Does My Crush Like Me? 10 Points That Will Help You to Know

Today’s article is about if you have a crush on someone and want to know does my crush like me? Well, your infatuation is not going to answer you anything until you start making some efforts.

There are several ways that you can use to verify if he feels the same for you or not. There are various signs like their body language, their way of talking, how they behave around you and many others.

So, I’m going to talk all these in details, so you get a clear view on does my crush like me. No matter how difficult is he to read out but once you understand my points, you are going to be free from all your confusions.

Love is tricky and so is the crush thing and you know it well. But for confirmation, there are always some signs that confirm his love.

So it may be the happy ending, or you need to leave him in case he doesn’t think the same about you.

Does My Crush Like Me? 10 Points That Will Help You to Know

Also, to know does my crush like me, you don’t have to go for those time-consuming things like online quizzes because there is nothing serious about them and by my points, you can test him practically and in front if your eyes. So let’s start with “does my crush like me.”

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1). Check His Body Language

The first point to confirm does my crush like me is to check his body language when you’re around. Keep focus on small details like does he try to be good looking around you? Does he concentrate more on everything and act weird?

Does he continually look at you but without making anyone realize? Does he constantly keep his eyes on the way until you left the room?

These are some small things that you can notice in his body language to confirm his feelings for you.

It is another good sign, check if he often visits around you without any reason. Also, notice his eyes contact, if he is having it with some intense look and also nervous at the same time, then that’s good news.

Notice if you are in need and he jumps to help you or not even if you don’t ask. Men always not to be noticed by the person they love.

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2). Notice Which Type of Things He Tells You

If you both often have a conversation, then you can check what type of things he tells you. This shows that he is interested or not.

Does he tell you about his special things like his favorite book, what is he planning today, any special thing that he hasn’t told anyone or any secrets about his life?

Also, check if he gives you some personal information about his life, it shows that he trusts you more than anyone and it is a sign to help you with does my crush like me.

If he tells you not his past, his relationship that is no more, his family troubles or happiness then these all are the signs that he is interred in you.

Talk to him about another guy and check his facial expressions and how he reacts. He will try to prove himself, so you won’t talk about anyone from next time.

Try to have a talk on the topics of his interest, this way you can know a lot about him. Also, this way you can spend a quality time with him on different topics and maybe you would know his feelings better.

Check the way when he talks to you like if he makes a good eye-contact or moves his head towards you, check out your moving lips, then these are all good signs on does my crush like me.

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3). Does He Try To Make Physical Contact With You?

It is a direct sign that he is also interested in you and wants to take this matter forward. A woman can easily find that whether a man tries to make physical contacts with her or not.

So whenever he tries to touch you or find excuses to be near you to make some physical contact, then consider this as a god sign on does my crush like me.

The contact can be of any type like if he puts his hands on your shoulder, uses his fingertips to hold your hand or wrist, touches your face by just any excuse.

Notice if he likes to use his hands on you like anywhere. Does he enjoy killing you or do anything to get your physical attention?

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4). Find Out His Way of Looking

Have you ever accidentally found the moment when he was looking at you? Notice if he immediately takes his eyes off you, if this is the situation then he feels nervous to tell you, but he feels the same for you.

Also, notice if he doesn’t try looking at you, sometimes he can do it because he doesn’t want anyone to know about his feelings and wants to keep his crush secret.

To have some fun part, you can also tell your friend who is good at keeping your secrets.  She will help you if he notices you in the class or not.

Ask her for how much time he noticed you last and also the way of his eyes looking at you. If this staring was too long, then you have the answer of does my crush like me because he has deep feelings for you.

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5). How Shy Is He When You Are Around

Does he shrink when you are around or act like a shy one while having a conversation? If he acts like shrinking or with shyness, then there is something in his brain for you or may be in his heart.

He is a very confident person with his friends’ group and everyone else but can’t talk that way or blabber a lot then it’s a good sign as well.

But if he is a shy one with all the persons he talks then don’t consider it as a positive sign. If this is the case, then it can take some time to consider whether he is invited or not. So you can try with other steps here if this one is difficult for you.

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6). Notice How Much He Loves To Be Around You

Have you ever noticed walking around you without reason and return to you just to see you but in a guarded way that no one notices? If yes, then you can also consider this thing on your good list.

If he talks a bit louder to other people when you are around, then he wants you to get your attention.

Does he make excuses to visit you at any place like your home or any cafe when you two can talk? Excuses can be like he needs your help with homework, or with reports, or he needs your sign on any academic sheet?

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7). How Gentle Is He with You?

If he acts like a gentleman when you’re with him or treat you as his girl and very respectfully then what can be a better sign than this?

Notice his activities like if he opens the car’s door for you, slide the chair for you, or give the things he never give to anyone are usually the signs that you are is one crush.

How much he cares whenever you stuck in a fight or does he try to stop that person who is saying bad words to you? These all things are good hints for your question “does my crush like me.”

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8). Notice His Friends Circle

It is one of the easiest ways to know if he likes you or not. Notice the way his friends tease him or say things to him. It will hint you that he is interested in you, also notice if his friends try some ways to find out if you are interested in him.

So whenever you make a move around his friends, then check their reactions and how your presence affects them. Which types of things they say him whenever you pass?

If they make smiles looking at you, if they make mysterious faces and give you a hint about him then there are positive indications on does my crush like me.

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9). Find Out If He Mimics You

If you consider that you both are good friends and have several talks, but now it’s time to confirm that he is interested in you or not.

So simply check him if he mimics you for anything because if he does he is trying to get your attention and this can be a sign of liking.

So take care of his gestures and moves he makes at the same time you make. For example, when you slide your fingers in your hair then he does the same, if you touch your face he touches his, and he does all the same activities like sitting in the same way, folding legs in the same way, etc.

These are all the signs that he wants to say that he likes you or have a crush on you. Other than this, if you notice he tries to sit beside you even there is a lot of space in the canteen, then he is trying to get closer to you.

So be sure with all these things and if you’re observing these things, then you are working fine to get the answer of does my crush like me.

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10). How Often He Compliments You?

If he sees you whenever you get a new haircut or do something different with your dressing sense or makeup, then it’s a pretty good sign.

So now you have to observe the way he compliments you or how often he compliments you. So check his complaints like “this dress looks made for you” “I like your new hairstyle” etc.

Also notice does he get bothered when someone else stares you and say “you are beautiful” or compliments you in a flirty way.

If he is not complimenting you but staring you in a different way, you can also be sure on does my crush like me because some guys don’t feel comfortable to complement in front of others.

Seven Quick Points to Find Out “Does My Crush Like Me.”

1). You catch his eyes on you in class or canteen.  He even locks his eyes with you sometimes as a direct sign that he is into you.

2). He can’t say things clearly in front of you because he has to think the right thing to say to you. So it’ a sign to confirm does my crush like me or not.

3). He always knows where he can find you even when you are in a bad mood, and he is always there for you.

4). He walks around your locker in school just to check you are there or not.

5). He passes through your home many times without any reason or says Hi to your mom because he wants you to notice him. This indicates that his answer is yes on does my crush like me.

6). Enjoy your company very much and light even at your silliest jokes.

7). He defends you every time whether you’re arguing with boys or girls. He always tries to take your side without even knowing the reason because he’s totally into you.


Crush and love are like magical things, but when you don’t know if the person also has the mutual feelings, then you may face some sadness and difficulties.  You get curious to know his/her feelings for you act like you can do anything just to know his interest in you.

So my above-mentioned tips would help you a lot to know his feelings and take a decision on “does my crush like me.”

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