Things to Do In Bryson City NC

Things to Do In Bryson City NC: It is a small town in North Carolina United States; the town is full of beautiful sceneries and adventure packages. It is a great place for people wanting their holidays with outdoor adventures.

For the tourists, Bryson is always a playground because of its gorgeous location and countless beauty for nature-lovers.

You will find several things to do in Bryson City NC that are perfect for everyone from beginner to pro. If this is your first tour to Bryson, you will always remember this holiday in your heart because of these things to do in Bryson City NC.

This place is full of nature and fun activities, for adventure lovers there is a lot of fun here as mountain biking, kayaking, SUP boarding on Fontana Lake and exploring hundreds of scenic waterfalls.

Things to Do In Bryson City NC

So if you are more like adventure type person, here is my list of things to do in Bryson City NC, so you are going to make it a memorable experience if you follow my list of fun and activities in Bryson.

1). Explore More in Great Smoky Mountain Railroad

If you want to explore more in less time or without much effort, then the Smoky Mountain Railroad is perfect for every tourist in Bryson. It gives you a joyful ride while including several sceneries of rivers, stream, mountains and other exotic places.

Smoky Mountain Railroad

It is a small town full of adventure, and the mountain railroad is the very first thing that you should enjoy before going to another adventure.

These great attractions from the railroads will occupy you the whole day while giving you beautiful and adventurous memories.

So if you’re looking for a quality time with your family then do add this Smoky Mountain Railroad on your list of things to do in Bryson City NC.

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2). Take Advantage of GSMR Events in Bryson

This place is open anytime, but in the winters this place is magnificent. Families often visit here at the beginning October as the fall begins to happen this time.

You can feel the snow here when September ends and October start, so it’s the time when you enjoy the Fall Foliage ride.

Kids enjoy the opportunities this place offers in winters as the Pumpkin Patch Express, coloring stations, hayrides, etc.

GSMR Events

Don’t forget to add this one in those things to do in Bryson City NC because a great crowd comes here to enjoy the rides of smoky mountains and take advantage of GSMR events.

You can also select several packages ghee like the Polar Express package that facilitates you with a heated cabin in winter, Santa visits, hot cocoa parties with cookies, lots of music and stories and so much more.

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3). Take Your Choice of GSMR Package

These packages ride you several facilities to enjoy the place; you can select the Zip & Rail package that is available from the month of April to October for the entire family.

This package brings you the smoky mountain roads while giving you a Fontana Lake visit and takes you through the Nantahala Gorge.

Also, you will be offered with some quality tummy fillings like sandwiches, chips, drinks, and cookies. So, this all will be really delicious to fuel you up before you hop to other adventures.

GSMR Package

By selecting this package, you will experience the Nantahala Gorge Tours for the zip line facility. The package offers you some more adventures like locomotive cab ride, Jeep tour to enjoy waterfalls, mountains, and forest.

So if this entire thing gets you excited to be in Bryson then always select these types of packages that provide adventurous things to do in Bryson City NC.

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4). Take a Wild Water Adventure

It’s called wild water because it is all untamed and you have to control it through your boat riding skills. It is the same as the whitewater rafting where you try to take your tub through that water.

After taking the whitewater ride, be ready to take the zip line fun with your kids. Anyone who is more than four years can enjoy this activity of zip lining through the trees for several miles.


I know that these things really excite all of you, so just mention this wild water adventure in the things to do in Bryson City NC and take fun experiences.

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5). Waterfall Loop

When you’re in the Smoky Mountains Park, don’t forget to enjoy the waterfall loop. You can be here easily as it is just 3 miles from the Main Street.

This place gives you a better parking, and you can enjoy other activities like picnic, fishing and they also facilitate good restrooms.

Though this waterfall loop, you get to enjoy a 2.4-mile hike where you explore the forest, rivers and gorgeous waterfalls.

Things to Do In Bryson City NC

Here you also enjoy the leaf peeping, so you gawk at those lovely leaves which change colors, and that’s why you should add the waterfall loop among the things to do in Bryson City NC.

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6). Bicycle Rental

One popular fun among the things to do in Bryson City NC is the bicycle renting. There are several renting services throughout the Swain County that offer you bicycles on rent to visit scenic places in Bryson.


7). Fontana Lake

If you are into water thing like fishing, boating, water skiing and setting up your barbecue around the lake, then this place is amazing to perform these activities.

It is built in 11,700-acre of the area, and the lake has more than 240 miles of shoreline. The scenery is unique in the lake every time. You can also take advantage of the views of Smoky Mountains National Park while boating on the Fontana Lake.

Fontana Lake

This place provides the top viewing experience, so this one deserves a place among the things to do in Bryson City NC for sure.

8). Tsali Recreation Area

The place is widely known for mountain biking, so if you want a more adventurous stuff then visit Tsali Recreation Area that is just near the Fontana Lake which makes it an amazing recreational spot.

The place has a 42-mile trail system that is always popular for challenging mountain bike courses along with hikers and horses.

So you love to go Bryson for some challenging stuff then add this place and experience these things to do in Bryson City NC.

Tsali Recreation Area

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9). Motorcycling

Those who are the fan of motorcycling can perform it well in the Branson area. There are three associations that provide you motorcycling named as Blue Ridge Parkway, the Dragon, and the Cherohala Skyway.


10). John C. Campbell Folk School

The school is all about learning arts, crafts, music, cooking, dancing, nature and so much more related to recreational activities. So the school provides you experiences in the non-competitive things and the things that you enjoy in your life after your corporate life.

So it is always joyful to have a visit at this school, and that is located in Brasstown, North Carolina having the natural scenery to fulfill your hobbies.

John C. Campbell Folk School

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11). North Carolina Arboretum

Other than visiting with your family, this is also a great spot for couples as being filled with romantic sceneries. The space is filled with plants and flowers, and the total area is about 434-acre in the Bent Creek Forest.

This whole beauty is surrounded by botanical diversity and beside the beautiful scenes of Blue Ridge Parkway as being the most eye thing things to do in Bryson City NC.

North Carolina Arboretum

12). Oconaluftee Indian Village

It is a fully different place than your world of scheduled lives; this can be a lot different from your imagination. It is not just a village, but it’s the year 1760 that is still breathing in that era.

The place is perfect who wants a complete shut off from their current lives and want to tether with this old era of 1760.

If you’re in this village, you don’t have to look at your watch, all you have to do is experience a different lifestyle, sitting under the trees, fill up your lungs with the pure mountain air, and only listen to nature sounds that birds and trees make.

Oconaluftee Indian Village

There is no system of cars, jammed roads or TVs. So follow the lifestyle here and set your pace in the Oconaluftee Indian Village while following things to do in Bryson City NC.

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13). The Biltmore House

If you want to experience the royalty, the Biltmore Estate is the perfect palace. It is a huge house that always attracts photographers, and directors to include this location in their shooting places.

The house is built on 8,000 acres that are full of woodland and gardens. Whenever you visit Bryson, don’t forget to feel this house that falls among the largest and historic properties.

The Biltmore House

14). Harrah’s Cherokee Casino

While denying our nature, don’t forget to indulge yourself into the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino that is always popular for its live table games, Roulette, Craps and much more casino things.

Harrah's Cherokee Casino

15). Santa’s Land

It is a fantastic place for the people with families and kids ages 2 to 8. It is a theme park that is known as Santa’s land where you can see the world of your imagination coming alive and also visit the zoo land before leaving.

Santa's Land

16). The Fun Factory

It is the perfect spot if you want to join there with your family or friends. It is really a fun world designed for kids, the place is located in scenic Franklin, North Carolina.

The destination is fun for all ages of kids as the place is full of different types of games like mini-golf, bowling, laser tag, party rooms with restaurants and much more.

The Fun Factory

If you have a little kid then there is also an area that is only for kids, so here at this place there is something for everyone, and because of all this joy, you should visit here for all these things to do in Bryson City NC.

17). Bryson City Cabin Rentals

If you want a place where you can peacefully reside near nature and away from any distraction, then you should consider Bryson City Cabin Rentals.

This log resort is just 3 miles away from the Bryson town and built over 80-acres, so you can easily cover this small distance for enjoying the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad and all other things to do in Bryson City NC.

There are total 19 songs in this log cabins resort at affordable prices.  These cabins facilitate you with four kinds of settings like the Creekside cabins where you can feel the beach things, Ridgetop Cabins to feel the nature, Woods Cabins, and the extra-large cabin if you want six bedrooms that are designed for bigger families.

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18). Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

The total area is about 3,800 acres of, this “virgin forest” named after the Joyce Kilmer.  This forest has the old-grown trees that are very much wider about 20 feet in circumference.

The age of these trees are around 400 years, and they are approx. 100 feet tall. So Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest completes your list of things to do in Bryson City NC.

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

19). Taste of Pizza and Beer

In the things to do in Bryson City NC, you can serve yourself with a great tasting pizza and a good quality of beer at Nantahala Brewing Company. There is beer, live music and overall it is a fun place whether you’re with kids or without kids.

As they don’t offer any food, so you have to grab a pizza from any local food shop there and then walk it to the brewing company with the pizza and enjoy your beer and pizza feast.

Nantahala Brewing Company

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Bryson town is known for its great outdoors and recreational experiences. The town is also famous for providing the amazing dining experiences. The Nantahala Outdoor Center facilitates its guests with the river side dining experiences along with live music.

So, all things to do in Bryson City NC make this town a special spot for creating long lasting memories with your family and friends.

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