the night time.

If you are planning this one, your third date is really going to be an extraordinary experience for you both. Other than skinny dipping, you can also bring your kiddie pool and enjoy stargazing together in each other’s arms.

To make it more special, you can bring some wine bottles and two glasses to have a romantic date in the kiddie pool.

This way, including these third date ideas with our ideas, will help you a lot to make it a memorable date.

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11). Plan an Indoor Stargazing

Add this one in the third date ideas if you don’t have the facilities to stay outdoors for stargazing then you can set up your very own indoor stargazing.

This activity is enough to have a romantic date with a lot of talk and delicious food and drinks. You just need to bring an indoor stargazing kit and seal it up on the entire room’s floor.

So whenever you lay in your room with all lights off, you both can enjoy this indoor stargazing activity in your comfort zone.

Just add up any activity like having dinner and dancing before going to off the lights and keep this one as your last activity.

So, you just need a blanket on your room’s floor and all the lights off to experience these glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling.

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12). Hit A Spa and Enjoy Together

To get a relaxing date you can hit a spa in your town with your date where you can enjoy couples package to revitalize your bodies.

You can enjoy several spa activities there like hot tubs, roman baths, private pools and more. Also, you can have couples’ massage together so you can both feel relaxed and fresh and just enjoy your rest of the day having lunch and extra activities in your bathrobe.

Because of lots of fun together while enjoying a spa, I recommend you adding it up in your third date ideas list.

13). Go To the Beaches

What can be romantic than going to the beaches and sitting there for hours holding hands and looking into your partner’s eyes?

So getting to your favorite beach in a calm place with bathing suits is a fun idea if you’re looking for third date ideas that are interesting and can make you day memorable.

14). Have Fun during a Horseback Riding

To have an adventurous date, include this horseback riding with all third date ideas. If you have this one in your list, you will surely enjoy lots of places while experiencing a horse walk.

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You can plan your third date ideas by your choices because it is not necessary to be expensive, but you can make the day memorable for your date even at low prices.

This list here on third date ideas obtain some real funny and interesting activities that you both can enjoy an also gets your partner’s sexual attention to you. So just be natural and focus on your date to make it a playful and unforgettable date.

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