65 Funny Things to Say to a Girl

Funny Things to Say to a Girl in 2022: If you are the one who feels conscious while talking to girls then I guess you need an entire training program to make her laugh. Every girl likes a guy who can keep her smiling all day long. Usually, guys are not able to come up with perfect funny stuff to say to a girl on perfect timing.

This happens with almost all the guys, but some of them work on it and present themselves confidently. See, confidence is the key making a girl laugh. If you feel shy talking to her in person then you can also use funny things to say to a girl in the text.

Well, you need not get nervous at all because I can sure help you with this. Be it her girlfriend or friend or anyone else, I have this amazing collection of funny things to say to a girl to make her laugh.

65 Funny Things to Say to a Girl in 2022

Funny Things to Say to a GirlThis ultimate collection has various different kinds of one liners and funny things to say to your girlfriend to make her fall for you once again. You can also send these funny things to say to a girl over text too. You just need to go right and I am sure you will definitely make her smile.

1). Do you find me cute enough or I should better pour some more drink in your glass?

2). Actually, I could not control myself from telling you that I must take your license away because you are driving me crazy.

3). You must get ready to give me CPR because I am losing my breath from the moment I saw you.

This one is really flirty and hilariously funny compliments for girls. Your first impression is going to be amazing on her after it.

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4). I don’t know your age but I am really sure they invented the word beautiful from you only.

5). Hey girl, tell me when you are free, I just wanted to renovate my home with your beautiful smile.

6). You are paying me $100 because I lost a bet because of you. They were saying I have no chance standing in front of someone so beautiful and see where I am standing now.

7). Hi Miss, I am sorry but you cannot walk like that in public as other girls are feeling offended with your beauty.

This is seriously epic. Fun and wit and humor and flirt, such funny things to say to a girl are filled with every essence needed to woo a girl.

8). You would have to stop raising the temperature. The poor thermometer just broke off because of your hotness.

9). I was thinking, we must save the fuel. Allow me to drop you home in my arms.

10). Before, I go lost in your eyes, let me be prepared with my GPS and maps first.

11). They people are wasting millions and billions but the actual cause of global warming is sitting right in front of me.

12). Hey, we must serve the society. So, why don’t you give up your apartment to someone and move in with me!

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Nothing can take the cherry from the cake like this one. Funny things to say to your girlfriend must be humorous but at the same time flirty too and I guess this is just perfect.

13). If you are going to look at me in the same way, you will surely get arrested in charges of my murder.

14). Lady, take me to the hospital! I just broke my knee falling for you.

15). I think there is something stuck over your face! Oh my God, that beauty is for real?

16). You must donate something to electricity department, I cannot handle that much of brightness.

This is what we call wit coming up with humor. Nothing can do wonders like such funny things to say to a girl.

17). Hey girl, I think my drink lacks some sweetness! Would you mind pouring a finger in it?

18). Come on lady, give me my heart back. How do you think I am going to live without it?

19). Thank God, you just walked in here! The decorator forgot to put enough lights in this area.

20). They must impose a law to arrest people for killing so many hearts with their beauty.

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21). I guess there should be a new law to arrest people for being so beautiful.

22). Have you fallen for me or should I make a second chance to make the first impression in front of you?

23). Hey I guess we have so much of similarity, I know nothing about you and you know nothing about me. So I think we are just perfect for each other.

24). Mam, you would have to pay my hospital bills! I just saw you and fell for you so hard.

25). Hey, why don’t we make a pact? I will give you a kiss and if you don’t like it you can give it back to me.

Thinking about wooing your girlfriend with your humor? Well, you can surely go for such funny thing to say to a girl for sure.

26). I guess my phone is not working well. You should better put your number in it and I guess it will be ok.

27). Are you a human Barbie or what? How do you have so much of sparkle in your eyes?

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28). If you were a food item, I would have eaten you all by now.

29). You must charge people for even smelling you. You are like the fresh cup of coffee, enough to arouse people!

Let’s go naughty with some sass and style. Don’t forget to keep the things subtle and normal with such funny jokes to tell a girl.

30). Are you actually going to kiss me or am I just going to lie to my friends?

31). Mam, I think you would have to leave this place. The place is burning with your hotness like a fire oven.

32). Do you want me to try really hard or are you going to drink some more?

33). Hey, are you the one even angels are jealous of? Girl, you are going to have a tough time in heaven.

Impress her by praising her beauty. You can never go wrong with such kind of funny things to say to a girl.

34). People are wasting millions on decoration and you are here wasting your shine and twinkle in this bar.

35). If Batman had a girl like you, I am sure he would have left the cave to live with you.

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36). Hey, you got some extra cash? Well, I have some and we can share food on our first date. Isn’t it so romantic?

37). Your name must be beautiful because my name is ‘very’. Aren’t we just made for each other?

38). If you are doing nothing tonight, then may I have the pleasure to do nothing with you?

39). God is summoning all his angels. I guess 10 pm would be ok for me to drop you by there? Are you ok with it?

Now, this one is something what we call sense of humor and flirt at the same time. Tell her how beautiful she is through such funny things to say to a girl.

40). Has anyone already applied for it or am I lucky enough to be the first one to patent you to make the best perfume ever?

41). I was just wondering, if you would like to hold this hand of mine while I go out for a walk? Actually my hand really wants the company of yours.

42). Girl, you should immediately visit a doctor because I guess you are suffering from too much of beauty all over your body.

43). I was constantly practicing it, but when the moment I looked into your eyes I forgot my pick up line.

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44). I think they should have an open bar, I just walked straight into that wall and bumped my head while my eyes were busy looking at you.

Now, this is something every girl would smile or in fact laugh on. You can confidently try out such funny things to say to a girl easily.

45). I am feeling really lost, please give me the map of your eyes now.

46). If you want to make a Guinness World Record of having two hearts then allow me to give you mine.

47). People may love you from their heart, but I guess even my body would not be enough to love you fully.

48). Are they actually using heaters, or is it just you raising the temperature this much?

49). I totally forgot why I was here, so can I just check you out rather?

This is what we call checking out a girl with all the clearances and license. Such funny things to say to a girl never fail to woo her.

50). I don’t think anybody out here is as lucky as this glass you are holding. This lucky buddy is tasting your lips at least.

51). I think you are from moon. (No) Well, then how can you be so dreamy and beautiful?

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52). Do you know what looks even more amazing than you? This is you and me standing together.

53). They say going down the history is really important for self-analysis. I guess I would rather love to go down on you.

Planning to flirt with your girl to make her feel special? Such funny compliments are going to set her mood to amazing in just seconds.

54). You can save so much of sugar on this earth. You just put your finger in the drink and it will be sweeter than sugar itself.

55). Nothing in this world is luckier than the dress who is getting the chance to hug your body.

56). If you are liking me then I came here all by myself, and if you are going to slap me let me tell you my friends dared me to come here talk to you.

57). Hey, they are casting for wonder woman, I think the movie would not be able to do great without you in it.

It is the time to ditch Gal Gadot and love your lady instead. Funny things to say to a girl not only make her smile but set her mood right too.

58). Was that an earthquake or it was just you who shook my entire world in a second?

59). I am not a pro but I can assure you nothing can look good as much as picturing us together.

60). You are a dream for photographers. There is no angle which can hide your beauty even a bit.

61). You are pretty and perfect, you put shame to even strawberries.

62). Hello Mam, I am your new bodyguard and I can protect you even from your own jealous mirror.

63). Did you just put your finger in my drink because I am feeling intoxicated by you.

This is nice to say to a girl meeting at the bar. Such funny things to say to a girl never ceases to impress her.

64). If I were a traffic light, I would have shown red signal every time you pass by to stop you by my side.

65). If I had to drink water for every time I see a girl as beautiful as you, then I must have died already depriving of water.


One thing that I would surely like to mention that you must no go vulgar and stay in the line of funny only. Even the girl most comfortable with you may not like it at all. Use these cute jokes for her to make her laugh not uncomfortable.

Apart from all the things, I am sure that these funny one liners and several dialogues are going to win you over her. Use these funny things to say to a girl and befriend her for a lifetime with your charm.

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