Things to Talk About With Your Boyfriend

Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend: Imagine a situation you and your guy are sitting next to each other, and you don’t know how to start a conversation with your boyfriend. There is a lot of going on in your mind, but there is nothing to say to him.

You don’t know how to talk to him or how to the conversation forward. Doesn’t it seem really sad embarrassing that you don’t know what to Talk About with Your Boyfriend?

If you’re in a relationship and looking for things to talk about with your boyfriend, there are several topics in the air, and you just need to catch them and speak them through your mouth.

If you are unable to catch these topics, the following topics listed here are a great help for both of you to establish a fun conversation and to solidify your bond.

So hold his hands and be ready to mesmerize him with your talking skills and be open to each other and make your relationship better.

To eliminate your embarrassment and fill your conversation with things to talk about with your boyfriend, I bring you here the trending topics on which you can start talking whenever feel topic less.

Things to Talk About With Your Boyfriend

Things to Talk About With Your Boyfriend

It’s your new relations with him, so finding silence, in the beginning, is a common thing because you don’t know the person yet and things to talk about with your boyfriend.

You think a lot, but you are afraid that speaking a wrong sentence can hurt him, so you’re managing the silence. Well, it’s not anything awkward if you are not talking to him for a few months.

But the permanent silent can be and make your relationship tough, so just take a deep breath and relax because these methods are going to help you to know each other and fall in love even more.

Just remember one thing that you don’t need to fill the entire time with words after words, so maintain both silent and wordiness while trying these things to talk about with your boyfriend.

1). Start With Casual Questions

You have to break the ice first that is in your mouth and warm up the money by adding some casual questions.

You can initiate your conversation by some common lines like “knowing each other’s favorite teacher”  “knowing his favorite video game” “what he did today” “what are his plans tonight” etc.

Sometimes these questions can be a great help to take the conversation ahead because you may also get a chance to be involved in his night plans or can play his favorite video game.

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2). Set Your Weekend Plans with Him and Talk About It

You can also put some questions about his weekend plans or know if he is going to another town or city.

Set some questions like “what is your favorite day” then he would answer like Saturday or Sunday then you can ask his plans on these days, and you two can get together.

On the weekends, you can also ask him to go for shopping or a movie. All it takes is asking him like “are you free this Sunday” “would you like to go to a movie.”

This offering thing gives you more chances to talk to him because he shares his opinions and plans and this way you catch up the conversation ahead.

3). Know More About His Family

Talking about his family is always a good thing, and you can have more talk by telling about yours. So encourage him to tell about his family like his parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, etc.

He will really enjoy talking about the memories of his family; also if something bad happens, he can enlighten you win that too.

This way you two make an emotional bond when you talk about your families. You can also ask him to visit his family and two can go together.

This family meeting thing increases the understanding between you two and connects you even more with each other.

You can ask things to talk about with your boyfriend like:

Who is our favorite cousin?

Which sibling is close to you?

How much do you love your grandparents?

What is your favorite memory with your parents?

Is there any relative who is your favorite?

So these types of questions can be the best conversation starters, and in the same way, he would ask to you, so you both share your family moments.

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4). Get To Know About His Friends

Just like his family, his friends are also an important part of his life because they support us as no one does in our worse situations.

To make a good bond with him, you should ask about his friends, and later you may create a good bond with them too. So ask whatever in your brain and let him answer your questions, he can also offer you a meeting with his friends’ group.

Other than just getting basic info, you may ask the funniest moments with his friends and the embarrassed also.

When you have these types of things to talk about with your boyfriend, you remember the stories and share with his friends, and you make a good connection with him in just no time.

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5). Ask Him to Help You

Men love it when you ask for their advice; he will be more than happy when you put your problem. This way you also get his problem-solving skill, and he gets involved more in your life.

So whatever trouble you’re facing a short one or a big one, just tell him and let him solve it for you. This way, by asking personal things to talk about with your boyfriend, you create a better bond with him.

6). Add Some Naughty Conversation

Between all these emotional and fun things to talk about with your boyfriend, don’t forget to mix up some naughty conversation. Here is an article about the naughty conversation, click here to read.

You are a couple now, and you know very well that what a naughty talk is. You don’t need to be anxious about it, just take it normally like you are having a normal talk and let’s see how much he enjoys it.

I know, it is your first time talking naughty, but you can start with some small sentences like adult jokes to make you comfortable on these topics.

Also, ask him to speak up a night joke or the one related to sexual things so you two can feel closer and open to each other.

7). Ask Him about His Passion and Hobbies

To get to know him and to keep a better talk, you have to know about his hobbies and the things he does in his spare time.

It gives you a chance to share yours as well so he knows more about you and next time he can start a great talk.

When talking about his hobbies, just be sure that you show being genuinely interested, this will encourage hi more to share his things and passion.

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8). See His Interest in Games and Cars

Guys are truly indulged in games and cars stuff, so when you ask him things related to these, he is not going to be bored surely.

You may ask his favorite video games, the one that he liked in childhood and the present. Other than the gaming stuff, ask him about his favorite cars or how much he is into cars.

Let him tell you all about automobiles, the one he owns and the one which is his dream car and let the fun continue.

9). Current Affairs/Politics

It’s a kind of topic that is never ending because there is no ending of happening around us. So you always have something to talk about going on in your town or country.

You can start reading newspapers or e-papers and talk him about politics or current affairs. Take his opinions and share yours on current affairs and politics.

So this topic can always keep you to engaging for hours, and you may get a chance of debating like on celebrities, movies, or events going on.

Politics also is never ending thing, so you enter in the world of politics and share your things to talk about with your boyfriend and take his views as well on various political things.

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10). Explore His Biggest Fears and Insecurities

Aside from fun and romance, also add up some questions related to his fears and insecurities. Hi will allow you to know him more from inside and you can also share your fears and the things you feel insecure about.

If you want to know a person deeply, talking about his fears is always that thing but do it in a way that doesn’t hurt him because these are sensitive topics that can easily hurt anyone.

If you don’t feel comfortable about such things to talk about with your boyfriend, then drop the idea and start something funny to divert your mind.

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11). Digging His Past Relationships

It is a sensitive topic as well, but you both can enjoy talking about it if you handle it well.  So you can dig about his past relationships in a fun and light way if he is ready to share his memories with you.

You can have these relationships things to talk about with your boyfriend in a normal way like if you see another couple fighting around or making a scene, then you can simply ask him about his ex.

If he feels good about talking about it, then surely he would tell you everything, or you can also have things about his crush just for adding up more fun.

12). His Favorite TV Shows and Movies

It’s a common topic that is not just for couples, but it is also engaging for friends or best friends. Everyone loves to talk about their favorite entertainment like TV shows or movies.

So it’s going to be a great topic among the other things to talk about with your boyfriend because everyone loves the idea of sharing his favorite shows and what does he love about it.

Maybe you will find mutual interests for some movies or shows, and there you can have a huge talk about these shows.

Ask him about his favorite actress and now if he had a crush on her.  You can also gift him a DVD of his favorite genre.

13). Set A Game

Other than things to talk about with your boyfriend, there are some other means that you can use to spend a great time with him.

You can have your talk about games like board games or video games and can bring one to see his gaming skills.

This competing thing gives you some more talk according to different games and their levels. You can always choose games like Chess, Scrabble, Snakes and ladders, monopoly, risk, etc.

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Tips while having things to talk about with your boyfriend

  • When you listen to him more, you encourage him to talk more. So this way you remove the burden of finding topics because he has some interesting things for you to talk.
  • While having a talk, small or a big one, you should listen to him like you are really interested and if any topic doesn’t interest you, then you can hunt him politely.
  • Your body languages always define that if you’re interested in listening to a particular thing or not, so don’t try to show it while having things to talk about with your boyfriend.


A new relationship always takes the time to open up because you need things to talk about with your boyfriend that interest you. So I hope my list of all these interesting topics will make your conversations going on in a fun way.

Always remember, whenever having things to talk about with your boyfriend, remember to stay energized and excited and also talk in a way that he doesn’t get or bored.

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