17 Things to Do In South Padre Island

If you are in search of fun in the summer days, then you are at the right place as I’m here to talk about the things to do in South Padre Island because this island in summers is a lot of fun for all age groups from kids to elders.

It is perfect if you want to spend your weekends in spring or summers as the island is full of beaches.

So whether you are seeking beach fun with your friends or planning to attend those sea vibes with your family, this experience is going to be a last forever as there are limitless things to do in South Padre Island.

Many visitors visit this island because of nature and the sea life here. So if you want to gain a personal experience of sea life, and species of birds, fish, and ocean creatures that you are not going to disappoint.

Other than exploring water life, there are some other things to do in South Padre Island as taking a dolphin tour, enjoying surfing sports whether do it yourself or watch expert surfers doing amazing surfing and the Nature Center in South Padre Island.

Things to Do In South Padre Island

Scuba diving, snorkeling are also some activities that can be experienced here along with watching endangered sea species. So be ready to explore things to do in South Padre Island through my list here and plan your next tour to South Padre.

1). Renting Paddleboard

Renting paddleboard is one of the exciting things to do in South Padre Island as it’s an exciting activity to explore sea life whether you go to any beach. It is a great exercise other than being in the water on your own.

There are several options in South Padre Island when it comes to renting a paddle board, kayaks, jet skis, or other water boards. The paddle boards here have an excellent material quality and are ultra-broad, so you can stand comfortably while paddling.

Renting Paddleboard

2). Horseback Riding On the Beach

Everyone loves horse riding in the morning time or the evening. As these times you want to feel fresh, so horseback riding is among the perfect things to do in South Padre Island.

You can also enjoy the horseback tour in the Island Adventure Park. To get to that place, you have to travel a bit, or you can drive down the road. You can enjoy the tour here for about 90 minutes and take the adventure of riding on the quiet beach.

Horseback Riding

3). Take a Ride in Scoot Coupe

These are very cute looking cars, smaller than the actual cars and you may feel a bit awkward while driving with the normal sized vehicles. But seeing the beach with your partner sitting in a scoot coupe is an amazing thing and very romantic.

So when you look things to do in South Padre Island, you should enjoy this small scooter car to experience a fun drive. So you can explore the island with a bit of luggage in the back, and you can go at a speed of 40 mph.

Ride in Scoot Coupe

4). Sea Turtle Inc.

It is a cool place for anyone who wants to learn about turtles and want to have a look at their lifestyles. So if you are in the scoot coupes, be sure to stop at the Sea Turtle Inc. where the people rescue and rehabilitate the turtles.

This fountain here protects the sea turtles for any injury and also their reproduction results that are their eggs from any creature. So note Sea Turtle Inc. in your things to do in South Padre Island list with your scoot coupes.

Sea Turtle Inc

5). Explore Boardwalk

If you’re with your partner, then it will be very pleasing to experiencing a boardwalk that is a walk without any sand but with the natural sceneries all around.

It’s like a board made of wood and enjoying the nature on the South Padre Island along with exploring different species of birds. The peace and calm nature make this place suitable for families, couples, and singles as well.

Explore Boardwalk

6). Take To the Skies in a Parasail

No one can say no to parasailing, it is an exhilarating water adventure. You can enjoy this amazing parasailing in South Padre with your partner and refresh your soul with the fresh island water.

These Para sailings are great if you want to enjoy the natural sciences along with feeling the chilling island water on your bodies.


So I’m sure you won’t forget to add parasailing with the other exciting things to do in South Padre Island.

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7). Get a Dolphin-Watching Cruise

These cruises at the South Padre Island are especially made for giving an extraordinary dolphin-watching experience. These types of cruises are awesome for families who want to see dolphins very closely.

Families always find the spot adorable and traffic of dolphin can be seen here. You also get the opportunity to be friendly with the dolphins at Dolphin Research & Sea Life Nature Center.

Other than dolphins, you also get to see other sea creatures like colorful fishes, crabs, octopi, and slow snails as well.

Dolphin Watching Cruise

Starfishes are also among the attractions of sea creatures, so visitors can get the chance to touch them while visiting the sea life center.

You would get a shot how volunteers were there to rescue these sea lives. Also, you could get knowledge on becoming eco-friendly. So don’t miss adding this sea life nature center on the list of things to do in South Padre Island.

8). Enjoy the Sunset Spot

If you are in search of sunset spot to have a better look and also while enjoying your food, then nothing is greater than sitting at Pier 19 sunset spot.

You can enjoy activities here, eating and enjoying the sunset, it is the most incredible sunset spot, and that’s why this activity falls in the things to do in South Padre Island.

Pier 19 sunset spot

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9). Amazing Fireworks at Louie’s Backyard

If you are visiting South Padre in summers the then this place is a must visit before packing up your luggage to home. You can experience amazing fireworks every Thursday and Friday at night if you are at Louie’s Backyard.

It is a restaurant and bar also that is perfect for having a good dinner along with firework session. This place is popular there for its seafood buffet, also a great spot for enjoying music and nightlife.

Fireworks at Louie's Backyard

10). Yacht Chartering

It is the best way to enjoy the scenery of the mountain and exploring the beach life at the South Padre Island Mexico.

You will be offered with Dinner, Snorkeling trips and renting boards for Kayaks and Paddle Boats. These people provide you with tools to control your boards or boats and to have a safe snorkeling trip before the delicious lunch.

Yacht Chartering

11). Isla Blanca Park

This place is superb and provides you amazing facilities by the Gulf of Mexico. They provide you full support whether you stay there for a day or a week.

To make your trip cozy, they offer you excellent parking and bathroom facilities, and if you are there for longer stays, then RV is the best option there.

At this place, you can enjoy surfing, shrimp boats, dolphins seeing with the Cristo De Los Pescadores statue.

You may find lots of Seashells and the restaurants that can be visited by just walking a few miles.

Isla Blanca Park

The park stays really clean and well-maintained with perfect facilities to walking or biking. Due to all these facilities, it will be enjoying to include this park visit in your things to do in South Padre Island list.

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12). Schlitterbahn Water Park and Resort

It is one of the well-known Waterpark and Resort in Texas which is built over 25 acres with all the musing facilities. There are 13 water slides for both indoor and outdoor water activities.

When it comes to the resort, then it is also fulfilled with all types of great stuff like lodging, Gulf beaches with unique dining facilities.

There are several packages available for different seasons for the families, so you can plan a weekend on your choice and according to the packages you like.

Schlitterbahn Water Park and Resort

13). Adventure Park

If you are the first time visitor, you are going to call it a never seen wonderland. This park facilitates you the horse riding, Zip-lines adventures.

The petting barn is a great thing where you enjoy visiting lots of birds like parrots and even talking parrots and other small and cute animals that love to be near you, and they are always ready to eat with your hands.

This place is a place special for your kids to celebrate their birthday parties with ponies and adorable animals that your kids love to pamper.

Adventure Park

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14). Osprey Cruises

It is a great way to enjoy your beach day at South Padre Island through one of these six boats. You can choose according to your choices as each boat offers a different experience.

If you choose the luxury one, it will treat you with a luxurious dinner and with fresh seafood at the time of sun setting.

Osprey Cruises

If you choose the black dragon sailboat, it will offer you to experience the life of pirates as how they fight for food and life while looking for treasure in the deep sea levels.

So to get some eye-catching looks and experiences, add Osprey cruises in your things to do in South Padre Island.

15). Skydive

Skydiving is just a dream for most of you yet but don’t worry, you can get it done at South Padre Island by just making a jump from an airplane at 11,000 feet.

The moment you jump out of the plane, you will not be able to take a relaxed look at the scenes butt gradually the speed gets reduced, and now you feel the spectacular sky and all the earth.

If you want to open up your parachute at 5,500 feet when you jump from the plane, don’t forget to add this one in the things to do in South Padre Island.


It will be a total exhilaration for you that will soak you in the breathtaking sights of the sea life. Here these sky adventures are perfectly safe without any training.

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16). Gravity Park

When you are done having fun with the beaches, sand and sea life, then it’s time to head to the gravity park in South Padre Island that is just a few miles away.

It is one of the whole family things to do in South Padre Island, and one of them is the reverse bungee jumping where you feel like thrown out of Earth.

Same as the rollercoaster, there is a Sky coaster that feels like you are going to jump out of it while enjoying the best views of the island.

Gravity Park

17). National Seashore

You can feel entering into the seashore where the road ends and sand starts. This national park also facilitates you for driving of approx. 60 miles and this ends at the Port Mansfield Channel.

While you go to explore this South Padre Island, always take care to follow the traffic laws that apply on these beaches.  Your vehicles must be licensed as you can get checked by the officers just to ensure the safety of sea life.

The driving instructions can be changed from season to season according to the changing winds, and tides. So always follow the rules here while enjoying the things to do in South Padre Island.

National Seashore

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If you are searching to experience the natural sites to enjoy the sea life in Texas, South Padre Island can be an ideal vacation spot for you and your family. Other than sea life it is a great place for people who are interested in arts like painting and pottery.

So for the families, there are several incredible things to do in South Padre Island for both children and adults like sandcastle lessons, horseback riding, kite adventures, and golf club are some amazing and refreshing things to do in South Padre Island.

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