What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone: It is not always possible that whatever we desire for turns out to be true. Sometimes we have to work really hard for making things real. There are many people who come out with different short cuts of life. But one thing is clear from it that you can never succeed through these short cuts. Only real hard work can get you what do actually want.

Sometimes it happens that all day we think about only that thing for which we are really passionate. We just keep on thinking about how to achieve that thing. We can pass our whole day just about thinking that goal. Ultimately it results as visualizing that thing in real. And suddenly that thing is something what we dream about.

What Actually a Dream Means?

There are many theories about the dreams. Some people treat them as the visions from the future life. And some people treat them as the fractions of the past life. Everyone has different explanations for the theory of dreams.

Dreams are the ideas, instants, emotions, passions and other desires which stays somewhere involuntarily in the mind. They can be the visuals of those unfulfilled desires which always stuck in your mind. It can also be something really personal to you.

There has been continuous and rapid researches took place on the theory of dreams. The study of dreams is called the Oneirology. However, it is still a confusion to find out the actual reason of occurrence of dreams.  Dreams have always been the part of scientific as well as religious studies from the ancient time.

Scientific Theory about the Dreams

There are many stages of our sleep. One of them is the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep. This is the time. This is the time when our mind remains highly active. The body remains partially awake at this time. This is the time when the movement of eyes is very rapid and frequent.

Dreams can also occur in the other stages of sleep. But they tend to be less memorable and vivid at this time. Usually the length of a dream varies from some seconds to approximately 20-30 minutes. A person is likely to have five to seven dreams per night. But he forgets most of them. Dreams are likely to occur in the typical two hours of REM in an eight hour sleep.

Dreams and Their Different Aspects

In the modern days dreams can be relate to the unconscious section of mind. There are different types of dreams that one can have. They can be horror, exciting, sad, joyful, mysterious, adventurous or sexual. Some dreams are related to our day to day life. And some are far away from our thoughts.

Every dream has its own different meaning. Each dream signifies some aspects about or life. Seeing something extra ordinary in dreams can have a specific meaning. There can be different things seen in a dream. It can be an animal, someone you lost, someone you like, weird people or some place you have never been to.

Many people gets confuse about that what does it mean when you dream about someone. And they relate them to something which is absurd. But now you would not have to get confused anymore. There are different meanings for seeing different people in dreams.

Here is the complete answer of what does it mean when you dream about someone


1). What Does It Mean When You Dream about Someone You Love:

When you are in love, all that stays in your mind is only that person. All that you think about is their happiness and concern. You can even relate other things to them. You find excuses to talk about them. You just cannot find your time spending without them.

You can fantasize about them all day long and still do not get tired of doing it. Sometimes you even visualize them with open eyes. You start calling others with the name of the one you love. All you care for is their happiness and their needs. You even start dreaming about them too.

But there is a hidden message in what does it mean when you dream about someone. There can be different types of dreams with the person you love. Each type of dream has its own significance. You should never take these dreams lightly. They can warn you for the future goals.

A). Dream

 You can dream about the happiness and joyful moments with your partner. for example if you see you two giggling together and spending some light moments together then it’s a good sign. In such dreams you can visualize you two holding hands and being into romantic dates.

Meaning: This dream signifies the strength of your relationship. It means that you share a strong bond with the person you are dreaming about. It also symbolize that you have a deep and intense connection with this person.

B). Dream

It is not necessary that you always dream of something good. You may sometimes dream of fighting with your love. The dream may consist of arguments with the love of your life. This type of dreams can have the instability and rough moments that you two share.

Meaning: This dream signifies that you are losing the bond with your partner. It signifies the rough patch of your relationship. It can also be interpreted as the breaking of the relationship in future. So you should start working on your relationship from that instant only. It is very necessary to ponder on what does it mean when you dream about someone.

C). Dream

This dream is about seeing your partner with someone else. It can be about seeing your partner getting involved with someone else instead of you. It can be about getting closer to someone else physically or emotionally.

Meaning: This dream can be interpreted as the distance in your relationship. It signifies that you do not feel the same for your partner anymore. It is like you are getting away from your partner emotionally. It can also mean to be as the upcoming ups and downs in your relationship.

We should not rely on these dreams completely like a superstitious person. No matter what but you should first believe on reality instead of these visions. Although sometimes they prove very accurate in what does it mean when you dream about someone.

2). What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Like

I don’t think that anyone has passed its teenage without having a crush. Not even teenage many people have crush but they never accept or express it. This crush is someone who always overpowers our heart above all. This crush leaves us speechless with a glimpse. We strongly like them but never gather enough courage to tell them.

When you like someone then it is natural to think about that person. This likeness results in struggling with their thoughts in your mind all day long. As a result you start dreaming about them too. You can even spot someone smiling while dreaming about their crush.

Well, it is common to very few that what does it mean when you dream about someone? And also it has a special meaning when you dream about the person you really like a lot. But you can dream differently each time when you dream of the person you like.

Here are the meaning hidden in such dreams

A). Dream

You can dream of your crush responding in a positive manner. It means that your crush likes you back. You can dream of talking to your crush and blushing. You can also dream of spending some time with your crush.

Meaning: These positive dreams mean that you are confident about yourself for that person. It means that you are going to receive some positive vibes from the person you like. It is all in your favor.

B). Dream

It is not necessary that whatever you dream is always pleasant and good enough. Sometimes you get such dreams in which your crush does not like you back. In these dreams your crush is giving some negative vibes to you. You should never ignore that what does it mean when you dream about someone.

Meaning: These types of dreams mean that you are not secure about yourself. They may mean that you are going to face rejection in your love life. This may be a sign of upcoming sour phase of your life with your crush.

3). What does it Mean When You Dream about Someone Who Has Passed Away?

Sometimes life comes across at such events where we have to let go our special people. Some of the facts about the life remain unchanged forever. The one who came here would have to leave the place someday. Someday we would have to say final goodbye to our loved ones. Death is unpalatable and it cannot be terminated.

Sometimes you feel that someone is trying to contact you whom you cannot see. You feel like someone is trying to reveal a secret to you. This can be the connection of the people who has passed away with you. Many a times it happens that someone dies with a secret inside his heart. He or she tries to communicate people through signs to tell them those things. We should try to sort out that what does it mean when you dream about someone.

They even try to communicate us through our dreams. We may have different dreams about those who have passed away. Each dream holds its own meaning and significance. Some dreams can be about the last wish of the person who died. Some may reveal you about a secret that was only known to that person who died. Some dreams may be quite horrifying and may give you negative vibes.

When these types of dreams occur to you, then you should not ignore them. You should try to interpret that what does it mean when you dream about someone. It may happen that you end up revealing a big secret with this. There are different dreams about the people who have passed away and its meaning-

A). Dream

Sometimes you dream that the person you lost recently is looking happy in the dreams. The person is showing affection and love to you. You are also looking very much happy with the presence of that person.

Meaning: Such types of dream mean that person is trying to comfort you. He /she are trying to make you feel protected. It also means that the person is happy out there. The person who died does not have a last wish. And he/ she will always guard you in your hard times.

B). Dream

Sometimes it happens that some issues remain unsolved between two people. And suddenly one of them passes away. It leaves a feeling of guilt in another person. In such condition you may dream of spending good time with that person. You may see them making peace with you in your dream.

Meaning: Such dreams mean that the soul of that person wants peace with you. That person is like to resolve all the issues with you. It means that they do not want you to live with any guilt. They want to make the rest of your life a peaceful one. You should always try to understand that what does it mean when you dream about someone.

C). Dream

Sometimes it happens that some people die in a mysterious condition. In such cases the people are usually murdered or assassinated. Sometimes the body of that person is not found. Or sometimes the killer of that person cannot be found.

In such cases you may dream of that person trying to tell you something. Such dreams may seem mysterious and a bit of horrifying to you. They may cause a feeling of terror inside you. In such dreams you may find that person giving you some signs.

Meaning: Such dreams hold a lot of importance and significance. One should never ignore such dreams. Such dreams may reveal the killer of that person. It may also means that the person is telling you where his body is. They may want to tell you the important information buried with you.

In such cases the spirit may reveal the important codes. They may reveal the codes of their locker. They may also tell the important stuff that was only known to them. It can be really helpful to know what does it mean when you dream about someone.

4). What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Famous?

Everyone has a role model in life. This is the person who has done something amazing in the world. This person can be very famous and known personality. You may have a picture of them in your phone. You may also have a poster of them stuck in your bedroom. The popularity of that person readily attracts you towards them. And you start following them passionately.

In the quest of following them by heart, you try to become the one. You suddenly dream of being like them one day. You start thinking that one day you will be as famous as they are. You start copying their mannerism and way of living life. And sometimes you even dream about them.

These types of dreams also hold some significant importance in life. You should never ignore that what does it mean when you dream about someone. They may have some certain meaning we are not known to. These meaning can be really important sometimes. They may lead the paths for our future.

A). Dream

Sometimes you dream about your favorite sports person. You may also dream about some famous personality. You even give expressions of glory while dreaming about them. You may also dream about your favorite team.

Meaning: Such dream means that you also wish to be like them one day. For example if you dream of a cricket player. Then you wish to be a famous cricket player someday. You also want to be a famous personality as well. You want people to know and. talk about you.

B) Dream

Sometimes you dream about the famous personality in other way. Some people get so obsessed with the idea of meeting their role model desperately. They dream about spending time with such famous person. They also dream about a better life with that person.

Meaning: Such dreams have different hidden meaning of life. Such dreams indicate that you want to overcome your disappointments. Sometimes something really worse happens in your life. These dreams of famous people and their amazing work lead you towards the brighter side of the life.

5). What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Sexually?

Sometimes you dream about someone in a sexual way. Such dreams are called ‘wet dreams’. These dreams are a source to fulfill your desires and aspirations. Such dreams can also be a coincident. Such dreams can also be the result of stressful and hectic life. They can also be the consequences of thinking about your partner in that way for the whole day.

But what happens when you dream sexually with someone you do not even know. Sometimes you dream about your ex instead of your partner. This may be someone known to you. This May be your boss, May be your ex or some random people. But you should always pay attention to what does it mean when you dream about someone.

Everything that happens in your dreams signifies a special meaning. It may seem something normal to you. But inside the fact lies a hidden meaning that goes unnoticed. Here are the different sexual dreams and their meanings-

A). Dream

You may see yourself getting sexually involved with your boss. Sometimes you may even see someone else other than your partner. Such dreams are natural to occur to anyone. You may find yourself tempted to them in your dreams.

Meaning: Such dreams don’t indicate that you are actually attracted to your boss. This may happen because of continuous interaction with them for the whole day. You should never pay much attention to such dreams.

Although there can be one more indication of such dreams. Getting involved with someone else may indicate the unfulfilled desires of yours. It may signify that you are not satisfied with your partner.

B). Dream

There can be a dream of your ex. You may dream sometime of getting back to your ex. You may even find yourself getting attracted to your ex again. For a large extent you two may be involved sexually in your dreams. There can be some frequent dreams about the same. Or sometimes the dream never repeats.

Meaning: It may be a sign that your current relationship is in danger. It indicates that you still love your ex. Or may be some part of yours is still in love with your ex. It also points out that you do not want to dwell on the mistakes you have done in the past.

C). Dream

You may also dream of getting sexually involved with some stranger. It is quite a coincidence sometimes. But it can be something serious for some extents. These strangers are those whom you never saw.

Meaning: It means that some new changes are going to occur in your life really soon. It may also mean that your present relationship is coming to an end. You are likely to get a new partner very soon. This may also mean that you are opting for the new opportunities and chances for life.

6). What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone Dying

Our subconscious mind contains lots and lots of thoughts that occur every day. The thoughts that just come for an instant usually get stored in the subconscious part of mind. Many times we watch movies and other videos. Some part of such videos stays in our mind.

When we see someone being killed in that movie then it sticks to our mind. These visuals stay in our subconscious mind for a long time. This is what responsible for the dreams like this. Dreams abut someone dying also hold some special meanings. One should never ignore that what does it mean when you dream about someone.

A). Dream

You can dream about killing of some person. You may also dream about natural death of someone who is very close to you. It can be about the death of someone through any means. The one who is being killed can be a stranger too. But it can also be your family member too.

This type of dream of seeing someone’s death can have different types of meanings:

1). Meaning: According to the beliefs of ancient time it can be seen as the indication of pregnancy. In the old times people used to think that the women who has such dreams is soon going to get pregnant. But this is all just a myth. There are no scientific justifications of proof of this.

2). Meaning: It is also seen as the flaws of your real life. If you see someone who is overly dominating then you have such dreams. You may not admit it but some part of yours does not like them. it means that you do not like some qualities of these people.

3). Meaning: There can be one more meaning of such dreams. There are some people in your life that you hate a lot. These people can also be the reason of something really worse in your life. As a result you start dreaming of death of such people.

4). Meaning: It also means that your heart is full of negative thoughts. These thoughts can be occurred because of something bad happened in your life. The death of someone indicates that your mind and soul is completely overpowered by such thoughts.

5). Meaning: Sometimes you see your close ones dying in your arms in your dreams. These people can be your friends. They can also be your family member or even your parents. This holds a special significance in real life.

It means that you are afraid to lose that person in your life. It means that they hold a special importance in your life.

These are the different types of dreams and their meanings in the real life. When such types of dreams occur to you then you should never ignore them.  You should not be too much superstitious about it. But you should also be aware about the real meanings of these dreams. It can be really important to know what does it mean when you dream about someone.

Such dreams can be really helpful in solving the mysteries of your life. You may find the answers of many questions through these dreams. If you are not able to sort them out then you should consult someone. There are a lot of scientific explanations available for different types of dreams.

If one dream is occurring many times then you should never ignore them. You should also not get effected by the negative vibes of such dreams. But as a whole you should only live in the reality.

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