How to Get Shorter in Height

Let’s discuss about some tips, advantages for being Tall and how to get Shorter in height..

Height is a good thing as it pleases the personality, but sometimes you see some people that are over height.

So if you also see yourself with over height issues and find people seeing you and making fun of you like they see a satellite then you may want to find ways on how to get shorter in height not actually but at least in appearances.

Now you all know that you can’t cut your legs and there is not a way to surgery to get a shorter height. But you can get many solutions on how to get shorter by altering your daily habits of wearing, clothes, shoes and your postures.

So if you agree that chopping legs is not a solution, and then you can read some fantastic tips here, and by implementing them in your life, you can look shorter. These ways will make your appearance look shorter but physically your height will remain the same.

How to Get Shorter in Height

A). How to Get Shorter in Height Using Clothes?

This is true, you can get shorter in height by the help of clothes, if you will follow below given instruction then you will get shorter in height easily. let’s go ahead.

1). Try Wearing Cuffed Jeans

These pants that have cuffs may help you greatly on how to get shorter because when you wear pants or jean with cuffs, you seem shorter in height. If you don’t find a pant with cuffs then try rolling it up to your ankles, this will also do the trick.

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2). Avoid Wearing Clothes with Vertical Stripes

You are already tall enough, so you have to avoid wearing tops, tees or dresses that have vertical stripes on them because they make you look taller and they work on shorter people to make them look long.

Always buy clothing with horizontal stripes and try to wear multiple color and patterns. Horizontal stripes are a great help because they emphasize your width and not your height, so they do the trick on how to get shorter.

Also, try to wear different colors for top and bottom, when you wear a different color on top from the bottom, this breaks your height and helps you on how to get shorter.

3). Break your Height Using Wide Belts

Whenever you prefer a long dress such as an evening gown or something extra-long dress then remember to attach a wide belt on the waist.

This way you can help your height, and it is a really effective remedy on how to get shorter height because this wide belt breaks your height into the top section and bottom section.

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4). Use Short Pants Like Capris

Always remember one thing that if clothing breaks the appearance of your legs from your upper body is going to make you look shorter. Capris and skirts that are the clothes that do the trick and make you look shorter.

B). How to Make YourSelf Shorter Using Shoes?

This is the next major point, that also can resolve your height problem If you will select right shoes for your daily life then that shoes can get shorter height.

1). Choose High Tops Shoes to Cover More Area

To get a solution on how to get shorter height using shoes, always wear shoes that cover up more area of your legs. It is the one perfect answer to all those who are looking for shorter height so next time try wearing high top boots, mules and any shoes having a height that cover your maximum leg skin.

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2). Always Buy Flat Sandals

You are already tall, so you don’t have to concentrate on buying any heels. Instead, you need to buy flats and wear them as much as possible. Always wear sandals and shoes that have a flat base and not my heel if you want to work on how to get shorter.

You can also prefer buying shoes that have a flat base with padded insole, so you also feel comfort and enjoy your life in those flats.

3). Buy Boots Over the Knee

These boots that go over the knees look really sexy and also give you a shorter look. You can wear these with any short dresses like a mini skirt, a dress that is just below your hips, and over the jeans as well.

These shoes create an effect that helps you look shorter in height, and also these boots make you feel confident and beautiful. So to get a solution on how to get shorter, always prefer boots that break your height into sections.

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4). Patterns Always Help

These patterned shoes are always great when it comes to men. You can always wear these patterned shoes if going causally, but not professionally.

This pattern makes a shorter appearance and also there are a lot of designs in these shoes that draws everyone’s attention on your feet and not on your body.

C). How to Become Shorter Using Hairstyles?

After trying out with clothing and shoes, it’s time that you learn how to get shorter height using different hours or hairstyles.

1). Get a Layered Haircut Done

If you prefer wearing long and straight hairs, then stop immediately because this is going up an extra height factor in your appearance. Because your hairs are all straight so these are same as the vertical stripes clothing.

If you want to work on how to get shorter height successful, you have to change your hairstyle and get some layered look as your new haircut. This look of shorter and longer layers will help you not to look so tall.

Other than having a layered look you can also use a curler to roll them because this way your hair go up and make you look shorter. Use a curling iron to curl them and then apply any type of good hair gel to set them in this position for a long time.

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2). Avoid a Lot of Volumes

This step is especially for men in the category of how to get shorter looks. Well, you’re a guy and tall enough, so as next step you need to avoid having volumized hair.

These types of hairstyles add up an extra height in your hair and make your face look vertical, so next time, don’t do any hairstyles like pompadours because these styles are not to you.

D). Is it Possible to Get Shorter Using Postures?

After getting done with short styles that make you look shorter, now I bring you some good postures. By following them, you will find people less noticing you about your height.

1). Avoid Slouching

You’re tall doesn’t mean that you need slouching frequently. It will not help you look shorter but give you various health issues and eventually ruin your posture. You think that slouching helps you to look like others, but it is very bad for your back and shoulders.

You may get a permanent pain in these areas of your body if you continue doing this slouching act. Also, when you do these kinds of practices in an office environment, then it makes you look lazy and less confident about your work. So all in all, it is a bad practice on how to get shorter.

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2). Sitting is Always Good for You

Always try to practice this method as much as you can. I don’t mean that you need to sit all the time but whenever you are in any function, then you should grab the opportunity of sitting. This way you look at the same level like others and this makes you look shorter.

Also, this method helps you from those staring eyes who always stare you for your height.

People with long torso also can work on how to get shorter, you just need to find a chair that is lower in height than others or adjustable.

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3). Get on the Same Level With People.

Suppose if there is a situation where you are standing on a platform and a person who is shorter than you is standing on the floor. Now imagine the scene that how would that person looks at you while having a conversation.

So this situation would be like a person talking to a tree. To avoid these incidents, always stand on the same level with others. This is not a way to help you look shorter but this will keep you from looking over heightened.

So every time you stand with any person, be on the same ground or a lower ground but not on an upper ground to get help on how to get shorter.

Other than this, you can make a group of friends who have same height as you or at least who are taller than others, this will also help you from getting noticed by others.

Ways to Accept Your Height and Admire It, Know the Advantages of being Tall

Other than looking ways on how to get shorter, you should also find some advantages that only tall persons have. You may have noticed that many people are already jealous because of your height as this makes you pleasing than others.

Same as this one you need to note other advantages and read these out whenever you don’t feel good about you height. These advantages can be several like tall guys are more attractive to the opposite sex as a woman always feels a taller man more pleasing and charming.

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Have a journal

It always helps if you write down what you’re feeling as whenever you feel stressed and whenever you feel happy. So having your own journal can make you feel stress less and you have the freedom to express your feelings there.

Write it down even when you’re teased and write all the feelings you felt that time. Also, write your solutions that you are going to do next time while being teased by anyone and continuously follow methods on how to get shorter.

Advantages of Being Tall

If you are tall and getting stressed with your height then don’t take stressed because being Tall also have some advantages, these advantages information you can get below.

1). Tall Looks Mature

Taller man always looks wiser and more matures than the shorter one. They always get respect wherever they go and talk to anyone because of their magnificent height.

So being tall is not always a disadvantage and if you are a tall person you may have experienced it because people always treat you like you have more knowledge and experience than others.

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2). You Can Go For Any Sports

Other than looking mature, you always can get selected for any sports because the taller person wins more. So everyone is going to select you if you are tall and play properly.

Sports like basketball are always brilliant for tall people because you have more chances to win than others. That’s why everyone wishes to get taller men in their basketball team. You are also good to go in sports like rugby because you have those tall legs so you always run fast. This means you one step is equal to others’ two steps.

3). Taller Looks Leaner

You are taller and that mean your body distributes the weight evenly and you don’t look any near to obesity. Shorter people have less weight distribution and that makes the looking obese.

So, taller guys that go to the gym regularly look more powerful, slimmer and stronger than shorter guys. This is the reason why you attract the opposite sex so quickly.

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4). You Can Always See Ahead

You are tall so definitely you always have your head up than the crowd and you don’t see any difficulty while attending any show or concert full of thousands of people. So no matter where you stand, you always have the best view.

5). You have Fun in Swimming Pool

When you learn swimming, you don’t feel trouble with keeping your head above the water because of those legs and your tall body does this for you.

However, this is not the thing with shorter guys because they have to make effort to make their head above the water in swimming pools.

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Don’t believe if anyone says that you can get short permanently because practically there is no way to get a shorter height unless you agree on separating your legs from your body.

That’s why I bring these tricks for taller guys and girls, now you can follow these and have shorter looks in your appearances. So these are all tips on how to get shorter in height and also some advantages of being tall that shorter people can’t even have.

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