The No Contact Rule: Everything You Need To Know

Want to learn No Contact Rule fundamental and how does it work? Then you have stumbled at a right place.

It often happens in everyone’s life when you two break up, but this doesn’t solve the problem because one of you always wants to get you back.

There comes the No Contact Rule, this is the hardest thing that you follow to get your girlfriends or boyfriend back. Most of you are always in doubt that does the no contact rule work on men. Well, let me tell you that No Contact Rule is for everyone.

It helps a lot in getting you that person back, but there is not any guarantee that it works every time. Couples often follow this rule even after bearing all that pain not to contact their loved ones just to get them back.

I know there are several questions rolling in your brains that how this No Contact Rule works? Is it really worth that pain? How can I use no contact rule ex-girlfriend?

So the basic thing in the no contact rule is you don’t contact your girlfriend or boyfriend because you can’t if you are following the rule. To get more details on No Contact Rule, let’s focus here-

No Contact Rule Fundamentals

no contact rule

Like its name, the no contact means having no contact with your ex by any means of communication whether it is through your phone, your social media or messaging.

It is the most serious thing, so don’t take it casually like just for some time. You need to follow some rules mentioned here:

  1. You’re making no phone calls
  2. You are not going to see him even one picture
  3. You can’t give even one single message in his inbox or through any social media
  4. You’re not asking your friend or his friend to send him a message
  5. You don’t put anything that targets him in any way
  6. Even you think about him every second of a day, but you don’t show it to anyone

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The Importance of Following No Contact Rule

The reason to bear this pain of No Contact Rule is to give your mind and heart time to heal. It is a process in which you learn to live without him, and you see how your life is going to be without him.

This way you give your brain some time to release yourself from his memories and decrease your addiction for him.

So this is another advantage of following the No Contact Rule other than focusing on getting your ex back later in a more effective way and not in a frustrated way.

You also learn whether you want him in your life or not. Does he really deserve to be back in your life or it was just a mistake?

By following the rule, you feel yourself stronger physically and emotionally, and after some time you feel a new soul inside and find ways to live a happy life without him.

The reason you follow No Contact Rule because you can’t go after him just after the breakup. It will make you look like begging him to be with you, and you don’t want it to you take a break with him and everything related to him.

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The No Contact Rule Success Stories Steps

No Contact Rule sound easy, you think that it is only about not contacting him and that’s all. You find it easy because you only listen to it, but when you actually do it, it’ not that easy. There are certain things that you need to know to follow it perfectly.

This rule gets you a chance to be strong again and positive again, and in the same time, he gets weaker because of your memory and addiction.

You establish yourself as a healthier, happier and attractive person in your eyes and his eyes as well. While you work on making yourself stronger, he misses you more and thinks about you every single moment.

So if you really want that he comes to you then you should need to follow these steps with no cheating:

1). Activate Yourself

activate yourself

When you’re in a room full of silence and dark, you are no longer a human, and you are running your life each day. Studies have proven that the more you make yourself active, the more you feel alive and happier

So take advantage of No Contact Rule and make it easy for yourself by being more active than ever and engage yourself in your favorite activities. This way you minimize your pain and concentrate on positive things and other aspects of our life.

Second thing, when you stay active automatically get yourself into a better shape, your brain works fantastically you stay happy all the time.

You also learn to live without your ex but happily and in a better way than ever. These activities can be anything like running or join your favorite sports team as swimming, soccer, softball, etc.

If you’re an art person, then engage yourself in artistic things and if you want to take care of your structure then do yoga or gymming while healing your brain and heart.

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2). Be A Social Person

Be A Social Person

You all do it; you all try to be alone as much as you can. You’ll want to shut off the door to everyone’s face, and outside world irritates you.

You feel this because you are weak and miserable, but this way you will be more and more and desperate about him. If you don’t change your directions of living, then you may feel a deep depression, not so in the beginning days but after some time.

So to successful living your life, you have to open the doors to everyone and live your life in a new angle. Invite your friends often, talk to them, and do not hide your pain inside.

You don’t have to push yourself to involve socially, but start gradually, step by step, and you would realize the grieve leaving you with time and happiness is getting inside you.

It will boost up your mental health, and you will look beautiful and attractive all again while standing in front of the mirror and this all because of the No Contact Rule.

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3). Give Time to Yourself

Give Time to Yourself

You don’t have to wake up and start running in your social life. It is okay to give yourself some time but only some not all.

You are just broke up, so you will feel lonely both emotionally and physically. You would face Sleepless nights, endless tears, so you need to take some rest and gradually change your routines.

You need to pick things that seem fun and this way you change your path of living by doing things you love like yoga, visiting a spa, taking a bath in your choice of place and make yourself beautiful.

Mistakes to Avoid In No Contact Rule

1). Say No to Drugs or Anything Addictive

When breakups happen, you all face the darkness in your life, and you start consuming drugs, alcohol and things to rest yourself from those memories and that person.

You try every method so that you don’t feel the pain and that face, but the reality is those memories are still inside you and that face as well.

Any drug or alcohol is not the solution to keep that pain away. These all things are poisonous to your body and detoxifying it whether you notice it or not.

You can keep yourself time to heal, but this doesn’t mean that drugs are the solution. So unless you want yourself dad in some time, don’t rely on anything that sucks your life.

By consuming the drugs, you are not getting any relief but also you are making the situations worse, and it affects your whole body, brain, and heart.

2). There Is No Need to Think About Your Ex

no contact rule

Do you know that you can also live your life without thinking him? So why are you increasing your pain and making it unbearable by thinking about your ex again and again?

You don’t need to think him, so let it heal naturally as your body and brain do. It will take the time to improving your physical and emotional state, but you will get rid of this pain after a certain time.

So if you believe that spending your time thinking about your ex will help you, then you are not doing any good to yourself but making it worse. You don’t need to check him, just live your life and see how badly he misses you while you recover.

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The Reasons Behind No Contact Rule Works

There are some reasons behind this No Contact Rule works, and I’m going to discuss them here:

1). It Makes You Realize Your Real Life

Take yourself in that time when you first meet him. The time when you barely know him, you just saved his contact number in your phone’s directory.

The No Contact Rule works because it takes you to the time when he was just a stranger to you, and you were living your life happily without him.

So by following this rule, you give yourself the time and this time makes you realize that there is still life without him and you don’t need anyone in your life to be happy again.

It makes you realize that you are human, you come alone here and then make new friends and relations, and you can do it all again.

That’s why the No Contact Rule works, and you need to follow it to take your life back on the track.

2). It Makes Him Missing You

It is another advantage of following this rule that your absence for a long time makes him missing you. It happens most of the time by following the rule because you haven’t contacted him and he hasn’t listened to you for months or weeks.

So he misses those feelings, conventions, your touch, and everything about you. It is the time when you can get him back by successful following the No Contact Rule. You can make him contact you in any way and can get him back if you want to.

But if you do some silly things like contacting him just after the day of the breakup, message him, poke him on social networking, and post something for him.

It all makes the situation worse because this way you’re giving him very much value than he deserves and also he can feel irritating and can shut you off forever.

So the No Contact Rule is designed to give you both some time to live the life in your ways and make you realize the importance of your ex in your life.

3). You Learn To Have a Better Control

The No Contact Rule is a way to refresh your brain and soul and think about the life in a new way.  You will find difficulties to follow this rule, but you have to keep up your way if you want to create chances to get him back.

You don’t have to call him even when you feel like you should or message him at least one. At this moment, you have to learn to control your anger and your desires for that person.

You need to repeat this sentence “do not contact if you want him back” and this will be a great help. So it’s a secret path, and by following it, you can get your happiness back along with your ex in most of the cases.


Now you know what the No Contact Rule is? You know its importance, steps to follow, mistakes to avoid and why it works. So I hope you would follow all these things to make your living again and this way you would also get your ex back. These ideas and tip mentioned here are for both men and women.

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