15 Things to Do In Eureka Springs

Things to Do In Eureka Springs: Eureka Springs always is a reason to attract thousands of tourists all around the year. This place is an ideal vacation spot for all types of people like artists, adventurers, and entrepreneurs.

The city is well-known for its architecture, tropical plants, mystery shows, and pivoting stones that are way larger than humans.

Here in the Eureka Springs, you learn the city’ architecture, history and connect yourself with its lifestyle on your weekends.

Things to Do In Eureka Springs Arkansas

Here you will learn about the fun things to do in eureka springs, so read these things to do in eureka springs listed here and note on your to-do list while visiting the Eureka Springs and surrounding areas.

1). Visit Quigley’s Castle

It is a dream place as you see in those magical and fantasy movies. The castle is located on the south of Eureka Springs. Elise Quigley is known as the designer of this castle, and later her husband built her idea in the form of this amazing Quigley’s Castle.

The castle’s outside is all covered with stones and rocks; these are the stones that Elise collected during her trips of childhood.

After the stones and rocks design, there are very large windows and tropical plants are also there that are growing day by day and have already raised two stories high.

This fantastic house is a museum these days that always remind of Elise Quigley, and it is already registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

You can’t pass without taking a look at outsides and insides by paying just a small fee, so add this one to your things to do in eureka springs.

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2). Blue Spring Heritage Center

This 33-cre garden is just five miles from Eureka Springs, the woodlands, meadows, and the hillsides with native plants and other trees are the points of attraction here.

There is a small lake built in the Blue Spring as a centerpiece that is always filled with the freshwater.

So the place attracts everyone to sit there and relax, that’s why this center deserves being on your list of things to do in eureka springs.

Other than that natural side, this garden has its historical side as well from the Mississippian and Archaic periods.

Blue Spring Heritage Center is also registered on the National Register of Historic Places, and it has been attracting tourists since 40’s to now.

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3). Historic Tram Tours

There is no other way of roaming around the city and exploring it than the tram tours. It is a very entertaining thing to be on those colorful trams that remind you the old tram life used for roaming the streets.

These trams are in fashion here since 1891 as tourists love this idea to see the unseen views. You will find the guides who lead these trams and share the love of the city with you as its culture, its history, and architectural things.

If you want to take the tour, you have to be present on the West Van Buren Street at the visitor center. This way the tram has its two stops the first one is the Crescent Hotel.

The second one is Grotto Spring where you feel the nature and explore the nearby views. There are more than 1,200 springs that are just within seven miles. So don’t miss out these things to do in eureka springs.

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4). Make Your Tour to Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway

This railway was established in the year 1981, this tourist railway is a means to communicate with the soul of the historic 1882 Eureka Springs Railway.

This private tour gives you about one hour of the ride and covers about four and half-mile to the junction Arkansas and also offers the back ride.

Tourists during these rides can enjoy having lunch or dinner in the form of a Eurekan Dining Car. So the one hour of time is enough to enjoy your meals while viewing the scenes all around.

The locomotive pulls this tourist train that is a 1940 and fulfills your railway tour things to do in eureka springs.

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5). Enjoy Wildlife at Turpentine Refuge

The entire Turpentine Wildlife Refuge covers the area of 459-acre. The Land provides a beautiful and relaxed space for big cats as tigers and lions that are abused or abandoned.

As a history of his wildlife refuge, the Jackson family first started with their two lions in the year 1978, later they adopted several types of animals that were living in terrible situations, and this family gave them a perfect shelter.

In the large types of animal there are 130 athletes at this time, and these animals are lions, tigers, monkeys, bears, etc. this refuge wildlife is properly licensed by the United States Govt. and funding is the main source of managing this Turpentine Refuge.

Every new or old visitor must make a visit to this excellent wildlife among the things to do in eureka springs.

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6). Historical Museum Situated In Eureka

This historical museum is situated in the Calif Building that is 1889 built. This place offers its visitors the history of Eureka Springs by their mission to collect and preserve the objects like photographs and art that tell the story of Eureka Springs.

When you visit the first floor, you find a permanent collection about the Native Americans’ History in the Eureka Springs.

In the temporary thing, it exhibits the Original Ozark Folk Festival. On visiting the second floor, you find collections as Crescent College, Schools, Art Galleries, etc. So make you move to the historical museum along with the things to do in eureka springs.

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7). Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour

This hotel has a reputation for being the most haunted place in America’s historic hotels. It’s located on the Prospect Avenue in Eureka Springs.

This hotel is a full entertainment and it allows the guests to stay there for a day or just a few minutes for a small fee.

So you can enjoy ghost appearing in your home or anywhere in the hotel. It is 1886 built luxury resort, but now the hotel has more than eight ghost stories. If you are searching a horror experience, then add Crescent visit in your things to do in eureka springs.

There are stories like a young woman who was a nurse jumped and died when this was a hospital and other ghost stories.

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8). Intrigue Theater for the paranormal experience

It is a unique ghost place in Eureka Springs that is famous for paranormal things. The creators of these illusions are Sean-Paul and his wife, Juliana Fay.

The building was built in 1901, this was a church those days, but now this serves as a private building used for several functions like wedding, anniversaries, parties and Intrigue Theater.

This show first started by this couple on Halloween in the year 2012, the first venue was the mysterious Crescent Hotel that is famous for its ghost stories and spirit appearances.

Same as this hotel, the couple took their paranormal shows in various strange and mysterious places.

You can see this couple in Victorian costumes while performing the illusions and ghost tricks. Experience the horror by adding this place in your things to do in eureka springs.

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9). Pivot Rock and Natural Bridge

This place with the pivot rock is very famous for all tourists before completing the Eureka Springs tour. The rock is an unusual formation, and people love to click their photos like they are holding it with all their strength.

This park having the pivot rock and other natural elements is a very old creation. The park has nice pathways with the strange pivot rock and the rich natural scenery.

It is a well-balanced rock that holds itself on its ends, so save this pivot rock visiting in your things to do in eureka springs.

The rock has a height of about 12 feet and some inches, so it equals the height of two men. Other than this rock attraction, there are also other things like the natural stone bridge, steep bluffs, and small caves.

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10). Beaver Lake

To enjoy the spectacular nature, I recommend you all the visit of Beaver Lake in Eureka Springs. It is a lake situated in the west of Eureka Springs near the Ozark Mountains and is also famous for the source of white water.

It is a beautiful nature with the 487 miles of scenic shoreline and over 31,700 acres. Those who are looking for a lonely place free of distractions for their romantic dates can prefer the amazing lake else you can always plan with your family for recreational opportunities.

It is one of the best things to do in eureka springs as the lake has an image of the clearest lake in the country and the best spot for scuba divers.

Other than scuba, activities like canoeing, Thorn Crown Chapel, hiking along the viewing of limestone bluffs, mysterious caves, and other natural spots are also included.

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11). Ozark Mountain Ziplines

Those who are Zipline lovers must make a visit and experience the amazing zip lining here in the Ozark Mountains tours.

Here the company uses high-quality gears to provide you a safe zip lining adventure and has been serving to singles, families or groups for years. These professionals are a great help to guarantee you a safe and fun experience.

This tour company in the Ozark Mountains offers you ten Ziplines, some short hikes, and a sky bridge.

When you’re looking for group tour, then the company allows maximum ten people and these activities run in all weathers. Zip lining will be an exciting and adventurous activity when you are with your group for these things to do in eureka springs.

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12). Lake Leatherwood

The second name for this lake leatherwood is LLP that is in the North Eureka Springs in the area of 1,600-acre. The frame of the lake is like a Leatherwood, and it’s the reason behind this name Lake Leatherwood.

The Lake Leatherwood Dam is a great help to feed this lake. The lake is open for all around the year for water activities like fishing, boating, kayaking, etc. so all these activities can be enjoyed by any age group among the other things to do in eureka springs.

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13). Onyx Cave Park

Guests here can serve themselves with 30 minutes self-guide tour in the cave, the main attraction of this place is the Onyx Cave. It is an all year activity but the visiting hours can be changed according to the different seasons.

Guest here can enjoy several kinds of things to do in eureka springs’ Onyx Cave Park like walking on the steps, ramps, and there is also a smooth trail.

After all the activity, you can also check the gift shop to have a look at all onyx souvenirs that you can bring home. The entry fee is very low around $7 for adults, $3 for kids.

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14). Quicksilver Gallery

If you are a fond of arts and crafts, then there are several things to do in eureka springs’ Quicksilver Gallery. It offers you more than 120 local, regional, and national arts and crafts things.

The art here is made of several kinds of material like wood, metal, glass, etc. and there are several paintings, photographs, and other arts in the gallery.

The hands-on musical instruments are some important factor in the Quicksilver Gallery with gongs, chimes, etc.

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15). Inspiration Point Fine Arts

It is an opera company that was first started in 1950. At present, it falls in the top institutions for musical things and several art forms.

This venue offers exciting thing throughout the year so visitors can take advantage of different things to do in eureka springs while visiting the Inspiration Point Fine Arts.


The Eureka Springs is full of year-round events; it has thousands of attractions, tiny things that you won’t find anywhere else. You can also take delicious food in several restaurants and make them your favorite ones. You can serve yourself from the ultimate tasting wineries and with countless things to do in eureka springs.

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