15 Best Things to Do In Galena IL

When you talk about visiting Galena, it seems a perfect life there, and you also need some wonderful things to do in Galena IL. The scenic roads, hills and the history always attract everyone to revitalize their souls.

If you’re in Galena, it means you want a perfect naturally inspired life. Galena is famous for its river banks that enhance your amusements and helps you creating memories while providing you a relaxing experience.

But this is all possible if you have a good list of things to do in Galena IL, so you don’t miss any beautiful scene there. Galena, Illinois, is an ideal place for both romantic couples and well-bonded families who want to enjoy the weekend with their loved ones.

15 Best Things to Do In Galena IL

Things to Do In Galena IL

The place is also popular for its historical sites, so there are several historical things to do in Galena IL that are also registered in the National Register.

So, I’m here to instruct you on things to do in Galena IL.

1). Grant Home

This home is the resident for the former Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant as you all know the 18th president of the United States. The home was built in 1860, and the designer was William Dennison. The house was considered as a gift to Ulysses S. for their incredible services during the war.

So if you wish to visit the historical things like any memorial then visiting Grant home will be excellent among the things to do in Galena IL.

The home is built on the Bouthillier Street and the entire home ha a furnishing of mid-1860s furniture.

You can find several translators here who lead groups and explain the history of Grant’s activities during the War, so have a look at Grant’s home along with other things to do in Galena IL.

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2). Jo Daviess County Historical Society

It is another fine piece from the pages of history that was founded in 1938. This Historical Society was a way to enlighten the people about the history of Jo Daviess County.

You can find various exhibits and program that specifies the history of past Galenianos. You can visit here at any time of year and can find several historical and educational events on the basis of Historic Tours, Cemetery Walks, Galena in Maps, etc.

So from the historical things to do in Galena IL, I recommend you visiting Galena’s history that is enjoyable for any history lover.

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3). Chestnut Mountain Resort

If you want to move on from the history to a great adventurous place then what can be better than visiting and enjoying Chestnut Mountain Resort? The resort has spread over 220 acres and a well-known ski resort for all types of snow activities.

The beautiful white place is located on a ridge near the Mississippi River in Galena IL. The resort is loved all over the state because of the 19 ski snowboard to get you several challenging courses.

This seven-acre terrain snow park is an excellent addition to the state for all types of surfers from beginner to advance as having several pipes like a quarter and two half pipes along with rails and kickers so suitable for all.

While you enjoy these things to do in Galena IL, don’t forget to get comfortable accommodation and other facilities like cafes, and bars in the Chestnut Mountain Resort.

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4). Washburne House

This house is located in Galena at the Third Street 908. The house was designed in the year 1845 for Elihu Benjamin Washburne who was a politician. The house today stands as an example of the Greek-Revival style.

The house is popular because of the people who lived there and because of their occupations like Elihu Washburne who was an adviser to Abraham Lincoln.

The house seems like a temple because of the front four towering pillars and a hut like shape on the top. The reason behind this build is the Greek style because at that time, these types of homes were in style.

Other than being popular, the house is also registered on the National Register of Historic Places, so this one sounds amazing while searching for historical things to do in Galena IL.

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5). Old Market House

It is also a Greek style house built in 1845. The purpose of the construction of this house was to serve the town’s people with farmer’s market. Other than this, the Market House was also famous for discussing important issues about the city and a platform to sell various things.

These days, it operates as the Galena Welcome Center by the Historic Preservation Agency in Illinois. Because of holding the historical values, this house is worth a visit among these things to do in Galena IL.

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6). P.T. Murphy Magic Theater

If you are fond of magic tricks, then the place is an attraction for you. The theater is located in the downtown Galena with a 24-seating system that features several intimate magic shows.

If magic is your thing, then you should take a visit here and enjoy several magical things to do in Galena IL in the P.T. Murphy’s Magic theater.

P.T. Murphy himself runs his theater and entertains all the viewers by his modern way of magic and sense of humor.

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7). Casper Bluff Land and Water Reserve

This place Casper Bluff Land & Water Reserve offers you with numerous of outstanding natural views with other outdoor activities. So be ready to refresh your brains with walking and enjoying the natural scenery, hiking, bird watching, and sightseeing with your family or friends.

The entire area is 85-acres wide with two Native American sites known as Aiken Mound Group and the Effigy Mound.

This reserve is excellent for viewing those several species of birds as well as spectacular nature. So, people having interest to be near nature on their weekends can enjoy these outdoor things to do in Galena IL.

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8). Dowling House

The John Dowling house was built in 1826, and it is considered as the Galena’s oldest house having a beautiful architecture and design of nineteenth-century.

A work of limestone can be seen in the house with several primitive living quarters.  So the visitors wish to experience the house and want to see the construction and design can take a look of the Dowling house.

So this is an amazing historical thing among all these things to do in Galena IL, where you would put your steps back to the history and learn the fur traders’ life and their difficulties for earnings.

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9). Linmar Gardens

It is a really stunning experience and a very romantic place for couples and newly married couples. This entire garden is fulfilled with lots of beautiful landscapes. The garden is expanded over three-and-a-half-acre and designed to provide you a full natural view to relax your brains and bodies.

The Linmar gardens offer you several individual gardens and The Four Seasons Garden is an amazing one there because of the 20-foot waterfall along with the unique sculptures.

You can find several things to do in Galena IL while roaming in Linmar lovely gardens such as the spectacular fountains, flowers, and greenery.

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10). West Street Sculpture Park

The park provides you an outdoor space for recreational activities especially when you’re with kids. There are dozens of steel sculptures designed by John Martinson that are spread over two acres of parkland.

It is an all year park that can be enjoyed in any season and anytime. So if you have your taste in visiting artworks, then these unique sculptures including 40-foot towers and a giant tinker toy will be great to see.

There are wooden paths and maps are available that make the exploring easy for videos, so this way you enjoy a self-guided tour with the pieces of art and sculptures.

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11). Galena Center for the Arts

This Arts Center in Galena was developed enlighten and educate people about the importance of arts in our life. The main motive was to inspire them and to enhance the value of arts in their brains.

This center for the arts is well-known for performing high-quality arts, so this would be an amazing experience for the art lover along with all these things to do in Galena IL.

The center also facilitates a space for large exhibitions and representing artwork galleries. This Place can be issued through the year as this place hosts several special events all the time.

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12). Miss Kitty’s Grape Escape

A retro type bar is famous for tasting all those new and old wines and beers along with various delicious tummy filling things like sandwiches, nachos, salsa, seafood platters and burgers at fair prices all wrapped with yummy tomato basil and mozzarella.

Other than these yummy fillings, homemade desserts are always available there. The liquor lover love to get here and taste the diversity of wines, liquors, and beers.

Friday and Saturday nights are the main attention because of the live music and Sundays are always filled with Miss Kitty’s Quiz Show.

This Miss Kitty’s Grape Escape is located in the downtown Galena and design on the retro theme that attracts all locals and visitors through the year.

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13). The Old Blacksmith Shop

This Old Blacksmith Shop is considered as a museum these days where pole visit and learn the forging of the metals and making the equipment and tool.

You can take live demonstrations by the blacksmiths if you are looking for these types of historical things to do in Galena IL. The blacksmiths work here and forge during the season.

You can find any tool as a gift and memory to take back to you home as this shop avails a range of things made by blacksmiths for visitors.

There are also handcrafted jewelry available, so you can go and enjoy from Friday to Monday from the month May to October.

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14). Galena Cellars Winery

The view is amazing in the Galena Cellars Winery & Vineyard. Ti is really a mouse one in the category of great wineries in the Galena that is operated for 40 years by a Lawlor family.

The family has created a legacy for producing wine for three generations, and they are still in progress of producing 60,000 gallons of wine in a year. They create this mind-blowing winery using 40 wine varieties from 22 types of grapes species.

There are total three locations for Galena Cellars Winery where they offer you samples of these finest wines in both private and public tours.

When you take a private tour, it lasts about one hour when you take a brief look at their history and the winemaking process which is pretty exciting.

In the Galena Cellars Winery & Vineyard, they organize several events throughout the year, and some of them are Wine Lover’s Weekends and Lunch at the Vineyard.

Visiting Galena Cellars Winery will really be an unforgettable experience, so don’t myths opportunity when you enjoy several other things to do in Galena IL.

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15). The Popcorn Company

It is a great visiting for the people who love testing of different flavors of popcorns. The Great American Popcorn was first established in 1994 by Dave Lewis.

The company produces over 50 different flavors of popcorn like French Vanilla and Bacon & Cheddar, Spicy Italian, Kitchen Sink, etc. that are all delicious treats for every single visitor.

Other than trying out different flavors of popcorn, you can also treat yourself to several mouthwatering candies, chocolates, and ice cream that are all homemade.

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When you plan a trip, there are really great things to do in Galena IL. This small town in Northwest has several historical attractions along with modern greenery; all the adventures are featured along the Mississippi River that fills your tour with extra fun.

Also, it is a good place for foodies; the local flavors here are very delicious that you won’t stop yourself from indulging into the taste. Shoppers are also welcomed here because there are endless shops here to complete your shopping experience.

I hope you would find these things attractive and would include these things to do in Galena IL.

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